so it was obv meant to be

anyways the cover of as long as you love me by sleeping at last is a clexa song and you guys need to listen to it on youtube and i’m so confident in this that i’ve even attached a link here


Fic Request: oh goodness someone should do a fic when it’s the soul mates au where your soul mates name comes in like a tattoo on your wrist. and lydia obvs gets stile’s name doesn’t know it’s stile’s bc it’s his real name. so she like goes up to stile’s about it and he has a minor freak out.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Soulmate!AU

Author: dylanhun

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“i feel like i don’t know you anymore” and other lines that make me cry Forever bc of the parallels between eva’s season and isak’s, the struggles they both have gone through with feeling like they no longer recognized themselves bc of things they did, that they felt fake and unreal and stopped liking who they were for that. and obvs there’s a big glaring difference there with isak’s experience, in terms of his sexuality and how deeply he had internalized shit that affected how he thought about it in relation to himself and also how deeply he felt he couldn’t ever talk to anyone about it which meant he spent the better part of a year at least carrying all of this alone. but also there’s this similarity there, this profound experience that they both have shared, of having gone so far outside who they thought they were and then the struggle to reconcile that and find their way back to an understanding of themselves.

and the more i think about it, the more i rewatch s1, the less surprised i am that s3 ended with them reconnecting bc it was always going to. it always needed to, for isak. eva wasn’t just a friend he hurt and lost, she was the start and concentrated symbol of a whole period of not knowing himself, of putting up walls and facades so no one would figure that out or question why. and now that he’s finally started to get back to knowing who he is, now that he’s finally becoming comfortable and happy in who he is again, of course she’s the first person he was going to seek out to make amends to. a year is a hell of a long time to go without recognizing yourself, and eva was the start of that for him. it’s only fitting that she be the end of it too.

there’s a rock station in allentown that will play young lust without playing empty spaces first to segue into it… so the dj will finish talking and abruptly you hear david gimour bark “I AM JST A NEW BOY” and it fckin STARTLES me! like it’s prompted me to swerve when im driving bc it’s loud and comes out of nowhere. and that’d be a rly pathetic way to die

One day late but eey! It has been an insane fandom year for a Nygmobblepot & Smaylor trashie let me tell you. We were not even 10 people back in 2014, staying strong and stubborn in our smol corner of the fandom seeing the future of Nygmobblepot. Now look where we are!! The things we have dreamed of and made AU:s of is CANON. We have also got beyond approval of Smaylor from Robin & Cory! This has meant SO much to me I can’t explain. And I could write 10 pages more about this but I won’t in this post. My blog has grown so much I can’t believe and I’m so happy for all support and followers that makes tumblr a gorgeous place! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

So ofc here are some lovely people I wanna thank for making 2016 better!

@okimi79 - My trash daugtherwife made of sin that has all my love. By my side since 2014 in smol Nygmobblepot corner. We’ve been through such a huge stormy ride together. And I’m so beyond happy that you sent that first message to me along the lines of ”We seems to be the only ones shipping Nygmobblepot, we should have a secret handshake!”. And the rest is history :3 ♥

@riddlelvr - My trash daughter made of sin AGAIN. Yes. Together with okimi we created the best Trash Family of trash and I’m so glad we did :’). Your art and sinful mind is amazing and sin combined with skills speaks for itselfs what that can create ♥

And this is to both of you. I’m so proud of both of you for all your amazing creativity you make, your amazing fics and art and fics just for me for no one else to see. The endless screaming over Nygmobblepot & Smaylor we share. And when I have to be strong when new Cory pics comes along, and when YOU have to be strong when Daddy decides to wear pretty suits and be sinful that makes me leave milk in the fridge so you can surrvive without me for some days. I LOVE YOU ♥

The Anonymous Smaylor Fairies - I don’t know who all of you are but you have filled my inbox with amazing trash ficlets and headcanons that I love with all my heart! Be proud of your trash talent!! And I hope you will pay me many more visits during 2017.

@frosty-chatterbox Nyannnn. Precious trashcan with no rps guilt that don’t take shit! Thank you for all our long chats this year!! You also gave me the video where Robin says Hi to me and that was the sweetest thing and I giggled for days of happiness ♥♥

@selene-yoshi-chan - The sweetest fluffy muffin too pure. Thank you for all your amazing art and love ♥♥

@themadmiz - You basically just fell from heaven into the Nygmobblepot tag. Suddenly it was filled with your beyond amazing unique gif art! And it is a joy to see! You are constantly taking gif making to the next level.

@vivienvalentino / @gotham-daily - Rainbow color sass senpai delivering beyond awsm gifs filled with color and eyegasm, also your sass in asks have no limit.  

@emberandshadow - Heartbreaking angst master! You have broke my heart 100 times 2016 but YET I crawl back to you begging for more, because I’m trash and your stories is a delight!

@millicentcordelia - Thank you for all your interesting text metas and analyzes about Gotham and Nygmobblepot with your trashfeet on the ground! You have always something great to say about what’s happening and you keep calm and quality safe while the tag has gone bananas! We can always count on you!  

@featheredriddler - Always ready to take a screamy message when something happens. I can always count on getting a lovely fangirl scream back! ;) 

And to more pure lovely Nygmobblepot squad people. THANK YOU SO MUCH for filling tumblr with pretty art, texts, fics, headcanons:

@veromejaleska, @martinwllstrom, @endless-nygmobblepot, @talkriddletome, @hotgothamite, @areyouaskingmeariddle, @amandajuly81,
@oswald-nygmobblepot@more-fun-than-is-legal, @littlehollyleaf

And to everyone else I didn’t mention here that makes tumblr a gorgeous fandom place filled with all forms of art. From Gotham to Sherlock to Sailor Moon and all other fandoms I’m in! Everyone that sends me lovely message with everything from Smaylor trash to that you love the stuff I create and my blog, it warms my heart! ♥♥♥

college bf jin

hey y’all, so we’re starting this bts college boyfriend series, here’s 1/7 our queen, kim seokjin (aka seokdaddy), enjOY!!!

  • you’d be dating jin (duh)
  • and you both lived a few hours away from your hometowns
  • probably met at an extracurricular club at school
  • you were always dying for tuesday nights to come around bc that meant you’d see jin
  • and one night after your club met, he’d ask if you wanted to grab dinner with him
  • you obvs wouldn’t turn that offer down
  • like hello seokjin asking u out hell ya
  • after dinner he’d be like wow ur rlly cool we need to hang out again
  • and so you’d exchange numbers and he’d walk you to ur dorm
  • so y'all chill again next week
  • and the week after
  • and the week after
  • until you guys are hanging out everyday of every week
  • it’s not until 3 weeks before you guys head home for the holidays that he asks you to be his and ur just like ya bitch it’s about time!
  • you spend a lot of ur time in his dorm room
  • also becoming friends with his roommate hoseok
  • u and him are pretty tight too bc y'all are in the same program
  • anyway
  • so like the night before your big ass exam ur stressing the fuck out and jin knows ur dying in ur room bc it’s 9pm and u haven’t responded to his texts/calls all day 
  • probably haven’t eaten yet either 
  • so he makes the initiative to go to room and get you outta there regardless of ur exam
  • he takes you to his room and locks the door behind u so fast ur a little worried lowkey
  • “hoseok’s not here dw"
  • ur like “ok…"
  • he hands you a paper bag that’s like rlly heavy and u take out what’s in it
  • surprise ur absolute fav food
  • “pls eat, babe, you’ve been working ur pretty little ass off all day”
  • u just smile bc wow jin is literally tOO sweet for u
  • after u eat, he turns the lights off and turns the lamp on and throws ur garbage out for u
  • “lie down”
  • “jin I still have to finish studying”
  • “were you gonna study all night?”
  • “yes”
  • “then take a nap”
  • he proceeds to remove the comforter off the bed and gestures u to lie down
  • and ofc he lies down beside you
  • but wAIT, he gets up and ur looking at him like bitch wtf get back in bed with me it’s cold!!!!
  • but he gets up to open the curtains bc he knows how much u enjoy the scenery outside of his dorm room
  • (not urs tho bc u can only see campus buildings from ur window ew)
  • and you guys are both wearing ur university hoodies so y’all are toasty warm kinda
  • lying down in his bed, you have ur head in his chest and his chin is on top of ur head
  • he has his arms gently placed on your body
  • ur drained as fuck so as ur drifting off to sleep he whispers
  • “don’t worry i’ll wake u up in an hour”
  • and u can always rely on him
  • u felt him slightly move
  • probably bc he was setting an alarm on his phone
  • y'all fall asleep for a little while feeling cozy as fuck in the cold winter weather in his cute little dorm room
  • but u guys are woken up less than an hour later
  • (like literally 5 minutes before jin’s alarm goes off)
  • bc loud ass hoseok barges in with his bae 
  • and they’re laughing so loud as always
  • u feel jin’s head move and u hear him telling them to shut the fuck up
  • bc hello he cares so much about u
  • “shit”
  • “let’s go to my room hobi”
  • “ok”
  • they leave
  • jin’s alarm goes off literally 2 mins later
  • and ur like “20 more mins”
  • he’s like are u sure
  • ur like ya
  • anyway 20 mins later he walks u to ur dorm
  • and tells u to ring his phone down if u need absolutely anything and he leaves
  • but 6 hours later when it’s 7am, you’ve got an hour to get ready for ur 8am exam
  • someone comes in
  • and it’s not ur roommate bc that binch is whO knows where
  • it’s jin with a cup of tea/coffee/whatever caffeinated beverage u prefer
  • and a breakfast sandwich that he bought from the cafe that’s literally a 30 second walk from ur dorms
  • “good luck y/n you’ll kill it, i gotta go to class now but i love you a lot”
  • then he kisses u and leaves

Why do white people doom tofu so much? Like they alway say it just some filthy meat replacement stuf but it literally isn’t?? The obvs have never tasted real fresh tofu but only the cardboard stuff from the grocery store. It also was never meant to be meat replacement but a product of its own with an old ass history and it just happens to be vegan…

I have a lot of thoughts about a Sciles Cinderella AU so this is for the sake of filling the tag with more actual Sciles stuff feel free to talk to me about it. 

Scott is Cinderella obvs and the “Fairy Godmother” is actually an Alpha Werewolf. He gets his night at the ball, but he also gets claws and fangs. The God(father) meant for him to kill his abusers with them, but instead he fights the power and chooses to love instead

Stiles is the Crown Prince, and his father, the King, is dying. Their kingdom is threatened on many sides by supernatural forces, and Stiles is human

He needs an ally, a mate who can bring him some sort of assistance against this scourge, but he fell in love with a boy at the ball that he hasn’t seen sinceAll he has to remember the boy by is a golden glove, finely woven silk, with something very peculiar - tear marks in each of the fingertips

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✨WARNING LONG AF but kinda entertaining✨

Aight so I’m lifting around in a mall have a grand time, I’ve already got like 10 makeup things in my bag from other stores when I see Sephora in the distance and I’m like hey! I’ve never lifted from there damn let’s take a look 👀👀

So that’s my first fuckijg mistake, I meant to go scope out the store but there where way 2 many people to scope cams out properly w/o looking like a sus bitch so i just start browsing their merch to see what I want 2 lift for next time. Saddest thing is this was like the end of my lifting trip and I was going to come back for Sephora….tears r shed…. >

But!! The Becca skin perfecting illuminator tempted my gullible ass and I just grabbed one, popped off the rfid and slipped it in my bag at like an empty aisle. I saw a dude browsing like the back sections and I was hmm…he don’t belong here….LP?? Mm maybe idk lol and I kept browsing bc appearantly my dumb ass knows no fear

Just casually browsing, I lift a YSL lip gloss by slipping it up my sweater sleeve I go yeah ok this is a good time to go, I make it for the exit and its like Oh Hell No. There’s a SA standing there handing out perfume samples. I’m like :^) but sometimes ya just gotta persevere so I walked out when she was busy showing the samples to this group. I’m like phew I’m all g when I hear “sorry can I just check ur bag :) :)” and I fucking 😒😒😒 ohhhh fuck bitch u just Fucked Upp.

And bc was hella outta my game I complied?? I knew if I asked her if she had the right to search she’ll fucking kno I was lifting and if they actually did search my entire bag contents they’ll find So Much Shit so I was like fuck damn ok. So I was all haha sure, opened my bag a bit so she can see the Becca skin perfector sticking out and she was all do u have a receipt :) :))) and I’m like hahah!! No…😂😂…

SA tells me 2 come back with her and this group of people she was givin samples to r looking at me like 😟😠😠 and I’m just.soz…just ur local thief passin thru haha… She calls over the LP guy guess who he fucking is, he’s like lol u fucked up like he literally said that and inside I’m like look here u fat drake Lookin snitch have some fucking manners but outside I’m 😢😢I’m really sorry!!!

Ok so this is the part of the story where it’s like wtf?? R u blessed by God??? Bc he was like is this the only thing in ur bag? And I’m like yeah!! It is I’m so sorry 😥😥 he’s like u kno I can empty ur entire bag and I keep pushing like no it’s the only thing!! I’m So SORRY!!!!, keeping up the “sheltered school girl who was tempted to commit evil, but is just a sweet angel inside” act 😇😂😂. So I’m led to the back room to see the manager and she’s like ugh what did you steal to me, and he’s like oh, just this and handed her the illuminator and I’m like 😮!!!Fat drake u saved my life??!! Bc the manager kept saying I can search ur entire bag, and he’s just nah that’s all she got 🙏🙏🙏 bless u fat drake.

All the while I’m acting worried as hell and like scared at what’s happening, she tells me usually they call police even if u steal just 1 thing, and she shows me the security cam snaps and these fuckin like mugshots of caught lifters stuck to the back of the door w things like “fined” or “banned for 2 years” written on em like damn don’t Fuck w Sephora u guys they r some Hard Shit…..Anyways she scans my ID and tells me I’m banned for 3 months, and keeps saying how fucking lucky I am to get let go. I think it’s probs bc I showed so much remorse and appeared 2 b a first time lifter 🌞🌞🌞

Anyways so my sad Becca illuminator-less ass goes home and sleeps soundly knowing I look fucking poppin w the YSL lip gloss 😇 💅💅

If ya got any questions abt getting caught at Sephora hit me tf up

things i learned working in retail:

  • people are so rude. hun it’s not my fault we’re out of black hair bands, i just work here. i’m sorry your child’s piercing is infected, but it’s probably because you changed it three weeks before you were meant to. no, you can’t ask me to serve you when i’m on my break; i’ve clocked out, i’m physically unable to - ok just shout at me anyway then nbd.
  • people are impatient. sorry i couldn’t get to the till in 0.2 seconds when i was on the other side of the store.
  • people have no concept of tidying up after themselves???? ok just drop that frozen rucksack on the floor when the peg is right in front of you????????? your child is knocking everything off the shelves and you can’t be arsed to tell them to stop??? what is the point of tearing a wig off a fixture and leaving it on a tower???????? stop????????? have some respect?????????
  • ‘i’m sorry ma’am, we’re closed’ ‘i’ll just be two seconds’ (half an hour later………)
  • why do people think it’s okay to interrupt when i’m obviously helping another customer then get annoyed when i say ‘sorry, i’ll be with you in two seconds’?????????
necessary information

A little twist on the “hOOOoooOo shit, so you’re the older sibling my best friend always talks about hahah wow tHEY NEVER BOTHERED TELLING ME YOU WERE THIS HOT” au (x) because I’m meant to be revising. (I promise this one isn’t a rickroll!) Please ignore the spelling mistakes. [on ao3]

Patience has never been a virtue Lily Evans possessed so when the door opens to Sirius’ apartment, five minutes after she rung the bell she’s checked her watch eleven times and is tapping her foot obnoxiously. She doesn’t wait to see who it is when the door opens, just pushes past and starts speaking.

“This is fucking ridiculous Black!” She starts, heading to the kitchen. “Sixth time this week I’ve had to wake you up. I’m not going to do this next time. The lectures start at eleven and if you miss them, on your head be it. Have you even had breakfast yet?” Lily takes a breath and turns away from the open fridge door to see why Sirius hasn’t interrupted with any awful excuses yet. What she sees is not Sirius looking affronted and tired. 

Instead there’s a completely different unnecessarily tall black haired boy, still with his hand on the door handle. He’s looking at the redhead in bewilderment, other hand apparently stuck in his hair. A pair of glasses rest lopsidedly on his nose, one arm not quite tucked behind his ear. Hazel eyes squint at her from behind the lenses, obviously confused and either scared or aroused. Shit, Lily thinks, trying to figure out if she’s walked into the wrong apartment. Barging past him she’d only spared the person a glance, taken in their height, and continued. God, you’re an idiot.

“Um..” Finally the guy takes his hand from his hair, “Do I know you?” In that moment Lily is very grateful that the fridge is providing a breeze of cool air because she’s never, in all her twenty one years, heard a voice that’s made her want to drop her pants and have her way with with someone as much as his.

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my friend in my theology class is also a huge sourcefed fan so we were both really devastated about the news…. and our class is at 3pm and we’re definitely gonna watch the stream together during it lmao

(unfortunately i just got a wave of sadness about sourcefed ending while i was going through the reddit… like obvs ive been sad this entire week about it but just that realization that sourcefed is gonna be completely over on friday…

sourcefed meant a lot to me and i think it’s now that i realized how much it impacted my life and gave me a reason to smile even when my depression hit low points….. ugh im gonna miss them so much and i dont think i’ll ever be ready for friday’s stream)

othello in the sam wanamaker playhouse:

  • female cassio! (a good decision + i enjoyed it but they framed the entire play with her presence - opening with her putting on male clothes and ending with her and bianca…tearing up the bed? - there’s probably not enough text there for cassio to do that but i enjoyed it nonetheless)
  • female cassio meant gay stuff and that made me happy obvs
  • a very interesting latin/english version of video games by lana del rey was the only music they had and sometimes it worked…sometimes it really didn’t (especially when it was in latin)
  • IAGO!!! i was so into their iago. at first i thought they had made a mistake because their iago was a tall, hulking man, he was too big, too angry, he took up half the stage. but then i realised that the sam wanamaker is made for the illusive and the spidery already. an iago that faded into the shadows could have been lost and also been…perhaps too easy and obvious. this iago took out his anger on the audience, targeting specific people. he grabbed hold of a much smaller othello tightly and wouldn’t let go. he frightened people. he didn’t fit in the candlelit world that the particular stage creates. it was fascinating to watch him destroy things as something hiding in plain sight.
  • desdemona fought till the last (the way she said ‘i have not deserved this’ after othello hurt her….reader, i cried)
  • sparkling and wonderful emilia, she was transcendent!
  • tragic that they doubled roderigo as the duke because…that boy was a brilliant roderigo but a terrible duke
  • all in all….i love othello more than ever. i really love the sam wanamaker playhouse…it’s a great place to perform plays better seen by candlelight
  • also………i had forgotten this line:

I lay with Cassio lately
And, being troubled with a raging tooth,
I could not sleep. There are a kind of men
So loose of soul that in their sleeps will mutter
Their affairs. One of this kind is Cassio.
In sleep I heard him say “Sweet Desdemona,
Let us be wary, let us hide our loves.”
And then, sir, would he gripe and wring my hand,
Cry “O sweet creature!” and then kiss me hard,
As if he plucked up kisses by the roots
That grew upon my lips, lay his leg
Over my thigh, and sigh, and kiss, and then
Cry “Cursed fate that gave thee to the Moor!”

aah i try to restrain myself from talking about peter pan re:meta-ing barrie on here bc i could literally go on for ages && really should write a proper essay/thesis for it but i just watched the first episode of andrew birkin’s the lost boys bbc series (same guy who wrote the biography book i’ve read) so ive got some words to ramble

it is so ?? !! interesting how peter gets really frantic/upset when tink’s dying, and later on at the end he’s completely careless regarding her death.



i meant for this to be a really short thing without deep going intos but i cant help it

Peter had seen many tragedies, but he had forgotten them all.

which btw is linked to the epilogue’s

And then one night came the tragedy.

re: Peter coming back way late

but I slightly digress

forgetting is peter’s coping mechanism

which may be kind of obv bc i know a lot of people have made the connection that peter has to forget to be in that circle of innocence and never growing up never changing but like its like ?? !!

  • he forgets the real reason he was locked out bc its too painful to remember that it was his fault and its easier to remember it as your mother being the antagonist
  • he forgets the real reason he flew away, again remembering it in a way that casts his parents as the antagonist
  • he thinks about forgetting wendy when he thinks she’s dead bc her being dead makes him very uncomfortable ‘He thought of hopping off in a comic sort of way till he was out of sight of her, and then never going near the spot any more.
  • he tries to forget about mary missing her children terribly at the end but he cant and i wrote about this before but this scene is so important screams
  • he forgets about murdering hook and the pirates, as well as tink’s death

and to elaborate it even moreso pretending is peter’s coping mechanism and im going to go to the white bird/peter pan in kensington garden 

But the best thing Solomon had done was to teach him to have a glad heart. All birds have glad hearts unless you rob their nests, and so as they were the only kind of heart Solomon knew about, it was easy to him to teach Peter how to have one.

peter has to have a glad heart and so to have a glad heart he has to forget the tragedies and screams


A/N: Thank you guys for bearing with me as I recover. You guys are the best!! Request: Hey can you do shower sex with Bucky?? Thanks! Warnings: Smut, obvs. “You’d think for someone as rich as Stark, he could have at least built us each our own bathroom,” you muttered, finally stepping into the bathroom so you could take your long-awaited shower. The rooms in the Avengers Tower were set up so that there was one bathroom for every two rooms, and until recently you had been privileged to have your adjoining room empty. Until Bucky had been found. You tried not to be too bitter, because you knew that Steve was thrilled, but it meant you had to share your shower. And damn, did Bucky take long showers. “He’s missing an arm, for crying out loud,” you mumbled, turning the water on and stepping out of your clothes. Bucky was very attractive, though, and sharing a shower did mean that sometimes you got a shirtless glimpse of him. Your mind on Bucky’s very nice, naked chest, you were about to step into the shower when the door opened. You screamed and grabbed the shower curtain, using it to cover yourself. “What the fuck, Bucky?! God, don’t you know to knock?” He threw his hands up, and you realized that he was wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. You couldn’t help but check him out and pray he didn’t notice. “Sorry, you usually lock the door. And you don’t seem to mind too much,” he said with a wink, and your face turned red. “I wasn’t checking you out,” you muttered, and he smiled at that. “I never said you were, but thanks,” the assassin grinned, and you somehow managed to blush more. “I’m sorry for the inconvenience,” you whispered, and he laughed. “I wouldn’t call it an inconvenience…” he trailed off, and you followed his eyes to the mirror. You realized that he could totally see your naked ass, and you instinctively threw your hands up at him, accidentally letting go of the curtain and exposing your entire body to him. Your eyes widened and you went to grab the curtain again, but something in his eyes stopped you. He was staring at you hungrily, like he wanted to devour you, and you saw his tongue run across his lips. “Like what you see?” you asked with a smirk, and his eyes flashed back up to yours. “You have no idea,” he said, his tone dark, and with two strides he had you pressed against the wall, his arms around you, holding you tight to him. “What do you say I join you in that shower,” Bucky whispered against your neck, and you shivered. “I think I’d like that,” you responded breathlessly, and he pulled back, pulling the towel from his waist. You took him in, eyes lingering on one particular part of his body, and he smirked. He pulled you close again, kissing your neck for a moment before picking you up and carrying you with him into the shower. He sat you down under the water, and you smiled up at him before wrapping your arms around him and pulling him down for a hungry kiss. His matched yours in intensity, and he turned so that he could press you into the wall while you kissed. His hand drifted down to grab your ass, and a small gasp escaped from your lips. He grinned, and before you knew it he had you turned around so that your front was pressed into the wall, his metal arm around your waist pulling it away from the wall. You looked back at him and he smirked, placing a firm slap against your ass. You gasped again, and he spanked you again. “Fuck, Bucky,” you whispered, and he let his hand rest on you. “What was that, beautiful?” he asked, and you sighed in frustration. “I said, fuck, Bucky,” you said, and he grinned. “Good girl,” he responded, slapping your ass again. “Would you rather do it like this, or with your legs around me?” he asked, and you could tell by the sound of his voice that he was getting anxious. You smiled, and turned around. “I want to face you, so I can see your gorgeous face,” you whispered, tracing a finger down his chest and stopping just above his very stiff member. He groaned at your teasing, and very quickly picked you up, wrapping your legs around him. “Ready?” You nodded, and wrapped your arms around his neck as he entered you. He let you adjust to his size, and when you whispered, “move,” he started to thrust into you. After one or two gentle thrusts, he picked up speed and forced until he was slamming into you, causing your eyes to roll back into your head as you screamed his name. “Oh, god, Bucky, yes!!” you called to the ceiling as you came around him. “I’m not done with you yet,” he muttered darkly into your ear, and he kept going straight through your first orgasm. You could feel another one building, and you raked your nails down his back, moaning loudly as he somehow managed to go faster. You came around him again, and this time he followed you over the edge, cursing and calling your name. He pressed his hands into the wall on either side of your head, leaning his forehead against yours as he tried to catch his breath. After a moment, he gingerly kissed you, your legs still around him, him still inside of you. You grinned at him. “Maybe this sharing a bathroom thing isn’t so bad after all.”

yooo also turns out that my message to my ldn host didn’t send so they’re probably wondering where tf i am since i was meant to arrive @ her place like over 2 hours ago & my bag broke & i’m not far from it either bc i can’t seem 2 get a job here but i just signed & paid for a new apartment & me mum’s work in oz offered me a full-time job as a receptionist bc they didn’t know when i’d be back so i had to turn that down & i stink smth nasty & it’s times like these u miss shit, huh?

AEOLIS, MYRINA, Circa 155-145 BC. AR Tetradrachm (33mm, 16.73 g, 12h). Laureate head of Apollo right / Apollo Grynios standing right, holding branch and phiale; monogram to left, omphalos and amphora at feet to right; all within laurel wreath. Sacks Issue 39 (obv. die 66) ; SNG Copenhagen 

Since we looked at a coin featuring Artemis last week, this week I thought we could look at a coin with her brother, Apollo. The twin gods frequently go hand in hand in the Greek world and there’s no reason not to do so on the blog. This coin is around 200 years older than the bronze of Hierocaesareia, though it comes from the same part of the world, Asia Minor.

Like the coin of Artemis, this coin refers to a specific cult of Apollo, Apollo Grynios. It is not clear what is meant by that epithet, but the god appears on the coin engaged in cultic activities. In particular, we see him holding a branch and phiale, the typical tools for sacrifice.