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Galas with the Waynes

- They know to behave in public but well its just so hard.
- Cass is making each of the family members dance with her at least once.
- Harper and Stephanie are people watching/commenting/gossping.
- Dick promised to keep an eye on Damian. They are causing trouble.
- Jason snuck in as a waiter and has been trolling family members all night.
- Tim is having to talk with the Gotham socialites about WE. He is also randomly getting M&M thrown at him by a waiter.
- Duke hangs out with Damian and Dick or Harper and Stephanie.
- Barbara is with her father talking to people but also participates in throwing M&M at a confused Tim.
- Damian is non stop asking when they can leave.
- Bruce mouthing behave constantly at all of them.
- He claimed the first dance with Cass.
- The media going wild since the whole family is there. No doubt they will be front page. Now the question, what will the headline be?

logan thoughts pt. 2 spoilers*

-ok so i saw logan again because i couldnt stop thinking about it since friday when i first saw it
-ive had a deep sense of loss and emptiness since then and i still do
-this movie is so fucking heavy man but it really is so revolutionary for the superhero genre
-17 freakin yrs of hugh jackmans wolverine and patrick stewarts professor x and theyve never failed me
-but wolverine was my main mans since i was 6 so i feel so hurt losing him like this. The child in me felt like it died w him fuck
-logan I have to peeee
-whenever laura jumps on someone and like flips then and kills them is so fucking dope like yas gurl fuck it up!!!
-i just still really love how they made him feel just so human and go beyond his mutant characteristics
-he feels broken hes hurt he takes care of charles he turns to alcohol and has thought deeply about suicide. Like that is some real shit and i love how they showed that instead of perpetuating the idea that all he is is an invincible killkng machine
-“i know pop” i love when he refers to charles as his dad
-im just a huge fucking sucker for great parental figures or relationships that parallel it.
-their dynamic is so tragic and funny at the same time.
-charles’ alzheimers?? is heartbreaking and also so real minus the powers
-calling logan a disappointment ugh
-pierce is still sexy af tho like damn ur a piece of shit but also fuck me
-i just love logan so much and his dynamic w laura and how similar they are like i know shes his daughter but still im not sick of it
-calling the academy a special needs school lmao. Love the banter and every scene between them at that house
-charles telling logan to stop and feel for a sec
-charles waking up feeling shittty bc “he had the most perfect night and didnt deserve it” bc he remembered:(((
-logan didnt even get to hear that from charles damn it
-fuck x24 man rip charles im so sad logan telling charles it wasnt him just to assure him bc he rly does care
-laura holding his hand afer buryin charles <333
-you just cant take shit… lmao
-and when she finally talks… that scene is just too perfect
- hes just so much more than just wolverine and its hilarious bc hes acting like any person who would when they find out they have a kid and are thrown w the tasking of caring for them
-what else did charles say? To not let you die… UGH SOBBING bc foreshadowing
-i suck at this. bad shit happens to people i care about …. I CRY UGH
-THEN I WILL BE FINE… laura fuck me up with that comeback
-okay and then the obvious parts his death scene… hurt just as much if nit more this time around and i still cried
-“so this is what it feels like” FUCKKKJK and then she calls him daddy
-then she quotes that movie and then turns thecross to an X LIKE HOLY FUCKKKK I WAS ABLE TO STOP SOBBING FOR A QUICK SEC THEN SHE DID THAT AND I WAS RUINED
-new generation of mutants bout to fuck shit up baby!!
-i will miss hugh jackmans wolverine and patrick stewarts professor x so much but it really was an incredible swan song!!!!
-hugh jackman is also my daddy tho fuck
-i could see this a hundred times and itll fuckin ruinme eachtime thank u

Permanent Ink

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Soulmate AU; Sixth Year Hogwarts

1,420 words

Draco is sixteen when it happens.

The inescapable, the invariable, the inevitable.

A strange, searing, effervescent kind of pain spikes through the tangled nerve ending of his wrist halfway through a potions lesson. Ink bleeding through veins into skin.

And he knows, is the thing. Understands that he’s been given a clue to decipher and a puzzle to solve and a loose-threaded soul that will somehow match the stitches in his chest.

He spares a glance across the room. At the girl seated beside the pearlescent, seething cauldrons of Amortentia that he had failed to smell any scent from just a month earlier. Before a mark, a soulmate blossomed across his wrist and -

Her fingers are knotted together as she stares up at Snape. He can see the shadow of her profile - all parted lips and sloping cheeks, a sharp nose and delicate eyebrows - thrown against the floor in a swath of dust cluttered sunlight.

He allows himself a scrape of hope that its her, spelled out across his skin. That he’ll have an irrefutable, undeniable excuse as to any he wants her so desperately.

After all, the magic never lies.

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Stuck in the Middle (With You)

Winchester sister imagine

A/n: based off of episode 12 that aired last night so spoilers

Warnings: blood, language, the usual.

Forever tag list: @Freaksforthewin , @thewinhunter, @cambriacaneatnoodles, @brokennoone , @youtubehelpsmesurvive , @chrisevansthedoritobastard , @winchesters-favorite-girl , @we-know-a-little-about-a-lot @godh8salyssa @dean-baby-Winchester @straightasdeanwinchester@animexchocolate

“Crowley’s right,” piercing blue eyes starred into your own. “You should go.” A loud pain filled grunt filled the air around the rotting angel.

“Cas, come on.” Your oldest brother, Dean, wore a set of swollen eyes. Trying their best to soak up the tears daring to escape from their green captors.

The whole time you stayed crouched directly to his right side. Locking your left hand with his own right.

“No, you listen to me.” His voice cracked slightly as another grown escape his chapped lips. “You-look, thank you. Knowing you, it…it’s been the best part of my life.”

“Cas…” you’d only whispered it, but he heard your hushed and broken tone speaking to the right of him.

“The things…the things we’ve shared together. They’ve changed me.” The pain in his body soared up to his eyes, jumping to yours as his eyes locked to you for a split moment before looking to the rest of the family.

“You’re my family. I love you.” At the last part, the two of you shared a solid moment of eye contact. The grip he had on your hand tightened for a split second before he continued. “I love all of you.”

Your head shook at his words. This wasn’t happening. It couldn’t be happening.

“This sounds an awful like a goodbye speech to me.” The sadness you’d tried your best to contain flooded like a broken dam out of your eyes as you spoke.

“Your story doesn’t end here, Castiel.” Mary, your mother, had a certain kind of look to her. She wore a coat of guilt, but why? You all helped people- other hunters. “This is my fault.” When she directed the blame directly to herself, a cold chill went tingling up your spin as fresh goosebumps danced along your exposed arms and neck.

“Just please…please, don’t make my final moments be spent watching you die.” Judging by the look in his eyes, he wouldn’t gotten up and shoved you all out the door if he had the strength. “Just run. Save yourselves. And I will hold Ramiel off as long as I can.” With all his strength he tried to push his body upward, but only fumbled back down with a cough.

A care filled and loving smile spread on your lips. Salty tears fell down your cheeks and over your split bottom lip. Stinging the open wound more than smiling did. Reaching forward with your right hand, you Bentley caressed the side of his head where the rotting hadn’t yet spread. Your fingers getting tangled up in his messy hair.

“Cas, no.” Your voice barley broke through the tears.

“Yes.” He inhaled sharply.

“There is no way in hell I’m leaving you here. If you’re staying, I’m staying right here with you.” No longer was your hand intertwined with his hair. Instead it rested on top of yours which still held on tightly to his left hand.

A sharp and rough sigh came from his rotting body.

Why must you be so pig headed, Y/n?” His body repositioned to what seemed to be a more comfortable position for him to rest in.

A short laugh came from your still sore body. “Nobody told you to love me, Feathers.”

“You need to keep fighting.” Frustration took over his look of pain. He was no longer talking just to you.

“We are fighting.” Sam exhaled sharply. “We’re fighting for you, Cas.” His eyebrows were bunched together as the three lines of wrinkles took over the middle of his forehead.

“And like you said, you’re family.” Dean chimed in. “And we don’t leave family behind.”

Your angels head rested backwards in defeat. There was no way any of you were leaving him, and he knew that.

Sam called for your mother to follow him to talk. Dean trailed behind the two of them while you stayed next to Cas. Locking your fingers even tighter with his.

“I won’t let you leave me.” After a few seconds of silence between you two, you’d finally broken it.

“Y/n,” there was no doubt he was about to protest with what could very well have been his final breath, but you wouldn’t let him.

“No, Cas. Why would you ever…ever think I would leave you?” Part of you felt disappointed. Not in him, but in yourself. “Regardless of circumstances.”

He let out a grown before he responded. “Because… the last thing I want to leave this world seeing is the person I love the most being slaughtered in front of me while I’m left- unable to do anything.” It was getting harder for him to speak. Grunts and groans came from him in between words.

His eyes closed for a moment as a deep and held in groan came from his body. Up the left side of his face grew a splitting black crack. The rotting was getting worse.

Baby…” your hands reached out, fingers just barley touching his face.

A loud banging sound followed by a deep shout came from outside. Somewhat close to your brothers, a giant human side hole was created as a body was thrown through. Crowley.

Seemed not siding with you guys hadn’t worked so well in his favor. Or had he chosen to help in a different way?

Hidden behind the walls came a sharp, fine tuned whistling. A man stepped through and the grip Castiel had on your hand tried its best to get stronger. As if he was protecting you. Telling you to stay out and not do something stupid to get yourself killed as well.

Ramiel and the rest of your family began to speak back and forth, but you were more concerned with how fast the rot was growing.

Your brothers carried on with the Prince. All of your attention was on Cas, who was completely focused on what was happening with the rest of the Winchesters. Knowing you were somewhat safe beside him.

Suddenly, the prince reached behind him and pulled out a lance. The one Crowley had mentioned. The moment it’s base hit the ground powerfully, a gust of strong wind came in your direction. Every direction really. Your family went flying in every direction, while Cas did his best to help anchor you down to prevent you from going too. Then the battle begun.

For a few moments you sat there, watching from a short distance. Until you realized it would take all the power possible to stop him.

Your body stood up. But something stopped you from continuing forward to the fight. A hand which was grabbed lordly onto the bottom of your newly ripped jeans. Cas. This was his way of telling you to stay. Reluctantly you did. Ignoring every fiber of your body pulling towards the rest of your family.

Finally, your brothers had managed to get him into a vulnerable position as the lance was drove deeply into his chest. It was over. Be at the same time it was just beginning.

A dark black substance began pouring from the angels lips. “Guys.” Your voice was almost barley heard, but it was just enough to get their attention.

It was almost as if he was having a seizure. His body began shaking at one point and it was almost too much to watch. Slowly you lifted a very shaky hand to your mouth, covering your lips in disbelief. The air you so desperately needed began to slip away from you as breathing became harder.

From behind, your mother approached and held the back of your head into her chest, her arms wrapping around your shoulders.

“Hey, we’re right here Cas.” There was nothing anybody could do but comfort him. Dean could barley speak himself.

The oozing began to worsen. This was how he would die. His eyes were blank regardless of the fact they were open. Like he was checked out into a painful land.

“We’re right here buddy.” Sam added in.

Just as you thought the end was approaching, a bright blue light took over the room around you. It’s source radiating from behind you all. The light wrapped around Cas, taking him into its warm glow.

When it was all over you took in the sight before you. An angel. No wounds. No rot.

“Cas!” Your arms laced together around his neck, still being careful not to hurt him. Just in case.

Everybody’s heads turned around to be greeted with a sight nobody thought they’d ever see. Before you all stood a very fine Crowley.

“The magic’s in the craftsmanship.” Just before he left he turned and finished. “Oh, you’re welcome.” And just like that the Boy King was gone.

The five of you left, but there was something off. Something you couldn’t shake. A feeling of being lied to, wronged. And you didn’t understand it.


Everybody had gone back to the hotel, except your mother. Who had been staying at a different one.

Both of your brothers were driving in Baby, Mary in a separate car, while you drove the truck and Cas rode shotgun.

Of course you were questioned when you strayed from the route to the hotel.

“Y/n, where are we going?” Cas was speaking normally again, but with that bit of confusion in his voice. It was understood.

“I’ve just- you trust me?” You figured you knew the answer, but still.

“Of course, always.” His face was turned towards yours, which was focused on the road ahead.

Without warning you accelerated, not wanting to loose Mary’s car which had turned into a parking lot.

The two of you sat in the truck, from an unseen distance of course. She was talking to someone. He looked familiar. The moment you saw something- something you thought had been long lost, you hopped out of the truck and began storming into the building.

The door swung open, the little bell resting on the inside ringing violently.

“Y/n!” She must’ve been surprised to see you. Cas was right behind you, sharing an equally surprised and disappointed look.

“Cas?” All it took was his name being spoken from your lips.

He walked forward, placing a hand on the Colt and taking it into his grasp. The man you had no trust for didn’t try a thing. Seen your hand on the gun hidden from sight. Without another word you stormed out of the diner and back to the truck.

“Y/n!” A voice called from behind you, but you simply ignored it. “Y/n, wait!”

A scoff came from you.

Wait? Wait for what? To hear some bullshit story as to why you nearly got us all killed so you could steal something for that prick in there?” This was what Ramiel had said was his. And she just stood there, prepared to let you all die for it.

“Please, I can explain.” An unamused and sarcastic smile was on your lips as she spoke her words.

“Yeah well you might want to make it quick.” You swallowed hard, trying to down the lump in your throat.

“I lied. About helping Wally.” You wanted to interrupt badly, yell, but you waited for a reason. “For them. The British- I’ve been working for them for awhile now. And we’ve saved a lot of people.”

With everything in your body you clenched the power into your fists. Trying to stop yourself from blowing up on her.

“I knew if I said it was for me there’d be questions. Questions I couldn’t answer.” A sympathetic look was being held in her eyes, but you couldn’t care less.

“So then what? You lie? To get us on some suicide mission? You almost- Cas was on the brink of death. We were all being threatened and had no way to defend ourselves whatsoever. Nothing, mom.” A sharp exhale of breathe left your shaking body before you continued. “When he said to give it to him, you should’ve.”

“I couldn’t loose it for them. You have to understand that, Y/n.” Her hand reached forward to touch your cheek but you only pushed it away.

“Understand what? How you chose some half assed deal over your kids?” The lump in your throat only grew, making it harder to speak.

“Sometimes, you have to do what’s necessary…” you’d heard enough.

Every muscle in your body lunged forward as your right fist connected with the side of her face. Your ring cutting her cheek. Before you you could swing again two masculine arms wrapped around your body in a bear hug.

“It’s over, Y/n. Walk away.” Castiel held on tightly, your rage made you stronger than you’d ever been.

Your own mother had betrayed you. All of you. But this was far from over. It was just beginning.

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Since you're taking imagine requests again: can you do one with Marty where you're a sweet as pie babyface and he woos and persuades you to be with him? Perhaps turning you a bit heel/tweener in the process? Thank youuu!!! -K

this is one of the best imagine requests i have pretty much ever had. if only all of them were like this. this was a joy to dream up. thank you.

@ The Villain: Disgraceful business that was. Pet, if you want someone to treat you better, come see daddy. @ (Y/N)Pro

“I know Kirby is your friend, (Y/N), but you’re allowed to be selfish. You’ve done so much for him, and what have you gotten in return? A chair shot to the head from Dunne. And did he get revenge for you? No. Because you’re expendable to him. He doesn’t care about you. You’re a means to an end, something pretty to distract his opponents at ringside.”

The rant continued to make my headache even worse, so I did my best to try to tun out the words. Marty had a point, as much as I loathed to admit it. He’d been making a lot of those lately.

How I got myself in this position was a mystery to me. I was a bubbly, happy go lucky girl, quick with a smile and even quicker to lend a helping hand. It didn’t matter what company I was in, on what continent, or what the political culture of the locker room was. I was well liked and made friends wherever I went. The opinions of the fans and my peers meant everything to me.

Marty was the antithesis of what I was. Marty was too intense, too brash, too everything. He was loud and dangerous, never above cutting corners to get what he wanted. He made the fine hair on the back of my neck stand up and gooseflesh break out on my skin. Marty honestly didn’t care what anyone thought of him. 

So imagine my surprise when following my debut loss, he was there outside of my locker room with an ice pack and what likely was supposed to be gruff words of encouragement. The next show had him offering strategy. The one after, a joke or two. I thought it odd that no one in the locker room made note of it, but I brushed it off. He was just being nice. Possibly even turning over a new leaf.

He was a good… friend. Only a friend; Men like him didn’t go for girls like me. Even if they did flirt with me on social media. I tried to ignore the way his eyes would make me feel, the way my stomach would tighten in the most pleasant of ways when his hand accidentally brushed against mine, or how safe he made me feel.

I was still in my head when Marty grabbed my chin between his thumb and index finger and forced my attention back on him. His green eyes were dark with something indecipherable but nevertheless calculating. 

“You haven’t been listening to me have you.”

It wasn’t really a question, but I shook my head anyway. He scowled, but continued. 

“You have to look out for number one (Y/N). Kirby isn’t gonna do it for you, clearly.”

@ (Y/N)Pro: To err is to be human. To forgive is to be divine.

@ The Villain: *photo of Pete Dunne hitting (Y/N) with a steel chair*  👀 👀 👀

Those were the words that were ringing in my ears as I stood in Martin Kirby’s corner in his match against Marty Scurll for a shot at the WCPW title.

I did resent Kirby. I came to WCPW to win the women’s title, but somehow, I had been delegated to a valet, only competing in matches on the rarest of occasions. It was frustrating, then compounded with the fact that Kirby had done nothing to help me when I was caught alone in the ring with an irate Pete Dunne who was armed with a steel chair.

And then there was the time Kirby pushed me in front of Ospreay as the high flyer was going for the 760 Kick.

Or the time he super kicked me in the face, then didn’t apologize.

Maybe I should be selfish? Just this once?

I was conflicted for most of the match, And then, there was the golden opportunity if there ever was one. 

The referee was knocked down and appeared to be out cold. Marty had slid out of the ring to grab his umbrella to use on a prone Matin Kirby. I slid into the ring and placed myself facing Marty, hands outstretched, between the two men, just has the Villain had raised the black umbrella for a swing.

The cheers from the crowd were so loud, I almost missed Marty’s words.

“What the hell do you think you’re doin’ pet? I coulda knocked your damn head off.”

I shook my head, eyes pleading. 

“You can’t do this Marty. You just can’t. Its not right.”

Marty was flabbergasted, his mouth opening but no words were coming out. At the corner of my eye, I could see Kirby starting to get to his feet and the referee just beyond him beginning to stir.

I blinked and then the super kick I had thrown at Kirby connected with a resounding crack along his jaw. He was knocked out cold. 

The crowd screaming their displeasure at the sudden turn of events was thunderous as I turned back to Marty after admiring my handiwork. The Villain’s mouth was agape and the umbrella had been dropped in shock. 

“Don’t just stand there and look pretty, Marty. Pin him.”

Marty scooped one of Kirby’s legs for the pin, him staring at me with a mixture of wonder and pride, as the referee who had come to slowly counted to three. 

The bell rung and the Villain was victorious.

Adrenaline was still pumping through my veins and that’s what I blame my next action on next. 

I took the few steps towards him, placed my hands at the back of his neck, and pulled him down to me for a rough kiss. Marty didn’t miss a beat, wrapping one arm around my waist and raising the other in victory as his mouth moved feverishly over mine. 

@ The Villain: No one cares about the good guys. Its the villains that get the girl and the gold at the end.

It doesn’t matter if you just went through a bad breakup or you’re unsuccessfully searching for a new job, whatever it is, don’t let it break you. And you know what’s amazing? When you consider it pure joy, it cannot break you: “Consider it pure joy…whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” -James 1:2-4 You’re only maturing in your faith and getting so much stronger than you were yesterday.

When faced with difficult things, you might feel emptied out day by day, becoming more and more exhausted and less and less motivated to move on, but know that God is doing a mighty work in your life and in this process, through Him, you are lacking nothing. It doesn’t matter who abandoned you. It doesn’t matter what situation just fell through, even when you’ve been thrown the most challenging, heartbreaking battles of your life, consider it joy. Consider that no matter how bad it gets, God is going to bring you through this. You’re going to be able to tell a story you never thought you would tell. God is going to reveal so much to you that you never imagined you would see. Hold onto that! That’s what it means to consider it pure joy.

Dig into God’s word on a daily basis so you can be reminded just how true this is for every single thing you’re going through, no matter how big or small. This is important because even though if we had it our way, we wouldn’t have to deal with trials, we are still going to face them. When we learn to put out trust in God by continuing to be joyful no matter what comes, we mature in our faith, getting stronger and stronger when the trials come our way. This is how you can become that woman that walks around with an unshakeable faith, no matter what gets thrown at her, who no matter what, considers it pure joy.

Written by @morganhnichols for #thedevoco

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• Murdoc secretly loves kids and hopes Noodle finds a nice lady to settle down and have children with so he can be a grandfather. He doesn’t plan on ever telling her that because he doesn’t want her to feel pressured into doing something so big just for his benefit, though. Still, he really wants some grandbabies, damn it!

• He got himself kicked out of Galleria dell'Accademia after climbing Michelangelo’s David and trying to suck its dick after Russel dared him to, not thinking he’d actually go through with it. Almost got thrown in jail for that as well.

• He keeps trying to get the producers of Gorillaz to let him actually sing on some songs, both by himself and duetting with 2D, but they (secretly influenced very heavily by 2D behind the scenes) say no every time.

• Not only can he run pretty decently in heels, he can drive in them as well.

I’m trying so hard to be okay
without him
Most days now
I get through the days just fine
I smile
I laugh
And he doesn’t cross my mind
But then out of nowhere
Something little will happen
Like I’ll get a whiff of old spice
Or I’ll see someone with brown eyes
That has a crooked smile
Letting out the same laugh he
always did
And it stops me in my tracks
And it hits me
I just miss him so much
It hurts so fucking bad
Its unbearable
It’s like all the progress I’ve made
Is thrown out the window
Crushing me
Because seeing all these little things brings him back to my memory
In a flash
And I can’t help but think
I would give anything to be on the receiving end of that crooked smile
And to hear that laugh again
—  Chapters from my life

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Kinda long and slightly strange request but here goes! (You don't have to do it if you don't wanna <3) imagine the MC is severely asthmatic and never tells anyone cause it's embarrassing but the RFA members find out cause after they get a new cologne/perfume MC is thrown into an attack because of it.

Author’s note: ok so I don’t have asthma but I did some research and tried tot make it accurate sO I’M SORRY but enjoy :)


  • so while he was at the game store he saw that LOLOL had a perfume anD HE HAD TO HAVE THAT OMG
  • he was just so excited and sprayed
  • right in your face
  • when he saw the pained look on your face and the tears coming from your eyes hE FREAKED OUT
  • he drops his prized perfume and attends to you
  • you drag him outside so you can catch your breath and the explain to him what just happened
  • and of course he’s crying poor bby
  • he vows NEVER to spray anything strong smelling again and throws out ALL OF his cologne even though you tried to explain to him that small amounts are fine


  • He came home from a perfume commercial and he REEKED
  • it filled up the entire house 
  • so, as soon as you stepped out of the bathroom you knew 
  • you knew you were screwed
  • you felt your throat tighten and your eyes water and fell to the ground 
  • when Zen heard a thud hE SPRINTED straight toward you 
  • “Shit MC, are you okay? What do you need? Please TALK TO ME!”
  • you pointed to your purse and he quickly grabbed it and spilled out the continence 
  • when he saw you reach for the bright red inhaler, he knew
  • after you were better, and Zen showered, he hugged you
  • “You can tell me anything, MC. You could’ve died today, and I love you too much to let that happen.”


  • poor baehee
  • she bought this new perfume to impress you 
  • and she was a little too excited and doused herself in it 
  • when you saw her she had already expected your eyes to widen at the new scent
  • what she didn’t expect was for those eyes to water and for your breathing to become strained
  • when she tried to get closer you just shook her off to try to get away from the stench
  • once you found your medicine, you texted Jaehee to change her clothes and meet you outside
  • when you explained to a still worried Jaehee that you have severe asthma and had struggled with it since you were a kid, she hugged you
  • “I’m glad you told me now… I’ll remember to put on less perfume. I love you, MC.”


  • when he came back from his trip to Paris, he remembered to put on the new cologne he bought there
  • so when you greeted him at the door with a hug, you got a full face of stench
  • when you doubled over and began wheezing jumin had no idea IN HELL what to do
  • he tried to remain calm and pat your back, but you just shooed him away
  • you managed to make it into the kitchen jumin following your every move
  • when you put the inhaler to your lips jumin finally understood
  • you looked up to explain to him what had happened but he was already gone
  • so you called him
  • “Where’d you go?”
  • “I’m going to the store to buy some air purifiers. Is there anything else I can buy that would help your asthma?”
  • when you told him some chocolate wouldn’t hurt he scoffed but he still bought some anyways


  • it’s not that he put on too much cologe
  • he called you to help clean it up, but as soon as you walked into that bathroom you gagged
  • you ran out at the speed of light leaving seven in a puddle of perfume
  • when he finally caught up to you, the spell had passed
  • your eyes were still watering though
  • “W-what happened? Did I do something wrong?”
  • you explain to him your situation and he hugs you
  • “Well I know you sure take MY breath away”
  • you hit him
  • but you also kiss him
  • I mean come on it’s seven

i’m in an aesthetic mood, which has me cautiously hopeful, because that usually means my creative juices are coming back.

I would like the next three seasons to look like this...
  • Season 4: Even is the main character, it's his last school term on Nissen, so it needs to be now. It focuses on his bipolar disorder, not his relationship with Isak, though of course we'll get glimpses of that as well. Why was he thrown out of his last school, who is Mikael and questions like that are brought up. And Isak keeps on being a supportive boyfriend and they hold hands in public and all is good.
  • Season 5: Sana is the main character. She is strong, independent and she is representing something we almost never see on television! It's a positive and beautiful portrayal of a teenage hijab wearing Muslim that breaks the stupid stereotypes the western world has. It's deeply needed on television and Sana is just badass overall so I would love to see her season.
  • Season 6: Vilde is the main character. She's been fighting a low self esteem and an eating disorder. So many would be able to relate to her on a deeper level. And she's been obsessed with getting the Russebuss and all that together so I would love their last school term, when they're actually on the bus, to be hers

anonymous asked:

What are some examples of racism in Sense8? I am still at the beginning and for now I find the fact that everyone is talking English with an accent instead of their languages very irritating

Ok so this is by no means a complete list (I’m only 6 episodes in) but here’s a few things I’ve noticed (there’s a TL;DR under the read more). Granted some of these may be resolved by the end of the series but right now this is what bothers me.

You are completely right in noticing that everyone is talking English with an accent instead of their languages. let me elaborate on why this is annoying. If you watch with the subtitles on you’ll notice that at some points they use the subtitles to say, “in Swahili,” or “in Korean” which basically acknowledges that yes they don’t want to make their audience “work” to make out the English. That is a fundamentally ethnocentric view to take and its compounded by the fact that because the show has such a diverse cast they could have conceivably made it so it was equal in its focus in different regions.  This wouldn’t have been just a “Western hemisphere” show it would have been a show that literally spanned the world. 

Furthermore they specifically use languages other than English when the audience is meant to be confused and using the subtitles then. why is this an issue? Well think of it this way, it makes English the common language when they can actually feel each other.  Making English the default heightens the xenophobia most Americans already have towards foreign languages. For example, I’m bilingual, if Lito’s parts were all in Spanish I would have understood all the parts that were in English and Spanish. Reading the Korean, and Swahili would not have been a huge burden at all and others who are fluent in those languages would have felt more included.

Moving away from the languages bit here’s a short list of other instances of racism:

  • Where’s Caephus? Here’s the imdb screenshot

Here’s Caephus’ trailer

Admittedly this might be an oversight but I want people to complain to imdb. He’s fucking brilliant ok? And as the only man of color in the central group (I’m sorry Naveen Andrews’ Jonas doesn’t count as a central character) he deserves to be credited!

  • Lito Rodriguez is played by Miguel Angel Silvestre a Spaniard (that is a white Spanish born European) and he’s not Latinx. This is an important distinction because any Spanish born person who’s white only experiences occasional xenophobia in the US. They don’t have the added burden of being latinx. And in Latinoamerica Spanish born people have automatically been chosen to rule over the mestizos/mixed people.  Because they’re white.  
  • In colonial era Mexico being born to Spanish parents classified you as a criollo, (which is to say that there was a caste system in place that prioritized white Spaniards and their offspring over anyone else) and just for context this caste system was in place until at least my father was in school in Mexico.  So they basically cast a white European to play a Spaniard telenovela star which is by default a latinx industry basically following the white supremacist formula established when Columbus came to the “New World” white people ruling in PoC countries.  

Keep reading

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What would UT/UF sans and US/SF papyrus do if they finally scraped up enough money to a decent engagement ring to propose to Thier s/o only to have the annoying dog to come out of nowhere obsorb it and run away?💍

Count the times I mention the word ring in this one xD

UT!Sans: He’s just done. Completely done. Nope not dealing with this shit nuh uh no way. Basically he takes a really long nap to calm down. He always liked that dog but now he’d be happy not seeing it for a while. He’s thinking about proposing to you without a ring, if you want to marry him the ring shouldn’t even matter. Plus you’d get a good laugh from his excuse as to why there is no ring. But if he managed to scrape up enough money for one ring he can do it again. This is something he actually wants to get off his ass for.

UF!Sans: He is so f*cking mad right now. We’re talking vibrating from anger so much that his bones are rattling. He didn’t have a problem with that stupid dog before but now… The dog better stay away. After the anger fades a little he’s just exhausted. He’s exhausted from all the work he’s been doing to save up to the ring, and he’s exhausted from being so angry. Like Tale Sans he’s gonna take a long nap. He felt nervous about proposing before but he’d finally decided to just do it. Now he’s gotta wait months to get a new ring so he can do it properly. You don’t deserve his usual half-assed self. Not on this one.

US!Papyrus: What. the. f*ck. just. happened??? He just stands there and stares of into space for a few seconds. Then he goes behind the house and chain-smokes dog-treats for a few minutes. He’s not really worried about all the money he just lost. (That’s what he’s telling himself) But he’d been prepared to propose in the next few days and now that plan just got thrown out the window. He doesn’t like when stuff like that happens. He’s smart and tries to get a new ring from insurance policies.

SF!Paps: Might actually try and kill the dog to stop it. He didn’t really dislike the dog before even though it really lived up to its name. Now he’s just so mad and stressed and he’s worked for so long to buy that ring. He got you a special made one and all. He probably won’t catch up to it fast enough to try and get the ring back, and he figures there’s no idea to get revenge on the stupid thing. After the anger towards the dog fades away the only thing left is the anger towards himself. How could he mess everything up so bad? He just silently starts working on getting a new one. This time he might get the money a bit faster, for various reasons.

Guys are funny

They are always perpetrating the anti-brokeboy campaign but are quick to call women golddiggers when they want a man with a real job and that’s making money. All on their social media is shit saying, “Why you fucking with lames, get with a real money making nigga” “I just want a girl that can match my fly” “We eating good over here” “If I don’t get bottle service in the club I ain’t going” Then five seconds later talking about how “your wcw only fwu because you in the vip” “You fucking with a broke nigga, *some discourse about how he making money*”, then say “You need to stay down to come up, y'all females don’t know how to hold a man down these days”. SHUT TF UP you cornball ass niggas lmao. Y'all are annoying AF.

And enough with those dumbass prank videos saying this girl is a golddigger because she didn’t like me until she saw me driving a Bugatti, half of the time y'all are not approaching the woman right in the first place. If she find out that you may have some potential other than being a socially awkward individual that can’t take no for an answer and may know a thing or two about business and making money, why not see what’s up? Lol like having a nice car doesn’t mean you’re going to spend money on her so I don’t really get the discourse, she’s not going to get shit from you other than having friends that have nice things. You only wanted her pussy anyway. 🙃 But whatever, I’m forever unimpressed. So I’ll never be in that lane.. It’s just annoying to see this shit thrown around like its remotely entertaining.

My main point is… Half of y'all are impressed by popularity and flashiness. Y'all only hang out with your friends based on how they dress and if they have the new yeezys or not so ???? Stop acting like y'all give AF about substance.

what your favorite fo4 companion says about you
  • Cait: you can and will get into a fight about anything. you probably like pineapple pizza, which is your favorite go-to fight topic. you're ideal death is being crushed between a woman's thighs.
  • Codsworth: you've always wanted your own personal butler, and now you've got one. it's better than you could have ever imagined, like getting back the family you watched die in front of you. you are so lonely. why would bethesda do that?? just? kill your spouse and steal your child? you don't understand. you need a hug. also you've got a surprisingly acerbic wit for someone who thinks codsworth calling you "mr fucker" is funny.
  • Curie: you're just trying to make a life in this horrible fallout wasteland, while simultaneously protecting your cute french girlfriend. you don't care about sin or kinkshaming, you just want to love and be loved in return. you're trying to beef up on your history knowledge so you can give curie tours around town. it's hard work impressing such a cute girl.
  • Danse: you love trash. dumpster-diving is your absolute all-time favorite hobby. sometimes you find old mementos that people have thrown away, and cry, because the meaningful side of junk has shown itself to you while you were surrounded by your pile of tin cans. also you were smart enough to figure out how to get danse out of his power armor and saw that rockin bod.
  • Dogmeat: honestly you're just playing this game for the dog. you have an entire storage of teddy bears just for him. do you even know the other companions's names? probably not. what's the point if they aren't dogmeat. you cried the first time he stood up on his hind legs.
  • Deacon: you love being kinkshamed. people can give it all they've got, it just makes you stronger. you have the fucking worst sense of humor, and will probably die because of a stupid idea that sounded cool or hilarious at the time. the most chill about your fave not being romanceable, people are often fooled into thinking you aren't heartbroken. but you are. you don't understand. why is deacon the only human who can't be romanced?? why god damn iT W--
  • Hancock: you are literally always sinning. you could stop if you wanted to, but, let's be honest, that's never gonna happen. conversations with you are mostly comprised of people typing your name in all caps, followed by the words "no" or "stop". you think bad jokes are hilarious, especially when you're the one telling them. there are no two words that bring you greater joy than "dank memes".
  • MacCready: all you wanted to do was steal things and shoot the shit with the fuckin fo3 easter egg. where did the emotions come from?? you don't know, but you've got a shotgun ready for the next person that hurts a hair on this man's head. every time you think about him for too long you cry. you'll punch any mungo who points that out, though.
  • Nick: you're high-key salty. it's okay, you deserve to be. everyone knows you got shafted. still, you've got a good imagination on you, and you're great at denial. sometimes in your dreams you actually succeed at romancing your beautiful noir detective. you always wake up, though. you always wake up. you enjoy lying in the shade. you don't need to be shady to people, they walk up to you and shade themselves. you're the physical manifestation of the sunglasses emoji.
  • Piper: in a world full of kinks, only you are brave enough to be their shamer. your shaming often includes both low-key and high-key shade, because some people don't just need to get out of the gutter, they need to be dragged out. and you love dragging people. you daydream constantly about living on that one lesbian island all the heteros keep talking about.
  • Preston: you're an honest-to-god good person. or, at least, you aspire to be. you know people have their kinks and their best-left-unsaid sins, but you love and appreciate them anyway, because you know everyone's just doing their best, and a little faith goes a long way. that's a lie. you send everyone to jail. you protect the peace and you're goddamned proud of it. still, you're trying to be a nicer person. for preston.
  • Strong: you have a size kink as big as all of massachusetts. just hearing that comparison turns you on. the thought of hulk/strong has crossed your mind at some point. don't lie.
  • X6-88: you had a thing for the matrix when you were younger, didn't you? it's come back to haunt you, now. you secretly wish x6 would call you "Mr. Anderson". You have a leather fetish.

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Headcanons of Izuku, Uraraka, Mina, and Kirishima who's s/o has a zombie Quirk (basically regeneration and super strength) who with a non-caring attitude takes any hit or attack thrown at them?

Ashido Mina: Mina can’t help but panic every time you take a hit; she hates that you’re letting yourself get hurt just because you can regenerate quickly. She’s not one to hold back her worries and often scolds you, but with big teary eyes so that you’ll actually listen to her when she tells you to care more about yourself. 

Kirishima Eijirou: Kirishima appreciates your ability for its usefulness in combat, but that doesn’t mean he wants you to throw yourself around with no worry in the world. He tries to keep an eye out for you when you’re fighting together because he knows how reckless you can be. 

Midoriya Izuku: Midoriya fears for your safety just because he knows every quirk has their limit, and when will you reach yours? What hit will be too much for you to take? The questions plague him incessantly but he finds it tough to open up to you about it, because he doesn’t want to confront the possible reality of your death. 

Uraraka Ochako: She doesn’t immediately think about it while in combat but when she sees you take a hit, in makes her cringe, because the injury still hurts regardless of your regeneration ability. She’s not as forward as the others with her method of getting you to care more about yourself, but she does offhandedly mention (often) that you should watch out more in battle. 

@tarmac-like-arteries and I love to cause each other massive amounts of pain with Check Please headcanons because we LIVE to S U F F E R and this is one of my better ideas. 

So by the time 2016 rolls around, Bitty and Jack are out to the public. After the heat dies down a little, someone (maybe the PR team, maybe Bitty, maybe Tater, maybe all three) convinces Jack he needs a social media presence. So he gets a twitter. He mostly just retweets the @FalcsOfficial account and posts artsy photos and he is the softest of bros. 

After Trump makes his locker room comment, Shitty absolutely loses his fucking cool. He goes on this huge twitter rant about rape culture and toxic masculinity and how those with privilege have a responsibility to cultivate a safe space for marginalized identities. He gets into sports culture and “locker room talk.” He calls out Trump’s racist garbage and all the Republicans just NOW pulling their support. Jack retweets a string of those tweets and in doing so incites a fucking SHIT STORM. At some point someone @s him:

Snorticia Adams @boxofrocks4u

@JLZimmermann Who would even WANT to share a locker room with that sentient yam?

Jack Zimmermann @JLZimmermann 

@boxofrocks4u I’d rather change on the ice.

Eric Bittle @omgcheckplease 

@JLZimmermann @boxofrocks4u  Okay  👀

There are like ten Buzzfeed articles about this by the end of the day and Tumblr loses its goddamn mind. Jack just keeps getting all of these angry tweets about how he should stay out of politics and stick to hockey. Of course eventually some slurs and general derogatory shit gets thrown around and Jack eventually responds:

Jack Zimmermann

A lot of people are tweeting me to let me know they’re shocked by my political leanings.

Jack Zimmermann @JLZimmermann

I don’t know what they expected. I’m a bisexual Canadian. 

Jack Zimmermann @JLZimmermann

Also fuck Trump.

Shitty Knight @Mr.Shitty 


Eric Bittle @omgcheckplease

@JLZimmermann  Is twelve pies too many pies? Too late. I’ve made my boyfriend twelve pies. 

Providence Falconers @FalcsOfficial

@omgcheckplease @JLZimmermann This is why the dietitians are always yelling at you, Zimmboni.

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what makes me angry ab percy and annabeth being thrown into taurtus is that they dont ever deal with it?? What the fuck?? They just out and gone in boo and its just left at that and we dont even get an explanation as to how nico survived at all

i think the implications are that nico got captured within tartarus by the twin giants, so that makes sense.

but yeah i agree if you’re gonna cram so much trauma into a story, you should do something with that trauma? i really hate it when characters get beat up and the story takes a dark turn just for the sake of it getting dark. idk. life sucks enough, and it’s a kid’s series, why did anyone even have to go to tartarus in the first place? was the double sealing door like…really that necessary of a plot point….

Im having a really awful day

I lost my keys.

Seriously i just went out for one thing and somewhere between putting them back in my bag and biking home they fell out? Its legit like a 3 minute ride i dont eveb get through an entire song half the time.

I rode up and down the street for 2 hours, went into every possible shop asking and left my number, went to the police station literally everything and everywhere

They couldnt have been on the ground more that 5 or 6 minutes and theyre just GONE

my apartment keys, my mail key, the keys to my moms, to my dads, to my inlaws, my work keys, my gym pass, my bike keys

Sone of these are not replaceable. Most not with out a large fee i cant really be ahelling the cash out for, especially because i had to call my fiance away from work to come get my crying ass out of the streets.

Everyone cross your fingers for me that someone turns them in somewhere.

Arthur Puppet V2.0

Time for some update stuff~

We’ve just now got Arthur’s new refinements in place and we can now show it off.  Once again artsyfeathersartsyblog was on hand to spruce up the design with chloepoisonhearts on construction of the puppet itself.

Unlike Lewis’s new puppet though we currently do not have the back views of them, so no spiny .gif for him quite yet.

(<–NEW VS OLD–>)

The adjustments in place for this are much like that of Lewis’s, with mostly overall refinements to the character’s features and changing the structure to support more comprehensive puppet rigging.  Though I’m sure ya’ll have picked up on the more obvious tweaks before I mention what they are.


Robot Arm Upgrade-

Arthur’s arm has been changed by a fair amount (though I made sure not to go too crazy with it).

Arthur’s old robot arm was more or less just his fleshy arm painted grey and with some lines thrown on it.  While that served its purpose for Ghost, I figured that needed some adjustment as we went back to refine the designs some.  My main goal was to make the silhouette noticeably different from the normal arm just so it stands out as being more mechanical from the get-go.

Arthur’s Head-

It didn’t really show up in Ghost too well, but MAN I don’t even know what I was thinking with Arthur’s head in some of these views.  He got this weird muzzle in the side views, which I guess I was trying to emulate the kind of bean shaped head of Shaggy from Scooby Doo I guess??

Anyway, it’s now much less… THAT.

Also +1 hair spike.

Vest Pins-

Due to popular demand, I’ve rolled back in the pins on Arthur’s vest that existed waaaaaaaaay back during Arthur’s original concept art.

Arthur’s has gained a bit of height in this new version, but I’ll save the direct comparisons for later.


And to tease the next project some more, here’s one of artsyfeathersartsyblog‘s backgrounds.

As for the exact nature of what it is though, I’ll leave ya’ll to figure that one out.

Up next, Vivi V2