so it's also got that going for it

reminder that i love country music and would die for Josh Turner



Man I always end up making these things pastel eh? Either way, trying to apply for a new job that’ll allow me insurance to cover the surgery, but also trying to pick up the slack from from the shitty hours my boss gives me now. 

All funds go directing to savings as this surgery you have to pay upfront and its probably gonna be over 100K so wish me luck lads. Must be comfortable with giving me an address to mail traditional paintings.

WILL DRAW: Anything man, whatever u want u got it

Invoice on paypal, pp takes 2.9% as tax so that’s added to the price.

11 Question Tag X2

I was tagged to do the 11 question tag by @scoupsadaisy and @gentlejongin

Thank you!!

Since I got 2 sets of questions I’ll do 22

1. If you could travel anywhere in the world right now where would you go and why?

Right now I would love to travel to Italy!! I love Italian food and the beaches are so pretty! Also Hong Kong

2.What’s your  favorite kind of weather and why?

I love spring so 70° and the way the earth is right after it rains and it smells like rain and the skies are cloudy and there’s water droplets on all the flowers it’s so nice

3. What’s your go-to food on a cold day?

Hot chocolate and lots of pasta bc pasta is always a go to

4. What song could you listen to on repeat forever?

    Shdhdhd just one uhhh green rain by shinee. It can be upbeat and make you happy but if you listen with the mr removed you can cry to it it’s so good and versatile and it just feels like home to me I listen to it whenever I feel uneasy

     5. If you could have any super power what would you want?

      I would want to control time like tao so I could give myself more sleep in the morning, stop time to do what I want to speed up boring classes

      6. What colors represent you?

        Yellow for energetic and sunny, blue for being chill, green for calming but also lively like mint

        7. If you could spend your day with your bias what would you do?

          Which bias? I have too many and each one I would do something different! If I was blessed with a whole day with loey, I would take him to Chicago of course! He has a Sox hat he wears so I’d take him to a Sox game, mag mile of course and some cute shops on the north side. We’d get food from a small hot dog shop for lunch and for dinner I’d take him to grand lux cafe bc I love that place. We’d walk everywhere and take to the train back to the airport where i would sadly have to let my dream day end and let loey return to his life and i to mine.💕

          8. What was your last good dream?

            A few weeks ago I dreamt that jeno came to the library I work at and he was looking for books and after my shift he waited for me but we ended up sitting together in one of the window seats reading our books and chatting together it was heaven.

            9. What do you want to improve?

              I want to learn more foreign languages and improve on those (anyone want to help me pls do if you have a language you like and want to share)

              10. What’s your go to song if you’re having a bad day?

                I need somebody by day6

                11. If you were in a movie what genre would it be?

                  Not a huge movie fan myself but adventure why not

                   12. Plain white  socks or colorful patterned ones?

                    Colors and patterns, especially fuzzy socks

                    13. If you had to give up one of your five senses which would it be and why?

                      Taste!!! I would eat so healthy bc I wouldn’t know how good junk food is and I’d be eating only healthy stuff if food wasn’t for taste. Plus I have lots of allergies but am also picky, so if it’s wasn’t picky I’d have a bit more options 

                      14. If you were a dog what breed would you be?


                        15. If you were  in a group what position would you want? What position do you think you’d  be assigned as?

                          I would love to be a singer! Being a vocal means you shine in the songs in my opinion which i think would be fun but as a 14-year trained dancer in many styles I would surely be assigned as a dancer which I would not mind since I’ve always devoted so much of my life to dance

                           16. If colors could describe feeling what color are you right now?

                            A nice indigo maybe? Not sad just content, grounded and focused (perhaps violet?)

                            17. If you had to start every conversation with a pickup line which would you use?

                            You remind me of an overdue library book, cause you got Fine written all over you. (I’m so sorry)

                            18. If you could give your ultimate bias a birthday present what would it be?

                            I would give kibum a nice relaxing day! He works so hard! He deserves a day at a nice spa or to go home to visit his grandmother.  If only i could give him more time.

                            19. If you could  learn to do anything instantly what would it be?

                               Learn korean instantly i would love to understand my faves:(

                               20. If you could travel through time where would you go? Why?

                              Everything happens for a reason and life is worth living I would stay in the present. (Going back to my previous time control power answer I wouldn’t mind slowing down, speeding up or pausing but skipping big chunks of time I don’t think I’d want to do)

                               21. What would you do if you woke up and swapped bodies with your ultimate bias? 

                                 I would enjoy have frickin flawless skin and perfect hair and enjoy looking perfect how does a human look like kibum he’s gorgeous 

                                 22. What’s your  favorite thing about yourself?

                                   My personality! I’m quite upbeat and good at cheering myself and other people up which comes in handy a lot 

                                   Thank you for this tag!

                                  My 11 new questions are 

                                  1. If you could take any class in the world (it could be a language, dance, music, a traditional school subject, anything!) what would it be and why do you  want to learn it?
                                  2. Who inspires you and why?
                                  3. What’s a strange skill or talent that you have?
                                  4. What do your think is the most important characteristic of a good friend?
                                  5. Is your aesthetic more nature or outer space if you had to pick one of those two and why?
                                  6. What do you wish you were doing right now?
                                  7. What is your fashion taste?
                                  8. If you could have any hair style and color instantly what would it be? Why?
                                  9. What’s your dream pet and what would you name it?
                                  10. You can add any song to your fav groups concert setlist that isn’t already on it. Which song would you add and why?
                                  11. Something that you like that you didn’t initially expect to like?

                                   (you don’t have to answer all of the ones i did just these but if you want to swap some of my new ?s for ones that i answered if you really like the question that’s cool with me)

                                  I tag @freshbakedkookies @xiuminsglasses @jhopejumper @alphaxingmi @seboot-ey @sefuns @rxnjuns @marksjeno @minsoakedme @angel-in-slow-motion @chenbox 

                                  ignore this i just got rly emotional over Rayman Origins and Legends

                                  ever since i got this current pc (which is 1 year now) i haven’t bothered much with Rayman Origins and Legends because of course my progress gets lost everytime

                                  but lately i’ve been playing them and im…i got really emotional

                                  especially with Legends because it fixed pretty much everywthing wrong with Origins (which are tiny things like…the bubbled enemies and now we can speed up the scoreboard thing and plus now everything is “lineless” thats it)

                                  but like…its…so good…like if i were to recommend someone a 2D platformer, along with jazz jackrabbit 2 it would be RO/RL

                                  the animations are so great, punching enemies feels so good, the visuals (and the details everywhere), and the music are obviously gorgeous, the sound effects are …i dont even have words anymore you can actually feel the weights and materials and even only from the sound of footsteps and its just so fun and everything is full of life and its fun and enjoyable to play

                                  yeah yeah viewing it as a Rayman Fan™ there are flaws but overall there’s barely any bad things???? im???? i literally just spent 15 minutes standing in one place and just admiring the scenery while trying out different animations and enjoying the music…… so happy to be alive

                                  (i also got rly emotional over the fact that Origins is called Origins because it pretty much goes back to the first game and i just stared at Rayman’s punching animations there like…i felt truly nostalgic and its so good to see everything reworked ajndsfkhnbsdkdglfgjhsl im love Rayman bye) 


                                  pretty sure that’s a fire hazard, Jesse.

                                  happy valentine’s day!! <3 <3


                                  You are the future of humans and monsters!

                                  Next part is here! In which Chara settles in with the Dreemurr family and things might actually be okay…at least at first. 

                                  The next and final part will be here in a week!

                                  EDIT: Fixed a spelling error.

                                  Dogs of Future Past Masterpost

                                  Previous Part | Next Part

                                  Why you should watch Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
                                  • Lead protagonist is Jewish and it’s not played for laughs, in fact it’s not mentioned at all
                                  • It is, however, hilarious to watch Dwayne Johnson mutter “Oi vey” in between marveling at his muscles 
                                  • Every single character learns something from the game avatar they’re playing, and how to play not just to their strengths but also their weaknesses
                                  • When did Nick Jonas get hot
                                  • Like seriously
                                  • When
                                  • There is an actual, honest-to-God friendship between the two female leads where they both learn from each other, encourage each other, and delight in each other’s successes
                                  • Jack Black plays a teenage girl with such utter enthusiasm that you end up forgetting he’s “an overweight middle-aged man”, and his crush on another (male) character is never exploited for “humor”, not even when he gives mouth-to-mouth to him.
                                  • Nick Jonas
                                  • Hot
                                  • Seriously, the girls’ friendship is amazing and wholesome and refreshing
                                  • “ZOOLOGY, BITCH”

                                  In conclusion, go watch Jumanji. (Also Nick Jonas got hot)

                                   Smiles and sweaters in the snow 

                                  a.k.a. Derek is (not-so-)secretly a sap who would definitely take Stiles to see Central Park in the winter because it’s *romantic*


                                  some iconic woojin moments in 2017

                                  Punk Lance 2.0

                                  • lance whipping his helmet off and his too-long hair falls on his face and he just flicks it away and smirks
                                    • keith is caught staring 
                                  • foul-mouthed lance who had to learn to stop swearing, but once in a while slips up and starts a curse word, but gets a glare from Shiro and switches the word halfway through 
                                    •  “I totally had that! this is such bullllllllllllcrud
                                    • “shitake mushrooms are fantastic on pizza. hunk, have you ever tried it?” 
                                    • “oh fu-fart off” 
                                    • “ah fuck me” “LANCE” “it was a genuine request”
                                  • “All I’m saying is, give me Keith’s knife and 20 minutes, we’ll have our answers” 
                                    • “lance I’m not going to let you threaten him” 
                                    • “what? I was gonna challenge him to the knife game. I’m amazing at that”
                                  • lance finds royal jewellery and Allura says he can have whatever he wants, she doesn’t really wear it, so he walks around with a nice blueish gold chain around his neck 
                                    • he also finds some nice earrings but because he spaces he cant really wear them
                                    • his solution? seconds
                                    • (his gauges aren’t big at all and since he’s in space he cant really go any bigger, so it works)
                                    • but there isn’t really a professional piercing place anywhere in space so he just. gets a needle and some ice and he and hunk pierce his ears in the kitchen 
                                      • he doesn’t flinch 
                                    • keith thinks its cool and wants his ears pierced too 
                                      • he struggles to keep his flinch down, but mostly stays straight-faced
                                      • lance is impressed 
                                  • punk lance in ripped skinnies, a loose tank top, black beanie, and piercings, rolling in on space heelies 
                                  • punk lance who misses his skateboard so he and pidge build one together 
                                    • lance teaching pidge how to skateboard
                                    • shes got on her paladin helmet and some makeshift kneepads
                                    • he’s pushing her waist and eventually just pushes and let’s go 
                                      • she flails but she stays on and he’s so proud!
                                    • they make her her own skateboard
                                    • when they save matt the 3 of them can be found skateboarding down the castle hallways with shades on and the killers playing in the background
                                  • the team saves a planet with lots of kids
                                    • they all love lance and lance loves them 
                                      • Keith’s super awkward but he loves watching lance with the kids
                                    • the paladins have to go to a meeting but the kids don’t want to leave lance so they just….come along 
                                    • this planet has some washable paint so while lance is in his Important Business Meeting™️ the kids sit beside him and paint his tattoos
                                    • it’s ridiculous, he’s got green fire and red water and the trees have polka dots but he loves it, he loves it so much
                                      • he kinda doesn’t want to wash it off but he knows he’ll eventually have to 
                                    • he takes pictures of his arm though for future reference and thinks maybe he’ll get some polka dots on one of the trees next time they visit a planet that tattoos  
                                    • the kids see Keith, who looks a little delinquent-ish himself, and wonder why he “doesn’t have any drawings?” 
                                      • so Keith sighs, takes off his jacket, and lets the kids paint his arms too 
                                    • lance and Keith sitting across from each other with alien children painting their arms 
                                    • keiths talking about a drawing one of the kids did on his right arm, how it sorta looks like the tigers his home planet has, and Lance has heart eyes 
                                      • one of the kids asks if lance likes Keith 
                                      • lance blushes (Keith didn’t hear, thank god) and says yeah, he does
                                      • the kid paints stick figures of lance and Keith on lance’s right arm, the one without the tattoos, and puts a heart around them 
                                      • (lance makes sure that one washes off last)
                                  • oh god oh fuck okay 
                                    • they land on a really hot, desert planet
                                    • the planet is deemed okay for the team to not wear their paladin armour in 
                                    • so lance, of course, wears his usual skinnies and tank top and backwards hat
                                    • Keith’s sweating though
                                    • so he asks Lance if he can borrow a tank top 
                                      • he used to just go shirtless when he was in the desert on earth when it got really hot but that’s hardly appropriate here
                                      • lance becomes the Oh Neptune meme 
                                    • he gives Keith a grey tank top that he had (its one that used to be a t-shirt but he cut the sleeves off himself)
                                    • keith goes and gets changed and when he comes back he’s also put his hair in a low ponytail 
                                    • if lance wasn’t sweating before he definitely is now 
                                  • lance thinks he’s much tougher than he really is 
                                    • lance: let me at him!! I’ll kick his shins! I’ll fuck him up! I have a knife!
                                    • hunk: Lance you cried last week and crochet for fun
                                    • lance: WHEN WILL YOU STOP, HUNK? WHEN? 
                                  • punk lance with a tongue ring 
                                  • punk lance with eyeliner 
                                  • punk lance who used to be the front liner for a band
                                    • this works because Jeremy is the front liner of a pop punk band
                                  • punk lance with adhd who listens to heavy metal and headbangs to stim sometimes 
                                  • punk lance who has a sketchbook and draws space, or his friends doing domestic things, or the mice
                                    • every so often there’s a realistic drawing of a set of eyes, usually hard pressed or annoyed, but the same set of eyes either way 
                                    • (they’re Keith’s)
                                    • (Lance just thinks they’re gorgeous)

                                  Z Nation meme | four relationships [¼]  —– Murphy and Warren

                                  I’m counting on you.

                                  Tom Holland Laughing