so it went smaller for some reason

Sorry I haven’t been around, but I’ve been busy this past week. There also hadn’t been anything new to report. Until yesterday. :-)

Normally I exercise a few times a week during the day when no one is home. I missed Friday, though, so I decided to do it yesterday instead. I put on my “special” workout clothes, and knocked on my son’s door to let him know I was heading down to the exercise room we have in the basement, in case he was looking for me.

See, my special outfit is that because I went looking for a flattering outfit to wear in front of my son (even though yesterday was the first time I ever have). I found a great pair of yoga pants and a matching sports bra that showed some good cleavage. Then I followed some advice I saw online: I bought the outfit one size smaller.

So the reason I gave my son for knocking on his door was that I would have headphones on, so I wouldn’t hear him calling me. But of course the real reason was to let him know what I was wearing.

I went down and stretched like I normally do. Just before I got on the treadmill, my son came into the room saying he was going to lift weights. And he did, but every time I looked at him in the mirror on the wall, I caught him looking at me.

I only ran for 10 minutes, half what I normally do. But then I asked my son if he would help me add some weight lifting to help me get a little strength instead of just doing cardio exercises. He was surprised, but said he would.

He showed me a couple different things (nothing I didn’t already know) but most of it was him watching my tits threaten to pop out of my top. My favorite part was doing the bench press when he was spotting me, which had his crotch only a few inches from my face. I had already been a little worked up since he first started watching me, but the realization of how close he was got me so wet I was sure I was going to soak through my yoga pants. So sure that I stopped after that and said I needed to shower before getting dinner started.

He followed me upstairs, hopefully checking out my ass. ;-) Before I went in my room, though, I thanked him for helping me, and asked if maybe he could start being my personal trainer after school. He blushed as he said sure, but I pretended like I didn’t notice. I thanked him and gave him a kiss, then went in my room and masturbated desperately in the shower. Lol

blindside by @trashyscarface

A while back I asked Trashy if I could color this black and white work and was given permission to do so. I wanted to try and get both the large picture and the close up done, but for whatever reason, I have always been more drawn to the smaller image, so I went with that one.

This actually took a lot longer than I originally anticipated and also had some help from @shaetil. Typical rants of how I can do better and she even got me a file with some new brushes for Photoshop :)

In the end, all I can say is I hope I did this picture justice for Trashy.