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—for Tooru ; who has worked harder than anyone else in aoba johsai


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happy anniversary taylorswift i cant believe it’s been five months since we announced our marriage 2 the world tbh what a crazy ride its been I LOVE U SO MUCH <333333

A while back ask-paradigm commissioned me and I made him a pic. I never felt good about it, though. Looking back on it I felt like I had short-changed them and did a terrible job for what they paid for. 

So this is me trying to make up for it. 

Hope you like it, Paradigm… I know this is a surprise, but hey, sometimes surprises are good.

Ichinennikumi Live 28/02/2015 Report

Aaahhh I have a lot of feelings about this, so it’s gonna be pretty long. I thought about splitting it up into parts but that would be spamming the tags too much, so sorry for the length! Putting everything under a cut so I won’t take up too much space on your dashes.

Splitting this into three parts mostly: first impressions on everyone and basic description, live report and signing event report. Please bear with the last part, that was very emotional for me ahahahah

Note: Please don’t repost this report anywhere, you can link to it if you want to share it. If anyone wants to translate it into other languages to post on other sites, please ask me first, don’t do it without permission.

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korastories asked:

Kyman headcanons!

I just realized I have a surprisingly small number of headcanons about Kyman. I was gonna go with the ‘How they met, became friends and then not so much’ but during writing it down I noticed it’s a HELLA long one. So here’s another small one instead.
(Also I felt like doing pencil sketches.)

One headcanon I have for them is that they will never have children.
They talk about it from time to time since both like kids (especially Eric) but agree that they won’t adopt any.
While Kyle definitely has the knowledge of a dad (seeing as how he took care of Ike while growing up and later on helped Stan, who became a father at a younger age) he simply feels he doesn’t need a child of his own in his life. He appreciates whenever he has some quiet time (reading, thinking about life or other things, spending time with Eric,…) and needs a proper sleeping schedule. Both are not easily compatible with a kid and he’s reminded of this whenever he babysits Stan’s kid. He likes that child but afterwards is always glad to be alone again with Eric. 

Eric has other reasons why he agrees on their decision. He never questioned Liane’s love for him but after a few years he started to realize that her parenting was far from perfect. And with this realization came doubts. Eric can’t imagine being a good dad. Sure, kids love him. But who wouldn’t love an adult that let’s you do and eat whatever you want and tells you the best ways of getting revenge on your friends when they did something shitty. Eric knows he would most likely never be an exemplary dad (but honestly, who wants to be that? It’s boring as fuck). Plus knowing Kyle they would probably have different ideas on how to raise their kid resulting in more than a few fights. And those can be very exhausting for both of them.

They’re fine by themselves and enjoy doing stupid shit together - be it breaking into the pool at night, going on adventurous holiday or simply marathoning the newest bbc series while eating tons of pizza because they’re both too lazy to cook. 

They feel complete without the need of a child. And whenever someone dares telling them they’re egoistic they’ll simply make sure that person will never say that again. They always have each other’s back.

Bonus info:

  • Yes, that’s Stan’s kid they’re holding there. (I just really like drawing them with babies ok? Ok)
  • Eric sometimes helps Kyle out with babysitting. But it almost always results in Kyle needing to clean up.

From New York to Los Angeles, a mix of musicals following the course of Benny Siegel’s life [listen]

Angry Dance- Billy Elliot // I’m Alive- Next to Normal // Cool- West Side Story // Santa Fe- Newsies // You Gotta Look Out for Yourself- City of Angels // Everybody Says Don’t- Anyone Can Whistle // Butter Outta Cream- Catch Me If You Can // When You Say Vegas- Honeymoon in Vegas // Funny- City of Angels // Sunset Boulevard- Sunset Boulevard



"Do you feel old yet" thing!!! Probably around 2001, Disney World