so it worked out in the end

Big Bad Wolf

“Here we go again
We’re sick like animals
We play pretend
You’re just
A cannibal
And I’m afraid
I won’t get out alive
No, I won’t sleep tonight

Oh oh
I want some more
Oh oh
What are you waiting for?
Take a bite of my heart tonight”

- “Animal (Neon Trees)” cover by Chase Holfelder

So… I was reading this beautiful fanfiction here: Men and Monsters , written by the wonderful @bymidnightflame (I’m in love with all her fanfics :3) and well… It inspired me and I ended up drawing this. Took me quite some time because I’m stuck with a lot of work and studying and stuff and it’s still so sketchy, but oh well. I like it that way.

Oh and it’s Keith’s leg he’s holding by the way. xD


      i know i would give it all back
      for a chance to start over
      and rewrite an ending or two

           for the girl that i knew.

Jensen comment on Danneel insta picture made me so sad i know its all awwwh and what not but this hit hard

like i understand its his work and he is happy doing this show but i really wish this show would end i know he goes home whenever he can and between hiatus but believe me its not enough since time fly by so fast..

My sister dose work all the time and she miss out on like 70% of her kid growing up and that time you can never get it back. I know there is face timing and all that technology but still it can never beat the feel of someone you love between your arms.

Only One - Jaehyun [2]

A/N: Ok just sayin it now, the ending isnt great… i didn’t really know how to end it soo yeah. This part came out a bit longer than I expected, but I’m pretty happy with it for the most part so hopefully you guys are too

-Admin Kay

Part 2 - I Missed You

Genre: Fluff, Some Angst

Rating PG-13

(strong language)

Word Count: 2,857

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DUDE call the number at the end of the gf commercial that came out today one of your headcanons is right :')

I was so confused when I got this message while at work today, but I called it the moment I was out of work, and I cannot express how much I needed this ukulele playing singing Grunkle today. Bless.

Good night, guys.

After this I’m not responding to anymore messages for awhile. I love the support we’ve been getting but I’m going to pull away from here for a bit.

I’ll keep in touch with some of you through messages in the chat. And anyone who wants to talk there is more than welcome to send me stuff!

And I’ll post an update after our vet appointment on Friday.

All I want out of this is for Opal to be okay. No matter what we end up having to do, Opal is my number one priority. I know she deserves more than I have ever been able to give her but I love her so, so much. And I will keep working my ass off to be better for her.

Good night, friends. I’ll be back soon. Keep the good vibes flowing for my fluffy mutt.

Yo like, I keep seeing posts about how in Steven Universe they should release Bismuth again because Rose ended up shattering someone, and Bismuth was bubbled for wanting to shatter others. Like, how does the justice system work in your head like “Oh yes, this is the cop that put the convicted murderer in jail for wanting to kill innocent people. But it turns out the cop may have also killed someone so we better release the one they imprisoned.”???? 

If you didn’t pay attention to the episode, Bismuth wanted to shatter soldiers of Homeworld, the enemy. However, Rose had a point to stop this because we are talking possibly innocent lives taken because they happen to have been forced to work for the other side. Or they don’t know better. I mean yeah some are gonna be like the people you want to stop like a Jasper-type character. But if you have the Breaking Point, you’re not gonna care anymore, you’re just gonna shoot and kill. That means characters like Peridot and Lapis would’ve been gone before you got to meet them, to convince them that the Earth is worth saving and there is a better life away from the Diamond Authority. 

However, Rose Quartz: #1 Has not been confirmed to actually have shattered Pink Diamond, only accused #2 Shattered a Diamond, you know the ones you keep calling oppressors and abusers and manipulators and whatnot and shouldn’t have sympathy thrown towards them. 

tl:dr you don’t release a convicted murderer because the person who detained them happened to be accused of murder later on. 

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College AU?

Several different people sent this one in!

There are obviously a TON of different ways this one could go. How about:

  • Peggy is a British student attending a U.S. university who joins halfway through the year and doesn’t know anyone.
  • Things really don’t work out with her first roommate, Colleen, who is having a lot of home issues, and about a month into the semester Colleen suddenly drops out and Peggy ends up with a new roommate, Angie.
  • Angie is a theater major, and at first Peggy is kind of nervous, because she’s a political science major, thinking about a career in international law; how can they possibly get along? And things worked out so badly with Colleen …
  • But Angie really likes her, and introduces her around and she starts making friends, because Angie knows ALL THE PEOPLE: criminal justice major Daniel, perky art major Ana and her boyfriend Edwin, who’s a little older than the others and is getting an MBA; nursing student Violet; Whitney who is double-majoring in theater and physics to everyone else’s amazement and despair, etc.
  • So Peggy finds herself being drawn into tables full of people in the cafeteria and invited along to the dorm-lounge game nights and getting dragged off to Daniel’s campus disability activism group and that kind of thing.
  • And there’s this jerk named Jack who is also a poly-sci major and is in most of her classes. He comes from money and drives a bright red sports car and lives off campus, and basically has RICH JERK written all over him. He and Peggy are at the top of most of their mutual classes and she ends up pulling all-nighters because she is GOING to do that extra credit and make sure she gets a hundred on the test because THE HELL if she’s going to let Jack get away with doing it better.
  • Until late one night she finds him getting drunk behind the library and they get to talking and he tells her about various awful shit that went down at his last school and resulted in him getting basically uprooted by his dad and shoved into another school several states away, and she realizes that he’s actually not that bad when you get to know him (well, some of the time).
  • So she invites him along to a mixer the art and theater students are hosting, and he actually kinda has fun and likes her weird friends, not that he’d admit it.

Not really sure how this AU shakes out pairing-wise; she could end up dating literally ANY of these people. Or several of them. :D

I am a pathetic excuse of an adult

So…Today I was in class (with the seniors, A’s class) and at some point I decided to take off my sweater and I have done it 10000 times with the cast so I know I can do it but it didn’t work this time.
I ended up in the middle of the class trapped in my sweater and I couldn’t even fight to get out because my hand started to hurt, thankfully this angel (one of my students) helped me to get out. It was quite the experience.
A will make fun of me forever, I am still at school waiting for my next class.


I’ve ended up having to call out of work because, even though I’m on anti-boitics, I’ve managed to go and get myself sick.

Around the office people have been getting sick, and allergies are starting to come in, so I think it’s a combo of something small along with my allergies, which are usually really, really, bad.

What does this mean?

Well, I’m going to take a few days to not stress so much over this blog. I’m not leaving, or deleting any requests, but usually if I’m not at work, (and sometimes when I am) I’m stressing a lot about being able to post stuff on here, and I feel immensely guilty when I’m not working on something for this blog.

Like I feel guilty because with breaks at work, I’ve been working on a drawing instead of notes for requests. Or sometimes for breaks I just eat and chat with friends, and I manage to feel guilty then too.

I guess on one point you could argue I should feel guilty, but I really want to relax, write for my fics for a bit, and just rest and watch funny videos ;;;; Play games ;;; Things I usually do on sick days.

I’m sorry this blog has declined since I’ve started it. I don’t post as often, I don’t offer good conversation topics, or any of that ;;; In fact, I kinda update about my life more than I should.

Just know I appreciate you all dealing with me, and willing to stick around. I haven’t done a lot to warrant some of the nice things you all say to me, so I really do appreciate you all.


It Was Getting The End Of Spring Break And I’ve Been Working So Much That I Haven’t Had The Time To Just Relax And Have Fun. So I Took The Day Off And Went Down To The Beach To Surf And Ride A Few Waves.. While Out On The Water I See This Cute Girl Not Far From Me Trying To Surf But Not Being Able To Keep Her Balance. So I Made My Way Over To Her And Asked If She Needed Help She Says Sure Eyeing Me Up And Down While I Do The Same To Her. I Pull Her Up On My Board And Stand Her In Front Of Me Grabbing Her Close To My Body, And Wrapping My Arms Around Her Waist Helping Her Keep Balance And At The Same Time Teaching Her How To Surf. As The Waves Motion The Board My Hips Grind Into Her From Behind.. Me Enjoying Being Up Close To Her And Im Sure Shes Feeling The Same Way Not Stopping Me. I Pull Her Body Closer And Breathe On Her Neck As She Starts To Grip My Hand Tightly. By That Moment I Think We Both Know What We Want. But We Cant Just Start Fucking On The Beach In Front Of Everyone So I Tell Her I Have A Hotel Room That I Been Staying At For Business, So We Start Towards The Hotel And Arrive There Shortly. As Soon As We Arrive We Start Kissing And Ripping Each others Clothes Off It Now Getting Hot And Sexy Between Us. We Start Fucking Aggressively And Rough, Not Thinking About Tomorrow Only Knowing That Its The End Of Spring Break And We Will Probably Never See Each other Again So We Enjoyed It While We Could. 

 lll- JinxBeFresh - NeveahSmooth -lll

         -Spring Break-

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I've been working on Hamiltons biography (Chernow of course)&had a weird dream I went back in time&brought the Revolutionary soldiers cows. They were obviously grateful&didnt ask questions (pretty sure I stole them). Anyway,.... I ended up asking Hamilton to take me out into woods to pee bc I was afraid of peeing alone so close to the soldiers. Nothing eventful happened, I just went back in time to drop off cows&have a founding father escort me to urinate...Seems like I could have done more.😂

Didn’t someone tell you not to tear pages from your history books to light your blunts

adding to the nygmobblepot theories...

hey so there’s a fair bit of spec floating round (as expertly collected over here!), that Ivy will be somehow involved in helping Ozzie recover from, you know, being shot, and Selina will get wind of this and together they will orchestrate the reunion evidenced here (assuming this is their reunion ofc):

but here’s a crazy thought to add to the mix -

what if Ivy is actually working FOR ED?

many of us have pondered delightfully fucked up ‘romantic’ scenarios where Eddie, in a fit of remorse, fishes Ozzie out of the water himself - well, what if, having done so, he somehow ends up going to Ivy for help with Ozzie’s recuperation? because he doesn’t want to risk taking Ozzie to hospital and can’t take care of him much himself and Ivy knows special Alternative Plant Medicine that can help and stuff?

idk, it’s pretty crack! :p but it opened up a flood gate of new thoughts -

like maybe Ozzie has been in a coma since the docks and this is when he finally wakes up, with Ivy sending Ed the news via Selina

and and omg right but WHAT IF Ozzie has a bit of TEMPORARY AMNESIA when he wakes up? not the full on ‘who are you?’ kind I’ve seen awesome angsty ideas about, but just enough that he doesn’t remember the docks and Eddie shooting him - so Eddie takes the opportunity to try and bury his crime completely, lying and saying he found Ozzie shot and saved him, or even blaming the Terrible Trio?? so Ozzie is all grateful and loving him EVEN MORE? cue Eddie spending the next few episodes working really hard to make sure Oswald never, ever learns the truth, because Eddie is newly terrified of Oswald hating him and losing Ozzie again and STUFF

(only then maybe at some point Ozzie DOES get told the truth ofc, maybe Butch or someone gloatingly proving Eddie was the one who shot him, and Eddie is standing there all *internally screaming*, only Ozzie just shrugs and says ‘I know’ because he actually got his memory back ages ago, he just never said anything because he felt the closer relationship with Eddie he’d gained was worth more than holding a grudge, leaving Eddie all *heart eyes* over having been forgiven all this time without even knowing it and everything is rainbows!!)  

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Lori I am so scared of the final... You have no idea the pain writers have put on me. Three (!) other stories that have just been updated have left me with the MOST angsty cliffhangers. I. just. want. things. to. work. out. for. once. Please don't also make me suffer with IGU.... >.< xxxxxxxxx

I can promise you all mountains of happiness in the ending of IGU. If you cry it will be out of happiness.

Anyway the second recap was good! I think the only thing I was really disappointed about was the lack of Sawano’s really epic tracks during the epic scenes. Some were totally silent in the background, and it kind of downplayed it a bit.

The Jiyuu no Tsubasa remix played during the beginning of the 57th expedition though and it gave me chills! I wanted to jam out so bad lmao

I really loved the use of the variants of theDOGS throughout the movie. 

And that Eren/Annie/Mikasa scene being added in there really adds to the depth of Eren and Annie’s relationship, as well as Annie and Mikasa’s rivalry. It helps the audience to understand why Eren struggles with fighting Annie at the end, AND it really adds that punch when Mikasa is ultimately the one to stop Annie. I especially liked it because (in the dub anyway lol) Annie says, “I’m curious if these moves will work on animals” (she calls Mikasa a beast in the manga) and when Mikasa draws her blade in the tunnel and says “I’m going to carve you up again, Titan!” idk. lol It’s one of those like, “you dehumanized me, now I’m gonna do the same to you” kind of things. Their relationship has always been interesting to me. 


Jakob Chychrun #2 - Badass

Originally posted by ryanhartman

A/N - hey guys! so this is about the pace i’ll be able to put out imagines during the week because I am a full time student… hope that works with you guys! her is the second Chych imagine *note* I have no idea what the WAG situation looks like in Arizona so I totally made up all the women at the end. But this is super cute so enjoy. also this is a long one :)

Prompt - anon: Can you write a Jakob chychrun one where you play for the Boston pride and meet his teammates and wags ? Thanks:)

anon: Could I request a Jakob chych imagine where you play for the Boston pride and meet his teammates and wags? Also just wanted to say I love your writing and love the story about the physiotherapy office 

<3 <3


Losing the cup final sucks. A lot. You were so incredibly proud of all your sisters on your team, and you all came so close to winning it all. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen. You stayed around Boston for a while after to do some media and locker clean outs and just generally wallow around in your disappointment. Now, you’re looking forward to turning over the page and spending the next two weeks with your favourite person in the world, your boyfriend Jakob Chychrun, while getting in some good training time in sunny Arizona.

When you stepped out of the plane, you were immediately hit by the warm air which was a welcome difference from the winter weather of Boston. You hitched your backpack higher up on your shoulders and turned off airplane mode on your phone as you walked to the baggage claim. Immediately your eyes were drawn to the texts from Chych.

Jakey: have a safe flight babe

i cant wait to see you love <3

text me when u have ur bags, im waiting outside :)

You smiled so big at his cute words and texted him back a heart and an update on where you were. After waiting forever, you finally found your big hockey bag and bright orange suitcase and proceeded to restrain yourself from running through the airport to find Chych, who you hadn’t seen in over 4 weeks since he last visited you on his road trip to Boston. Finally you turned a corner and saw a blonde head poking out over top of everyone else’s in the airport and broke into a run. You vaguely remember ditching your bag cart somewhere and dropping your backpack as you got closer to Jakob but you were mostly just focusing on getting to him as fast as possible. When Jake saw you his face immediately broke into a mega watt smile and opened his arms wide. You launched yourself at him and wrapped your arms around him in a hug/tackle that made you resemble a really large koala.

“Oof” Jakob grunted when you clung onto him but he grabbed your butt, lifted you up so that your legs were wrapped around his waist, and spun you around, kissing your neck.

“Hey I’m not that heavy am I?” you laughed.

“Baby, you are a professional hockey player,” Jakob tried to amend, “I love when you put on muscle; it makes you look so sexy.” he said with a squeeze to your hockey-player ass.

You laughed some more and Chych set you down but didn’t let you go fully, “I missed you so much.” you smiled up at him as you pulled him down for a long due kiss. You were both grinning like idiots when you pulled away.

“Let’s go grab your bags before someone wants to steal your stinky hockey gear, eh?” he teased


When you walked into practice the next morning with Chych, the two of you looked more like hockey buddies than two people in a serious romantic relationship together by the way you were chirping and jostling each other back and forth. You had your own hockey bag slung comfortably over your shoulder as the head coach Dave Tippett had invited you to come to practice with the boys when he found out you were going to be in town. So now here you were, fooling around with Chych while walking with him into practice, trying to distract yourself from the little bundle of nerves forming. You were not at all nervous at being the only girl in the dressing room, you’ve been dealing with that your whole life, you revelled in rooms like that. No, you were so nervous about making a good first impression on your boyfriend’s best friends. Finally you reached the door to the locker room at the practice facility and took a sharp breath to calm yourself.

“Wait for one sec, I’m just going to make sure all the guys have pants on.” Chych winked at you before disappearing behind the big door. He was back a moment later with a big grin on his face, obviously excited about having you at the rink with him. When you walked into the locker room, most of the boys were already milling around their stalls chatting with one another but everyone stopped and turned to you as soon as you walked in. Luckily Chych didn’t even falter by your side, instead just nudging your hip with his and smiling encouraging.

You took a deep breath, “Hey, I’m (Y/N).” you gave a little wave and were only met with friendly faces around the room, “My season with the Boston Pride in the NWHL just ended so I’m here for two weeks and your coach generously offered a spot in practice for me so… here I am.” you smiled.

The boys cheered a little bit and you heard a couple hollered welcomes

“Just so you know, Chych never shuts up about how awesome his girlfriend is and how great a hockey player you are. He made us all watch your Isobel Cup games, so it’s awesome finally getting to meet the legend herself.” Shane Doan said, making you blush.

“And she has better puck protection and defensive outlook than any of you boys right now, so do not make the mistake of playing light on her. She WILL make you regret it.” Coach called from where he was standing off to the side. “Alright boys, on the ice in 15! And please remember that there is a woman in here and she does not want to see all your dicks out, so I expect limited nudity in here.” That comment produced a big chuckle from the team and a few guys joking, “That’s no fun!” You looked over at Chych as you walked over to the open stall reserved for you and he gave you a big smile and thumbs up.

By the time you hit the ice, all your nerves had dissipated. The sound of your blades carving through the ice was music to your ears after it being just over a week since you last skated. You did two laps around the rink to warm up your legs before you felt a nudge at your shoulder and looked up to see Cheekbones himself looking back at you.

“I’m so happy you’re here.” Jakob grinned as he skated leisurely beside you.

“Yes, you have told me that every minute I’ve been here. Including when you used that as an excuse for making me lasagna last night without letting me help.” you rolled your eyes and gave him a little whack with your stick before skating away.

“Dude you are so whipped.” you heard someone chirp Jakob.

You pivoted smoothly so that you were skating backwards and facing Chych and Max Domi. “I prefer to use the term well-trained.” you winked at Max before pivoting again, collecting a stray puck up in your skates before kicking it up to your stick, and firing a sharp wrister to the open net. The satisfying ping of your shot going bar-down was almost drowned out by all the boys hollering at Chych’s expense and their volume only increased when your beautiful shot went in.

“That was the most badass thing I have ever seen.” Anthony Duclair whistled when you scraped to a gentle stop beside him.

“Trust me, the chirps in the NWHL are significantly more savage than your little beer league.” you teased.

“You got some balls, girl. I like you, (Y/N),” Duke shook his head smiling, “Welcome to the team.”



Two hours later your legs were satisfyingly tired, you had sweat all over your face, and were laughing along with the rest of the team at some of the boys’ antics. When the rest of the boys went back to the locker room, you decided to stay back a bit and chat with Coach quickly so that the team could shower. You thanked Dave again when he invited you to come on the road trip next week if you wanted to before finally making your way over to the lockers. You shook out your sweaty hair from the messy ponytail you had underneath your helmet and immediately regretted that decision when you heard a group of girls call out to you.

“Hey!” one of them smiled at you warmly, “You must be (Y/N)! I’ve heard so much about you from Jakob whenever he comes over. I’m Andrea; Shane’s wife. And this is Danielle and Sarah.”

“Nice to meet you” you smiled,

“Shane and I are hosting a team barbeque tonight. We told Jake to ask you if you wanted to come before he picked you up, but that love-sick puppy was probably too excited to remember to ask.” she smiled.

“Yep, Chych definitely forgot to mention it. But I would love to come! That’s really nice of you to invite me.” you said earnestly

“Of course!” Sarah piped up, “We’re all family and we’ve been hearing about you for so long that all the WAGs are super excited to get to know you.” You smiled despite the growing sense of nervousness in your stomach.

“Well, we will let you go get out of your sweaty gear but we will see you at 7 tonight.” Andrea said


“Are you okay?” Jakob asked as he pulled up to a massive house that you assumed was the Doans’, “You’ve been fiddling with that for the entire ride here.”

“…Oh, yeah I’m just a little nervous.” you admitted and closed your eyes to try and calm the sea of nerves. You felt a large hand grab both of yours and hold them for a bit, Jakob ran his thumb over your tense knuckles before bringing your hands to his lips and giving them a soft kiss. You let out an exhale you didn’t know you were holding and looked at Chych.

“You have nothing to be nervous about. You met all the boys this morning and they could not stop talking in the locker room about how cool you were. And you said that you met Andrea, Danielle, and Sarah already; those three are pretty much the leaders of the WAG group from what I know of. So if they like you then all of the other girls will too.”

“I just don’t want to make a bad impression.”

“You could go in there and fall over onto your face as soon as you set foot in the door and I will still be there to pick you up and kiss you on the cheek. I love you (Y/N) and I’ll be holding your hand the whole time if you want me to.”

You smiled at that and kissed his cheek, “I very well might fall over in these heels but, what the hell. Let’s do this.”

“That’s my girl.”

When you walked in the door hand-in-hand, Andrea immediately swept up to you and wrapped you in a hug. “I’m so glad you could make it! Come on, I’ll introduce you to the girls.”

All of the sudden you were swept into the whirlwind of activity that is Andrea Doan, and she took you all around the party. She introduced you to absolutely everyone and asked you about a million questions about yourself. After that you spent a little bit chatting and laughing with some of the younger women in the kitchen sipping wine. By the time food was served, Andrea had found you again and insisted you meet Abby who had just had a baby who was the cutest thing ever. You spent probably an hour talking with Abby and holding her beautiful baby boy. You and Abby really hit it off and you were smiling so wide by the time she had to go home and get her little one to bed.

By the end of the night you eventually found your way back to Jake and the rest of the boys who were sitting in the living room half-watching basketball. You flopped down on the couch and curled up into his side and he wrapped you up with one arm and placed a kiss on your forehead. All the married boys started to coo at you about young love and some of Chych’s younger friends made fake gagging noises. You just smiled and let the boys poke fun at you two. You snuggled closer into Jake, took a sip of his beer, and let the warm, fuzzy feeling of happiness and belonging flow through you.


there you go! up next: Derek Grant

First Day

Rating: Everyone!

Genre: Fluff!

Word Count: 470

Plot: Reader meets Chris on the of the movie they are doing together, and the quickly become close.

A/N: I know this is short, but I couldn’t really find much more to put in it. I know I haven’t written in a while and have been missing out on posts, but I have been super busy lately so I trying to get back on track now!

It was your first day on the set of your new movie, and you were super exited. You loved the script and the story line of the movie, and were happy to get the part. You were playing a girl who is a lawyer, and is trying to help a suspect get out of jail, because he was wrongly accused. She ends up falling in love with the other lawyer who is working on the case with her. You haven’t found out who the actor who is playing your love interest is yet, but you are exited to meet them. You were sitting on sit having lunch, when someone came over to you. “Any chance you are Y/F/N Y/L/N?” the man said jokingly, obviously knowing it was you. You looked up and you recognized him immediately. “ I am. and you are?” You said, also jokingly, knowing who he was. “Chris Evans” He said reaching his hand out to shake yours. You shook his hand and smiled. He pulled out the chair and sat down in front of you. “So we are doing this movie together?” he said to you. “ I guess we are!” you said back to him. You have seen him in the many movies before, and were a big fan of his work. You never new you would meet him, and to be honest, you had a little crush on him. Little did you know that he had felt the same way about you. You two started to have a conversation, and started to feel something for him. He was super nice and funny, and he was so kind to you.

After a long day on set, you and Chris have become a lot closer. You would have thought you have known each other for a long time, because you bonded super quick. Some of you cast mates noticed how quickly you to became friends, and could tell you were going to  be more then friends before the end of this movie. You were walking towards your trailer, when you heard someone yelling your name and running up beside you. You turned around and Chris was standing in front of you. “Hey!” you said a smile coming across your face. “Hey!” he said the exact same way you said it. He started to speak. “Listen, I was wondering if- we you are a really nice person and i am exited to work with you- and i was wondering if you would maybe want to, like, grab a coffee tonight of something? And maybe lean more about each other?” he said running his hand behind his head nervously. You smiled. “Of course, I would love to go grab a coffee with you” You said smiling. This was the best day on set ever. And it was only the first day.

I Hope you enjoyed! let me know if you would like to be added to the tag list!


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Does anyone out there know if there’s a better way to manage Tumblr queues that doesn’t involve dragging individual posts up and down? It kinda works but sometimes it just doesn’t do what I want it to do without indication and the order of posts I try to keep ends up getting all screwed up.

I’m thinking about interspersing more static images into the blog, as there’s a lot of stuff that only shows up for 1 frame that I think is worth showing, even if it doesn’t work as a gif. Honeslty I feel like I’ve worked myself into a corner with the whole gif thing. Not that I intend to stop posting them, but it feels like anything less than a gif might be thought of as lesser content in a way.

I’m using an actual video editor instead of using theyoutube video editor, and it makes it a lot easier to go frame by frame on all the videos I have (about 60 waiting to be edited right now.) What I was thinking would be basically doubling the number of posts per day, alternating static images with gifs. It would also allow me to possibly recycle some of the super old posts I did before I started doing gifs exclusively. That’s actually where the idea for this came from, searching through my blog to see if I’d already done a game before and seeing some pretty rad stuff from back in the day.

Anyway, that’s kind of a lot of words, but uh that’s maybe the direction of this blog going forward so what do y’all think?