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guilas relatable self hatred and trauma. that bad coping mechanism content. wanting to kiss jericho. i couldnt NOT kin her.

does anyone else have a writing style that like. isn’t Bad or anything but it drives u up the fuckin wall to read it, for no apparent reason

i’m procrastinating and partially rewrote a short fic i made hach for her birthday a few years ago, enjoy

The ballroom was filled with different people and ghosts, all of high class and nobility that, aside from the starched collared shirt he wore underneath his chainmail, made Danny squirm. He cursed Fright for the itchy clothes, he cursed fate for putting him here, but most of all, he cursed the Prince for everything else.

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Gifset Challenge: [1/10] OT3s → Parker/Hardison/Eliot (Leverage) 

Promise me you’ll keep them safe.
‘til my dying day.

since it’s asexual awareness week I wanna rec some books with great ace characters from all over the ace spectrum 
(some have more than one!!!!!!! actually i think all of my recs have more than one tbh)


Collection of short stories:


Merle: Is it hot down there? Is it really hot?

Director: It’s probably sticky? If you wanna wear shorts, this-

Taako: Oh, wait a minute, we gotta get new looks! We gotta get summer looks!

Merle: [clapping and singing] Shorts! We need shorts!

Taako & Magnus: Fantasy shorts, fantasy shorts, fantasy shorts-

Inspired by today’s eclipse and for @sterekwritingroom‘s flash event.


The first group of weres pass through Beacon Hills on a Thursday. Stiles probably wouldn’t notice except that he’s spent the past year and a half hanging out almost exclusively with supernatural beings and that… well, ok, these guys aren’t exactly subtle. They tilt their heads almost in sync as he passes by them –– heading in to pay cash at the gas station while they pile back into their packed SUV. Noses flare, stances shift, and Stiles has about point five seconds to plan a bolt back to the Jeep before one of them’s announcing “Don’t trouble your Alpha; we’re just passing north for the event.” And then they’re back in the SUV and gone.

So… yeah, not to diminish Stiles’ awesome deductive skills here but… not subtle.

The second sighting happens before school on Friday, when Stiles ducks into the Dunkin’ Donuts for some much needed coffee and practically trips over a trio of sugar-high toddlers. One of them, wearing what looks like a home-painted t-shirt, decorated with a slightly uneven yellow circle, is midway through whining “Momma, we’re gonna miss the––“ when she stops in her tracks to stare up at him.

Stiles blinks down at her, the door perched against his elbow.

“Say ‘scuse me,” the boy next to her murmurs. It’s too early for this, brain crawling the sludge-slow of non-coffee through his system, and Stiles isn’t sure which of them he’s talking to.

“Excuse me,” he says and all three immediately shuffle, staring wide enough it makes Stiles’ eyes ache for them. He starts past, scrubbing a hand across his jaw self-consciously, wondering if he’d missed sleep drool or a sock in his hair or something on his mad rush out the door but, two steps past, the youngest kid snuffles and speaks up, soft: “Are you gonna come see the moon with us?”

It takes another step for Stiles to register that she’s talking to him, but by the time he blinks back the boy’s already tutting at her.

“No Lucy. He’ll go with his own pack.”

The little girl’s mouth opens in a wide, understanding O, while her older sister tugs proudly on her yellow circle shirt. It’s painted a messy black in the middle, inside the bright golden edge, and Stiles kind of forgets coffee for a minute in the face of actual werewolf children and then there’s a woman stepping up behind them, coffee and a box of munchkins in hand, dropping a fond hand to ruffle the boy’s hair as she gives Stiles an apologetic smile.

“Sorry about that, they’ve never been through another pack’s territory before. We’ve been driving since Arizona –– long trip for the little ones. But I couldn’t miss the chance for them to experience this. Best sighting until totality in 2017!”

“I’ll be ten,” says the boy, in the tone of one who’s done the math very carefully a dozen times over.

Stiles nods, a little lost because werewolf toddlers, and manages “well that’s… good.”

“I’m two,” the youngest puts in proudly, vaguely missing the thread of the conversation but eager to take part, and Stiles smiles back, wishing he had a little more coffee in his system because it’s not like he’s oblivious about what’s going on in the world this weekend, but he’s starting to feel a little dense for not connecting all kinds of dots sooner.

Then again, there’s another person who probably could’ve connected them for him.

“They don’t know how lucky they are,” the woman adds, beaming down. “I had to wait years for my first one and I’ll never forget the experience. Of course, you won’t feel it the same way as us,” her tone going apologetic, “but I’m sure your pack can’t wait to take part.”

And then she’s ushering the kids out the door with promises of donuts in the car, and Stiles is tugging out his phone, pulling up Derek Hale’s number.


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the universe has moved for us

Pairing: Keith/Lance
Words: 6850
Chapters: 1/1

Keith carefully waits until the bell stops ringing and then makes his way to the back of the shop, into his office, where Lance is slumped over the desk with a dozen books spread out in front of him. A huge red and white cat is laying on top of the keyboard of the laptop shunted off to the side, her tail flicking back and forth. They both appear to be asleep.

for @catnippackets

Read it here on AO3.

Guess who I drew!! Again!! Because I love her!!!!!