so it's done




*looks around shiftily*
“Yeah man, I got the good stuff.”
*slides this song across the desk*

In which I am tired of white folks cryin’ about being ‘left out’ of #Formation

This is a collation of a twitter rant I went on; starting with this tweet

Brought on by seeing people whining about being ‘left out’ of Beyonce’s Formation video and SB50 half-time performance. I am done y’all with a capital damned D.

Also collated on

Ok look, I’m cranky about all this what about me, you are leaving me out shit I keeps seeing by fragile white motherfuckers. Let’s talk, shall we?

Before anyone gets all surprised at me losing my cool? Remember I’m black, through and through. Light skin but still fucking black, got it? Good.

So, white folks who wanna cry about but what about meeee? Shut the entire fuck up. You already got everything else, quit cryin’. You got majority representation and power in every-damned-thing. So a song by a BLACK woman ain’t for you? Good, remember how it feels, cause that’s what we get 24/7 with no damn break. It’s just now we’re seeing slivers of more black folks in media.

We get crumbs y’all, but y’all stay whining about omg Bey left me out! There were no white dancers with her at the half-time show, why. Get some similac & STFU. It wasn’t for you, ain’t gonna be for you and that feels really, really fucking good. Cause we don’t get much as it is. Let us live damn.

It’s doubly shameful that a black woman comes out with a black as fuck song during #BlackHistoryMonth and y’all wanna trip. Not today satan, not today. If you decide you wanna try me for these tweets? I’m Chicago south side born & raised. You will regret it, I guarantee.

So fragile ass white people? Accept something’s not for you and deal, quietly in a damned corner. Forever. /fin

P.S: I can guarantee someone gonna try to call me racist over those tweets. You can catch these block hands too.


While I continue to stuff CCmagic full of stuff and test things I discovered that sims can use the corner of a cabinet to prepare food. I had no idea they could do that. 

Anyways, up to 5891 files or 11.7 GB’s in CCmagic. About 45% of the original pile. I’ve been keeping a close eye on the resource monitor readings for ts3. It’s been hovering between 1.9 and 2.2 gigs of ram. It spiked once and the game froze. Had some overlapping default mods. Once fixed it went back to normal. 

Also, I noticed a post from earlier in the day about ram usage for the game and @aroundthesims is absolutely correct. I have 32 gigs of ram and have edited the suggested file from the 2gb base number. Does absolutely nothing to change how the game performs. There was once a post on Mod the Sims forum about making the game a 64-bit game instead of 32-bits. Now that would be a mod to behold. They probably tried and gave up with frustration over how the game code is written. *sigh*

STARTER CALL. i’m going to be selective. mainly because it’s always difficult to write frank as the first one initiating a conversation cos he’s such a silent, closed off dude but i’m gonna do my best. lengths will vary, and they will be queue’d. MUTUALS ONLY to keep the numbers low.

Dearest Soulmate

part 4/ ?

Chapter title: les hommes souffrent

ao3 or aff

Jeongguk just wants to forget, and Taehyung just wants to see straight.

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If you seriously believe that Syltherins are oppressed that you haven’t really read the books or completely ignore the fact that they were the ones for the most part who were the oppressors and the fact that they had the most power within wizarding society bc of their status as purebloods.

holy ufck??

brother: wheres my charger?

me: uh.. in your car??

brother: well, go get it.

me: no?? wtf

brother: you were the last one to use it! seriously??

me: uh, yeah! i borrowed it and then returned it to your car! you go get it im not going outside!

brother: okay but you borrowed it! you just wont get it because youre lazy

me: sure whatever, still not getting it. bye!