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Hi, Gabi! Love you and your blog and I hope you can clear my mind about this...I'm catching up with many informations these days and I totally see the differences from last years and now, there's no doubt for me we're slowly moving towards a CO. But from what I gathered, the pattern's been quite irregular till now, weeks full of stuff and months way do you guys make predictions of when it's gonna happen? Why almost everyone thinks it's gonna be by the end of the year?Thanks a lot!

Hi there, welcome to the fandom.

Yes, the old patterns are long gone and Louis’ smile is back.. This might sound exaggerated but since the Singapore show he has a smile plastered on his face and he’s been more himself than I’ve seen him in years. Remember him in Kimmel? Sat in the back row, looking at the carpet a lot, hardly making any comments while we all knew he had a lot to comment on.

And now, take James Corden or how he presented the award with Harry on the BMA’s. He’s loud and flamboyant and cheeky and sassy. HIMSELF.

Times are changing and the biggest “proof” for that is the amazing change in Louis’ body language, how he is not controlling his natural mannerisms anymore, how openly affectionate he’s getting towards Harry and vice versa. Harry also does it, but he has done it before, nothing new, still dimpling. But now Louis can do it too and for whatever reason but this doesn’t look like friendship seeding at all. Heart eyes and serenading is not friendship seeding.

There have been multiple stages of the seeding and if I can go back this is what I can see:

- 2014 Jan: first headlines, not a lot, but very subtly making a point that H and L are not enemies

- 2014 Apr: the group hug pic where Louis’ head was nestled in Harry’s shoulder. If I remember correctly, this was posted on the 1D instagram. The sightseeing in Brasil, the more and more meet and greets with next to you during South America.

- 2014 Aug: aka that week in August when Harry outed himself every day for a week, RBB appeared, disappeared and the entire 1D family found a reason to post/wear rainbows.

- 2014 Nov: the first glimpses of the media contributing to HL. The HL blacklisting disappeared and now the media openly discussed and reported about Harry’s sexuality and the possibility that he’s not straight.

- 2015 Feb: started w Louis attending Harry’s pre-birthday party on the 31st, more and then Lairport. As more public Larry happened, the update accounts were much eager to openly tweet and report about them. Many were secretly a shipper but during the iron closet they didn’t dare talk about Larry because they were afraid of backlash. Up until the end of March we had a ton of HL headlines, articles, that tour rider, the We Love Pop article and the family members also did some interesting tweets, picture posts and follows. The first mini otra break brought us HL being in London then up North at the same time, less CSI was needed to figure out where they were. Let me also mention the Elouno breakup because hell yeah that took a shit ton of weight from Louis’ shoulders and the flamboyancy, freedom, natural mannerism came back.

- the big otra break: Apr brought us Louis. News broke about the imprint record label, BiTB, he started partying and getting papped. Louis Tomlinson started getting a name. The Rovers Legends game brought us articles about his beautiful delicate wrists (and other body parts), some party pictures with lads and girls, but if a rumor ever went too far it got shut down by reps.

The second part brought us Harry and Louis being together PUBLIcLY in LA and even alone (for the first time publicly) in LA, less party, Harry’s “former flames” got a new name in the dictionary, there were so many denials. You couldn’t help but feel that someone really wants Harry to stay officially single. We got more click baiting and even the Sun tweeted about Larry Stylinson, friends-No Control in James Corden’s show, the Billboard awards with a lot of fond and general cuteness, we got the first public interaction in an off stage setting after a long time.

We thought it slowed down but in my opinion we are just more conditioned for the moments, instead of freaking our and making worldwide twitter trends, the fandom acknowledges the interaction, the touches but it is more natural now, it’s how you get used to the temperature of the water.

Now for about 3 days we got more touching and interaction than in entire year 2014.  

How do we predict? We’d rather not :) but the factors are how each of you answer the following:

- is MM still around, if yes, do you believe in a CO under Modest?

- is HL seeded enough or do you believe they need a so called glass closet like Kristen does w Alicia for months now?

- are we heading towards a CO or is this just a rebranding?

- is the CO possible at off- promo time aka mid-tour or it needs to happen during promo time?

I’d suggest you answer these for yourself instead of listening to others, because there’s things that I see differently and there’s other things that you might see differently from me.