so it's like he's double judging you

❀ #WYD 1/7 | Junhoe

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This is like the weirdest thing i have written in my entire life… deal with it it’s Ikon’s fault tbh. I started with Yun but i cried halfway (lol) so next will be him and then double b. Pls don’t judge if it sucks i’m still not over the mv, so my brain produced weird stuff like this. - Moyo


I want to fall for you deeper, I want to feel your breath closer to mine.

It had been only one day, less than 24 hours since Junhoe had last seen you and he couldn’t help this warm, tingly feeling that somehow found its way in his body whenever he thought of you. He wanted to see you, he wanted to hug you– because for some reason he had this deep desire to embrace you with his entire self and feel your heart beating against his own.

Usually, Junhoe wasn’t that kind of person to act like this. Even his members had been teasing him about it for a while, yet he couldn’t help it; he didn’t even care what those dumbheads thought as long as he knew you weren’t sick and tired of him.  

I miss you

Junhoe typed down his message, just to re-type it all over again since it sounded too aggressive for his liking.

I want to see you.  

Again… Junhoe had to think about it for a while before pressing on send. He knew that he was acting kind of childishly but asdfghjk. What If you thought he liked you? Neglecting the fact that Junhoe indeed treasured heavy feelings for your that he couldn’t quite comprehend himself.  

Juneee: What are you doing today?  

This time, he really pressed on send before he tossed the phone to the other side of the bed, taking a moment to scream into his pillow. It was 8 pm, what kind of question was that anyway? Maybe you were even asleep like–


Junhoe’s hand reflexively yanked the little device back, unlocking it in less than 3 seconds (he even forgot his password for a moment before he realized he didn’t even have one in the first place) and again; his heart was doing this weird jittery thing where it felt like it was jumping out of his chest any second.

Cutiepatootie123: Nothing, I just took a shower. :) <3

There was really, really not much content in the message that could make you react like Goo Junhoe in that moment and really, If it was anyone else he would have thrown the phone back into the corner of his room because who cares?? A shower, well good for you–

But it was you Junhoe was thinking here about, y o u.

And it wasn’t the fact that you just showered, no, it was the little heart that made Junhoe go all asdfghjk again.  

Juneee: Cool. Do you wanna meet up tomorrow?  

Cutiepatootie123: Sure!  

Juneee: Cool.




“What the fuck is wrong with you, are you watching porn?” Hanbin raised his eyebrows at Junhoe before he came closer, trying to take a peek at his phone. “Yeah.” He answered with a wide grin; they could think anything as long as they didn’t know it was you he was so excited about. Even if that meant, he had to pretend to be some horny teenager from now on.  

It was exactly 9.20 pm when he disappeared somewhere under his covers and closed his eyes shut, hoping he could just fall asleep as soon as possible, so he could wake up to a beautiful day he was already looking forward to.  

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