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Battle Scars (Hercules Mulligan x Reader)

Title: Battle Scars

Word Count: 1033

Pairing: Hercules x Reader

Summary: Hercules comes home from the Battle of Yorktown to many unprecedented surprises. ANGST

A/N: I’ll make a happy ending for this if y’all think I should. And yes, I know the gif is too happy for what this is going to be but why not?

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As a boyfriend; Jung Hoseok/ J-hope

i loved doing this omg (requests for these type of things are open, so as a boyfriend, dating would be likes, as a lover, as a brother etc. )

hoseok hurts me

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First meeting;

  • ·         Laughter
  • ·         Cheeriness
  • ·         Rosy cheeks
  • ·         Loud
  • ·         Chatty
  • ·         Considerate
  • ·         Wonderful
  • ·         His dimples are deep because he can’t stop smiling
  • ·         His eyes have those mischievous glints to them
  • ·         Edgy due to slight nervousness
  • ·         Slightly tilts his head when he looks at you
  • ·         Small cheesy comments

*walks up to a stranger* “hello, hi, yeah… can you take a photo of us? I’d like to show my mum what my next girlfriend looks like”


  • ·         Smirking, with the slight lip biting
  • ·         Playful and exaggerated sensual body movements
  • ·         Purposely issuing skinship
  • ·         Unnecessary compliments

“You’re gorgeous”

  • ·         Purposeful breathy moaning to get your attention
  • ·         The raising of his eyebrows whenever he looks at you
  • ·         Strong eye contact, never unwavering; perfectly still
  • ·         His hands on his waist or on his belt loops to draw your attention to that area
  • ·         The dimples are there but they are followed by the cheek biting


  • ·         The opening of doors for you
  • ·         If it’s raining, he carry you over puddles so you don’t get your    shoes wet
  • ·         Sacrifices his jacket to keep your warm or you hair from the rain
  • ·         Shyness
  • ·         His cheeky smile is small and timid
  • ·         Sweaty palms
  • ·         Leg bouncing, putting all his nervous energy in there
  • ·         You could be walking down the street towards the small food stand, his favourite song would be playing and he’d belt it out while serenading you
  • ·         Again, walking down the street when a slow song plays in the restaurant nearby; Hoseok gets you to stand on his shoes and guides you through a very playful waltz.
  • ·         Gets the look of awe on his face when you’re not shy about eating food etc.
  • ·         Hand holding, fingers entwined and loosely swinging between you both
  • ·         Slight stuttering, scared of accidentally saying something that might offend you
  • ·         Carries extra heat packs, just in case his jacket didn’t keep you warm
  • ·         So much laughing to the point that both of your bellies hurt and have some serious hulk neck muscles
  • ·         Being clichéd and buying you flowers
  • ·         Claims to be a bravado man and protect you but ended up running from the bug that flew past his head
  • ·         Eye smiling when he sees you looking at him
  • ·         Snaps his head forwards when you catch him looking at you


  • ·         Leather jackets and claims to be the “badass hope” that you need
  • ·         Cheeky
  • ·         He gives you that look where he looks like he could devour you
  • ·         Basically eye fucks you with no shame
  • ·         Lip biting
  • ·         Sensual and fluid movement
  • ·         Exaggeration when he speaks
  • ·         His leather jacket ends up wrapped around you to keep you warm
  • ·         Moves his arms to point out his arm muscles
  • ·         He’s cheeky

You know Y/N, your lips look a little dry, and can I kiss them better?”

  • ·         Confidently chatty
  • ·         Holds your hand even when you try to pull away because you’re shy

“You don’t need to be shy around me, never be shy with me. What do you have to lose sweet?”

  • ·         Even though it is just a first date, he will make sure that are no disturbances, so if that rude ass man continues to rudely compliment you; then Hoseok will be most likely to act upon it. I’m sure the guy could live a few days with a bruised eye.
  • ·         When you catch him looking at you, he will stay with his eye solely on you.
  • ·         Legit no shame
  • ·         Shares his food with you
  • ·         Shares his drink with you but makes sure that your lips touch the exact spot his did

First Week;

  • ·         The slight awkward shyness about finally being together
  • ·         He can’t stop smiling when he sees you
  • ·         The hand holding is constant, you need the toilet? Grabs your hands and pulls you towards the door. Need to go get a blanket, then makes sure your fingers are entwined.
  • ·         Anything you both do is highly cheery because the whole situation is just new and exciting
  • ·         He constantly wants to touch you, whether is it simply holding your hand or sitting near you
  • ·         When you were introduced to the rest of bangtan, they accepted you right away when they saw how you both looked at each other
  • ·         Whatever he says has you blushing
  • ·         The flirty aspect of it is still exciting
  • ·         Cuddling a lot together
  • ·         Eating a lot, both eating out near enough every night in order to celebrate
  • ·         You want to be near him, see him, feel his warming aura
  • ·         Whenever he touches you, the tingle are still there afterwards
  • ·         So many compliments

“Jagi? Can I call you Jagi?”

“You know, you look so beautiful wearing my hoodie”

  • ·         You both still have that wonderful crush feeling in your stomachs, like it’s a whole new territory for the both of you.
  • ·         Though it’s still uncomfortable still, slightly awkward, its new territory so you’re discovering each other on a whole new intimate level- meaning that being together is fascinating
  • ·         Its bittersweet


  • ·         He’s cocky and its invigorating
  • ·         The way he looks at you makes you feel open
  • ·         His arrogance makes you feel overwhelmed
  • ·         The way he holds himself up makes you feel like you could lean on him and he’d support you
  • ·         He sucks on the inside of his cheek when he looks you up and down
  • ·         He kisses your forehead with pressure to insinuate his affections
  • ·         In front of the boys, he’s hurtful with his jokes but he begs for forgiveness
  • ·         He’ll pick you up from where you work or school, sitting on the edge of his car or bike; waiting for you.
  • ·         Despite it being only the first week, the adrenaline of doing dangerous things with him would be indulging
  • ·         Breaking into an ice rink with him and spending the night just having fun, showing his calm side
  • ·         When someone makes a comment at you whether it is flirty or insulting, his emotions will get the best of him
  • ·         Sitting there with him, your legs over his and his index finger is drawing small circles in your calf and your hand is in his hair, brushing it back. His eyes are closed and you can’t help but admire the calmness of him
  • ·         He wants to look good for you, meaning that his usual dishevelled look that you feel for would be more exaggerated because he wants to be the best he can for you
  • ·         He loves It when you wear his leather jacket with the clothes he chose for you, showing that when it’s his turn that week for date night of the new relationship, he wants to spoil you
  • ·         He’d leave you sticky notes everywhere

“You look beautiful in my shirt” even if he doesn’t know what you’re wearing or hasn’t seen you, he knows that you’ll steal his shirt

“I think you should come round and give me kiss ;)”

First month;

·         It’s still thrilling but you’re both are finding the stability

·         When you stay over, he lets you sleep in his clothes

·         Cooks you breakfast, even if he has to be at practice early

·         Still learning about each other so each week, you both do something that either hoseok or you want to do

  • ·         The clichéd relationship perks begin to happen
  • ·         He kisses you on the nose
  • ·         Carries you bridal styles and swings you about
  • ·         Most nights end with phone calls fully of sappy words or laughter
  • ·         You usually fall asleep to his voice
  • ·         Small collection of his stuff start to accumulate at your place
  • ·         Leaves you cheesy voicemails

“Hi…Er… umm… I hope you’re okay and I just wanted to say that you look really nice today… even though I haven’t seen you but I know you do!”

  • ·         Try and spend as much time together as you can
  • ·         No matter what, he will make sure that you have the most food; whether you’re full or not
  • ·         He’ll eat your leftovers
  • ·         The ‘olive complex’ say that you don’t like olive or he doesn’t like olives, he will eat the olives off your plate or the other way round
  • ·         You’ll both start dedicating certain nights to certain objects, so game nights, date nights, fam nights with bangtan
  • ·         He takes you to practice with him and shows off
  • ·         He literally sends you selfies every day when he goes away for the first time in your relationship so you don’t miss him too much
  • ·         Sharing earphones with you on the bus, especially when he has his disguise on and makes you laugh like a crazy person
  • ·         Serenades to you
  • ·         You’re both eating pancakes and he just fruits and syrup  all over it
  • ·         Kissing the back of your hand when your fingers are entwined with his
  • ·         The ugliest selfie he has of the both of you will be his lock screen until he gets an even more impressive and worse one  


  • ·         He’s slightly possessive of you, like if someone accidentally knocks you then he may or may not re-enact the transition of a werewolf going through their first turn
  • ·         His cocky attitude is only present when you’re both around people
  • ·         When it is you two alone, he is the most endearing sweethearts imaginable
  • ·         He makes sure that all the guys know who’s s/o you are
  • ·         When you went to go refill your cup, he took the most possible sexiest selfie he could and made it your lock screen
  • ·         Remind you every day of how amazingly beautiful you look just to see you turn beet red
  • ·         Teasing you

“Jagi? Don’t you think I’m hot?” with a big fat smirk plastered onto his face

  • ·         He loves to tease you in front of his friends and bangtan
  • ·         Despite the bad boy exterior, if you ever needed him, he would be there in a heartbeat
  • ·         Pulling pranks on you
  • ·         Water fights and will tease the hell out of you if you were weariing a white tshirt

“Jagi! You look way too hot right now”

First time;

  • ·         Gentle
  • ·         Let’s you take the pace and see what you’re comfortable with
  • ·         Soft
  • ·         Caring in the sense of being overly talkative with you

“Are you okay?”

“I can stop?”

“Please don’t kill me tomorrow about the hickies”

  • ·         Passionate
  • ·         All the sexual tension that had been building up was finally being released
  • ·         He holds onto your hand
  • ·         Have the moment before everything where it’s just the staring at each other

“You’re so beautiful”

“I’ve never wanted you so much”

  • ·         His hand gently rests on the crook of your back and moulds his body to yours
  • ·         His thumb tracing your jawline so softly that the tingles drove you crazy
  • ·         All of his attention was solely on you, he made sure that you are put first
  • ·         Hickies

First year;

  • ·         Even though you both are madly in love etc., you made sure to spend just as much time with your friends and he did the same with his.
  • ·         Legit newlywed sex everywhere
  • ·         The feeling of being comfortable with each other resulted in you both being the bathroom together when someone needs a wee
  • ·         Toilet selfies, #noshame
  • ·         He takes so many candid photos of you and pins them everywhere
  • ·         You both have that 6th sense when something is wrong, it’s like a tingly feeling and usually it’s right
  • ·         3 am dance parties become more and more frequents
  • ·         He face times you while on the toilet because he doesn’t want you to miss him
  • ·         Plushies everywhere
  • ·         He cooks you dinner, sometimes you have to take over because his chatty and playful nature keeps him distracted
  • ·         When you both met each other’s parents, it went great and they love you and his parents love you
  • ·         The verbal pledge of being together
  • ·         He’ll still do the thing he does when you first got together, stare at you with a shy smile on his face
  • ·         He’ll make weird comments

“You used to fancy me… ;)”

“Hoseok? We’ve been together for over a year ???????”

“I know, how embarrassing for you” *queue incoherent screeching noise like a banshee”

  • ·         When you’re having a bad day, he will treat you like a god/goddess/ deity. He’ll begin to undress and you put in his boxer shorts and shirt and cuddle you until you sleep
  • ·         Food fights and then the argument of who will clean it up
  • ·         You both argue over small things, sometimes it will end up with one of you leaving but you both will always come back to each other and work it out, go grab a pizza
  • ·         Showering together, he washes you because you’re lazy
  • ·         He brushes your hair for you
  • ·         Lazy days that consist of joggers, his shirts, fluffy socks and hallway surfing.
  • ·         Homemade pizzas and usually the food ends up everywhere
  • ·         Movie marathons
  • ·         He usually comes home to you dancing in your underwear to his music
  • ·         Piggy back rides when you go to practice with him
  • ·         He once tried to throw a rock at your window to get your attention but broke it instead
  • ·         He still apologises profusely
  • ·         There is a box filled with numbered folded notes and it’s the date box, each number has a different and more exciting date on it but only the winner chooses.
  • ·         Usually he wins, golden hyung
  • ·         Slow dancing in the living room when you’re both gross and haven’t showered in a few days
  • ·         He brought home puppies even though you both couldn’t afford to look after one
  • ·         He named one taco
  • ·         Constantly tells you he loves you and it makes you blush redder than a tomato