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Model of Changing Tolerance

In the Big Question of “why are people so much less tolerant of different opinions lately” (see the immediate post before this), @balioc proposed the following model I hadn’t heard before:

Before: There was the Mainstream, and the Fringe. The Mainstream was so dominant it didn’t really even have to police heterodoxy - not at the thought-crime level we see now - everyone just went along. And the Fringe was so scattered, so small, so diverse that there was no reason for them to operate dissent-stifling tactics: you couldn’t possibly overthrow the Mainstream, and you couldn’t unify the Fringe except with the broadest, most accepting tolerance anyway.

And at some point, our culture started fragmenting. For the Mainstream this meant splitting into smaller, but still cohesive groups. For the Fringe, this meant congealing into more homogeneous but still isolated groups. Like:

  • Liberal identity politics
  • Alt-Right
  • Tech-Libertarian-Rationalists
  • “Dirtbag Left” socialistbros

Within a Fragment, it makes sense to police people’s ideas. The group is small enough and cohesive enough that you can do this, and big enough to actually make a difference when you succeed. And so rather than an in-built sense of tolerance we had that was washed away, it’s more like “the incentive to do this has increased, and so now people do it.”

It was indeed a depressing model.

Part 2: Species!

I figure it’s better to make two longish posts rather than one really long post, so here we are! I’ll show you the breakdown of species, but first, a quick note on characterization:

As you can see, about half of respondents said their characters were just reflections of themselves - putting the “sona” in “zoosona”. Interestingly, though, there were more people who had come up with a full backstory for their zoosona than people who (like me) were just like “uhhhh guess I’d be a lion”

Pop quiz: can you guess which species was the most popular?
Answer: Yes. Yes you can. You all know already:

Rename the dang city ‘cause we’re all living in Foxtopia

Foxes were the most populous species by a wide margin. Second place went to “small cats”, a blanket term for cheetahs and everything smaller, and third place went to the mighty wolf. The “Other” category also saw a lot of use; within it, hyenas and deer were popular enough to stand by themselves.

Here’s a barchart so you can see the raw numbers along with the proportions:

That gap in the centre-right is a series of species which were featured in the movie - Buffalo, Sheep, Gazelle, Rodent, and (for some reason?) Pig - which saw a collective and cumulative zero replies.

You may notice we have more raccoons than rabbits, a fact that amazes me. I mean, yeah, I hecking love raccoons. I have a sideblog about how much I love a specific raccoon. But there are zero raccoons in Zootopia, which, btw, is a film about a rabbit. I was expecting so many more bunnies.

I’d say something like “I guess the message of diversity really got through!” but that, uh, does not explain the foxes

“Don’t touch me.”

Though Martha wished them sweet dreams before turning in for the night, Alexander was having the opposite. He was curled in his bed beside John, trying to drown out the thunder by harshly pressing his palms against his ears, though he could still feel the shaking of the house. Or perhaps that was his own body. Either way, it wasn’t helping. Every flash of lightning made him jolt and he tried clenching his eyes shut, though the bright light seeped through his eyelids and he went blind for a second before returning to darkness. His stomach churned and his throat felt dry, sweat covering his body. Storms like this were common during New York summers and Alexander went through this multiple times. But for some reason, tonight just felt worse.

John woke to the sound of Alexander’s whimpering, realizing that the smaller boy was hogging the blanket and had wrapped it around himself, curled into a tight ball. John didn’t need it, though he still felt a little offended that Alex was being so selfish. Oblivious to the situation at hand, and feeling a little playful even though it was past midnight, he crawled over his friend, swinging his leg over him and ripping the blanket from his face. “Alex!” he exclaimed.

He had startled him, as planned, but Alex had overreacted. John nearly dodged Alex’s fist, tumbling off of him and hanging upside from the bed. “Woah, Alex…” He sat back up, holding his head and blinking away the throbbing from the blood rush.

Alex was flailing wildly, his eyes wide open with fear though he saw nothing. “Don’t touch me!” he screamed, and John swore he would wake the whole house.

“Hey, Alex! Alex, calm down, it’s me,” John coaxed, moving around his hands and waiting for him to calm down.

“J-John?” Alex gulped, his vision finally coming back as he made the silhouette of his friend in the darkness. John reached to turn on the lamp on his nightstand. Alex rubbed his eyes, red from crying. “Jeez, John, sorry, I-” He went silent when the other boy wrapped his arms around him, pulling him close to his chest and stroking his hair. He looked up at him, mesmerized by his freckles and the softness of his face. “John…?”

“It’s okay, I’ve got you,” he whispered, pressing their foreheads together.

“Wha-” His body jolted at a loud clap of thunder, struggling against John as he tried to escape. John only held him tighter. “L-let go! I gotta-”

“Alex,” John called softly, and Alex seemed to relax. John slowly and carefully laid him down, still holding onto his shoulders. “You’re gonna be okay, Alex. I’m not gonna let anything hurt you,” he assured. He rested beside him, pulling him close so their bodies were flushed together. “Try to get some sleep, alright?” Alex frantically nodded his head and closed his eyes, his muscles spasming every time there was a flash of lightning or low rumble of thunder. He laid completely still when he felt John combing his fingers through his hair, his breathing and heart rate slowing. He felt John’s other hand interlace their fingers, squeezing his hand every time there was a clap of thunder that would have otherwise sent him into panic. He curled further into John, the rhythm of their breathing perfectly matched, and drifted off into a peaceful slumber.

Aku vs. his Daughters

Inspired on memime’s post about the season 5 equivalent of paladin au, particularly the part where Paladin has to kill 6 of his daughters to save a village, but decides to spare Ashi. Enjoy!

By the time he recovered enough energy to regain consciousness, he realized he was completely lost. He didn’t really mind it, but a sharp burning sensation on his side reminded him there was no time to go sightseeing. Aku grit his teeth and tried to press his hand against his side, only to quickly retreat it when the burning multiplied tenfold. With great effort, he managed to sit up, and when his vision got adjusted to the light, he realized the river had carried him downstream, faraway from that temple… or rather, its ruins, if his idea had worked.

Curiously, deep down he hoped it hadn’t worked. He couldn’t bear the idea of taking the lives of his own daughters, even if they had nearly taken his. Those glowing white weapons they wielded were undoubtedly crafted with the Samurai’s magic, coated and blessed in white magic, which explained why they could deal this damage to him.  

He couldn’t stay here. It wasn’t safe, he was in no condition to fight his daughters again, and he didn’t have the heart to. Despite everything, they were his children, made from his essence, his blood ran through their veins, and he didn’t want the same thing with…. Kuni to repeat all over.

He wondered what she would have said if she had seen him in this state, injured and running from his offspring.

Aku pushed these thoughts aside for the time being as he went back to his feet, this time pressing his hand against the wound to keep his black blood inside his body, where it belonged, lest he unknowingly made more kids indirectly. He had to look for someplace to hide while the wound healed, but it would take longer both because he had little energy left, and the wounds inflicted by blessed weapons took longer to heal.

Every step was an agony as he made his way through the woods, trying to make as little noise as possible, just in case his daughters were around. After all, he wouldn’t be surprised if they got his keen senses.

Finally, he spotted a cave a few steps away. Aku slowly made his way into it, not even minding not having night vision at that moment, all he wanted was someplace to hide, and the darkness would blend in with his dark coloration. When he was certain he was deep enough, he collapsed on his rear, panting heavily at the pain in his side. He took his cape and pressed it against the wound, again wincing at the burning sensation. If he were human, he would have certainly died in the river.

Damn it.

Aku closed his eyes shut, listening to his own breath as he tried to relax and let his body and healing capability do their job. And while he was on it, he might as well think on how to get away from his daughters.

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I been seeing @lady-darkstreak doing some super cute Daxter drawings with reasonable/realistic anatomy so I wanted to give that a go as well. I used a screenshot of a hungry otter’s face and traced over it real quick and went from there. I learned a lot about otter anatomy, like how they actually DO have those eyebrow ridges on their face, and their faces are kinda weirdly flat and smooth.

I left the weasel references in because I pulled color palette from them.

Love means you’ll watch horror movies with me

i was inspired by @gayfloralbabe‘s ask to me !!! ty iain !! u can also read it on ao3 

Sighing, for the fifth time this night, Hunk intervened his boyfriend’s little spat about what movie they should watch this time. Unfortunately this was no surprise of events. Lance always insists on horror films, while Keith favours action films, and honestly right now Hunk didn’t really care which genre, he just wanted to actually watch a film today. He pushed himself from his lying down position to a sitting up one, and listened to the argument more.

Keith was waving his arms and pointing his finger at the movie Lance wanted to watch. The Ring. Now, Hunk didn’t really want to watch a horror movie, but if he actually got to sit down and cuddle with his boyfriends and watch a movie, he’d be up for it. Lance was really pushing for this to be the film they watched, even though he looked a little scared. Both Hunk and Keith knew Lance couldn’t take scary films, but always suggested watching them for some reason. Hunk was theorizing that it was so he could seem cool and do the classic ‘yawn and drape your arm around your dates shoulder’ move. Keith joked that it was because Lance wanted him to suffer, but agreed with Hunk’s theory.

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ladyinverse  asked:

your masterlist that you just updated, for some reason all the links are gone? nothing is linking to the spell. maybe its me?

no it’s over here too, i’m trying to figure out what went wrong. i’ll try re-updating it, but if it continues, i’m just going to break it down into smaller posts and have all the posts linked back to one post so they’re all connected

anonymous asked:

did you play nier automata? :D I wonder what difficulty level ishida played.. i already had a hard time with normal difficulty hahah (played the whole gane one easy)

yeah I did! I just went through once on normal but I gotta play again (for obvious reasons ;D) when I get the DLC so I wanna try hard…. but its kind of scary haha I wonder with Ishida too… >:D



sortof, I didn’t properly shade them ^^”

Anyway, meet a couple of Diamonds and Pearl, based on Mimi’s OCs Jian and Dunn and my OC Miranda. I almost went with Rutile for the twins since she didn’t know what gem to give them and I thought they had a cool design in Steven Universe but my story/Au ideas led me to Diamonds.

So a little summary:

For some reason when Red Diamond was being baked, they broke into two, creating two half Diamonds. They’re about a head smaller than the normal Diamond. When they popped out they were fused together so other Gems were non the wiser, who would question a Diamond right? Maybe it was just a fashion choice. They decided to stay together and hide as one so that they would not cause trouble on homeworld.

Eventually at some point they were gifted a Pearl. She definitely acted funny in the sense of she wasn’t that graceful and often spoke out of turn though she always tried hard to help her Diamond(s) and even staying loyal to them after accidentally finding out their secret.

After some events (I don’t know what yet but something), the Diamonds unfuse and are outed as a defective Diamond. So… they flee so they can live and fight another day.

Thats all I got but I like to entertain the idea sometimes :’)


A/N:Quick Baked Alaska bit done by commission. To commission your own fic, email me at 

All the sign language in this fic is accurate ASL… though I’m not sure how well I transcribed it. And gah this one petered out by the end.

Yang’s eyes fluttered open, and she nearly stood to go about her morning routines… but the weight on her chest made her stop long enough to realize where she was.

And who she was with.

She shot a smile down at the only visible part of her partner in the dark room; an out of place tuft of pink hair.

“Neo? You awake?”

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OH. OH OH OH. I did not even realize Mogami was ACTUALLY really dead until that ask & reading Ch. 2 through again, for some reason I thought he'd faked it. And that means MOB IS ALL ALONE WITHOUT EVEN A HUMAN AND THATS WHY HE HAS TO COOK FOR HIMSELF and it's COLD CHRISSY YOU MONSTER YOUR FUCKING TEMPERATURE THEME BACK AGAIN AFGHHHHH my HEART (but actually it's SO good thank you)

(A Breach of Trust: Chapter 2)


The electricity is out too–the lights only turned on when Mogami went past them, and it’s strictly an effect of him using his powers. It was a smaller detail in this chapter, but none of the lights turned on for Mob. :3c

and YEAH, Mob literally has no living human to support him. Just a spirit of a man he hasn’t realized is dead

deadlyxlife  asked:

Go write a naekusaba fic where Junko dresses up Mukuro all fancy to impress Naegi, because Naegi agreed to get coffee with Mukuro. So when she goes to drink coffee with him, she spills some on her dress. Take it from there and go crazy!!! :D

A/N Actually this is more of Makoto and Junko interaction but it was just so fun!

Junko hijacks Mukuro’s date - Naekusaba

Makoto was waiting at a cafe for Mukuro since he was expecting her.

What he didn’t expect was for a dressed up Mukuro to stroll in through the doors.

“Hey, Mukuro. You look…” Makoto trailed as he fumbled with the right word to describe her. He tentatively described her, “Different.”

“Different, not nice?” ‘Mukuro’ fished for compliments.

“Well you do look nice.” He admitted weakly. “I guess I’m just not used to seeing you like this.”

“I just wanted to try something new.” She said as she stiffly twirled a bit, the frills on her dress puffed in the air. “Don’t you like it?”

“I…” He hesitated. And then gave her a weak smile, not really answering her question. “How about we order some drinks?”

“Alright.” She answered, a bit dismayed that he was dodging her question.

Well that was just a minor setback. Here was Junko dressed up as Mukuro all dolled up and Makoto didn’t have a clue. She was getting a kick out of this. She’s not sure anymore if she’s doing this to impress him for her sister or to mess with him for her entertainment. At first she just wanted to try this out and see if it could work but now that it did, she wanted to see how far she could push this. If she knew it was going to be this fun to go out disguised as her twin, she should have done this ages ago!

Everything was going all according to Junko’s plan.

Until she accidentally spilled some of her iced latte on her.

“Goddammit! Shit!” She cursed out loud.

“Are you okay?” Makoto asked worriedly as he hand her tissues but there was also something else other than concern in his gaze. He looked at her warily and then flatly called out her name. “…Junko?”


“What? What are you saying?” Junko feigned ignorance as she continued her Mukuro spiel.

“Junko.” Makoto eyed her evenly.

Dammit. And she was doing so well.

“Tch.” She clicked her tongue in annoyance and then her true personality surfaced. “What gave me away?”

Naegi chuckled slightly as he gestured towards her dress. “Mukuro would never wear something so… impractical.”

“Yeah, well what if I made her?” She crossed her arms at him, still vexed that she got caught so early on.

“True.” He agreed and then he smiled knowingly. “But no matter how uncomfortable her outfit is, her reflexes would still be better.”

Junko was about to argue back but someone walked into the cafe and joined in their conversation.

“Junko? What are you doing here?” It was Mukuro, the real deal.

“What am I doing? What are YOU doing here?” Junko shot back. “I thought I told you to stay at home because Makoto cancelled.”

Mukuro raised her phone. “Makoto texted me.”

“What?” She looked back at Makoto in disbelief who gave her a guilty smile. “Since when?”

“Since you walked through the door.” He shrugged nonchalantly.

Wow, mad props to him for catching her that fast.

“Damn, either I suck at this whole impersonating thing or you’re head is just full of my sister.” Junko whistled in approval and also in teasing. “And I won’t accept the one that portrays me with poor acting skills. You totally have the hots for my sis!”

Both Mukuro and Makoto blushed furiously at Junko’s words.
“S-shut up!” He stammered lamely.

“Anyways, three is a crowd so I’ll take this as my cue to cart-thirdwheel out.” Junko nonchalantly declared as she playfully winked at them. “You kids better behave, okay?”

“Junko, please!” Mukuro attempted to get her to stop talking.

She only continued teasing them with a coy smile, “No wait, better yet. Misbehave! You have my blessing!!”

It took a lot of teasing (all from Junko) before she finally left the two alone to deal with… whatever Junko has left them with.

Mukuro started by bowing to Makoto and apologizing. “Whatever my sister did, I apologize.”

“Hey, it’s okay. No need to apologize.” Makoto reassured her. ”I know what it’s like to have troublesome siblings.”

“But still. Junko caused a lot of trouble today.” She frowned slightly.

“And you’re a victim in this as much as I am.” He gently consoled her and then smiled warmly at her. ”So let’s call it quits and get that coffee we promised?”

“…Okay.” She agreed and in a smaller voice, she added, ”As promised.”

Unlike Junko’s disaster, Mukuro and Makoto’s coffee session went smoothly and with no drinks spilling. There was a close call on Makoto’s part but Mukuro was fast enough to catch his cup before it even hit the floor. For some reason that she couldn’t quite place, he was ridiculously happy when she did that. He said something like, “You really do have great reflexes.” and she was too stunned by his smile to say anything other than “Thanks”. They continued from where they left off after that and time passed quickly.

Mukuro may have expected the conversation topics except for this one.

“Hey, Mukuro.” Makoto called her all of a sudden and then smiled brightly at her. “You look cute in that.”

How could he say that so easily?

How could she not blush to that so quickly?

“…!” Mukuro opened her mouth and then closed it. Wait, she wasn’t wearing anything special today. But the way he gave the compliment told her that he wasn’t lying. This left her flustered and confused. “Thanks… But it’s just my usual clothes.” She lamely pointed out.

His smile just widened knowingly.

“Exactly. I like you just the way you are.”

All in all, the coffee date turned out to be a success.

The amazing unfinished and abandoned 1000 ton Egyptian Obelisk

The largest known Egyptian obelisk is called the “unfinished obelisk”, which today can be found exactly where it was once semi-carved from the solid bedrock. This stone block was intended to be a 120ft tall obelisk. It is estimated that a block of granite this size would easily weigh more than a 1000 tons, some geologists have suggested a figure in the region of 1100 tons – 1150 tons.

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The Many Uses of Suspenders: RWBY Future AU

A drabble/oneshot inspired by Funblade’s (and Amipiai"s contribution’s) senpais RWBY future AU. Suspenders are awesome, cute and immensely useful to keep your boss/friend safe. Partially Inspired by this post.

Guess I’ll dedicate this to you senpais who worked hard on this AU. I hope I didn;t mess it up *bows*

Edit: We got a sequel now folks

Summary: Blake respects Weiss determination in everything she does but sometimes it just ticks the head of security off to see her gamble her own health. Too much is too much. She can’t have that now can she?

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blindside by @trashyscarface

A while back I asked Trashy if I could color this black and white work and was given permission to do so. I wanted to try and get both the large picture and the close up done, but for whatever reason, I have always been more drawn to the smaller image, so I went with that one.

This actually took a lot longer than I originally anticipated and also had some help from @shaetil. Typical rants of how I can do better and she even got me a file with some new brushes for Photoshop :)

In the end, all I can say is I hope I did this picture justice for Trashy.

Pearl ate today!
She hasn’t eaten since October 17th. This was the first time I’ve offered food since she was attacked on the 21st.
She was in good body condition before, so an extra couple weeks without food wasn’t much concern. I wanted to make sure she was on the mend and acting like herself again.
This meal was smaller than what she’s been getting, but she struggled with it a little more than normal regardless. She’s still regaining her fine motor control.
I was so happy she ate. Shes out basking right now.

Cigarettes - Part 2

“And last one is packed!” I chimmed happily as I took the final box of my stuff and carried it to my car.
“Call whener you need anything, okay?” my mum, who was now being left alone in our big, family house, said with a lovely smile.
Even though she doesn’t mind that I’m moving because she has business trips every now and then, seeing her like this and knowing I won’t be living with her anymore kind of poked me in the heart.
“I’ll come visit you whenever you’re home!” I promised and hugged her tight for a few minutes. When we let go, I sat in my car taking one last look at my old home. The beautiful, big house with washed out blue windows and a big, wooden porch that carried a big, comfortable swing. I always used to sit there whenever I got in a fight with my parents. I’d just rock on the swing and observe the life in our street, saying hi to the old neighbours that were coming home carrying their grocuries or just walking their dogs.
My mum stood next to my car window waving at me. I could see her eyes water although she tried to hide it so I waved at her pulling down the car window. “Love you, mum.” I said and smiled as I started the car.
“I love you too, baby.” she said smiling and still waving at me. I pulled out of the driveway and started the trip to my new life. I quickly searched for the CD mix tape I had put in my bag before I finished packing, being careful to watch the road. When I found it, I put on my current favorite; Centuries by Fall out boy. I turned the volume on almost the loudest and sang out the top of my lungs as I drove to the city I will be living in from today on.
With my favorite songs from my favorite bands and with me having fun singing and talking to Calum on the phone half of the way, I was there before I knew it.
Lisa, my friend who’s loaning me the flat, sent me the exact directions and said she would leave the keys behind the plant outside the door. Apperently my new roomate has already moved in so I thought we’d have to spend our day getting to know each other. I took a deep breath before unlocking the door, preparing myself for the awkward introductions and a bit of chatting.
As I came in the apartment, I saw a nice hallway and a pretty modern kitchen with some glasses on the sink. I crossed the hallway noticing some album records thrown all over the floor, there were albums from bands like by All time low, Green day, Europe, Blink 182, Fall out boy and all other kinds of classic rock. The apartment was engagingly messy, there were some clothes on the floor, the TV was on although nobody was in the living room. A pair of headphones were thrown over the couch and a blanket was hanging on the kitchen chair, all scrambled up.
I smiled at the sight of my new home, I liked the home atmosphere. Just as I brought in my suitcases and placed them next to the kitchen bar, I heard a door open on the other side of the apartment. My head turned to the direction where the noise came from and I saw a boy coming out of, what it looked like, a bathroom. He had a grey beanie on his head and a pair of trousers perfectly hanging from his hips. He was also shirtless, exposing me his perfect V line and his perfectly sculped muscles. He closed the door to the bathroom and turned around, facing me. When he noticed I was standing there he stood in place, confusion written on his face.
“What the hell are you doing in my apartment?!” he asked looking me with his bright blue eyes, still not moving. And that’s when I realised who he was.
“You’re the guy who came to my shop a few days ago.” I ignored his question and leaned on my hip. “Oh my God, don’t tell me you’re my new roomate?!” I whined, slapping myself on the forehead. Lisa never told me my new roomate would be a guy. If my mum knew she would probably offer to pay for my own apartment.
“Wait, wait, wait. You’re going to be my roomate?” he smirked and exhaled, a cloud of smoke coming out of his mouth. That’s when I noticed he was holding a cigarette in his hand. I made a face, trying not to inhale the smoke and waved my hand in front of my face to clear up the air.
“Apperently.” I sighed and shrugged. “Could you please throw that away?” I asked looking at the cigarette between his fingers.
“Why?” he smirked again as he took a smoke.
“I hate the smell.” I simply explained.
I watched him observe me, his eyes shamelessly trailing from my face to my body, exhamining me from tip to toe. I didn’t know what to do so I just awkwardly stood in front of him, blushing. When I switched the balance to my right leg he finally spoke.
“For you, just this once.” he gave me a huge, teethy smile making it impossible for me to ignore his lip ring. He threw the cigarette to the floor and just stepped on it to turn it out. I blankly stared at him.
“You’re just going to leave it there, like that?” I accidentally blurted out not meaning to sound as harsh.
He looked at me with a serious expression and for some reason I wished I had just stayed quiet, but since I now obviously almost ruined the 5-minutes “friendship” with the guy whose name I didn’t even know yet, there was not going back anymore. So I just went with it.
“It’s ruining the floor. And you might aswell step on the ashes once you take your shoes off.” I explained smiling sweetly at him, taking my suitcases and walking next to him to find my room.
He came out of the bathroom so I walked past that door, finding two more in another, smaller hallway.
“Yours is on the left.” I heard him yell as he walked away and disappeared behind the corner. I swung the door open and found myself in a room with pastel purple walls and a white, fluffy carpet, it looked just like a little girl used to live here. I could imagine why this wasn’t his room. I smiled at the thought and heard a knock on my already opened door. He was standing there with my suitcases, holding them with ease. I blushed because I could barely pick them up and I’d still stumble while trying to carry them.
“Thanks…” I trailed off, taking them out of his hands and leaning them next to the bed.
“I’m Luke.” he said and held out a hand for me to shake.
“I’m Layla.” I introduced myself aswell, taking his hand and beginning to shake it, but instead of shaking it, he spun me around like a ballerina. I awkwardly laughed at the gesture and looked at him confused.
“Sorry, I used to do that with my neighbour whenever I’d see her. It became a habit, I guess.” he returned, a light pink burning his cheeks.
“Don’t apologize.” I waved him off. “Um… So I’ll just go carry in the boxes that I left in my car.” I said pointing to the door that I accidentally left opened, a sight of my car pulled up on the driveway coming in view.
“I’d help you, but I’m going out.” he said and before I could assure him that it’s okay, he just walked out of the apartment, grabbing a shirt from the hanger on his way out.
I sighed as I watched him leave. Well this is going to be interesting.


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havina  asked:

Hey! Do you have any advice about writing a novel based on your own experiences? Thanks a lot :) (I'm sorry if this has been asked before)

This is a great question! I honestly don’t remember if this exact question has been asked before, but even if it has, I have different experiences now than I did whenever I answered it before (I assume), so it’s totally fine either way. :)

I have a LOT to say about writing novels. Prepare yourself for overkill.

As I’ve mentioned a few times on this blog, my first attempt at writing a novel came in my freshman year of high school. I was 14 years old and had done quite a bit of writing before that, but I hadn’t committed to any big projects like a novel at that point.

Because I wanted to be able to work on it at school, I decided to write it by hand, and the first big idea came just before one of my classes started for the day. So I just went for it. One of the friends I made in that class (I don’t know exactly what it was called, but it was mostly typing and learning how to use computers in a business context) was also working on a big project. So it was a great opportunity to write and talk to another writer.

We ended up developing a really great friendship, to the point where we learned the sign-language alphabet and communicated with that (yes, spelling out words because we were dorks) when we didn’t want anyone to know what we were talking about. We haven’t talked in ages, but I still love her to bits.

For me, that was an important positive experience for me as a young writer. I needed to have somebody else in it with me. We were both shooting for book-length works, and they both involved magic and other cool stuff. It was perfect.

Because of that, I felt compelled to continue to work on it throughout the rest of my high-school career.

But it never hit the shelves for a bunch of really big reasons. (Wow, that sounds really dramatic.)

The first big reason is that when you type up something you’ve written by hand, your work suddenly shrinks. A lot. There is nothing like typing up your introductory chapter and realizing that it’s basically just a paragraph.

That was really off-putting for me, so I went back to writing by hand.

That’s the second reason: when you write by hand, it feels non-permanent. I was writing in pencil! And some of it was being written in the margins of my notes during class. I eventually graduated to keeping the book stuff just underneath my notes so I could switch back and forth more easily.

The fact that I was mostly writing it during school hours made it a much smaller project than I’d ever imagined it would be. In my mind, I had this large-scale epic story. But on paper, it was just a bunch of loose-leaf pages that were mostly rip-offs of other stuff that I liked.

Keeping a project during school hours only makes it seem like you’re doing much more than you actually are. By the time I graduated high school, the whole thing was 42 handwritten pages. Just 42. It felt like a lot at the time, but I knew that it was probably very short when typed up. So I didn’t.

I guess I was never as committed to it as I liked to think I was. After all, I was working on it for about four years. But in reality, if it mattered that much, I would have made more time for it and figured out how to make it less … tiny.

The third reason is that once I finished high school, I realized how small it was. And I dumped it. I never wrote another word of it. I graduated high school in 2008.

Commitment is hard when you don’t have a concept of how big or small your project really is.

It also didn’t help that I didn’t know the term “novella.” I think that if I had known what a novella was, then I would have been fine with that and finished it.

But I didn’t know that there was any bridge between short stories and books. So I quit working on it.

Once I started college, I learned about NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. It’s exactly what it sounds like. You try to write a novel in a month. If you write 1,667 words every day in November, you get about 50,000 words, which is the average length for a novel.

Sounds crazy, right? How could anyone write a novel in one month? Well, I tried it anyway. And I let myself get caught up in school and ended up just doing really horribly. It’s not like the content mattered. But I couldn’t generate enough content to form a full-length book. It was terrible.

So I tried again the next year. Similar situation, but I made it a little further that time.

The next year is when everything changed. I met a very important person in 2010. And he had some amazing ideas. But he couldn’t write worth a crap. I mean, he tried, but his dyslexia made things really difficult for him. He couldn’t even keep the verb tenses consistent in his previous work. So I offered to work on it with him.

And we’re still working together, and I think I will still be working on these books when I am old.

For me, I couldn’t sustain the length. I didn’t believe in my own creativity enough to make something the length of a book.

But meeting someone with infinite ideas made all the difference. All he had to do was talk out loud while I made a bullet-point list of some events. We talked about the far-reaching possibilities–after all, he’d been working on these characters and plots since he was little. He had put more effort into world-building and character development than I ever had.

And because I know him really well, I was able to get his vision onto the page with little difficulty. For me, having a road-map has been the best thing. While I ran out of steam because I didn’t know what to do next, this person knew exactly where things were going, even if there weren’t some specific details of how they got there.

The bullet point that made me realize myself as a creative individual was something along the lines of “they get into the town somehow.”

I’ve never been so angry at a bullet point in my entire life. When he was first telling me the important pieces of the story, I just was running with it and typing as quickly as I could.

Things were fine until I got to that stupid bullet point.

“What do you mean by ‘somehow’?” I asked.

“I don’t know how they get in. They just do. It’s up to you how they do it.”

For some reason, this made me really angry. Up to this point, I had been able to fill in the blanks between bullet points pretty seamlessly. But none of them had included a “somehow.”

The town is blocked by big walls and has two guards stationed at the entrance. How do a couple of dudes walking through the forest get into this town?

I. Didn’t. Know.

This drove me up the wall. But what do creative people do when they’re backed into a hopeless corner? They come up with a way out of it.

I created a new character and her lackeys, and they, being nobility, could get the two main characters into the town.

I created this character to solve a problem, to fill the void of “somehow.”

I even had her come back later just because I thought it would be funny if they kept running into each other.

And then one day, my co-author told me he had an idea. And he proposed that we adjust the big-bad-wolves (so to speak) so that this gag character could become one of them.

After that, things escalated pretty strongly, and she’s become one of the core members of the mythology surrounding the main characters. She’s huge. And she was a total accident. She was just supposed to get the two main characters into a town and create someone to flirt with and provide a breath of fresh air from the testosterone that comes with writing about two men.

She became completely integrated into the overall idea of the story. She is as important as any of the other important characters that my co-author created years and years ago.

Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say. And I think that is one of the best things about writing a novel. I invented a solution, and that solution became a bigger and bigger idea as time went on.

No matter how small and stupid your ideas may seem to you, everything you create as a writer is important. Doing those terrible years of NaNoWriMo and that terrible handwritten story and everything else I wrote allowed me to see what is and isn’t the way for me to write. Everyone is different. So just keep writing until you find what works for you.

But it also requires dedication. I have a new book-length project that I am beginning this summer. I have no idea if I will be able to sustain it on my own, but I do think it will be important to make my own bullet points. Creating my own plot points hasn’t worked out too well in the past because my stories change a lot from the start to the finish. I’m hoping that I can get a better idea of where things would go than I used to. I’m not sure how capable I am of this, but I feel really strongly about this project and am willing to try for it.

I have been working on this series with my co-author since 2010, and it is wonderful. It’s absolutely wonderful. Getting feedback and help can be a really difficult part of having a co-author, and I don’t really recommend it to most people. It can damage friendships and stuff. For us, for a time, I was doing all the work completely on my own because he was tired of reading the same book over and over again. But I feel like I can do a significant amount of work before shoving it back in his face, and things are moving much more steadily now.

All in all, though, we were definitely meant to work on this together, and the times when we weren’t working together, it was nothing less than painful and aggravating. I have been blessed with immense patience (no, I had to work hard to become as patient as I am) and willpower, so I’ve trudged through the tough bits better than most people could have in the situations that I was presented with. There is a reason why most people write books on their own–it can get really complicated when other people are involved.

You honestly just have to be ready to sit down and do the hard work. The more you write, the easier it will be for you.

NaNoWriMo will either really help you or really discourage you. It is a really tough challenge, and it can be really disheartening if you get behind even by a few hundred words.

You have to steel yourself for grunt work and to read over the same things a thousand times over.

You have to be ready to cut your words down, to kill your characters, and to fix problems that you accidentally created for yourself.

It is long, hard work, and if you treat it like it I did when I was in high school, you’ll never finish anything.

If you don’t want to put in the hours of writing and re-writing and reading over it a million times, then it may not be for you, as awful as it may seem for me to say.

I could write another post just for the revision process–it’s just as important as the process of writing.

As far as the process of writing goes, you have to prepare yourself by knowing what you want to say.

What is this book about?
Could you summarize it in a sentence?

What are the hopes and fears of the main characters, including the villains?

What should readers get out of reading your book?
How should they feel when they finish reading it?
What message does your book send?

It involves a lot of planning.

Some major points of planning:

  • who the characters are
  • what the characters want
  • how they feel about each other
  • what they do
  • why they do it
  • where they are going
  • why they are going there
  • whether they reach their destination (whether it is literal or figurative)
  • how they begin
  • how they change
  • how they end
  • what tone you want to end with
  • whether you want to do sequels
  • what the major plot points are
  • why those plot points are important
  • what small things lead up to the major plot points
  • how they are important to the plot
  • why each character and each location is necessary
  • who your audience is (age, level of education, etc.)
  • what the genre is (not always important)
  • why you are the one qualified to write this story
  • how it is different from the other stories you’ve read
  • why people need to read this story

You don’t have to know all of the answers to these right away, but you should start thinking about them as you begin to work on your project.

Every single answer will affect how you write this novel. All of them–mostly in ways that you wouldn’t expect.

The more answers you have for yourself, the better. There are millions of things to know about your characters and world, and your readers will only learn a portion of it. And that’s okay. But you need to know it, because it will affect how you write each character, each town, each whatever.

If you want to avoid a portion of re-writing, the best thing you can do is answer as many of those questions as you can. If you don’t realize your main character’s motivation until you’re halfway through the book, it is distinctly possible that you will have to re-write that first half of the book because it would change how your character will act. Re-writing sucks. Get your house in order before you take your tools out.

The more you have organized and answered for yourself, the better chance you have of knowing your story well enough to actually tell it.

I know this all seems overwhelming, and much of what I’ve written may seem unnecessary here, but for me, all of this has been crucial to my experience as a writer. This is honestly just a bit down from the surface–some of the major neural pathways. I could talk about writing novels forever and ever.

If you have more specific questions, I can go off on different tangents to answer them. :)

I hope this helps and that you take as much of this as you can to heart.

Writing is a craft that requires dedication and hard work. Writing a novel is one of the hardest things a person can do. But it is really, truly rewarding.

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Of All the flowers, II


PAIRINGS: Gruvia. Gray and Juvia

Summary: ‘I don’t care if I became penniless, if it meant to have you’. Flower shop AU.


He remembered it all well.

It was summer that time. It was the season that he hated the most. They had moved out of their former town not three months ago, and Gray was thinking of strolling around and explores this new town they would go to live in for — for the rest of his life. Maybe.

He and his parents moved to Oak town because of his father’s job. He actually protested because he did not want to leave Fiore and his friends and moving away meant different place, different group of people and he had to get along with everybody else. Fuck that, he hated formalities and mindless pleasantries.

But in the end, he agreed to his parents plan. So he was now strolling down the beautiful town of Oak, under the painful scorching sun. His shirt clung to him like a second skin and he suddenly had the urge to strip it away. Or he did not have to strip away because his shirt was long gone, so that was why he heard some screaming—more like squealing.

In the end, he found himself sitting on the white sand and leaning on a big rock, admiring the beautiful scenery in front of him. The smell of the sea assaulted his senses, the waves came crashing on the sparkling white sand, and he could hear rustling of clothing—wait. What? Rustling of clothing, he peeked from the big rock he was leaning on and did a double take upon seeing a beautiful woman, now only clad in her matching underwear.

He felt his heart did a cartwheel inside his chest and felt like the world suddenly went slowmo, because goddammit, he had never seen a woman who rocked with a blue hair, her body was a perfect sculpture of the body of a goddess. That bouncy big breast that his eyes were feasting on was covered by mere cloth, that flat stomach, that small waist, those large hips, and don’t let him get it started with her legs.

Her pale skin glowed more beneath the scorching sun, she was so beautiful, but what made his breath hitched up on his throat was her smile.

That was the first time he saw her.

“Good morning Juvia-chan!”

Juvia almost dropped the vase she was holding when she heard Mika-san’s cheery voice. A healthy blush covered her face, and she scrambled to her feet. “Mika—sa-san, Good morning!” She stammered and the older woman giggled behind her gloves.

“So is there something interesting that happened to you when I was away?” she scooted closer to Juvia and covered her shoulders with her arm and playfully wiggled her eyebrows.

The younger woman’s face turned a deeper shade of vermilion and Mika just laughed. “Mika-san” the blunette flailed her arms on circular motion.

“Mhmmm. Are there any new flowers?” the white haired woman changed the topic because she was aware that Juvia might faint like the last time she told her on what position Juvia and her son should do for earlier pregnancy. To compensate on what she did, she bought dozens of bouquets.

Juvia seemed to calm down, and all her embarrassment was gone, she excitedly showed the new flowers that were delivered earlier. “Wow.” Mika-san exclaimed and Juvia proudly smiled as she started to pick the flowers she wanted to buy.

“Mika-san, Juvia has to arrange it for a while, does Mika-san mind waiting?” she politely asked as the woman watched Juvia with sharp eyes. “I—i-is there something wrong?”

When Mika went towards Juvia, she stepped back, the white haired beauty was taller than Juvia with a little inches and Juvia felt herself turned smaller and smaller. “kyaa!” she yelped when she felt Mika’s hands on her hips. “Mhmm, You have large hips, that is good for carrying kids” when Mika took her hands off of Juvia, the blunette could only raise her eyebrow in astonishment.

Mika presented her with a smug smile and added “Silver was right I don’t have to worry about my grandchildren being healthy or not, because you, my dear, is perfect for bearing my grandkids.”

“Eh—eh?!” Juvia once then, been bombarded by the son she was talking about. She clutched her cheeks with her hands, and felt steams coming out of her head.

“Juvia and Gray-sama making babies?!”

“Yes, my dear” Juvia was not aware that she had said her thoughts out loud. “ oh, you should start practicing calling me Mother.” Mika-san winked at the blunette.

Juvia’s head was still swimming with things when she heard the bell from the door chimed and saw Mika-san walking out without saying goodbye, but knowing the older woman she had already bid her goodbye but she just did not heard.

“W—wait, Mika-san?!” she called, her apron flapped around her as the winds assaulted her. When Mika heard Juvia’s voice she stilled and turned around.

“Juvia, what are you doing?” she asked as the young lady huffed for air.

“b—but, what about Mika-san’s flowers?”

“It’s alright, My son will picked it up like last time” she winked at Juvia, Mika really loved seeing Juvia’s reaction, she was so adorable.


“I said you should pick the flowe—”

“I heard what you said.” Gray glared at his mother as she looked at her fingernails like it was the most interesting thing in the world. The first time he stepped on that shop and the time he met Juvia, he made an idiot out of himself, and he did not like it.

“Then why are you asking me to repeat myself then?” she innocently blinked at her son, and Gray rolled his eyes because his mother was making him do things he did not want. It was not that he did not want to see Juvia once more, It was just he did not want to make a fool out of himself, again.

He could not even say the words he wanted to tell her.

“What are you so scared of? It’s not like you’re asking her to marry you and make babie—”

“Mom, could you please—"he sighed, the last thing he wanted to stay in his head was the picture of Juvia, naked, and him making Fullbuster heirs. It was torturous enough that he remembered her only clad in her underwear, every morning of his life.

"Oh. Gray” he heard his mother sobbed and that caught his attention. “It was like yesterday when I held you in my arms, and look at you now, all grown-up and have a girlfriend” she even wiped a fake tear.

His face burned from embarrassment. “Mom, Juvia is not my girlfriend—”

“—yet.” She finished for him and her mother giggled behind her hands like a schoolgirl. Mika raised an eyebrow when her son did not protest and that made her smile warmly. She glanced on the wall clock and jumped out of her seat.

“W-wait?” Gray spluttered out as his mother pushed him out of their house.

“Go along now, she must be waiting.” She said and Gray scowled at her, she just ignored him because she knew that he really wanted to go there but did not have a reason to.

Gray was about to leave when his mother called him. “What?!” he, annoyed, asked. When, he saw his mother’s stern gaze, he swallowed hard.

“Give these to her parents.” She thrust a bag of cookies and breads.

His face etched with confusion. “Go and court her parents too.” She winked.

He swore his parents would be the death of him

He took it back; she would be the death of him.

With that wonderful big eyes of hers, that curly blue hair, that button-like nose, that full luscious pink lips, that pale skin, and that sinfully wonderful body of hers.

Gray Fullbuster had decided that Juvia would be the death of him.

He felt his breath hitched up when she smiled behind those flowers. His hands were turning sweaty and clammy because of it. Unconsciously reached for his hair and checked his appearance on the glass window, and immediately scowled, since when did he started to become concerned on his appearance? Could he really enter the shop? With a sigh, he pushed the door open.


“Welcome to—” her next words were cut short, when she saw Gray entering the shop. Her feet seemed like it was glued on the floor, her whole body froze when she saw that handsome face of his.

She bet her face resembled a tomato right now. “Hey.” He whispered, returning her greeting and my god, should he really be sensual? She scratched her cheeks with her finger, in a way to cool it down.

“Is Gray-sama h-here for the flowers?” she asked, remembering what Mika-san told her.

He reached for his hair and unconsciously combed it. His movements caused for his biceps to be visible and that made Juvia’s cheeks redder. “Yeah. Are they ready?”

Juvia stared at him for a few seconds, her luscious pink lips apart, and in awe. He had to repeat himself so that Juvia would be out of her stance. And he would be lying if he did not found it cute.

“Mhmm, with j-just few touches,” she informed, while silently berating herself for daydreaming. The blunette shyly offered him a seat, and he found out that she was smaller than he had thought. She only stood below his chin. Was it wrong to sniff some of her scent when she went near him?

As he waited for the flowers, he could not help but found it nice to watch her working and that she seemed like she was enjoying herself, and for some odd reason…he was too.

With a few minutes, he was not aware of the fact that the sun started to set and the world outside was starting to grow dark. And the bag of cookies and breads seemed to weigh heavier on his lap and that was when he was become aware of the laughter inside the shop. Was that his father’s voice?

The sound of Juvia’s cheerful voice made almost made him jump out of his seat. “All done.”

He stood up and was about to pay her when she said that it was already paid. And the laughter made his ear twitched once more. “Is that my father’s voice?” he warily asked, almost not sure himself, because why would his father be here when he should be—

“Yes, Silver-san is drinking with papa.”

After hearing that information, his eyes widened like saucers and Juvia shyly and bashfully tugged his hand forward. “Juvia will show you.” This was supposed to be the part where he would stammer and blush, but he felt himself grew mad at his dad. What was he doing here?

When they entered the house, which was an extension of the shop, he was now sure that it was his dad’s voice.

“He is also the captain of their basketball team, and also the football team, and he was also top of his class” he heard his father say. He could see a figure, his back facing him, and Gray could feel himself sweating when his father noticed him. “Well, speaking of the devil, he is here.” Gray felt his breath froze when his father pointed at him, and a man just the same height as him stood up as well and greeted him. His father went to him and draped an arm over.

Gray was then aware that Juvia was not on his side, he bowed in a very respectful way that his father raised an eyebrow at him. “Nice to meet you sir, I’m Gray.” He introduced and stood stiffly as the brown haired man with sharp blue eyes, that was the same hue as Juvia, shook his hand and laughed. “Yeah, yeah, nice meeting you too. I’m Vernard.”

He thrust the bag on the man’s arm “What is this?” the brown haired man asked—Juvia’s papa.

“It’s a bag of cookies and breads, my mom baked it.”

“ooohh.” Said the man and called his wife, Julia, and showed the bag, they thanked him and Gray was given an opportunity to talk to his dad. “What are you doing here?” he hissed on his dad, and looked over his shoulder just to make sure that the Lockser’s did not hear him.

“What else? I’m drinking with my pal—”

“Don’t play coy with me.”

“okay. Okay. I’m helping you win her parent’s approval.” His dad winked and Gray face-palmed because he had the most annoying and nosiest and snoopiest parents in the whole world. With a sigh, he exclaimed “we are going home.”

“Gray-sama, Silver-san, should stay for dinner, Juvia and mama cooked”

Gray would have agreed after hearing that Juvia cooked for them, “Sorry, but we have to go.” His father was about to protest when he pinched his arm. He felt awful when he saw that Juvia’s face evolved into disappointment.

“oh.” He heard her say, and her voice was even disappointed! Man, he sucked big time.

“You see my mother is alone at home, and she wanted to have the flowers—so yeah.” He said hoping she would understand. “Oh, my Mika is alone at home” he heard his father exclaimed.

They both bid goodbyes when he and his father were about to leave, he stopped in his tracks and everyone turned curiously at him. He limply went to Juvia and fished out a box from his pocket and run away.

“Now what was that? That is not the proper way to propose son.” Silver spouted at his son, he was aware that Gray gave Juvia a small box.

“Shut up. And it’s not a ring.”

“Oh.” And they were about to turn a corner when his father leaned on his ear and whispered. “So should I tell your mom that it is MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.” He winked and even showed him thumbs up.


“Now what was that about?” Vernard asked, his face scrunched up and tried to peek on his daughter’s hand. He saw a little box and when Juvia opened it up. “Woah.—is that a coin?—made out of jade?”

He took it out of the box and watched as his daughter’s face brightened up with a smile. “papa don’t bite it.” She reprimanded with a cute pout on her face. “What? Just making sure it was real.”

“what is that?” he asked when he saw her holding a strip of paper.

'I don’t care if I became penniless, if it meant to have you’

She heard her papa shouted for her mother and asked for his reading glasses, because apparently, the writing was so small. And Juvia crumpled the paper on her chest and snatched the coin from her father and giddily jumped towards her room.

And when she got inside her room she heard her father screamed.

“What the?” he asked and when Juvia was away, the thought suddenly settled on him like an anchor would. He slowly turned around to his wife, who was busy humming. “D—don’t tell me, …that—that boy, that Silver’s son ..—was courting my precious Juvia?!”

His wife stopped humming and sweetly smiled at him. “Then, I won’t tell,dear.” She giggled.


Part 1