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Sigh. And Lana was doing so much better at the whole con thing. Well, it was nice while it lasted.

Ha, I got home to a bunch of asks like this.  I watched the video and my eyes almost rolled out of my head. 

The difference between this con and the last year’s worth of cons (where she’s been more low key) is that now the ratings are in for S7, and they are really bad.  (Like in danger of ABC cutting the order bad.) 

So picture any pandering she’s doing now (for example her and Bex kissing in their panel this morning)  as if she’s drenched in flop sweat, singing for her supper. My guess is that at this point she would say anything to make her fans feel good enough to continue watching her on S7. There is no question which actor is most linked with this reboot, it’s her. She’s #1 on the call sheet. She’s the name. She’s the one still playing her original character. She’s got a lot on the line and it’s a hard sell getting them all to keep watching. 

Gotta flirt and make them feel good about themselves! Maybe then they’ll stick around.

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"men don’t oppress women for having ~female bodies~ you insufferable churl" ok so what do they oppress them for. why. since you seem to know, you tell us. "Black Woman were literally considered subhuman and distinctively nonwomen" fucking wild, tell me more about how black men treat black women radically different than white men treat white women, that there are literally 0.00000 similarities, plz

“ok so what do they oppress them for. why. since you seem to know, you tell us.” feminists such as Wittig and Delphy have been talking about this for like 40 years so if you read your own literature you’d know lmfao. also the thing about colonialism and gender is that it’s actually about how white men treat Black women / colonial subjects but I mean nice try, I guess

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m back from hiatus! *gasp* It’s been hectic with midterm season, but I only have one more to go!

Also, unrelated to manga but I did update my tumblr theme if y’all didn’t know~

Left Hand Corner: Menu

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    • I’ll try to change it every other week, if I remember. Or at random intervals.

Right Hand Corner: Calendar

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      • Maybe this will be a nice feature? I’ll work on creating some lists so send in ideas if you have any, because my recs list needs to expand, haha.

Let me know if you have trouble navigating yourself through the theme~

*Oh I forgot, if you want to know where I got the themes and update tabs from, I got it from Felinum!*

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what if dan talked to felix about it & he's upset at felix, but that's not the side we see? idk, I feel like that's a nice and realistic thought instead of yelling at dip and pip for not cutting somebody off

or they could handle it like mature adults and have an educated discussion about the situation. not everything dnp do has to be taken to the extreme/dramatised.

Aye, so tomorrow, me and George will have been together for 5 months!!! Which is nice and a little milestone Of Sorts. I guess the reason I follow the date so much is because 1) I’m a historian and I was trained to do that, & 2) When something is important, I remember things like dates and times with pinpoint accuracy because things were important enough to make those things count.

P L U S we’ll have been together for 7 months when it’s literally Christmas, which imo, is so nice, so romantic~

Ever since I announced my “hiatus” I’ve been half-expecting someone to call me out for it since I’ve barely stopped posting since XD Turns out it’s hard to stay away when your faves are doing so many awesome things and there are tons of content and stuff to talk about!

But having my ask box and submissions closed and not having the pressure to do anything (streams or any other kind of fandom participation), has been nice and has given me peace of mind :) So I decided I’m allowing asks again, but no anons (it’s for the best for now but may change on occasion in the near future).

Y'all are heroes for still putting up with me :D

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// (i have a question what are all the admins' mains cause i want to follow all these amazing peeps) //

I’m not sure if anyone feels comfortable sharing? I don’t want to assume either way. I’d be happy to share mine, but I do worry that it might break the spell a little?

Icanwritethethings is my main

~cutie Yoosung

The way I see it, if you can’t tell who I am, then you don’t need to know. ^^ ~Saeran

hm…telling you is too easy~ I know all of us reblog things here to our main blogs sometimes soooooo have fun ;)
- Zen

Hah, ya. I guess it should be rather easy to tell who I am lol. 

I suppose I’ll be nice and reblog it, so you’ll find mine. - Jumin

Happy Birthday Lance! 

I don’t need pants, I’m a mermaid!

Reasons to be happy today:

  • Every single one of Bruce’s children once witnessed his socialite persona for the first time, and to this day, not a single one of them has fully recovered from the shock. They met him while he was in Batman Mode. They knew him as serious and stern, and he spent the entire trip to the event complaining because he was missing prime crime-fighting hours. There was a five minute monologue about the soul of Gotham City?
  • But then the second he stepped into the ballroom it was all “hey everybody I’m so glad you could come WHY JANE I haven’t seen you in six months and that clutch is incredible c’mon folks let’s go play cards! Have you met my new ward?”
  • The ward in question: ????? ??? ?? ??? ? W h a t ??? ?
  • Anyways Bruce Wayne is fake and they have been living in a house of lies
  • Dick spent a full year trying to convince Damian to act polite, if only to maintain his cover, but nooooo, it was always “my father wasn’t nice so why should I be?” And then Bruce came back from the abyss of time and Damian saw him doing his thing at a party.
  • “So he’s… acting? So he can manipulate them?” “I guess” “Understandable. It’s a good strategy. I will develop my own persona.”
  • First of all? Dick spent a year trying to get that done. Second, his family is terrible and none of them should ever be role models 
Six of Crows as musical

- Wylan would be the protagonist and the whole musical is about him developing from this good mercher’s son to this badass gang member
- Jesper is one of the main reasons for the character development
- Jesper and Nina would sing all the jazzy songs
- Kaz would be that person who is all gloomy in the beginning and isn’t too fond of music but then discovers the joy music brings
- He learns to play the piano pretty quick and he’s a fucking genious
- Inej would sing all the slow songs accompanied by Kaz on the piano, if he’s in a good mood he might join in and sing aswell
- but mostly he just wants to listen to Inej sing because her voice is too angelic and so damn pure
- Matthias doesn’t like joining in the singing but sometimes Nina can convince him to play the guitar
- Nina and Jesper love the dancing parts, all the others hate dancing


more new crystal gem jasper crushin on pearl

AfterBuzz Interview Quote:

Interviewer: Last season, in terms of Netflix dropping episodes, was so much about trying to build up Keith’s confidence as a leader, and now we immediately see him basically getting to step out of that role. So what was sort of the decision, I guess, behind that?

Joaquim: I mean, I think he’s always been reluctant to be in that position, so I think it’s part of his makeup, it’s part of his character. … You know, Pidge tried pulling something very similar early on, and Keith was like, “What are you doing?” So I think this is also a nice turn. It shows their growth as a team, it shows their understanding of each other’s personal needs.

Lauren: And it’s also a situation where you’ve got one paladin too many. We only need five to form Voltron. Had Shiro stayed gone, Keith would have absolutely been there and been that leader. But he sees Shiro’s back, and I think he feels like he can’t fill those shoes. And so, it almost makes him want to pull back more, and he’s trying to almost force Shiro to retake that position. Because he never feels like he can adequately take his place.

Lauren and Joaquim talk about Keith stepping aside from Voltron

  • Keith: Hi, Lance. What are you doing?
  • Lance: I’m writing a letter to my parents.
  • Keith: Oh. Your parents? Well, isn’t that nice. It’s just so nice that you stay in touch with your parents. Your nice, living progenitors who love you, and can talk to you! How does it feel, Lance? How does it feel to receive correspondence from the people who brought you into existence? Does it feel nice? I bet it feels nice!
  • Lance: Well… I guess I like it when my parents…
  • Keith: It’s also nice to afford things! I can afford things! Can you afford things?
  • Lance: …Not much.
  • Keith: (Whispers) I can afford happiness.
  • Lance: Do you want to spend Christmas at my house, Keith?
  • Keith: YES!

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The best thing about combat boots? No one but you will ever know you're wearing fuzzy socks during a mission.

i mean, yeah. you’d think that. 

instead the reality is that if you wear fuzzy socks on a combat mission, the universe can sense your fluff and will conspire against you. so naturally the one time you wear fuzzy socks on an op will also be the one time you’re fighting paste-pot-pete (who is apparently a real guy who really does run around doing glue crimes. i hate this century and i need to have a serious talk with steve and tony about the quality of villains these days. in my day we fought literal nazi monsters. now there’s an overeager dude with a souped-up gluegun. who i am not allowed to shoot for some reason) and you’ll wind up with your combat boots glued to the middle of the road in manhattan. 

and to prevent yourself from getting flattened by a taxi the hulk threw, you’ll have to jump right out of your boots, revealing your pink and yellow sparkly fuzzy socks to all the world. and the news station that just happens to be in the building you’re in front of. 

and then you have to finish the fight in fuzzy socks, which of course are going to be covered in glue and bits of debris by the end. 

and even though it was totally worth it to kick paste-pot-pete in the face, he did get blood on my fuzzy sock.  jerk.

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Do you think kageyama would also be part of the iwaizumi fan club? (Lmao that club sign me the fuck up)

yes, though he’s a bit out of place whoops