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Submitting this because it was Too Much™ for the ask box -

I really really want to see the exasperation other countries have for tree monkey Konoha nin now but also the oddities from other countries? Suna would have candied scorpion as treats, rattlesnake for dinner, and desert hares as their dogs. River would be a mix of Floridas swamp and Africas subsahara, Ame would be rainforests and snakes and Oro would feel at home even whilst in Akatsuki, also why weren’t there polar bears in Snow country or orcas or seals and I need princess Kazahana with a tiny polar bear she had to leave at the castle but I also need the sand sibs coming to Konoha and just staring blankly as the these crazy little (genin) chimps bounce between tree limbs like they can fly and kAT I NEED WORLD BUILDING OH MY GOD also why does practically no one talk about accents? I need them and i need all of this and oh god im gonna go insane

There’s a very old graveyard next to my uncle’s house that happens to have (apparently rare?) Pokémon. As caretaker of the lot, which has a LOT of cool texas history associated with it, he doesn’t see a ton of people come visit because it’s out in the middle of nowhere.

But recently, there’s been truckloads of college kids, teens, families, and grandparents all coming by to catch Pokémon. Some just pass through, but many accept his offer of a Coke and a lawn chair to sit and talk for a while. Once pokémon have been successfully acquired, he starts to tell them the cool history of the area, and the visitors are fascinated.

People have sent him emails and called him later, asking for more details and doing their own research on the battles fought there and the people who died. There’s now a Facebook page about it? It’s a thing-catch pokémon but more importantly ask the caretaker about Texas blood feuds.

And like, you see so much negativity about how games distract and people are mindless drones because of them. But a video game brought dozens and dozens of people to my uncle’s plot and gave him an audience of interested listeners who are taking that knowledge back to their own communities and spreading the word to come visit.

Like, y'all. This is honestly the coolest thing.


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My name is pool of the death.

I finished 114! Hoorah! To commemorate this wonderful occasion, I doodled some Peggy and company in the style I used for my final animated short for 114 (which I’ll post tomorrow, once I’ve adjusted some things). This was super fun, I love drawing skinny Steve!

Also Howard is such a bear to draw… >__< He walks a fine line between either looking like Dorian Pavus or Walt Disney.


There’s a lot of great photosets of how hilarious Paranatural is, but please also appreciate that it is SUPER COOL and BEAUTIFUL and full of great ladies.  Zack Morrison’s art is always improving and it’s really cool to watch it go from uncolored pencil sketches to beautiful full-color gorgeousness.  

Please read Paranatural. It gives you SUPERPOWERS!


MY MOVIE “SNERVOUS” CAME OUT TODAY! Watch the LA premiere in the video above & get the movie HERE. Thank you everyone who is supporting the documentary, I appreciate you so much! <3


i’ve been trying to post a drawing every day so…here’s some lineless practice with allura holding… molten steel? a star? you decide.