so it worked out in the end

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Hi Troian, congratulations on the release of your latest movie Feed. The writing was absolutely moving, and your perspective on the mental illness was powerful in a way I hope touches the people in need of it. For those wanting to write something of their own, how long did it take you to write Feed? Thank you for your work, I'm inspired by you every day and wish you luck on whatever journey comes next.

Thank you so much for saying that, I hope it touches people in need too!

I wish I could give you a less intimidating answer. I wrote Feed first in a week. It just poured out of me, but it was probably really bad. Then I started working on PLL so I could only focus on it in fits and bursts. I ended up re-writing it and trying to get it made for the subsequent 6 years. But that was mostly because it was difficult to get people to understand it. It bends genres, between a psychological thriller and a straight drama, it is about an eating disorder, but not in the day that most “issue” films are. It was really, really hard to get people to understand what I was trying to do. It’s not for everyone, but I think the people we made it for get it, so it was worth waiting 8 years for it to finally come out.

okay but i feel like i should add more to what i was talking about in that last post so;

how about an actual cult camp au??? yall has this actually been done????

like an au where daniel and gen are the counselors of an actual cult camp (that parents think is a normal camp) and all the kids just listen to their cult bullshit and are brainwashed the whole summer.

daniel or gen dont harm the kids but they do burn what they believe into the campers minds.

and the cult camp episode is called camp camp and its just an episode where david finds out the truth about the camp, applies for a counselor job and tries his best to help the campers, despite how much they say that they like it there.

the episode ends with the same song but instead, daniel beats david and threatens him into not telling the police and makes him a permanent counselor so he cant do anything. david still uses this opportunity to try and revert the campers but it never works. 

also the campers are constantly happy and get into all kinds of weird shit but they are actually trying to help the best they can. theres probably blood everywhere and david just gets used to it after awhile.

“good morning daniel, what happened this time?”

“max killed a squirrel as a gift, isnt it nice?”

“[sipping coffee] mhm”

ok so story time

I work at a nonprofit youth development program where I have kids everyday (I work with kindergarteners) so today one of my kids went up to me and asked “Miss Miranda do you like Voltron” and my heart MELTED like I’ve never talked about Voltron around my kids yet here is one of my kids asking me about it and he could just see my face light up & we ended up talking about it together (his favorite is shiro) ugh it was a really sweet moment I love my kids I love Voltron

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Can the batfam please buy Jason a dog? Like a Belgian Malinois?

I’m crying anon.

This dog would be so perfect for Jason. 

Bruce would buy it for him with mixed motives, of course:

a) he remembers when Jason was still Robin, begging for a dog, and Bruce never got to give him one though it was in the works. 

b) as a means of therapy, dogs are excellent companions, and Jason needs someone he can come home to at the end of the day who loves him unconditionally.

And c) Belgian Malinois are often trained as police or protection dogs, so it would be able to look after him when he’s being too stubborn to ask for help from family. 

Imagine their first meeting. Literal tears running down Jason’s cheeks as he holds the scruffy little pup up to his face and it starts licking his nose excitedly and barking.

Taking her (of course its a her) out to search for missing children or persons in Crime Alley, though he’s hesitant to expose her to the horrors of patrol. And she tracks down the kids, takes out their captors and stands there guarding them until Jason gets to them. 

Jason coping with panic attacks and flashbacks and rough nights and just lying curled up in bed with her, snuggled up against warm fur as she whines softly and licks him, resting her head on him gently…

And that’s me done. gone. finished. someone get Jason a gotdam dog. 

Kinda take issue with

People implying the Guardians are just coincidentally dragged into Infinity Wars and the battle with Thano’s

Like oh yeah remember when Blackwidow and Scarlett witch had their families killed (and species massacred) before they were kidnapped and raised as killing machines, undergoing horrible tortures.

Oh wait, that’s Gamora and Nebula

Well.. what about the time Captian Americas wife and daughter were murdered infront of him by a lacky working for Thanos, and he became so overcome with grief that it turned into a vengefuled obsession inwhich he went on a killing spree and ended up losing everything, locked up in prison as apposed to living out his happy life with his family, and swore revenge..

Oh wait, that was Drax..

Well at least the earth heros have heard of Thanos an–

Wait.. they haven’t? They wouldn’t even recognize his name if they heard it?? They’ve just sort of been stuck on earth protecting it from internal threats??

Yet, the Guardians are supposed to be taking the back seat to the Avengers? I think not.

Nothing Special

So I’m on a roll with the smut for some reason so here is my third one! It’s revival era and is just sweet. Thank you to @alittlemissfit for editing!!! 
@xfficchallenges @kateyes224 @piecesofscully

There’s nothing special about the day by itself. Work was full of paperwork and re-certification tests but I got to spend it with her. At the end of the day I wasn’t ready to leave Scully so I muster up the courage to ask her over to the house for a movie.

We both know I’m thinking beyond just watching a movie, but we keep up the pretense walking out to my car and leaving the garage, turning off at our exit on the Beltway, driving into the Virginia countryside. 

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SO I have a camp councilor! College au for you. I went to a summer camp once where at the end of the camp, all the kids in the cabin had to find their councilor in a hide and seek game. And I just want to put out there that the boys would all definitely go off and do what ever craft they usually managed (Tie-dye for Merel, Wood-working for Maggie, cooking for Taako and Lup etc.) but all the kids can't find them because "why would they go where we're used to finding them"

Bonus Round: They never find Carey. She is un-findable. She becomes a camp myth.

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Kira vs Koichi but it ends with Kira sitting and venting to Koichi about how his quiet life gets ruined by assholes and koichis either listening like a therapist or it's after Kira beats him on the floor so Kira just being like "I could work out at home but the effoooort to buy equipment!" As Koichi is bleeding out and deaf

it’s definitely after koichi’s been smashed into the floor a couple of times LMAO; it’s just so refreshing to have someone who listens, you know? someone who doesn’t interrupt. koichi’s just such an understanding little brat, it’s absolutely no wonder everyone wants to be his friend, hm–

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I don't know if you have a limit on the number of characters per request, but what are your headcanons about what the Phantom Thieves do on a typical rainy day? And good luck with your new blog~ ^_^


  • Help out at the cafe
  • Wait to see if any of his friends show up, usually at least Futaba and one other does
  • Usually ends up chatting with friends with more than helping, since it’s not usually busy on rainy days
  • Cat naps, sometimes with the actual cat
  • Does a lot of stuff with his friends if he’s not helping at the cafe


  • Running in the rain? yes
  • Regret? yes
  • Akira makes him come to the cafe probably bc Ryuji no
  • Probably changes because it’s likely they all have spare clothes there.
  • Drinks hot chocolate to warm up since he dislikes coffee


  • Spending time with Shiho
  • Scolding Ryuji
  • Eating crepes with Shiho
  • Once Shiho is out of the hospital Ann takes her to Leblanc to spend time with everyone else.
  • Shiho and Akira probably watch and laugh while she and Ryuji get into an argument again, playful or not


  • Coming to Leblanc for inspiration
  • Sitting in the corner of a booth to sketch anyone who shows up but mainly Akira
  • Likely ends up taking a nap after being given food made by Akira
  • Once it’s stopped raining he likes to go on walks to admire the sight of everything still wet, such as dew drops of flowers


  • Comes to Leblanc to try and study. Keyword try, Ryuji makes it difficult to focus when he shows up
  • Brings Sae sometimes since it’s a nice atmosphere for relaxing
  • Tries in vain to keep Ann and Ryuji from fighting
  • Has to be forced to take a break, usually told my Akira or Haru to relax and enjoy the company
  • Probably tries to start a study group for a bit. It ends about as well as expected


  • Play video games with Akira/the entire Phantom squad
  • Demand Sojiro close early to have a movie night at their house
  • Messes with her friends by turning the wifi on and off
  • Probably works on hacking things in Akira’s room or at home otherwise


  • I’d like to think she comes to the cafe and Sojiro shows her how to make coffee
  • Then the rest of the thieves start showing up and become distractions
  • Very much enjoys cooking for her friends, especially when she’s first learning a new dish and has them try it while she perfects it.


  • Read
  • Indoor darts
  • Stop by at Leblanc but totally not to see Akira nope just for the coffee
  • Probably work still, crime doesn’t stop for rain
PenPals & Little Ducks

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This is a gift for the lovely @def-initely-soul as part of @kpoptrashnetwork  #GetToKnowTheTrash project!!

I hope you enjoy my lovely morknae <3

Got7 Fanfic: Fluff

Main Pairing: Female Reader x Im Jaebum

Today sucked. You slept late for work, got scolded by your boss and your colleagues were more incompetent than usual. You were stressed out and in need of some comfort food so headed straight to the coffee shop around the corner from your apartment and ordered your favourite panini and an extra large hot chocolate.  

The barista smiled at you warmly and told you she’d bring it over when it was ready, so you took a seat at a nearby table and took a deep breath to relax.

You reached for your phone and started scrolling through your personal emails, trying to clear out the never ending junk mail you seemed to accumulate.

You instantly perked up when you noticed you had an email from a familiar address ‘’.

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look, to all the people disappointed that lofty and dom didn’t get together: i get it, me too. but i definitely don’t think this is the end of the dom/lofty relationship - they’ve been building it up for weeks, and i think it would be unlikely that this ep will be the last we see of it. 

tbh, while i love the idea of dom/lofty, because dom’s mum is right and he does deserve so much better, i think it might be good for the writers to pull it back a bit and work on developing dom’s self-confidence and lofty’s feelings before actually having them get together. 

dom’s not long been out of an incredibly damaging, painful relationship where he was abused physically and emotionally for months: it’s not going to be easy for him to enter another serious relationship right away, and not have there be any issues with trust or intimacy (given that he already had issues with those aspects of his relationships before isaac’s abuse). but like he said, lofty is sweet and kind and makes him feel safe - and he even joked about being a little bit in love with him. the feelings are definitely there on dom’s side, but obviously, lofty’s rejection is holding him back.

meanwhile, on lofty’s side, he’s only just recently been able to admit that he was in love with lenny out loud, though he’d clearly been struggling with the idea for a while, and he still hasn’t said anything to anyone else, not even dom. i get the feeling he’s still not fully able to articulate his feelings or his sexuality out loud - the deflective ‘does it matter?’ thing he did when dom said he was confused about lofty’s sexuality made it seem like he still has a lot of thinking to do about his identity. 

also, he might potentially be worried that dom only wants to be with him because he’s the ‘safe’ option - he’s perhaps the first man dom’s been interested in since isaac, and lofty might be worried that dom’s feelings may just be some form of gratitude for lofty being nothing like isaac (which we know isn’t the case - dom genuinely has developed feelings for him, but LOFTY doesn’t know this).

i also think that lofty’s actually pretty bad at dealing with his own emotions; he’s kind and attentive to other people’s feelings, and does his best to make sure everyone around him is happy, or comforted by him if they’re not. but when it comes to his own emotions, he seems curiously cut-off: despite dom asking him on what was essentially a date earlier, all dom’s glances and smiles, dom’s interest in asking personal questions, and the patients’ assumptions about their relationship, lofty still seems completely thrown when dom tries to kiss him. 

he definitely needs more time to grow into or admit any feelings he has for dom, but i think the signs are there that he does feel more for dom than friendship - dom is the first person he thinks of when he needs help escaping griselda, he goes out of his way to buy thoughtful presents (the jigsaw, the tickets) for dom, and seems closest to dom out of everyone on the ward. 

basically, i don’t think this is anywhere near the end of the road for dom/lofty - there’s (a lot of) hope yet!

Major League {Haechan x Reader}
  • Major League
  • Childhood Friends!AU series
  • Pairing: Haechan x Reader
  • Fandom: NCT
  • Genre: Fluff pure fluff all cute stuff
  • Wordcount: About 2500
  • Warnings and Summary: No Warnings. Haechan is terrible at physics because he spends all his time working on baseball, reader tutors him so the boy can at least pass highschool and ends up developing a one-sided crush on him. They both graduate highschool and forget each other until they meet again. 

Originally posted by dovounq

  • So Haechan is actually freakishly charismatic and I get that he’s young af but trust me give that boy some time and he’ll be the best
  • I have hope and trust ok
  • Anyways, I figure he’s been charismatic since birth
  • And whilst he’s sort of growing into those shoes, he does stumble into a lot of awkward situations, trying to figure out exactly what to do to not come off as a pushover or a creep
  • I can really see him being the class clown
  • But not throughout school
  • Seems like he would’ve been the quiet kid until highschool where he realizes he’s missing out on life and decides to start roasting people and then accidentally becomes the resident savage kid
  • The kind that the seniors never mess with because it’s not worth the public embarrassment
  • Everyone loves him except the teachers
  • Who’re we kidding most of the teachers love him too
  • Except for the physics teacher
  • The thing is, Haechan may be good at math but he sucks at physics and he can’t pay attention in class so he ends up being the kid who makes annoying comments
  • And doesn’t let the class concentrate
  • And then he fails the tests
  • And that affects his GPA
  • Not like he cares though
  • in the break between middle school and high school, haechan actually picked up league baseball – turns out he’s pretty good at it too
  • He actually represented the county in freshman year and was then selected to represent the state in sophomore year
  • So obviously he was putting a lot of his own time into baseball and didn’t really have the time to study physics
  • It really didn’t help that the teacher didn’t like him and almost deliberately downgraded the kid
  • And although Haechan wasn’t concerned about his studies, when it came to the point that it looked like he might not graduate senior year, which would mean being kicked off of the team, he began to care
  • But he couldn’t do it himself
  • Which is where you come in
  • The perfectly all-rounded student who was loved by all the teachers, students, even random staff members
  • You’d always noticed that Haechan was struggling in this class, despite doing well in everything else, but you didn’t want to push any boundaries by asking him if you could help him
  • Except at some point he himself came up to you and asked for help
  • It honestly just started with what was supposed to be help for one (1) assignment but sort of progressed into tutoring
  • Anyways you two become close through tutoring, and you slowly begin to develop feelings
  • But tbh you’re not sure if you can call your relationship even ‘friendship’ because of the fact that most of your conversations are centered around class
  • You have nothing in common
  • But sometimes you have to remind yourself that 2 hours with him feels like 2 minutes, and you’ve never met anyone who can have so much fun in physics tution
  • You’re forced to make yourself get over it and never pursue it
  • Also maybe you’re too much of a wuss to confess to the cute kid with his messy hair and soft eyes who always seems to have something sweet to eat in his bag
  • And the way he scrunches his eyebrows in confusion or sticks his tongue out when concentrating and writing stuff
  • And especially the way his eyes light up when he finally reaps the benefits of his hardwork, and walks out of class with a B+
  • And the heart-stopping wink he gives you as he flashes his final grade to you from across the room, and the way he ruffles your hair as he crosses your desk to get to his own
  • Either way, after that class, you hardly ever see him again
  • He gets super tied up with his baseball stuff and makes it into college on a sports scholarship
  • And ends up in the #1 rank collegiate baseball team
  • Meanwhile you’ve pretty much forgotten about the boy and you’re enjoying life on the other corner of the country
  • Of course once in a while, you attend college baseball games and think about Haechan, wondering where he may be now
  • You know that he ended up attending a top baseball school, but your own school didn’t even have a legit sports team so there was no reason for you to ever see him again
  • Eventually, you too acquire a boyfriend who is sweet and kind and soft and gives you no reason to remember your old highschool crush
  • Ofc yall break up eventually but life moves on, that’s all I mean
  • Meanwhile, on the other corner of the country, Haechan is again so tied up in baseball that he literally does not care about school anymore
  • He loves baseball to bits so it doesn’t matter to him
  • Yet, every time grades come out and they’re lower than Haechan was expecting, he kinda thinks of you and where you might be
  • It’s not like there’re girls throwing themselves at him, but he does get a fair bit of attention
  • And he falls into a limbo of dating random girls for about 2 to 3 months each
  • He gets scouted into a major national franchise eventually and life catches up with him and he doesn’t really think of you or highschool anymore at all
  • About 6 years after your graduation, there’s a small class reunion that you decide to attend just as an excuse to go visit your old town and school
  • It’s here that you suddenly remember Haechan your old highschool love
  • It’s not like he attended anyways, he was too busy with his own stuff
  • But yeah, you suddenly remembered Haechan and then found out that his baseball dreams panned out and that he was playing for a major team and he’d made it to his dream
  • So yeah you were happy for him
  • This isn’t the ending don’t worry (that would be anti-climatic)
  • You kinda anyways acquire like a minor celeb crush on Haechan because damn he grew up fine
  • But he’s still his sarcastic and hilarious self and somehow he creeps back into your mind
  • Sure you’ve got your own stuff to do and as I said, life moves on but he’s slowly becoming a part of your life again
  • You find yourself catching some of his games when you’re free
  • And one day, about 8 years after you’ve graduated from highschool, you find yourself at an MLB game feat.Haechan who is a rising upstart and last year’s rookie favorite
  • You arrive to the stadium a little early because you anticipated a lot of traffic that wasn’t really there
  • And you catch one of the seats near the actual field and the players are still warming up
  • You pretty much unabashedly stare at Haechan because he’s cute and the baseball uniform really suits him and everything
  • Haechan also sort of notices you since you’re clearly only staring at him
  • And when the game starts, he’s placed in the outfield, near where you’re sitting and as he comes into position he sort of winks and shoots a hand gun at you
  • And you’re heart skips a beat because ??? for me ???
  • But 12 other girls around you also swoon and freak out so you’re just like,,, probably not me,,,, lol
  • Anyways he keeps glancing at your section through most of the game and everyone including you is heart eyes for this smol soft and so incredibly talented and charismatic young man
  • He ends up moving around cause he’s also a pitcher and stuff but yeah overall you still keep your eyes on him and how well he’s playing
  • But then, as if you’re living a fairy tale, when he’s fielding right near you, a foul ball comes flying over the fence and sails straight into your hands
  • And wow are you excited
  • You want to throw it back to haechan
  • Except this kid is openly flirting with you
  • And for a moment you’re like ‘wow you’ve changed a lot since highshool’
  • But then he’s cracking some corny punny pickup line like ‘you may have caught the ball but I think you’re the perfect catch’
  • Yeah you’re mentally freaking out
  • And he keeps like winking at you and blowing kisses at you throughout the game
  • You’re living the fan’s dream rn babe
  • So it’s half time and your friend who came with you gets up to go get both of you food and to pee and ish
  • You’re just kind of chilling and checking your phone because the game is paused and the team is discussing strategies again
  • Haechan’s team is winning because he’s so talented and perf obviously
  • Except then you hear the crack of thunder, and out of nowhere it literally starts pouring
  • And most people are already inside the stadium because they want food, you’re near the field so there’s no cover for you
  • And people are pretty much stampeding to get inside now because of the rain
  • So you just thank every god in heaven that you had the brains to bring an umbrella to the game
  • Btw you also make sure to text your friend and let her know that it’s pouring so she should stay inside and that you guys can meet up at the car if anything happens
  • And you’re kinda absorbed in talking to her, so you hardly notice that somebody is standing beside you
  • And you look up
  • And there’s this super attractive guy
  • With an umbrella
  • And it’s Haechan
  • “I wasn’t sure if I’d get another chance to talk to you,” he smiles and you see that cute little tooth which hasn’t changed since highschool and your heart is beating at a million miles an hour and boi are you in love
  • “…hi…” and your voice is almost drowned out by the sound of the rain slamming onto the shutters and pouring off the ground, and the hushed whispers of people all around you
  • Haechan offers you his hand and he’s just like “would you like to go somewhere dryer?”
  • And you can only nod slowly and smile shyly as you take his hand and let him lead you to a VIP player’s area
  • And he asks you to wait there till the game is done if you’re not busy or anything
  • Yeah wow
  • When the game finally begins again, Haechan’s team wins and they progress to the next round
  • After the game, Haechan runs back up to the VIP box and invites you (and your friend) to the post-game celebrations
  • He still doesn’t seem to have recognized you yet though, and you’re not really surprised because it’s not like you two were super close and you were pretty much stuck in a one-sided crush anyways
  • Loud parties with drinking and ish aren’t your usual scene, either, since you’ve always been a bit of a nerd
  • But this time, your judgement is so shaded by the fact that it’s Haechan, the same cute kid who you tutored so many years ago, and now he’s finally grown into the shoes he was meant to fill
  • You just want to be with him for some time if that makes sense
  • So you agree to go, ignoring the fact that you’re still a bit cold from the rain and your head is beginning to hurt and you’re so worried that you might be getting a fever
  • You go along anyways
  • Your friend ditches you with Haechan the moment you get to the party
  • And you’re so worried Haechan will leave you too, to go be with his super star friends and the beautiful models throwing themselves at him
  • But he keeps you by his side the whole night, making polite conversation with you and never forcing you to drink or to dance
  • You can kind of tell he’s tired from bringing his all to the game before
  • But right before you need to leave, he asks you for one dance to a slow song
  • And the moment is so soft like a fairy tale and it just feels like the two of you and your heart is beating at a million miles per hour
  • You don’t even care where you are or who can see you at that moment
  • And then the song ends and you have to leave because it’s getting late and you’re a responsible person
  • Right as you’re leaving, you put your contact info in Haechan’s phone, and when he’s going over your name you swear you see him stop for a minute, but then convince yourself it’s just your imagination
  • Once you get home, Haechan texts you to make sure you got home safely and he asks you out for lunch the next morning
  • And wow are you excited for lunch
  • That’s basically the beginning of a beautiful relationship
  • You eventually even forget that you guys knew each other in highschool because it never came up and you don’t want to embarrass him by reminding him or anything so you keep it top secret
  • There’s no title for what you two are, you guys are just going on dates and stuff
  • And you don’t want to put a title on it either because you know how fast athletes can be in the relationship thing and you’re slow and traditional
  • And those practicalities kind of scare you
  • Because there’s something about Haechan that makes you want to be with him
  • And for now that’s enough
  • After about a month of ‘dating’ Haechan asks you to come to his next big game in town, he gives you tickets and everything
  • And you go, but this time you’re a bit late because you got caught up with work, but you make your way to the VIP box and cheer for the guy who you like but isn’t technically your boyfriend???
  • He’s playing well and you’re super proud of him
  • And then halftime rolls around, and fortunately it doesn’t rain this time
  • But half time in big games can only mean one thing
  • The Kiss Cam ™
  • So neither of you knew this, but some of Haechan’s team mates bribed the Kiss Cam operator to put both of you up on the screen because true love
  • You freak out because you haven’t kissed Haechan yet and you guys aren’t even official or anything what if he rejects you
  • But then he comes running towards the VIP box
  • And when he gets to you, he takes your hand in his, and pulls you up to stand
  • He’s much taller than you so you’re looking up at him and he’s asking you if it’s ok to kiss you
  • And you can only nod slowly, never breaking eye contact with him
  • And he smiles and leans down a bit, and you have to stand on your tippy toes to reach him
  • The moment is perfect, his lips are soft and it’s like the two of you are meant to be together, and the whole stadium could be cheering but you couldn’t really hear them over the sound of your heart beating and blood rushing through your ears
  • Haechan’s going to make you a heart patient I’m not kidding
  • Anyways, as he pulls away, he kinda smiles a little and he’s like
  • “I might not have needed highschool physics in my life, but I definitely need you – please be my girlfriend?”
  • Wow yeah
  • And you’re just like a) you recognized me !!! b) ofc I want to be your girlfriend we’ve been dating for a month
  • You kinda just hug him really tightly hoping he gets the message
  • And that’s the real start of a prosperous relationship
  • Turns out he thought you were familiar at first look but recognized you from your name
  • And he just thought you were cute the whole time


I didn’t know how the layers worked (she didn’t show her layers) SO I MESSED AROUND AND JUST WENT WITH WHATEVER WORKED OUT?? It looks really nice and I’M V PROUD AND HAPPY ABOUT IT :DDDDD I love the tutorial and might actually colour my eyes like this bc ??? It’s so beautiful jrehglskjdfg

SHINY SHINY AHAHAHA also yeah I used Lest’s eyes - WHAT A SURPRISE!

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Mama can I have some advice please? I'm worried that the girl I'm dating is planning on breaking up with me.. we've been together for 5 years and she's my entire life. She cheated on me last year and we were able to work it out but now I'm just afraid, I've never been with anyone else and we've always been there for each other and it's hard for me especially since I'm a lesbian I'm so afraid that I'll never be able to find love again if she ends this

I typically don’t answer when people ask for advice, because I either don’t know what to say or I don’t think I’ll be able to help. But this is a situation yall know I’ve been through, and maybe my experiences will help you.

Maybe you know, maybe you don’t, but I was once married.

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MC falling asleep next to RO (prior to relationship like between friends and lovers stage)? Reactions?

Oh, I like this! :D I’m gonna imagine it like the MC falling asleep against them on the sofa or something (is that the kind of thing you meant?)

A - A would probably be a bit stunned, but they wouldn’t move. They’d try and get back to whatever it was they were doing… but their attention would drift quite frequently to the MC.

F - F would probably snuggle down next to the MC :D End up falling asleep together.

N - N would smile and try to shift into a better position so as the MC was comfortable. Maybe try to throw a blanket or jacket over them.

M - M would try to shove the MC away, lol. If that didn’t work, they’d try to wriggle out underneath them- but end up being careful not to disturb them. If that didn’t work, they’d let out a long breath and just end up being resigned to it… hoping that no one would see!

Thank you so much for the ask :)

For the people being very unkind and telling me I’m an idiot for believing that was really Misha (which– I know they could’ve been “fake accounts” … I’m not naive) but Misha did verbally say on the video that he was trying to use the Facebook chat to talk to people but it wasn’t working,  so why then would it be impossible for him to use the GISHWHES chat? Also, the chat stopped completely – as in,  the moderator shut it down right after “Misha Collins” told himself via the chat to come back on camera,  and a few seconds later – Misha did come out and ended the live stream.  How would a fake account be able to time that down to the minute? The exact second?

I would like to think it was him – trolling us,  yes, but it was still him. 

So take your hate and shove it. I’m disappointed in you,  especially those who I considered friends. Why do you get to kill my joy?

You broke my heart.

You may have noticed TWEWY2 doesn’t exist yet


Today we need to touch on a rare but real issue that effects humans in their daily lives.

Sometimes, and I know this is hard to believe, people on the internet can be wrong.

For example, a large group of people may be looking forward to fun antics on a certain day, and to check that day they…

Generally, this works out pretty well, so this is the date that a bunch of people use for said event. I was one of those people.

But then if you look for more than five seconds you can run into 

Which says it’s tomorrow, not today! That’s crazy! But that’s from Square Enix’s product listing archive, so I think it may just actually be the correct date.

So, what does this mean?

It means it’s perfectly normal that we don’t have TWEWY2 announced for the Switch and iOS Tablets simutaneous worldwide launch accompanied with two new music albums, a concert and of course a high-budget anime adaption! 

Because these will CLEARLY be announced tomorrow, not today.


“but rabla its the 25th cuz im a murrican so whats the matter anyway”

“look at a japanese clock you twat your timezone sucks”

anonymous asked:

Your art is super super cute!!! TwT I really love your blog... I haven't played Berseria yet; but from what I've seen I really like Rokurou and Eleanor as a couple!! How do you feel about the two of them as characters and as a potential romantic couple? I hope you have a great day. <3


Thank you so much! I always am fretting before posting my doodles that they are not detailed enough, as I barely squeeze them between my work. 
Especially that I do love to put more than 15 minutes into a drawing, but I can’t :’D

About Rokurou and Eleanor.
I’m 99,999999% sure they ended as a couple who was not allowed to come out to public because of Eleanor’s future role (to not spoiler the after ending)
Their character development is so natural, that I have noticed many people in western fandom completely missed it or even pretend it’s not existing for the sake of their own ships, and that’s a big loss.
But honestly, the way how Eleanor and Rokurou influence each other is beautiful.
Rokurou learns to value family bonds by learning through our very emotional exorcist. 
(As a daemon, Rokurou has a little screwed up conception, because certain values and emotions died out with his human part. Adding that to the violence of those of Rangetsu blood, which got quelled after his deamonization, or rather because of it, made a bloodthirsty human into calm and caring deamon.)
Eleanor learns from him what passion is. A passion so vivid and strong, which made two brothers fight together in joy, even if in result one of them would die.
Also, Rokurou is always the first person who approaches Eleanor when she’s troubled, or when she needs help. He cares for her because she’s still young and pure, yet strong and full of passion like himself. They make a great pair, not filling, but helping to eliminate each other’s weak points. 
Also, bad boy gone soft and good girl gone bad trope is adorable :)

Hope you’ll have a good day as well! ♥