so it was throwback thursday


A Tennant/Tate Celebration 

Interviewer:  “You can’t stay apart.”
David:  “We can’t, no.”
Catherine:  “No, we tried.”

David:  “We’ve always enjoyed working together… specifically working together as well as hanging out.”

A gif-tastic update of this old post o’ mine

anonymous asked:

Is it USWNT camp yet, I need Kellex lol


also @randommolecules (god BLESS u) found this old photo of a w-t-f kellex moment:

(from the 2016 concacaf champions ceremony picture thingy)

 and at first I was like really what in the world is happening here??? BUT then I remembered when Kelley pulled this prank during the SheBelieves ceremony that year…:

SO in conclusion get you a girl who puts confetti in your hair when you’re not looking!!!!!!!



It’s National Puppy Day!  The only puppy I have ever met is Bucky.  He has the nicest hair!  His head seems to have gotten smaller than the last time he gave me a ride though…

(Don’t worry, Mom and gckaf were hovering right outside the frame to make sure neither of us got hurt!)


David Tennant’s Contributions to Doctor Who Episodes
“Void Stuff” Edition

From the Doomsday DVD Commentary with David Tennant and Billie Piper

David: We came up with that, didn’t we?
Billie: Yeah!
David: That sort of idea that we trail slightly.
Billie: Yeah
David:  So that you could kind of… you can try to touch them if we moved about

Orig.Poster’s note: This post is part of a series on some of the contributions that David made to episodes of Doctor Who, because he sometimes gets questions about ad-libs or input he may have had to episodes, but he tends to not take credit for his various additions/suggestions - so I figured I’d list some for him.  From what David & Billie say on the commentary, it appears that the Doctor’s little dance and Rose putting her hand out to touch the void-stuff was actually their idea for how to play this scene (and of course The Mill had to help them out later when adding the special effects - to make the void stuff behave as requested).  I’m glad - because the void-stuff behavior (as well as David’s little dance to show off that behavior) do make this scene more memorable, I believe.

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