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Am I still thinking about that one AU? Yes, definitely

first real phil drawing, this took so long!! art cannot capture the true beauty of this man!! i love him!!

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Do you have any tips on character designing because i make up some of the most cliche characters in the universe?

OOoooOh. imah such a huge newbie for this but i’ll try to help u with some useless advices ! maybe it doesn’t worth anythin but i’ll try to give you mah opinion ! o(*≧□≦)o


Since i’m moar a cartoonist,i like to play on the appearance of mah characters,their anatomy defines them. (or well…i’m willing to achieve this goal!)

wahn of mah biggest reference artist is Deadslug. He’s a student of my game school and one of mah  biggest inspiration in chara design. His characters r visually so neat. we could give them a story and a personality just by their design. ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

deadslug - check out his deviantart:

If you a personal advice tho’, i personally try to work my characters per duo. 

When i have to work on 2 characters, i have to imagine the relationship between them.How they would act, how they would talk and move. In mah opinion, the personality of someone comes from the interaction they have with other characters/issues/evenements. 

Your characters can be cliché but everythin’ will works if the interactions with other characters are coherent/logic .Ppl just want to be involved into a story. cliché or not, the story/background only matters ! (ノ。≧◇≦)ノ

This is why,when i created S&P, Ken and Poods have been designed at the exact same time. Two opposite personalities/designs. they were here for fightin’ each other.  the goal of this artwork?explaining that they’re two rivals.

The characters i remember the most are always in pair . In game,anime,movie or tv show. it usually works per pair. dunno why, it affects meh a lot.

And of course… a duo i guess you’ll understand :

- I think this is why ppl like shipping so badly. They just want to see two characters interacting to each other. IRL or not, chara design’ doesn’t matter that much .

we need to recognize the characters and bonus point if we know how they would interact with the world around them.

Give to your characters a reason to exist.(in my opinion) This is the key of the chara designing. (p^-^)p
Robert Downey Jr. to Star in 'The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle'
Universal has landed the rights to the project that Stephen Gaghan wrote and will direct.

Robert Downey Jr. will star in The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle, based on the character from the 1920’s series of children’s books by Hugh Lofting. Stephen Gaghan (Syriana, Gold) will direct the film based on a script he wrote, with an earlier draft by Tom Shepherd.

Doctor Dolittle first hit the bit screen in the 1967 musical Doctor Dolittle, directed by Richard Fleischer. It was written by Leslie Bricusse based on Hugh Lofting’s novels: The Story of Doctor Dolittle, The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle and Doctor Dolittle’s Circus. The story follows the eccentric Doctor John Dolittle, a former physician who lives with and treats animals, claiming that he can communicate with them.

The 1967 film, which was a musical, was not well-received at the time, but was nominated for an Oscar for best picture and won for best original song and visual effects. Another Dr. Dolittle film was released in 1998 and starred Eddie Murphy in the titular role. The Fox film was a success and resulted in four sequels, although several went direct-to-video.

In a competitive situation, Universal won the rights to the hot package after it hit the town and garnered multiple bids from studios last week.

Joe Roth and Jeff Kirschenbaum will produce for their Roth/Kirschenbaum Films alongside Susan Downey for Team Downey.

Gaghan won an Oscar for writing Steven Soderbergh’s Traffic. He also wrote and directed Syriana, and most recently wrote and director Gold, starring Matthew McConaughey. He repped by CAA and Hansen, Jacobson.

no offense but i dont like how tumblr is turning dr flug into a “moe uguu~ uwu precious cinnamon roll who cant do anything wrong and we must protect” type of character like, thats so boring let him be a villain

Me, staring at my computer willing words to come on the screen:

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Me, after an hour of nothing happening:

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I'm sad you finished the Bokuroo week, you draw them so rarely now and I just miss my boys so much

anon please don’t try to guilt trip me into drawing more bokuro that’s kinda very rude I realize no one really reads tags so I’m gonna just say it here again - as I mentioned before, this period is really damn busy for me because for whatever reason all my fandoms and ships have decided to hold their ship weeks all together in the span of 20 days and I’m a sucker for this kind of events which means I wanna participate in everything and end up being unable to put actual effort in everything else for a while

THAT SAID how productive I am with a specific ship depends a lot on how much they’re appearing in the main story (currently in the bokuros’ case it’s a very pretty round zero), how responsive/respectful the fandom is when I do post about them (the bokuro fandom is amazing!!! Everyone around it that still keeps on trying to make it about other ships and turn my art into something it’s not supposed to be, not so much) and how much content for said ship I can consume through the fandom/how easily accessible it is (there’s very little content for bokuro in general and try and look for stuff in the tags it’s all about other ships/ot3s or ot4s/unrequited or past-relationship/tagged-but-only-as-brotp)

I really, really, really love that ship a whole damn lot still, trust me, but when I have so little inspiration coming from anything that could give it to me and at the same time I got other ships making me super creative, I’m naturally bound to produce less for it. I’m not abandoning it, I’m just asking you to be patient when my creativity doesn’t happen to be focused on them for a while


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood openings & endings // fma 03 verison (x) // happy fma day!

Dannymay week 4: Mistakes/[Regrets]

Why did he let Tucker talk him into this? Just why? And why did the school decided that everyone should wear one of these stupid shirts? These were the questions running inside Danny Fenton’s head when he first tried on the cursed shirt. This is so weird, why would people even think this? Why would they need to think this? On second thought nevermind he doesn’t want to know. Sighing Danny grabbed his bag and headed of to school. As soon as he got there Danny regretted his choices. Everywhere, the damn slogan was everywhere. In posters, banners, buttons, and, especially, shirts. Every single student had one, even the teachers wore them, or at least, the buttons. Horrified Danny makes his way to his locker. Tucker is there to greet him. “Hey dude, love the fashion choice.” He says a smirk on his face. Danny gives him an exasperated look. “Seriously Tucker why are we wearing these?” Danny asks giving the shirts and banners a grossed out look. “To keep our cover dude, it’d be suspicious if we three are the only ones not wearing the shirt, plus its not bad.” Tucker said pulling out his collar. Danny rolled his eyes at his friend. “I still don’t like the stupid shirt.” He said closing his locker. As they moved to go to class the speakers buzzed and suddenly the halls were filled with the words: “Its not gay if he’s dead!” Danny face palmed, yep he regretted coming to school and wearing this damn thing.


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pairing: hyungwon x [y/n]

genre: angst

word count: 1520

a/n: im so sorry if its kinda meh ;-; but then i hope that you guys like it. i apologize for any grammatical errors.


Hearts and friendships were shattered. From the heavy atmosphere to a pity show, the two of you just stood there with hearts heavy with sadness and tears. Gathering all the things that you left behind in his room, you couldn’t help but heave out a sad sigh.

Is this really where our ten years of friendship ends, Wonnie?’

Hyungwon’s eyes were blank and emotionless as if he’s turned numb after what happened minutes ago. ‘This is what you wanted right, [y/n]? You wanted to end this just because I told you that I love you? You wanted this to end because you can’t bring yourself to think about the chances of me falling a lot harder for you?’

His voice was filled with bitterness and you could feel it stabbing in your heart. Hyungwon completely misunderstood you. This was not what you wanted. This was not how it was supposed to end.

You wanted him to understand that it wasn’t the right time but you chose the wrong words. Wrong words that lead to miscommunication. 

Shaking your head in response, you looked up to meet his gaze with tears welling up on the side of your eyes for the nth time. ‘No, I didn’t want it to end like this Hyungwon. No way in hell would I want to end this.’

Hyungwon seemed unfazed at the sight of your tears rolling down your cheeks. His heart had probably grown immune to those tears that had him to act up just moments ago. ‘Really? Well, you didn’t seem to say that just awhile ago.’

The cat got your tongue. You stared at him with eyebrows furrowed in confusion…

What had happened awhile ago? 

You happily skipped your way towards your best friends apartment with a couple of movies on hand and some chicken. The night was still young and the two of you have the whole night to yourselves. Hurriedly fumbling on your spare keys to Hyungwon’s apartment, you quickly unlocked the door and beamed, “I’m homeee!”

The sound of footsteps dashing towards you made you giggle as you closed the door and turned around, only to be engulfed into a tight hug by your best friend, Hyungwon. “You’re here! Did you bring the some fried chicken?”

Heaving out a sigh, you handed him the fried chicken and walked past him and went straight to his room. “If you only wanted the fried chicken to come over, you should have told me earlier.” 

“Oh stop sulking, [y/n]. You know that I want to see you more than the fried chicken.” Hyungwon slings an arm around your shoulder, only to let out a fruity laugh when you gave him a sullen look.

Ruffling your hair with his long fingers, he ushers you to his bed as he grabs the DVDs from your hand, placing the chicken on the coffee table as he starts to choose the first movie to watch.

‘How about this?’ Seeing your approval, Hyungwon didn’t think twice but to put on the Architecture 101 in the DVD player. Plopping himself next to you, he places an arm around your shoulder, making you snuggle a little bit closer to him. 

‘Hey, [y/n].” Hyungwon calls out but only receives a soft ‘mm’ from you. 

‘Have you ever thought of dating me?’

Ripping your eyes off the tv, you looked at Hyungwon with eyebrows furrowed, lips tugging upwards into a confused smile. ‘What are you talking about, Hyungwon?’

‘Just answer the question.’ Hyungwon had his eyes glued to the tv but his attention was on you. The movie wasn’t that great for him but he decided to calm himself down by just watching it before everything unfolds.

‘I actually don’t know… Now, that you’ve asked me that question maybe there are times when I thought about it but… why ask that question all of a sudden Hyungwon?’

‘I like you, [y/n], not as a best friend but as a woman.’ His gaze was now transferred to you. Hidden feelings were being foretold by his eyes. Feelings that you’ve never noticed nor thought about.

‘Why are you doing this, Hyungwon’ You muttered as he inched closer to you, eyes focused on your lips. ‘I can’t hold it in much longer… We’re both gonna separate after we graduate next month and I can’t bear the thought of having you away from me.’

Inches turned into centimeters. Your nose already touched and with one move, he’d have his lips crash into yours. ‘Hyungwon, we can’t do this.’ You let out a shaky breath as you looked away, your heart beating fast and the butterflies going wild.

‘What do you mean?’

‘We can’t do this, Hyunwon..’ Your voice came out as a whisper and you didn’t know why. You didn’t know why you felt your heart tighten at the thought of being intimate with him. You’ve always seen him as an older brother but not as a man… not until now.

You both knew what you’re both capable of and once the two of you slip, everything will be over. He was, of course, an idol who have a lot of fans from all over the world and you were just you. Plain ‘ol Jane that barely knows people from the entertainment world. 

Both of your parents have forbidden the two of you to date, not until the two of you are both successful. It was somewhat unrequited, especially being the two of you under the microscope of those netizens who are ready to attack. 

Once people find out about the two of you being in a relationship, it’d be over for Hyungwon and it’d also be over for you. 

‘Why? Is it wrong for me to love you? [y/n], I know that you feel the same way too but what’s stopping you? Why can’t we do this?’

Taking a deep breath, you moved away from him and avoided his gaze. ‘Hyungwon, let’s stop this… we can’t do this and we can’t betray everyone’s perception about us.’

‘Do you want to stop this? Do you want to stop everything?’ Hyungwon’s voice croaked as he reaches to hold your wrists, only to be swatted away by you. 


It didn’t take long for Hyungwon to stand up and grab all the frames on his bedroom, throwing it on the ground with a loud shatter.  ‘What are you doing?!’ You shrieked, scrambling to your feet to stop him. 

Grabbing his wrists, you took hold of the last frame he was holding and it was the picture of the two of you hugging each other with big grins plastered on each other’s faces. 

‘Why are you doing this?’ Your eyes welled up as you saw the glint of sadness in his eyes. ‘Stop it… Hyungwon… Let’s talk this out–’

‘Why do we have to talk this out? You said you wanted to end everything right? Well, here you have it! Our friendships over. Isn’t this what you wanted huh? You wanted to end our friendship here and there just because I said those petty words that had you to act up.’

Pushing you away from him, Hyungwon proceeds to his closet and starts rummaging through his sweaters and started to pull out your sweaters out, throwing them to the bed. 

His heart ached and he didn’t know what to do. Was he just going to keep it all in and just end it here and there so that it won’t hurt in the latter or let it all out? 

‘Hyungwon, stop this! That’s not what I meant, Hyungwon!’ 

Hyungwon stops with what he’s doing before he looks at you with eyebrows furrowed. ‘This is not what you meant? Then, enlighten me [y/n], what did you mean by ‘let’s stop this’ and the ‘yes’ that you’ve answered when I asked you if you wanted to end everything.’

‘I’m sorry..’ Hyungwon shakes his head as he looks at you. ‘Just leave, [y/n]… just leave.’ With your head hung low, you left the room without muttering a word. It was supposed to be a fun night with just the two of you.

But it didn’t seem to go the way that you wanted it to end. 

Ten years of friendship gone with just a slip of a tongue and you knew that you wouldn’t be able to get Hyungwon back.

Not until you received a call from his mother, who begged the two of you to talk to each other before everything was too late. 

[y/n], please talk to him… (We don’t need to talk! Mom, why are you even calling her? Turn that damned call off!) Shut it, Hyungwon! You’re a mess and what am I? Blind enough to not notice it?!’

‘Mrs. Chae… I’m so sorry but I… I’m out of the country right now.’ you lied as you played with the pen that you’ve been using to scribble down notes for your final exam the next day. A couple of apologies and pleas were heard until you’ve finally ended the call with a sigh.

It’s already was too late when I stepped out of that blasted apartment of his…’


noticed there was a lack of half-naked Marco chasing after Marie in the snow and thought I might try my hand at rectifying that

somebody remind me not to speed draw because what is perspective //lays on floor facedown