so it's all good i suppose

Most of the time I’m too shy and embarrassed to post my drawings but today I just felt like posting something.

He was supposed to be holding those funky keyblade guns but I don’t like to challenge myself so now he’s holding air, with his wrong sized fist D:.

ok i have to tell you guys about a fun icebreaker i did today at training with my coworkers because it makes everyone feel really great and it has the potential to be absolutely hilarious, do it with your friends highly recommend 10/10

its called fishing for compliments and basically what you do is you draw a fish on a piece of paper for each person, a big fish, and you tape it to your back and everyone does this, and then you go around and try to write a compliment on every person’s back

its great because you have to think about nice things about strangers (other than just saying ‘nice’) so it feels genuine

and also because im writing on your back and everyone has pencils nobody knows that it was me who wrote “bootylicious” on your back LOL

(im too immature to be around people my age lol)

i got things like “Seems nice” “soft voice” “nice hair” “looks easy to talk to” “smiley” “friendly” and my favorite “not bad” lol

In the director’s commentary for Branagh’s Hamlet, he says that they decided to not have Hamlet die in Horatio’s arms because everyone does it that way and he wanted the ending to be fresh and exciting or something.
Well, mister, there’s a very good reason everyone does it that way. It’s because no matter how you play Horatio, there’s no way he could believably not rush to Hamlet and hold him. And so the ending of the Branagh production, for all its chandeliers, is a touch stale and distant because how on earth is Horatio just standing there? Shock, I suppose. But even then, it’s far more effective to have him just a bit closer to Hamlet.

So the-single-flamingo got this song (Talking Body by Tove Lo) stuck in my head and in an effort to get it out, I decided to give it a shot on the guitar. Here you go, you little shit.

This album is amazing btw. You should listen to it if you haven’t already because you’re as behind the times as I am.

After being warned by a strict PR to keep questions work-related (often not a good sign), it comes as a surprise to discover that Michelle is actually warm, chatty, very shy and extremely modest. Speaking of her lack of public exposure, she explains:
“As an actor you accept that you have to publicise what you do, but as for the whole personal life thing that people sometimes choose, no, that’s not for me. I’ve always kept the focus on my work.”

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the thing i hate most about this blog... is that you are closer to right than you are wrong. I agree that majority of "feminists" these days are so aggressive about what they think is right, that it comes across as hateful. I like to think of my self as a feminist, but in the way that the movement was supposed to start as; equality for all genders. It really saddens me to see that some people who preach feminism are more about making women superior to men, which is the opposite to its meaning.:(

Might be time for you to jump a sinking ship.

No ideology or political movement owns the word ‘equality’ any more than they can own exclusive rights to ‘justice’ or ‘goodness’ or ‘love’, or any other universal human ideal.

All movements must be judged on their actions rather than their ad campaigns. And all people, too.


teyepoh tagged me to post 6 selfies so here’s the one good selfie that I’ve taken plus my pets. Because they’re all prettier than me.

I guess I’m supposed to tag line 6 or 9 other people, soooo…

garrukked, sorrow-sung-silently, skye0107, and…fuck it, you know what? You. Yeah if you’re reading this, post some damn selfies, I want to see how pretty you are. And tag me in it so I can see. You can be fresh out of bed or pamper yourself up, I’ll like and reblog your selfie regardless.

And don’t like/reblog this post unless you plan on actually doing it. >:T

I just finished Code Name Verity and I’m weeping. It is SO GOOD. Its about two girls during WWII, one a pilot and one a spy. They have a LOVE and it can be read either as platonic romantic friendship or a queer love, and I suppose it could be both, each girl could feel differently, but its a true and deep and abiding love and their connection and commitment to each other intersects with a war and the sacrifices and heroism and cowardice that come in wartime. THIS BOOK IS SO FUCKING GOOD. 

It’s a good thing this book did not exist when I was 14 years old, it would have literally killed me with feels. 

Dear tumblr followers and friends

Please focus for a minute. I want to share with you a little message. There are many of you, especially indigos and lightworkers, who are going through a rough stuff right now in their vibrational matrix of consciousness, trying consciously or unconsciously tune into whats happening, trying to understand where the train is going and what possibilities there are. Do you see that crossroad? Its right before the eyes of all of us!

Please let me tell your divinely deep heart simply this: i KNOW what you are going through. Iam a part of what You Are: there must be different tones to experience the music. I myself see only turbulences and great changes happening on a micro and global level right Now. Thats good, thats perfect, that is how its supposed to be. Sure, there can be loneliness, there can occur even aggresivity and so on, just to pull you back into the old mental paradigm. But these occurences have nothing to do with your essence. Please dont play games with a bad dream, step back just one crouch right now. You can only achieve better perspective by stopping of trying to solve the puzzle which is built up on a false premises from the very first moment. Dont listen to things sounding like „you should do that“, be more compassionate to yourself and give yourself space and time= love. Take a time to „do nothing“ - just to Listen and let things go their way. Talk to your heart loudly, talk to your mind loudly: you will instantly feel better and better. BE the reality. Program yourself actively. Make your own shift, make a decision not to hurt anyone by any word or action, whatever the situation is. You are the part of the soul of this planet and you can move higher and higher just by focusing on your beingness. You own your perspective and no one else. There are three magickal words which have miraculous effects on your transformation, please use them anytime if they resonate with you. But the best is to use them together as if it was a mantra, sounding: YES, I WANT, THANK YOU. Together they balance your energy state and help energy move in affirmative way.

“If you want the darkness to evade, you must earn the light.”

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Merrill for headcanon meme?

2-4 songs on her iPod: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, some very catchy Korean pop song, and some out-of-place death metal
One place she falls asleep she’s not supposed to: Pretty much anywhere she gets lost, such as the Viscount’s bathing room (I still don’t get how she even got there)
Game she’d destroy everyone else at: probably Mario Party or something like that
She’s also very good at Animal Crossing
The emoticon she’d use most often: Smiley face and all its variations
What she acts like when she doesn’t get enough sleep: She often sleepwalks through the day, and Hawke and the others have to keep an eye on her so she doesn’t wander off
Her preferred beverage: Tea or hot chocolate
How she likes to comfort/care for herself when she’s in a slump: Pet a lot of the animals in the Lowtown market
What she wanted to be when she grew up: A griffon rider
Favorite kind of weather: She likes it shortly after it rains, because then it’s all muddy
Thoughts on her singing voice: It’s pretty good.
What would she doodle: Griffons, Hawke, cute stuff, Isabela, and the occasional demon so she has a visual reference for what to avoid

putting this here just in case but d ont fk cing reblog this

im so fcking tired of people saying disney releasing an le doll of jasmine in her slave outfit is okay because “the color palette is pretty” “she looks good in a ponytail” “as long as u acknowledge that the connotation of the outfit is bad u can still like it” “even tho its literally the animated disney version of the slave leia outfit its okay bc its not degrading to women” “i hope she has chains on her wrists” “ITS SUPPOSED TO LOOK SEXY”

OKAY FI Rst of all jasmine is fkcing 16 S I XTEEN IN THE MOVIE why do u want a minor to be depicted in the “””sexy slave racist stereotype ??? 

what literally just pissed me off is that someone said “in her country is a traditional belly dancing outfit… its supposed to look sexy! so w/e if its kinda creepy and degrading in the connotation of the scene”

but like the connotation of the scene IS A BIg deal. this is a minor being forced to be the slave of jafar bc he wants to, in disney terms “marry her”. its like?? yeah you can agree the meaning is gross but like why would you defend it in a way of saying like ?? its not degrading women ? you want her to look like shes a captive…. y ou w ant her to look sexy…..

“we’re all adults here i mean come on”

yeah we’re adults that know that even tho these are collector dolls like why are you trying to beg for disney to release slave jasmine as the “main le doll” why do u try to defend the scene she wears this in ?? like you should be grown up enough to know that even tho u may like an outfits aesthetic ? releasing merch of outfits literally used to degrade women is ??? r eally gross

i’ve literally seen someone say “she grows more as a character when she tries to seduce jafar”


this whole thing really grosses me out i hate seeing people try to defend it im so close to just dumping a lot of these le doll blogs bc im so tired of this but this is how i get my release date info for merch

im just…. im disappointed in disney too for making the slave jasmine doll a d23 con exclusive like why are you catering to these people

but then i realized its disney and they own slave leia now too so w/e lets just let this happen

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Maybe objectifying his girlfriend wasn't necessarily his intentions...?

It probably wasn’t, so I guess it’s just in his nature.  Was it suppose to be romantic? 

How would you feel if the FIRST pic your BF posts of you was your headless body?  Not a selfie of you both, not a night out, not a pic of showcasing your accomplishments, not simply a nice pic of you…IDK, but I would feel objectified.  I would want more and I wouldn’t feel “love&respect” from that picture choice. Maybe my standards are too high but that’s just how I like them.

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This is probably a silly question but...I've made an Aeris costume, but only from the top down. See, I hate wearing dresses, always have. And since cosplay is supposed to be fun, I usually opt for the hair, bow, and jacket, but wear a pink tank top and jeans instead of the pink sundress. I'm afraid it doesn't look as good, though, because it isn't complete. Which do you think is more important, comfort or accuracy? (It blows my mind that you make all your own costumes, btw! Sewing is hard :P)

First, Thank you so much! Sewing is fun for me, its kinda like a puzzle and its relaxing.

NOW! To the important stuff. COMFORT IS MOST IMPORTANT TO ME. I mean, YES I do wear cosplays that hurt or make me uncomfortable for accuracy sometimes, but I’m crazy like that. In the end, what matters is that you feel good in what you wear. Honestly, I wanna see what it looks like! Pink tank and jeans sounds really cute! If you feel good in your cosplay and you still love the character, I don’t see why wearing something that makes you feel good would make it bad. 

I’ve modified things before so I was more comfortable! Cosplay is about you having fun, not about other people. I’d so go for it and show me a picture! <3


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1.) Write your name in song titles:

Just You- Amy Stroup

All These Things I’ve Done- The Killers

Don’t Stop (The Fat Rat Remix)- Foster The People

Everybody Wants To Rule The World- Lorde

2.) Why did you choose your url?

its a Joker reference from The Killing Joke

“Remembering’s dangerous. I find the past such a worrying, anxious place. “The Past Tense,” I suppose you’d call it. Memory’s so treacherous. One moment you’re lost in a carnival of delights, with poignant childhood aromas, the flashing neon of puberty, all that sentimental candy-floss… the next, it leads you somewhere you don’t want to go. Somewhere dark and cold, filled with the damp ambiguous shapes of things you’d hoped were forgotten. Memories can be vile, repulsive little brutes. Like children I suppose. But can we live without them? Memories are what our reason is based upon. If we can’t face them, we deny reason itself! Although, why not? We aren’t contractually tied down to rationality! There is no sanity clause! So when you find yourself locked onto an unpleasant train of thought, heading for the places in your past where the screaming is unbearable, remember there’s always madness. Madness is the emergency exit… you can just step outside, and close the door on all those dreadful things that happened. You can lock them away… forever.” - The Joker

3.) Middle Name?


4.) If you could be a fictional/fairytale being, what would it be?

I would want to be an elf, kinda lame i know

5.) Favorite color?

I love about every shade of blue

6.) Favorite song?

euhgggggggggggggggggg probably I Can’t Decide by The Scissor Sisters is one of my favorites

7.) Top 3 Fandoms:

Rhett and Link

Welcome To Night Vale

Steven Universe

8.) Why do you like Tumblr?

Its really easy to share your ideas and content with people and its a funny place but then you get those sjw and those really fucking stupid people and start hating it.

9.) Tag 9 People!

i tag abbytherealme // remixthegame-was-taken // dullestdreams // ashenen // roachandseaborne // porlthecrystalmeth // mythicallove and i cant think or anything one else at the moment but feel free to do it anyway!