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hi it’s 7am (queuing for 10 though)

sometimes I do this thing where I sprinkle time with a dash of effort into my artwork and it ends up looking like this despite the fact that based on my previous drawings I don’t think any one of you would’ve thought this is my art if I didn’t post it here and have my signature on it, I’m really proud of this but at the same time I wish I could stop miraculously drawing this well out of scenic nowhere. I guess I was just really focused when I made this and I had the idea clear in my head so I was able to make something really nice.

also just in-case you don’t follow my mod blog you should know Night in the Woods is my new absolute favorite game of all time and I connect with the main protagonist Mae Borowski on a personal level, I love her so much

I also had this neat idea of drawing Mae but also doing a second version where she’s got her dream sequence colors so I did that

i really love Mae okay alright I’m going to bed goodnight

Lashing Out

At the start of Rocknaldo, Ronaldo was not being a nice guy. He apologized for what he’d said, but he kept acting like a jerk. And Steven let him.

The disruptions of his daily life, the insinuations, the whole “I’m just asking 10,000 questions, obviously it’s your job to educate me” bit. Ronaldo felt left out and unwelcome, and Steven got that, so he let Ronaldo walk all over him.

Until Ronaldo tried to badmouth Connie.

That crossed a line. And Steven immediately lashed out at Ronaldo, not specifically for that, but for all the other things he’d been doing.

I guess it’s nice to see that Steven’s friendship has limits, but the kid has to start standing up for himself one of these days. This is the flip-side to how much he invades other peoples’ boundaries–he has practically none of his own.

Visually, he has zero privacy at home (except in the bathroom). He even called his own house “the temple” in Storm in the Room. He doesn’t see it as his space–but he also doesn’t see Rose’s Room as his own, either.

He lives in two worlds, but he’s not a real gem, and not a real human being. His feelings aren’t important enough to matter. He doesn’t deserve to know the truth. Other people are just more important than he is. (Although he’s starting to un-learn some of this, and learn the importance of boundaries, thanks to Kiki, Lars, Onion, and the other Beach Citizens).

But at least he’ll stand up for Connie. It’s a start.

I really, really hope that this foreshadows Steven finally calling out Lapis for everything she’s done. Because he’s made excuses for her, too.

so on friday I LITERALLY ditched a family dinner and a play afterwards to go hang out with a friend instead

and I mean I was all ready to do this, was /at/ the restaurant and everything when I had a deep seeded realization that no part of me could be in this restaurant or around these people for any more time than I had already spent or else everything was going to be Very Bad Very Quickly 

so, I asked mom for the car keys and I booked it to the nearest safe spot i.e. back in to the car with me. 

I was sitting there trying to figure out what I was going to do and how I was going to escape/get out of this (I can’t drive) or potentially go back in there and deal with it, since it was my grandfather’s birthday and it felt very rude to ditch, even though I’ve never had a great relationship history with my grandparents. 

that’s when I got a text message from a friend of mine, informing me that she wasn’t going to make the play we were headed to afterwards. 

I debated telling her my situation but I just let it slide, asking her why she wasn’t going to go, and she replied with something along the lines of “i’m so close to loosing my shit right now” so I responded with the easiest thing I could think to get the message across without actually explaining what I was going through: “same” 

She and I texted back and fourth a few times and she offered to come pick me up and hang out instead. 

several minutes and saying goodbye to my family later, I was in the car with her and almost started crying because of how bad I felt about leaving the situation and how good i felt right then, after removing myself from it. 

almost as though now that I was feeling better, I should go back and subject myself to the horrors that I was experiencing in the restaurant because surely I just wasn’t equipped to handle it right then and there, and now that I was better, I could. Or perhaps I was just faking it? 

I didn’t tell this to my friend until an hour into us hanging out, and we talked briefly about how you should accept yourself for your choices, and understanding when you’re doing something you can’t handle. 

I just wanted to share that little tidbit, because it’s terrible feeling guilty or bad that you can’t do something, and are somehow able to do something else almost INSTANTLY with so much ease. 

The thing to remind yourself of, is that the environment, the people, and just that entire situation was /making/ you feel the way you were feeling, and you are capable of doing things that do not make you upset. if you were to go back in there the moment you felt all that relief, thinking you could handle it since you no longer feel bad, I guarantee you will be right back to feeling the way you were before you left.

it is perfectly alright to remove yourself from situations if it means you can function, and you don’t have to feel bad about it. 

I’m still learning this lesson myself and I think this was the first time I was actually happier with my decision to leave than to go through with the “let’s just get it over with” scenario that I was putting myself in, do not force yourself to do things if you’re not going to have a good time. 

nobody will be mad at you for leaving, 

you did not need to be there in the first place,

do not feel guilty,

you look out for you.

So I need some money...

Which is why I decided to start doing commissions.
Right now I’ll only be doing portraits, but I have three kinds to choose from:

1. Single color sketch - 10 €

2. Colored sketch - 20 €

3. Painted portrait - 30 €

I will draw any of your OCs!

I won’t draw real people (faceclaims are fine of course), canon characters and furries/mecha/monsters that don’t look mostly human (because I’m bad at that).

Payment per paypal, please.

Thank you and I hope you have a nice day!

- Mittwoch

Slots open:

1. Taken
2. Taken

(And as you might have guessed, I’d really appreciate reblogs)

so i’ve been writing this goldgraves story for the past month and i get the nicest fucking comments on it and i am like so so so happy i’m like, who are these people? they must be stars from the sky coming down to bless me with their wonderful words

also i’m like ‘but what about when i write this happening, they’re gonna be disgusted’ or ‘what if they disagree with this thing i do, they’re gonna be mad’ or ‘what about when i do this thing which is super trope-y and badly written, they’re gonna string me up and set me on fire’

but i guess what i’m trying to say is, i quit my job on thursday and chapter 13 is coming along nicely, so cool

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do you have any idea what boots Jeongguk is wearing during GAYO track 11? I'm wondering because I just bought myself a pair of Redwing Iron Ranger boots two weeks ago... and I can't tell but they look exactly the same. I'm gonna geek so hard if I have the same as him haha

i dont know if those are the ones he’s wearing in gayo track 11 but guess what………he does have a pair and wore them a couple times before they’re so nice (x) (x)

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Outfit 1B :o

//he stole this outfit from rose’s closet

//also i’m about to die i wanted it to look nice unlike all my other posts but the reason i don’t do nice art like this is because i have no layers

//so congrats anon you won the special art i guess

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Hey! It's Craig :) Did you have a nice Christmas? I thought you might like to see my new house on Reddit and this is my only way to contact you! It's SUPER English (as usual) and I like your opinions! I really enjoy your Monte Vista house! I've not built in that world for ages! Hope you're well :D :D

HEY! Long time no see. I never got a notification for this message either! Tumblr is fucking up I guess :/

I missed the post of your new house on the sub but I just checked it. So pretty! I love that style in real life too. So elegant and stately, and yet homey as well. I’m interested in seeing the finished project!

I’m glad you like the Monte Vista build. I don’t use that world either, but I built that one for a request and actually had fun doing something a bit different.

So nice to hear from you! I miss seeing your builds pop up on my dash. We should email or something so we can chat properly—I’d like to hear about your real-life-architect adventures so I can be envious :)

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OKAY FIRST OF ALL YOUR 14?!?!?! YOU DRAW SO NICE ((I'm 14 and my art is bleh xD)) SECOND OF ALL TWEWY IS LYFEE AND LAST OF ALL Do you think we could have more information about William. Like his personality and what inspired you to make him. ˋωˊ

NONONO i was 14 two years ago. so i am 16!

and YES THANKS SO MUCH FOR ASKING /rubs hands/ letsee, he’s really smart, tutors rein, wears socks to bed, likes rein, can cook…there’s a long list of little details abt him but i guess you’re here to ask about his personality, so:

he’s impatient and has a demeanor that makes him seem a bit cold or unapproachable, but once he’s fired up he can be kind of scary and even hostile. his moral compass is kinda wonky so sometimes he messes up and doesn’t even know it. besides that, he’s a good guy and does have manners; it’s up to him whether to use them or not. 

he’s kinda a more personalized version of joshua from twewy, if that helps a little? I like to think will is a little more honest and brutal than josh though. he’s also half japanese half brazilian, and his neck and toes get cold easily!

hope that helped a little??????! i’m sure a lot of things have changed abt him since 8th grade when i first drew him. I guess i was first inspired to make him when I felt super negative, and wanted to create a character that was similar to me (anger-wise, specifically) but still a better and more powerful version of me, y’know? also cos i liked josh too much so yahahah

I know nobody is going to call Niall out for the things he tweeted so I guess I will. “Grin and bare with this guy” only white men and women can do that THE REST OF US CAN’T. Who does this cis-het white man think he is telling his fans what to do and how to feel about this situation. All I see is 1D fans praising him for being “”“"woke”“”“ really though….it must be nice that you guys overlook his fuck ups and think he can do no wrong bc he’s white, “unproblematic” and part of your fav boyband.>


So the one thing that I realized on this journey is that Uhura and Sulu have a lot in common. When it comes to just doing their duty. And really just their faith, they are very faithful to their crew, to Starfleet, to what they do. And I don’t know I guess it was really nice to see these two characters work together to… to get freedom for the crew. It’s pretty awesome. - Zoe Saldana


Q: How does it affect you when people consider you a sex symbol?

River: To be honest, I really don’t think about it. We moved out of Los Angeles to Central Florida and its really nice to get away from the publicity parties - not that I ever went; even in town, I was always an outsider. I didn’t hang out with the movie star crowd. It’s just so phoney and unreal and pretentious. I never fit in anyway… I guess I could play the role, but it doesn’t appeal to me. When you ask what it does to my ego, I feel lucky that I don’t think like that. I don’t fantasize about them fantasizing about me. I don’t even know that they do. The only thing that reminds me are the fan letters that I get and I get so many of them that I can’t answer them; my aunt’s started a fan service. Sometimes when I walk into a local store to get a bottle of orange juice and see myself on the cover of a teen magazine, I open it out of curiosity and cringe - what they write about me is so scary, so eerie and unreal. They just strip you of your originality. The sex symbol - that’s what they’re after and that’s what they try to build around you.

[River on an interview for Sky Magazine, July 1989].

Superhero AUs #13

- ‘You’re my arch nemesis but our best friends are dating…I guess I’ll play nice in civvies, for now’ AU
- ‘So what about a double date?’ AU

- ‘I will burn down this city and everyone in it’ AU 
- 'Good job I brought a fire extinguisher then’ AU

- ‘I can’t believe I finally got into the superhero academy, this is the best day of my life and- …What are you doing here? You’re not a hero’ AU
- ‘My application was mostly ironic, I swear’ AU

- ‘I’m a superthief…is it too cliche if I make it my mission to steal your heart?’ AU
- ‘If you come anywhere near my heart I will cut your goddamn hands off. You are not selling my organs on the black market’ AU

- ‘My mail keeps getting switched with my neighbour’s, which would be fine if it wasn’t full of two-for-one offers on death rays’ AU
- 'Why on earth do I keep getting coded letters asking me to join the League of Heroes? Is this a mistake or some kind of backhanded compliment?’ AU 

 - 'I accidentally admitted that I’ve never seen the Harry Potter movies and now you’re dragging me back to your place for a marathon and I have no idea what to do’ AU
- 'I knew you were evil but this is a step too far! Maybe the reason that you’re the bad guy is that you’ve never seen Harry Potter, because that’s some childhood deprivation right there’ AU 

 - 'Every Tuesday I take the night off from committing crimes to go and sit in my favourite restaurant for a few hours. I absolutely do not have a crush on the cute waitress’ AU
- 'I was getting harassed by two dickheads and my favourite customer stepped in to protect me…aaaand he’s a supervillain. Great.’ AU

- ‘Look, I really need a date to take to this superhero get-together, but I have no-one to ask…will you come with me?’ AU
- ‘Are you seriously asking me to walk into a room filled to the brim with superheroes? …I can’t believe my archenemy is such a sad, friendless person. Of course I’ll come’ AU

- ‘Look after my dogs while I’m in jail, would you?’ AU
- ‘When I said I’d look after your dogs, I didn’t realise they were actual hellhounds!’ AU

- ‘I work in airport security for a city with one of the most famous heroes around. Villains frequently fly in to challenge her. It’s my job to stop them getting out of the airport’ AU
- ‘Jesus Christ, I thought this place was an airport, not a death trap. Who are you?’ AU
BONUS: ‘I am a minimum wage employee drugged up on caffeine and loathing. I have nothing left to lose.’

Hell hath no fury like a goddess scorned, and Anna counts her blessings that Elsa is omnipotent, not omniscient

And even then, the beautiful, blonde manifestation of Winter is just that: Winter taken form. The ice and snow act on her command, though Anna has no doubt Elsa knows some sort of loophole to extend the range and versatility of her divine powers. 

Anna mumbles a prayer under her breath as she scales the cliff, thanking all of the other powers that be that Elsa hasn’t tracked her down yet because of it. 

“I should’ve never listened to Kristoff,” she grumbles as her sore fingers grasp at the lip of a cave hewn into the cliff’s face–a combination of the weather and dwarven architects that had left their mark centuries before. “’There probably won’t be any consequences’, he says. ‘What’s the worst thing that can happen’, he says…” 

Anna hauls herself inside, upper body muscles working double to ensure she does not fall to her death in the process. Her arms are as sore as the rest of her from traveling–running–non-stop, and she collapses in a tired heap on the cave floor. 

She had only learned of this cave by chance at the last town she had passed through for provisions. According to the merchant, few dared to ever visit, due to the treacherous climb. Barring that, the dwarven ruins further beyond the cave entrance were said to host dangers long since lost to man. 

Why anyone would even build such a thing to begin with is anyone’s guess… 

But regardless, the cave serves its purpose in allowing her a few days to catch her breath and gather her wits for a more long-term plan. Elsa would never think to find her here. 

The thought is both relieving and saddening. For on one hand, Anna has fallen hard for the goddess of winter, and seeing her never fails to send her heart soaring to the heavens. But on the other… 

Anna musters just enough strength for her palm to meet her forehead in a dull ‘smack’, exhaling loudly. “’Mad’ probably doesn’t even begin to cover it…” 

“You’re right. It doesn’t,” a very familiar voice says, just as Anna feels a snowflake land on her nose.