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Idk why but here’s a thought:

Witch!AU where everyone is, obviously, a witch/warlock/wizard/whatever. Andrew has a familiar–a pretty ginger cat that never leaves his side who Kevin frequently side eyes. Nobody but Kevin knows his name (Andrew only ever calls him “junkie” or “idiot”) and Kevin won’t share, until one day Matt barges into the dorms and finds an auburn-haired man sleeping with his head in Andrew’s lap.

Chips are life.

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Hey guys! Really sorry for the lack of new comics - I’ve been hella busy lately. My schedule is a bit all over the place right now, but I promise that I’ll do my best to post at least once a week! 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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Pidge quick, before they get back, tell me all the strange secrets, specifically about Keith, I'm sure he does weird stuff. Come on quick before they get back


Keith: PIDGE!!!

Lance: Photos or it didn’t happen.


Lance: omg…

Keith: … why… do you have that?

Pidge: You should never trust me with sleepovers.

A.N. Couldn’t think of anything.. so I’m projecting.

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ive seen a few “dirkjohn but johns an asshole ghost who haunts dirk” but none of the reverse which is wild bc theres so much potential

imagine john moves into what used to be dirks old apartment bc its ridiculously cheap for some reason (hint: dirks dumb ass forgot he left a sword in the fridge. several swords. just an avalanche of fucking swords okay.)

its all on the up and up for john until he starts seein weird shit out of the corner of his eye, just quick motions he cant process

he chalks it up to rats or something and tries checking the vents for evidence of a pest problem, but all he finds is this creepy blue-eyed puppet with a big ass chain round its neck. he throws it out the window like a reasonable human being

“guess it was nothing!” he tells himself and maybe he believes it

dirk was tryin to do his ghastly biz before, but throwin cal out? that felt personal. he retrieves it and places it next to john when he sleeps. he tries to make his soft muppet-like hands flip john the bird but he cant figure out how to make it stick so he resolves to just hold him like that

so john wakes to a spectral shadow hovering over a nasty puppet flipping him off. at first hes screaming, then hes slinging the thing across the room while screaming, then he realuzes theres a ghost here and hes still screaming, and finally he realizes theres a fuckin ghost in his apartment and he goes silent

then he screams again and scrambles for a ouija board he keeps under the bed in case of ghosts

he busts that shit out and goes for the hard hitting questions straight away, “is ectoplasm real? can you slime me?”

dirk can only answer one way really, “F…u…c…k…y…e…s.”

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Carl and Ted, I'd imagine that Scooby-Doo deadlines and budgets tend to be so tight that it's barely a one-and-done deal. How do you guys manage to make it work, and do you even have animation/artwork quality control? Because it's often hilarious for all the wrong reasons.

Ted the Animator: “You’re tellin’ me… I do what I can to keep things on track, but there’s only so much possible what with the inherent problems of the industry. And by ‘inherent problems,” I mean ‘Carl.”

Carl the Animator: “Hey!”

Ted the Animator: “I mean, by now, it’s no secret that half of my job is fixing your job.”

Carl the Animator: “I do, like, 90% of the creative stuff, though! Quick motion sequences and stuff! You’ve said yourself I’m better at styling frames for visual gags.”

Ted the Animator:When they don’t get too weird, I said. Big difference.”

Carl the Animator: “Come on, when does that ever happen?”

Carl the Animator: “…ok, well, maybe sometimes.”

Ted the Animator: “Class dismissed.”

Carl the Animator: “Y’know, you ain’t so perfect yourself, mister. I saw the way your end scene shot of Freddy looked.”

Ted the Animator: “I had to rush for the deadline! I didn’t notice the shot was slightly out of focus until too late.”

Carl the Animator: “…oh, it was out of focus?”

Ted the Animator: “Yes! I’ve admitted it, are you happy n–… wait… then what were you commenting on?”

Carl the Animator: “The fact that it looks like Freddy has a pierced ear.”

Ted the Animator: “…I… that was the accidental most-perfect placement for a piece of dust ever.”

Carl the Animator: “If it doesn’t become part of Freddy’s official character design next season, then I – much like Mr. Flibble – will be very cross.”

Not So Vanilla

PAIRING: reader x Tony Stark


WARNINGS: sex, light bondage, oral (m & F receiving) swearing, slight daddy!dom (the tinniest bit) unprotected sex (use condoms duh) 

Request from Anon- I love you’re tony smut please make another one where there friends with benefits but like fifty shades of grey

SO I’ve never read nor have I scene Fifty Shades of Grey so I’m not sure how accurate this is, but I went along the lines of bondage/ Tony being dom. So hopefully this was ok?

Tagging: @capsbuchanan MILA SO MUCH SIN IS HAPPENING OH GOD! 


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You never thought you’d be one to partake in a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship with anybody. But you had just gotten out of a long and rather difficult relationship. And if you were honest you missed sex, you missed being intimate with another person without the added stress of maintaining a functioning adult relationship. So when Tony Stark suggested the idea of casual sex you almost laughed in his face at the absurdness of it all. In the end it was Natasha and Wanda that brought you around to the idea.

“I mean why not?” she questioned; you were sat at some small quant bar in New York. You needed a break from the compound and Natasha was quick to suggest a girl’s night out.

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Hack Job: Why Were Hacker Movies Ever A Thing?

Lately i’ve been thinking about that weird and almost completely failed subgenre of movie that attempted to light up the LCD screens of our hearts, but instead faded like a broken computer screen: the hacker film. Now, I could ask what good the sub-genre has ever done for us, but the answer to that is clear and just a few inches above this block of text. The genre birthed this iconic Matthew Lillard role from the movie Hackers, in which he plays a (wait for it!) hacker named…erm…Cereal Killer. Because….he likes Cereal? Sure, lets go with that! He’s a character described by June Diane Raphael on an episode of the podcast How Did This Get Made? as “Disgusting”, and she is not completely wrong. He is disgusting, bizarre and the strangest character Lillard has played, and i’m including Shaggy in the live action Scooby Doo films. He’s a character that must be experienced, and once experienced, never forgotten. I mean - you’ve seen what he fucking looks like. 

But my point remains: outside of Cereal Killer (I am bolding his name because he is an Important Man), the genre has offered up very little to the world. I admittedly know nothing at all about hacking, and I don’t care at all about Hacking, like, i’d presume, 90% of people currently residing here on earth. But I cannot imagine that people who love Hacking (or Hacker Fuckers, if you will) queuing up to see Hackers, a film that thinks this is what the internet looks like:

Now, i’m no city-slickin’ mouse-clickin’ hacker, but I don’t think that’s what the internet looks like. I could be wrong, and character actor Fisher Stevens (I was about to write “beloved” character actor, but then I remembered Short Circuit) could be skating through a flashing pillar of internet right now. It’s a cool thought! Hackers came along in 1995, when future optimism was higher than it had been in years, as everyone believed the tech-bubble would never burst (spoiler alert: it did!) and that the new millennium would bring a world of positive changes and possibilities. The poor, innocent souls of 1995 could never have possibly imagined the true horrors waiting for them on the other side of the millennium…

But before Fred Durst became a thing in a hat that you had to look at, technology was booming, affordable and exciting. You got transparent Macs that allowed you to see through into the mechanical nonsense inside it. The new fangled e-mail gave us (I don’t know why i’m saying “us”. I was 3 years old in 1995. Babies don’t get emails) all the opportunity to open your email and then close it again as many times as you liked! So this is what producers saw when they started making movies like Hackers. They put their strongest marketing minds together and came up with “People got computers now. Make comPUTER FILM!”. Those wild bastards actually went and did it! And weirdly, Hackers was kinda ahead of its time. It might’ve been wildly inaccurate in almost every possible way, but it paved the way for a wave of (well, like 3) films. The Matrix wouldn’t be released for another 4 years, and Swordfish a further 2. If it did incite a trend, it was the only trend started by Director Iain Softley, his later film K-Pax tragically failing to kick start a new genre of films in which Kevin Spacey eats bananas with their skins still on.

Good stuff! Hackers does feel like a film that is unsure of whether it’s trying to replicate fads or start them off. I mean, characters rollerblade everywhere for no apparent reason in the film. That might be something Hackers do? I’ve never seen Mr Robot, so I cannot categorically say that Rami Malek doesn’t rollerblade his way around town like a Starlight Express extra who really hates computers. But I doubt it. So with the rollerblading, and the way….ughCereal Killer dresses, it seems like the film is offering you up its own funky ideas that you could follow on from if you want to get murdered on the streets. Did its aesthetic style have influence? Was the game Jet Set Radio from 2000 and its rollerblading theme influenced at all by Hackers? Did Eminem see Johnny Lee Miller’s bleached blonde hair in the film (quick deeply important side note: his character is named Dade. DADE.) and think “huh. that would really compliment my insufferable personality!”? We’ll never know. The film is a weird exercise in style and trends, and the soundtrack, crammed with The Prodidgy and Underworld, is proof that at least the soundtrack department had its finger on the pulse. And, it could be argued that the film’s costume department at least came up with some creative cyber-punk clothing, and were bold enough to make Penn Jillette look like this:

The thing is, I liked the weirdness of it all, I like this misfires in capturing modern life, and inaccuracy doesn’t bother me really if a film is fun enough. I’m not a stickler for realism. I didn’t sit down to Face/Off and complain that it’s totally unbelievable that John Travolta is a human person. That’s not the issue. The issue, really is that with all the giant screen Playstations, pounding trance tracks and references to Coca Cola (weird, I thought Mountain Dew would be the Hacker’s choice), the film is in troubled water because of the fact that Hacking is unbelievably, deeply fucking boring. It is not interesting in seeing someone go clickety clack on a keyboard and make occasional faces to indicate that “oh no! the mainframe is busting my chops!” or “Huzzah! I clicked the mouse really fast just now!”.

Thankfully, the film has some fairly decent editing which intersperses the clickety-clacking with some long exposure, sped up shots of New York City just in case you forgot it was the 90′s. The fact that they need to cut away to exciting, zooming shots that have nothing to do with anything highlights the fact that the Director and Editor knew exactly what i’m talking about: HACKING IS FUCKING BORING (if you’re a hacker reading this, please don’t hack me). And they’ve built an entire film around it! A whole nonsensical plot which involves (as far as i can remember) big ships and evil corporations that want to sink the big ships is built on Hacking. Thank god this film is so wildly ridiculous, which keeps it from being entirely boring. It’s smart in that it knows to not make the film actually about hacking, but then you kind of ask yourself the question: why is this film about Hacking at all? Why is it called Hackers? Maybe a better name would’ve been ‘Bladin’ Teenz’, as an ode to their endless rollerblading. It’s a fun film, but a dumb film and proof that films entirely about hacking cannot really work.

The Matrix was a wise film. Exploiting that hip, late-90s techno excitement that everyone was buzzing over, it featured a hacker at its centre who really doesn’t do much hacking at all. In fact, Morpheus might as well have said “You Hack? Dude fucking grow up. Come on, i’ll make you a treat”. Sure, you’ve got the iconic green gibberish that turns up on the computers and would inspire a million shitty screensavers, but again the hacking is intercut with other action going on in the film. You have characters typing away and yelling shit like “I’m nearly in!” or “i’m not nearly in!” or “I am unsure of whether I am, in fact, in, nearly in, or not nearly in!”. But that is manageable and minimal, and in the end there’s so much more to remember about The Matrix that I don’t think anyone, when asked what it’s about, would say “Oh it’s about Keanu Reeves hacking on his dell”. It understood this caveat, and created its own style which would influence every single music video ever produced over the next 5 years.

These are screenshots from the video for Don’t Wanna Let You Go by 5ive, a very bad UK Boy-band that had 4 singers and 1 rapper, all of whom it’s safe to assume have passed away. 

The Matrix had the style, and the smarts to sidestep bland hacking scenes. You know what film doesn’t understand that hacking is boring? Fucking Swordfish.

Fucking Swordfish. A film so aesthetically ugly and repulsive in every way that it does the unthinkable and makes you hate Hugh Jackman. But it commits the biggest sin of all by giving John Travolta a teeny tiny beard - a decision which we still feel the fallout from today, whenever a new red carpet photo arrises of John’s new chin abomination. 

Looking like a cup of concentrated Michael Bay piss, the film leans heavily into stylishness - or lack thereof. Hugh Jackman is basically…sighDADE in the movie, and Travolta is regularly outfitted with funny sunglasses. It borrows a lot from Hackers, but while that had a naive, 1995 goofy charm, Swordfish is an aggressively stupid and oblivious movie, that gives us a LOT of Hacking. Like…so much Hacking. The Most Hacking. Oh, The Fucking Hacking. Its a reminder of just how boring Hackers or The Matrix could’ve been if they’d fallen into the wrong hands, and a big, horribly colour-corrected reminder that films about hacking really aren’t the best. Instead of cutaways of cityscapes, Swordfish tries to build the tension during one hacking scene in the grossest way possible: by having Hugh Jackman’s character receive forced fellatio while he works, and while John Travolta smiles. It doesn’t make a boring scene exciting, it makes a boring scene fucking disgusting (the movie’s grossness doesn’t stop there. Halle Berry was heavily pushed into taking her top off in the movie, and promised extra money if she did it.). The Hackers method of randomised cutaways feels a million miles away during these scenes, and you will be willing to pay any earthly sum to make the scene unfolding in front of you stop. Maybe that’s how hackers should make their money from here on in: stop hacking, and just start blackmailing people by forcing them to watch Swordfish. Fucking Swordfish.

The movie was also a bit of a death knell for a subgenre that never really took off. People realised “Oh, this is dull and crap to watch!” when it came to hacking, and technology moved on rapidly that there was a lot more to do with it than watch some guy slapping the keys of his iMac. I find it a really interesting subgenre to look back at, because i’m a huge fan of outdated technologies, fashion styles, turn of the millennium culture, and really quite poor films (besides The Matrix which holds up nicely). Hollywood has tried to make a manner of subjects interesting. Stock markets. Fishing. White people who buy zoos. Some work, some don’t, and it’s all about the way the subject is handled. Because of their reliance on technology, these hacking films feel so dated that maybe Hollywood doesn’t want to risk dipping its toes back into the cyberwaters again. I kind of hope they don’t, because I would literally rather never see a film again than have to even know that a film about Anonymous is being made. I don’t want an ‘edgy’ modern movie that’s made for Banksy to watch while he plunges his hands down his pants and goes to town. I want silly old Cereal Killer and towers of nonsense computer language dammit! I want rollerblading, coke-drinking cyberpunks! Oh well. Whatever happens to the genre, at the very least, we’ll always have Dade and The Gang….

Ten Years (Part 6)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,014

Warnings: language, sarcasm, fluff, mentions of past cheating, drinking, potentially anxious situations

A/N: Tags are closed!! It’s winding down, I think.

*Jean-Ralphio voice* We’re at the reuuuUUuuuniooooooooon!

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

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just korean things does:

  • only drinks maxim instant coffee. she takes two packets in one serving
  • wears the funkiest socks with the coolest slippers inside. shoes are a Myth indoors
  • always keeps the electric mat on. her toes are constantly toasty and the electricity bill is always going up
  • specks of brown on all of her shirts from eating jajangmyeon (black bean noodles) too fast. open accompanied by red specks from jjambbong (spicy seafood noodle soup)
  • doritos and mountain dew? no. its wang changgu crumbs and milkis stains
  • doesn’t consider herself a kpop fan but somehow knows all of the artists, bands, and their albums off the top of her head
  • she uses two instant soup packets in one serving of shin ramen so shes always short on soup packets
  • she dips everything in chilli paste. everyone thinks its weird. hana doesn’t care. she’ll eat it
  • she spends hours in the bathroom sitting under steaming water to rub dead skin off with an italian towel. she’s the reason the overwatch water bill is so high
  • if the internet speed is a tiny fraction slower than what hana’s used to in korea, she’ll lose it. she needs her wifi quick and she needs it constantly 
  • her family ships so much stuff from korea to her. 90% of it is seaweed. theres so much seaweed in the overwatch pantries no one knows what to do with it. the other 10% is anchovies
  • hoards skin care samples from department stores she’s got one small packet of everything. she never has to buy make up ever again the promo samples never stop coming
The Goatman -Maryland, USA

The Goatman is one of those legends that has been passed around so many times no one knows its true origins anymore. Some say he was a goat farmer that after teenagers killed all his goats he went berserk, seeking revenge on the youth around his farm. A crazier story, that he was a sociopathic scientist that conducted torturous experiments on goats at the nearby Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. Karma came quick when a experiment went wrong turning him into a half goat, half man monster that fled into the forest with nothing but an axe.

Whatever you believe, there has been some weird things that have gone down in good old Maryland. A constant stream of decapitated dogs in the woods, teenagers coming home with injuries and tales so tall that it might be hard for a young mind to come up with, and even more intriguing, a number of hitchhikers being murdered in 1962.

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What We Love About Them

We all adore the sidemen. We love them for different reasons, here’s a few reasons I love them. 

Simon: He’s so cute and his laugh is to die for. He’s the easiest to ship with the other sidemen (also he is daddy af [sorry Josh])

Josh: He’s hilarious and so random. He’s got such a quick wit and its adorable.

Harry: His videos are actually good (when he’s uploading). He’s lowkey sexy and says the most adorable things ever.

Tobi: He’s the sweetest and kindest sidemen by far. BALCONYY. He’s so adorable and the straightest sidemen without a doubt.

JJ: He is so weird and sexual but it’s cute. His tweets are hilarious (even though he deleted them). He sounds like a kettle when he laughs.

Ethan: His laugh is the cutest thing ever. Mr Tumble is the best. He’s got the biggest smile and it makes me happy (is that a fat joke?).

Vik: He’s so tiny and cute. His VR series is actual the best thing to grace the Earth. He’s the best Mine Craft YouTuber ever.

So, in case you needed reminding as to why they are the best people in the world, there it was xx


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heybtsmarryme  asked:

HC for how the members would react when they see that MC actually looks like a badass (lots of piercings, tattoos, and wears grungy outfits), please? Thank you!!

“members” i’m gonna assume rfa


  • has a lot of admiration for you and how you choose to express yourself (she can never do it)
  • probably would consider normal ear piercings after seeing your sdhfadf amount of piercings 
  • is genuinely interested in the way you dress and why because it’s so uncommon?? also how do you maintain this e v e r y d a y
  • secretly thinks you’re very fucking hot. you’ll need a lot of coaxing to get her to say it though


  • tuRNED ON, D A M N  M A M I
  • he was nervous to meet you before, but now he’s just intimidated by your looks
  • when you go talk to him though?? oh! you’re still you but different from what he imagined. he’s glad
  • likes your tattoos especially because he thinks you’re very brave to get them


  • shocked that his princess looks less like a princess but more like a badass
  • he ain’t complaining though, you match his whole biker aesthetic
  • absolutely adores you because you’re so cute but also he totally gets that style!!! omg where did you get that jacket??
  • he wants to get his photographers to do a photoshoot with you and his bike because!!! and also omf what if he joins too dfadfsd


  • honestly, he wasn’t raised to appreciate this sorta style. it looks very unprofessional
  • if you’re happy he guess he can learn to appreciate it but under a few conditions like if you two have parties or anything related to the press he’d really like it if you could tone it down
  • if you’re also good at doing what you do then really he has no room to judge. he’d advise you to dress more professionally though for more serious events because it’s a very superficial and judgy world
  • won’t stop you from expressing yourself and tries hard to learn to accept your style


  • stunned that you look so much like a badass!!!!
  • appreciates you no matter what, he thinks its super cool that you express yourself this way too
  • he could never do it too, too much maintenance. he’s gotta do stuff quick man, no much time for dressing aesthetics
  • he also likes to buy you weird piercings and all as a gag

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OK SO holy crap I found the BEST fic last night. It's called The Pieces That Fall to Earth by @libertylock on Tumblr or Itsallfine on Ao3. This fic is unbelievably good. It's 84 chapters but they're all really short so it goes by quick but WOW. This fic is something else. Definetely in my top 5 fics of all time. I stayed up until 4AM reading it because once I started I COULD NOT STOP. It's so clever and expertly written and AMAZING. Go read. It's life changing.

Hey @librarylock You’re getting some more fantastic praise on your brilliant epistolary fic, The Pieces That Fall to Earth!

This story is actually on my MFL list, and I am very excited to read it!! I do plan to read it upon completion (I have this weird *thing* about WiPs. It’s NOT personal, I just get confused easily if I’m reading multiple stories). Lilo is a fantastic author an I am expecting nothing but awesomeness from it!

Thank you for bringing attention to it again, Lovely!

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I don't want this to come as an attack because you're so kind but I wanted to point out that you're nymph Eliza looked a bit lighter than most Eliza's. Just something to look at love you ❤️

Hello! I understand your concern, I made her skin a lot greener than usual to make it fit the overall colour scheme. I made a quick comparison of her real skin tone and the one I used (by using colour picker) and as you can see mine is really a bit more ‘unnatural’. I think the background made her look a lot paler than I intended. 

I’ll make sure to keep it in mind in the future so this wont happen again! Thank you for your input!

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So, you posted the quick history of Olexians quite a while ago, but I'd like to ask what it means by hoofed feet and animal heels?

there’s your arbitrary lieutenant fact of the day 

anonymous asked:

What about Spideypool headcanons? And maybe in some au?

Spideypool is my drug dear anon, I know it better than anything. And I love HighSchool au with two of them so let’s start this party!

1. Wade is older of course, but he is at the same year as Peter. It’s because he is trouble kid and don’t really pay attention in education. But he is smart, he just don’t care about it.

2. Peter get’s in trouble all the time, but differently than Wade, he get’s in trouble with his class mates. He just can’t stop his sarcasm, and it allways ends with broken glasses or him pushed into the locker.

3. So one day Wade is skipping class and he he see Peter who is pushed against he wall, but this nerdy kid is smirking and holy shit thats the prettiest face he ever saw. He doesn’t really heard what Peter just said, but he is sure that was some nerdy pun. He wants to marry this kid.

4. Wade occasionally stalk Peter. But only in school. And he always show up when some duchebags are bullying his little precious nerd. He don’t have to do anything, he just stare at them with this psycho look he know he can do. He learned it from Logan and it always work.

5. After months of stalking Peter FuckingAwesomeGenius Parker he decide to become friends with him. Cause he adore his face, and body, but he also heard some of his conversations, and this is little king of nerdy sas. He is perfect for Wade.

6. Wade found him in the hallway on the lunch period. He just grab his arm and demand his phone. So Peter gavr it to him, he wasn’t stupid, he knew who Wade was and he had no chance in fight with him, so giving up on phone was better than giving up on his face.

7. Peter was quite shocked when Wade gave it back to him. “I need help so I can pass this year and I thought that maybe you can help me. So, if you want to text me”

8. So Peter did. And now they text each other all the time, and he need to admit it, Wade is fucking hilarious. And he is smartass. There is no way he need his help. But he didn’t mention that. He like to study with Wade. They sit in the library, at the corner and they actually don’t study at all. Peter always try to, but Wade always made some terrible puns.

9. Wade always wear hoodie and never rolls up his slaves, and Peter is curious about this but he don’t want to push on him. But one day, before exams, Peter is at Wade place so they can study whole weekend, and they are sitting at the roof and they talk about everything. Peter says that Wades roommate is kinda scary, but he also remind him of his uncle. Kind of. So he start to talks about uncle Ben and his death and he even don’t know when he start to cry.

10. Wade have no idea what to do so he just hug him softly, and it’s all weird but also really nice. And then he talk about his shitty life, abusive family and his suicide attempt and it actually feels good to say it loud.

11. They sit like this and it’s perfect for both of them, until Wade decide that it’s go big or go home time and he kiss Peter. Its quick and he barely touch his lips, but it’s best kiss in Wade life.

12. So they sit there and it’s more awkward now, cause shit he just kissed hot and beautifull Peter Parker who probably think that Wade is disgusting and he fucked up only friendship he ever had. But then Peter kisses him and whole world is just blowing and Wade hear Katy Perry singin about fireworks and damn, girl is right, cause his mind just explode.

13. They spend whole weekend n playing video games and cuddling and kissing and Wade is so happy that he can’t belive it’s not a dream.

14. After exams they discuss their answers, and it looks like Wade can have more points then Peter and he just can’t belived it “you pretend to be fucking idiot just to be my boyfriend?” “I pretended nothing I am idiot!” there is silence when Wade gets it “Wait. So we are boyfriends now?”

Ohmygod it came almost like a fic not really hc but I needed to do this. I love them so much and this au makes them even better and sorry not sorry? Hope you like it anon. I like it. Next time I will do more headcanons and less almostfic. But they are so sweet together.

anonymous asked:

How would ryuji, goro and Mishima react if they find that their crush (which came from Inaba) who usually talk in a very educated (kinda forced tho?) Way talked to them with their actual countryside accent? (sorry if it's a weird request)

it’s not a weird request at all it’s actually really cute ;;


  • this boy is barely able to speak japanese himself so if his crush messes up trying to sound smart he’ll be very confused to what they’re trying to say
  • he finds out about the accent when they accidentally switch to it when someone is annoying them and they’re telling off said person
  • very surprised, he didn’t expect his crush to have an accent at all but he finds it adorable
  • crush is very quick to explain their embarrassment afterwards
  • and Ryuji is just as quick to tell them they shouldn’t be embarrassed about something they’ve grown up with
  • he admits to them that he can understand what they’re saying with the accent
  • even tells them that they still speak better japanese than him anyways so they shouldn’t worry so much
  • he’ll ask where they’re from and when they respond Inaba he… does not know where that is
  • when they describe the terrain and landscape to him he’s very excited, he always wanted to know what it would be like to run on the countryside
  • he loves the look of fondness his crush gets when they talk about the countryside and he’s happy that they’re comfortable enough to share it with him


  • Mishima doesn’t notice anything strange until he’s checking his crush’s social media and it says that they were born in Inaba
  • one day he brings up how surprised he is that they don’t have an accent and crush lies through their teeth about it
  • not even Mishima is fooled so he tentatively asks them to tell the truth
  • crush gives in and admits they don’t like their accent and they’re self-conscious about it
  • Mishima deeply relates and tries to encourage them to talk with it more often
  • this ends up with him offering himself as a practice partner
  • crush agrees to try and very carefully reveals their accent
  • and it is the cutest thing Mishima has ever heard, he is about to cry
  • crush asks Mishima to keep it a secret for now and if they could keep using him to boost their confidence
  • he’s so flustered but this boy happily accepts


  •  Akechi was able to tell fairly quickly that crush had a secret accent
  •  they kept it well hidden but there were times when sayings would come out forced or remnants of the accent cracked through
  • the reason Akechi hasn’t said anything yet though is because he wants to figure out where they’re from off of the little slips alone
  • soon after he’s resolved himself to sleuthing the answer he notices that the dialect they use matches with the dialect used while he was in Inaba for a self-proclaimed pilgrimage about the first detective prince don’t ask
  • he brings these findings to his crush and they’re honestly more impressed he figure all that out than they are mortified about how Akechi knew they’ve been faking this whole time
  • when asked why they hid it, crush answers that they were trying to sound impressive and they felt that their natural accent made them seem uncultured
  • Akechi tells them that from the bits he’s heard that he finds the accent endearing and charming
  • he urges them to them to talk in their normal accent even if its just between them, especially if its only between them