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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Featuring: Natasha Romanoff and Tony Stark

Words: 886

Warnings: mentions of alcohol

Tags: @vashanatasha

Request: none

Notes: none

Originally posted by little--batman

Opening your eyes that morning was like stabbing them the moment the sun came into your view. At the same time, a pounding started inside your head making you groan and letting you feel how sore your throat was. Water. You needed water. First, you took a deep breath and sat up on the slowly, but you still got dizzy so you had to lie down again. Damn alcohol.

Judging by the amount of light coming through your window, you imagined it must be around noon so it wasn’t surprising that you were in bed alone. Bucky would had been up for hours now.

It took you around three time to get you out of bed without getting dizzy and still, you didn’t feel too safe on your own feet yet. Slowly, you grabbed one of Bucky’s hoodies, put on your woolly socks and left the room. As you went downstairs, you could hear the team talking in the living room. Damn lucky bastards. Steve and Bucky couldn’t even get drunk, Natasha had too much control over herself to drink that much and Tony always managed to avoid hangovers, it didn’t matter how much he drank. Your only hangover partner used to be Wanda but she was out of town with Clint.

“There she is!” Natasha exclaimed when you made your appearance.

She has a hangover oh! She’s been drinking too much!” Tony sang making them laugh.

“Noisy” you mumbled as you headed towards the kitchen without paying too much attention to their mocking.

When you walked into the kitchen, you went straight to the fridge and grabbed some water to drink, not even bothering on grabbing a glass. Glasses weren’t important; water was.

“How are you feeling?” Bucky’s voice said behind you. With a sigh you turned around to face him. Despite how awful you were feeling, a smile appeared on your lips as you saw his.

“I think I’m dead”, you replied making him laugh.

“You definitely look like you are” he smirked walking over you.

“That’s nice” you rolled your eyes.

He laughed and wrapped his arms around you, hugging you, so you could place your head over his shoulder and close your eyes. No. Bad idea. The moment you closed your eyes, the dizziness came back so you pushed them back open and took a step away from your boyfriend who looked at you with confusion for a moment, before getting it.

“Dizzy?” He asked.

“My head is spinning more that after flying with Tony” you mumbled.

“I’m not surprised. You were so wasted last night” he said stroking your hair slowly. You took another sip from the bottle and looked at him, expecting a lecture.

“Did I say or do something too stupid?” You asked, not being able to remember a single thing.

“Don’t worry” he chuckled. “You were adorable actually, telling everyone how much you loved them” he added.

“Oh God…loving drunk. My favourite” you said sarcastic.

“Actually you said something it surprised me”, he said.

Panicking you looked at him. You knew the big mouth you could be when you were drunk, so you didn’t even know what to expect when it came to alcohol and Bucky mixed. Probably it wasn’t something too bad, since he was grinning like a real idiot.

“You said you wanted to marry me someday”, he said.

“Oh…did I?” You whispered blushing.

It was true though. You loved the man that was standing right in front of you, more than anyone else in this world. You knew he was the love of your life, you didn’t want anyone else with you. You wanted a life and a family with him, but you had always been too scared to bring it up since, maybe, it would have been so much for him. Apparently, Drunk (Y/N) wasn’t that scared of the repercussions of that statement.

“Was it true? Or was the alcohol talking?” He asked taking your hand.

“Don’t people say that drunks always tell the truth?” You asked back as you bite your lip.

“They do”, he nodded with a smile.

“There you have your answer” you shrugged looking down at the bottle.

He took the bottle from your hands and put it away, before grabbing your chin and making you look up to those piercing eyes.

“Then I do”, he said making your heart skip a beat.

“W-what? Are…are you proposing? Have I proposed? What?” You started asking confused and suddenly nervous. You did want to marry him someday but you weren’t ready to take that step yet. He laughed a little and kissed your forehead.

“None of it. It’s just a promise…that one day, when our lives are not this messy or in danger every time we go out on a mission, I will marry you” he told you.

“Really?” You asked biting your lip.

“Of course. Plus, I love how (Y/N) sounds” he shrugged making you laugh.

“You’re an idiot” you said grabbing his head to pull him down towards your lips and kiss him, but he pulled away way too soon.

“Ok, go brush your teeth. Jeez” he said giving the bottle back to you. “Damn hangover” he mumbled walking back to the living room, leaving you even more confused with a bottle of water on your hand. He was weird.

죄라 (4)

Im Jaebum x Reader

Word Count: 3.7k

Genre: Angst

Summary: “How do you antifreeze?” “How?” “Steal her blanket”

Author’s Note: Spoiler; it is a little bit of a pun fest, and I refuse to apologise for it. Thank you for reading!

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

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Creepypasta #1235: Don’t Go Camping Alone, Ever

Length: Long

I ain’t scared of nothing. That’s what I yelled to my brother as I slammed the door to my car shut. Things have, um, changed since then. I’ve changed.

I remember his smirk, how he held out my jacket, the way he spouted off an endless list of things I should be scared of - skinwalkers and witches and werewolves oh my. He presented each one as reason after reason of why this idea was stupid, saying I still had time to flake out, save face.

I remember rolling my eyes, snatching my jacket from his grasp, sliding into my car and yelling that I’m not scared before speeding away towards the darkening outline of the mountains. They stood out stark against the setting sun like teeth.

Boy, how I wish I listened. I was wrong. He was right.

I’m fucking scared.

Let me back up a bit. It all started about two days ago. I was out of my mind depressed; could barely get out of bed, thought about chucking myself in front of cars, over bridges, off buildings, just dying. I thought about dying all the time. And enough was enough.

One of the few friends I had suggested that I try solo camping, said it might clear my mind, that the wilderness, the silence, the solitude would do me good. He gave me a list of spots, some more isolated than the others. I decided on the most isolated one, which was about a three-hour hike from the last campsite far out in the Rocky Mountain National Forest.

I remember his face, the surprise, the acceptance. 

You sure? His voice cracked. I nodded, saying nothing. 

Okay, I mean it’s a pretty secluded place, especially for a first time camper. He shrugged. But, then again, it’s a beautiful spot. It’ll definitely give you some perspective. And the night sky out there is insane. 

I thanked him and turned to leave, but he spoke up again. Hey, don’t let the forest spook you, okay? A word of advice from a veteran: don’t go out at night no matter what you hear, you might get totally fucked by a bear or lion.

The drive up the mountains was strangely soothing. The gently curving roads that wove their way through the trees and up the rocks were exciting to navigate, and soon my mind was eased into a peaceful contemplation.

I had decided to forgo electronics this trip, even going as far as securing my phone in my glove-box. I wanted to be completely free of all that shit, able to focus on the now rather than ruminate about the past or fear the future.

I would be gone for five days and four nights, enough time for me to (hopefully) recuperate and reassess my life and what I was doing with it.

I soon descended into Estes Park and drove through the picturesque town towards RMNP, willing myself not to stay at the Stanley instead. I found the entrance to the park with ease and continued to the closest lot to my campsite.

Night was now falling and I silently cursed myself for leaving so late. I sat in my car for a good thirty minutes before deciding that it would be too risky hiking three hours in near pitch black. There were four other tents set up in the lot I was at with room for one more, and soon I had my own tent set up. That night went comfortably. I was surrounded by chatting, laughing people and unruly, but happy children who ran round and round screaming. A few of them offered me roasted hot-dogs and s’mores and beers and I filled my belly, smiling. I was rolled up in my sleeping bag before the last light from the dying embers faded away.

The second night didn’t go so smoothly.

I woke up late, well-rested, but still groggy and took my time repacking my tent. I hesitated at first, wondering if I should just stay there, but at 3PM another family showed up with proof they had reserved the site. So, I gathered my things and set off. And immediately got lost. Navigating by map and compass for the first time and alone is a lot harder than it sounds. And the trees. The trees can be misleading, can turn you around, make you think you’re on the right path when really you’re miles from where you’re supposed to be.

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         - PART IV

Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 5 399
summary: concludes the story from the previous chapters [Part I -Part II - Part III ] though trust me, this is not the end. 😉
*gif by me

   “Where is he?“ she ran into the Salvatore Boarding house, Stefan and Matt barely able to catch up with her. Her eyes were puffier and redder than ever from all the crying but she didn’t care. She didn’t care she had ran out of home wearing her fuzzy slippers either. There was only one thing that mattered to her. “Damon! Damon, where –”
   “Upstairs with Caroline. Y/N, don’t –“
Y/N didn’t wait for him to finish and ran towards the second floor without a second look, climbing the stairs two at a time. There it was again. This pit in her stomach she had felt since this morning only now it was threatening to swallow her whole. A part of her had known something like this would happen, the other had refused to believe her life was that messed up and happiness would remain far out of reach. Barely able to catch her breath she ran into the only room with an open door and almost fell on the ground at the sight before her. Her heart stopped and it felt as if all air was being pulled out of her lungs at once, along with her heart painfully slowly being ripped out of her chest.
   “Oh my God –” she covered her mouth, feeling tears streaming down her cheeks. Y/N closed her eyes and took a deep breath or at least tried to. There was no way for her to ever breathe again after this. Someone took a step behind her and wrapped their hands around her. Y/N closed and another tear rolled down her cheek, the sound of her heart breaking audible in the room.


Kai tilted his head towards Y/N wondering what her words meant. His arms tightened around her and he sighed. Barely a few hours away from finding out how to end this nightmare for the both of them, so many things swirled in his mind quite literally making his head spin. They had been together for three whole weeks now. Together without actually being together the way they used to be. Every now and then he’d find himself a heartbeat away from kissing her, from touching her the way he wanted… the way he had so many times before all this mess. But as much as it hurt not being able to do any of those things, in a way he was happy because three weeks ago he had thought he’d never get to be with her. To wake up and fall asleep next to her and have a family. He had thought he’d lose her forever and that their shared moments while he had been in her head would be their last. And thanks to Seline now he lived every night for almost a month with this fear eating at him every second of every day.
   “You and I –“ he started. “Do you think we could ever be… like we used to be? That we can fix what was broken and have a future together?”
   "I – well, it won’t be exactly like we used to be, but the future we are going to have depends on – us.“
   “Us ?” he said with a small smile. “There is an ‘us’?”
Y/N smiled. “I think there has always been an ‘us’. That – there
always will be an ‘us’. No matter what.” she intertwined their fingers together, gazing in his eyes.
Kai glanced at their hands together and smiled.
‘There always will be an us. No matter what.’ her words echoed in his mind and he felt more than a flicker of hope. There was a bright large spark growing brighter by the second starting to consume him. Maybe after today things will fall into place. Maybe, just maybe, he was going to get a chance be happy. To spend every moment of every day with the girl he loved and their son for the rest of eternity.
   “Kai?“ she interrupted his thoughts. “Hello? Are you here with me? What’s the plan?”
   “Um yeah, yeah.“ he cleared his throat. “Well, first Alaric is coming to pick up Peter after breakfast for a play date. He promised to keep him safe along with my sister’s twinsies. Then your bestie Steven and your blonde deputy friend are coming to stay with you while I, Damon, Bon Bon and Candice go deal with the siren at the Armory. We weaken the siren and I sneak into her mind, find what I need to end this nightmare and get your memories back. And I have left a few vials with my blood in the fridge in case that mind control kicks in during the day, which it won’t so you don’t have to worry about it.”
   “That’s it?“
   “That’s it.” he smiled. “Easy and simple. And when you get your memories back
you get to decide what happens with… us.”
   “That’s not a choice for me to make on my own.“
you can make this choice.” he smiled, gently kissing her forehead before getting up from bed. “Breakfast?”
   “No, thanks. I actually don’t feel like eating.“ she sat up, running her fingers through her hair. “But I wouldn’t say ‘no’ to a hot steaming cup of coffee.”
   “With nutmeg?“ he asked, Y/N nodded. “Coming right up.” he started to get up when she pulled him back, longingly gazing into his eyes. “What is it sweet cheeks?”
   “N-nothing.“ she let go after almost a whole minute. “And no sugar.”
   “I know.“ he smiled at her, gently kissing her forehead before turning around. For a long moment she sat there, starring after him while the first sun rays seeped through the window. Memories or no memories being with Kai felt like the most right thing in the world and there hadn’t been a moment since they had met where she had regretted giving him a chance. In fact the longer they spent together the more she realised how her friends’ vision of him was wrong. They said there was no sliver of good in him, but there
was and even though he was capable of being the monster they saw, he wasn’t one. He was just… Kai. Someone who just like her and all her friends had been through so much and all he wanted was to be happy, get to live the life he wanted with the people he loved and who love him just as much in return. Because deep down she knew she loved him. She wasn’t sure in what way yet – a friend? A hero who has saved her life countless times? Or as something more… And Peter? Their son seemed to love him most. They had bonded and somehow Kai always got through to him when she couldn’t.
A sigh left her lips and she glanced at the clock – 7.25AM, before heading towards Peter’s room to wake him up.
Breakfast was cheerier than she had anticipated, or maybe she was imagining it and thats how things were now. Y/N watched her boys make funny faces while Kai thaught Peter how to be a
real pancake face monster – cutting out eye and mouth holes in the pancake for placing it over his face as a mask, their son doing the same. Peter would say ’I am pancake monster and I want syyruuppp.’ and she’d pretend to be scared while watching Kai smile widely at Peter and their son smile even wider back at him. Both of them kept glancing at her from time to time and it felt as if they had done this forever, not only for a month and she couldn’t help but think how by all definitions they were a family.
After breakfast, almost like clockwork, Alaric showed up to pick up Peter. Y/N knelt down, zipping up Peter’s sweatshirt before helping him to put his Car’s themed backpack on. Peter’s arms wrapped around her tightly and Y/N closed her eyes, barely able to make herself let go of him.
   “You be good today.“ said Y/N, brushing her palm against Peter’s cheeks. “No pranks, however much you want to play one. Promise?”
   “I promise, mommy.“ said Peter.
As soon as she let go off him the little boy ran towards Kai, jumping directly into his father’s arms. His tiny hands hooked around his neck and Kai closed his eyes for a moment. It hadn’t been the first time the little boy had done this but somehow it felt different, he just couldn’t figure out why.
   “Alright… we gotta go.” smiled Alaric, glancing at the car where currently a couple of objects were flying inside and people were starting to stare. Kai shot Alaric a glance and headed towards the door, letting the little boy’s feet on the ground.
   “See ya later, trouble.“ said Kai, ruffling his son’s hair. Peter took Alaric’s hand and took a few steps before suddenly stopped and turned around towards his parents. “Love you mommy. Love you daddy.”
Kai stood frozen for a moment, tears filling in his eyes. “Love you too, trouble.”
Y/N rested her head on Kai’s shoulder, glancing up at him while watching Peter get in the car with Lizzy and Josie.
   “He called me dad.“ whispered Kai. "H-he called me dad! Oh my God! W-when did you tell him?” he turned towards her.
   “Me? I didn’t tell anyone anything.“
   “Then how –?!” he wiped a tear from his cheek, refusing to meet her eyes. Crying always made him feel uncomfortable. “D-do you want a cupcake? I want a cupcake.”
Kai headed towards the kitchen with Y/N right behind him. He knew sometimes people cried when they were happy but actually experiencing it felt strange to say the least, yet in a way he liked it. He reached for one of the cupcakes on the counter and closed his eyes, feeling her arms wrap around him from behind.
   “I’ve already decided.“ she said quietly watching him slowly turn around. Y/N gazed into his eyes, wiping away a tear from his cheek with her thumb. "You, me and Peter… Regardless of what happens today. Memories or no memories. We are a family. Always and forever.”

   “How did this happen?“ asked Y/N, pushing away Stefan’s hands before taking a few steps inside the room until reaching the bed where Kai currently laid unconscious. Caroline stepped aside wiping her bloody fingers in a small towel after dropping the last wooden bullet into a glass container. As Y/N got closer taking a better look realizing there were more than a few bullet holes with black veins spreading from each of them – werewolf toxin. The wounds weren’t healing and one of those bullet holes was way close to Kai’s heart.
   “Everything was going according to plan. Seline was weakened and he slipped into her mind. Then something must’ve gone wrong and Seline escaped. Kai went after her. Somehow she got her hands on the hunters’ wooden bullets laced with werewolf toxin and shot him. Before he blacked out he told me to tell you that he loves you and Peter and if anything should happen to him –”
   “N-no.“ she shook her head. "Don’t – just don’t. If he wants me to know, he will have to tell me himself. W-why isn’t he waking up?”
   “He should wake up soon.“ said Stefan taking a step inside. "With the bullets out, he should wake up at any moment, but –”
   “Caroline… Call Klaus. Now.“ she pressed her hand against his forehead. His skin was warm to the touch and there were sweat drops. His eyes were closed and his breathing was so shallow, it almost wasn’t there. "Caroline, please I – I can’t lose him.”
   “I already called. He is not picking up.“
   “Then call him again and again until he picks up the damn phone!” she raised her voice, her mind spinning like crazy. How it was possible that Klaus wouldn’t pick up his phone if it was Caroline calling ?! With all this werewolf toxin, Kai didn’t have long and even if Klaus picked up there won’t be time for him to get here. And then something surfaced in her mind. “K-Kai told me at the wedding, Tyler bit him but he siphoned the werewolf bite.“ she thought outloud, realising he couldn’t possibly siphon the magic if he was unconscious.
   “Lizzy and Josie.” muttered Caroline. “They can siphon it away.”
   “I’ll call Rick.“ said Stefan, pulling out his phone.
   “I’ll stay with him.” said Y/N, taking Kai’s hand in hers. “Not going anywhere until he wakes up.”
Caroline smiled sympathetically at her. “Y/N… just in case things don’t work out.. you might want to say… goodbye.”
   “No one is saying goodbye!” protested Y/N without taking her eyes off Kai for a second while her friends left, the door closing with a muffled thud. A sigh left her lips and she continued caressing his face for a few moments before going to the bathroom to get a towel and a bowl with water to clean up the blood covering his chest. She opened his shirt and carefully started to work without taking her eyes off him for a second. Three weeks, that’s how long they had been living at the same house, sleeping in the same bed… Whatever had stirred inside her quite literally blew up the moment she saw him lying there unconscious and the thought of losing him scared her literally to death. That’s when she realized she had fallen in love with him all over again. He wasn’t just a friend or just Peter’s father, Kai was the man she loved and losing him again, even if she didn’t have the memory of the first time she did, she knew if that happened it will actually kill her this time.
   “Wake up.” she leaned in towards him, whispering in his ear. “I need you. Peter needs you. Come back to me, to us. Please.”

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I wrote this next to an eleven year old girl on the plane. Whoops

Zach Mitchell imagine o__0
WARNING:contains smut😱🌚

“Zach can you hand me the soap?” You asked your boyfriend. You’re parents were on a date and asked you to clean the house. He walked over to where you were standing a handed you the soap with a smile on his face. “What are you so happy about?“you giggled. "Oh nothing.It’s just that your parents aren’t here and won’t be home for another three hours.” He laughed. “Zachary Mitchell!” I scoffed pretending to be surprised. He laughed with that smile you adored. You turned around and took a sponge from the bucket. You scrubbed a bit before turning around to see Zach holding a squirt bottle full of water. “Zach?” You questioned. He inched closer to you with an evil grin on his face. “Zach you better stop right now!” You screamed playfully. “Or what?” He said seductively. “Or I’ll make you.” You played along. He pulled the trigger and a bunch of water landed on you. “ZACH! I HAVE MY HAIR STRAIGHTENED!"you yelled. "Now it’s gonna be curly.” You fake cried. You buried your head in your hands and waited for him to come over. You felt his hand raise your chin so you were facing him. He looked deeply into your eyes and moved his face closer to yours. You closed your eyes anticipating the moment you had been waiting for all night. He crashed his lips into yours. A warm, tingly feeling ran through your whole body. You entered your tongue into his mouth earning a moan from him. He picked you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist. He carried you upstairs and laid you down on the bed.

He stopped his motions and looked into your eyes for permission. You nodded a quick ‘yes’ and pulled him down to your face and began again. Your heart beat started to quicken and your breathing became uneven. Zach swiftly pulled of your t shirt and leggings. You pulled up his shirt to reveal his toned chest. You suddenly felt self conscious of your own body. You weren’t exactly model skinny. You pulled away from the kiss and looked into his eyes. It was as if he immediately noticed. “You’re gorgeous Y/N.” He said and raked his eyes over your exposed body. He smiled at you and unbuckled the belt to his jeans. You couldn’t help but smile in anticipation.

He tugged off his pants revealing a bulge in his boxers. You pulled him down a smashed your lips into his and moaned into his mouth. He put his hand on your hip and slowly moved it up your body and stopped at your breast. He pulled you into an upright position and wrapped his arms around your back and unbuckled your bra. He slid it off you your shoulders with nimble fingers. You looked into his eyes that were filled with lust. He put his hands on both sides of you hips and slid them up you body so that they were touching your breasts. You leaned back into the bed and pulled him into a kiss making sure one of his hands was still on your chest. His hand started massaging it while his other hand was pulling down your underwear. You stopped kissing him for a second so you you could take off his boxers. He started kissing you again and positioned himself at your entrance. He slowly entered you making sure not to hurt you. He started to thrust in and out. You whined rather loudly against his lips. He started to do go harder and faster. You felt pleasure rise in your whole body. He pulled away from the kiss and bit his lip to keep from moaning too loud. When you both finished he pulled out and collapsed next to you panting. You turned your head so you were facing him. He looked at you and smiled. “I love you” Zach spoke softly. “I love you too.” I answered. He pulled the covers on top of us and closed his eyes. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” I heard my dad yell. “Oh shit.” You whispered to Zach. You both started hysterically laughing.

My sons;

Some of you are getting quite disrespectful when it comes to me not answering asks quick enough, so I’ll make it clear once again:

1) I typically get around 20-30 asks EVERY DAY, that is 140-210 asks EVERY WEEK. 

2) Simple asks that I answer such as, “After seeing your presentation on james madison I wanted to ask: what was the relatonship between him and dolly like?” My answer looks as if it only took me half an hour to answer–in fact, stuff like that takes me around two-six hours to write! ALL BECAUSE OF RESEARCH. And I love to do it! 

3) Those simple presentations I make? Those take three-four hours to fully type, find pictures, do research and post! My posts take a long time to make!

4) I find myself to be one of the most active blogs when it comes to answering people’s asks–so complaining to me like a little baby, “You are taking forever with answering my ask!” or “Why haven’t you answered my ask yet?” ARE VERY DISRESPECTFUL TO ME. I assure you, I work as fast as I can to answer every ask that shoots into my inbox. 

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6) I have told you time and time again, if you have an URGENT ask that you need answered: TELL ME! Asks that I know are urgent, I answer ASAP that very same night and get first priority. Or, message me privately! Sending me asks twice because I am not answering them quick enough I find very disrespectful! 

You all are going to hit up my inbox on anonymous, “umm, maybe you shouldn’t be complaining so much!” and to you I say: fuck off. Let this remain to be a fun place where I can go and educate others and be friendly instead of work for me! 

Bad: “Why haven’t you answered my ask yet?”

Good: “Hey, I think my ask may have gotten lost in your inbox…”

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Forgotten (PART 2)

A/N: After a really long wait, here it is! The second part for my imagine “Forgotten”, I got a few requests, asking me if I could write a second part to it and I wanted to write it as a thank-you for 1,000 followers. It’s by far the longest I’ve ever written, I hope you enjoy it!

I actually have over 1,300 now (I still can’t believe it) and I’m really sorry for taking so long to finish it. I’m grateful for every single one of you, thank you for everything ! <3



Words: 3438 

Triggers: None (at least I think so, if not, please tell me!)


Not even two hours have passed since your little encounter with him. Feelings of guilt and anger wavered continuously through you. But not at the same time, no. Whenever a wave of anger made its way through your consciousness, guilt quickly followed. You couldn’t stay mad at him for as long as you’d like to because the guilt comes right back, nibbling under your skin. It made you go mad.

As much as you hate to admit it, you shouldn’t have been so harsh towards him. Even if you’d like to believe that you had every right to do so, Josh only wanted to make his dream come finally true. He didn’t mean to hurt you in the way he did. (Though, it still sucked that he did).

You didn’t know what to do to stop the feelings of guilt. The only logical thing to do would be apologizing for the things you’ve said but there was no way you would be able to grab a hold of him, with him being famous and all. So you did the only other thing that maybe could stop your running thoughts.

As quickly as possible you opened your laptop and clicked on the little browser button. Your fingers typed in the name you tried to forget for the last couple of years.

Joshua Dun

Many different pages were shown, some sites like Wikipedia or articles from interviews he did with Tyler for the band. You decided to click on his twitter link, not bothering with the probably boring articles.

It kind of surprised you to see how many followers he had, around 1.5 million people were interested to see what he had to say about his life. Scrolling through his newsfeed, you frowned, seeing that he tweeted around an hour ago.

@joshuadun: wishing I could turn back in time to stop me from being the most of a dick I’ve ever been to anyone in my entire life

You knew that the tweet was about your encounter with him. Knowing now how much he regrets his decisions he made years ago, your heart ached. Josh never wanted to hurt anyone, he’s too good of a guy to do so. But there was nothing you could do about it now. Since he was famous and well known now, you would never be able to get a grip on him so you could apologize for the hateful things you’ve said to him. So you did the only thing you were able to do: you closed the website of Josh’s Twitter page, turned your laptop off and told yourself to forget about him. Just how you did a few days ago.

It was the next morning and even if you did try your best on forgetting the little encounter you’ve had with Josh, guilt was still nagging on your skin. After many failed attempts on working on your essay (which you intended to do after grabbing your coffee), you called it a night and went to sleep. But of course, there was no way for you to get rest, the yellow-haired drummer floating around in your brain. You probably got around four good hours of sleep, at all.

After doing your best at hiding your restless night with makeup and getting ready in general, you decided that it was probably the best if you tried to do your assignment at the little cafè you always went to. It wouldn’t be the first time since it somehow motivated you when you did your work there; you always felt like because you already drove there, you should at least write some pages. And sooner or later you did more than you actually planned. So that’s what you did.

As you arrived at the little coffee shop, a little earlier than yesterday, you noticed that it was, again, almost empty. There were the cute little elderly couple that almost every day drank their coffee at the booth near the window and around two other students who worked on their assignment. Only one person stood out, probably because he was wearing his hoodie of his sweater inside. You didn’t think any of it, only noticing that he sat one table away from your usual spot.

You quickly ordered your coffee, grabbing a chocolate muffin as well. As you made your way up to the little table at the corner, you looked at the new customer with the hoodie, frowning. He looked similar, even if you were only able to see his back, slouched over in the chair, probably looking down at his coffee. Or whatever he got. You shook your head, the lack of sleep probably getting to you because there was no way that he could be here.

Not so quietly putting your bag on the table, you sat down, noticing how you could actually see the face of the stranger if he would look up instead of resting his head on his arms. You swear you saw a little bit of yellow hair sticking out of the hoodie but again, you shook your head, knowing that it was just your imagination combined with the lack of sleep. 

While sipping your coffee and occasionally nibbling on your muffin, you started working on your assignment which was due in a few days. As you wrote, your mind completely forgot about the masked stranger sitting only a few feet away from you. That was until you sneezed and his head shot up, due to the sudden noise.

You couldn’t believe your eyes; Josh was sitting right in front of you. What was he doing here? It obviously didn’t take him long to see that you were the person who sneezed, as he stood up and left his seat to make his way towards your table.

“Before you say anything (Y/N), I want to apologize.” You lifted one eyebrow, deciding not to listen to him. “What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to tour around with your buddy Tyler and make all of your fans around the entire country happy?” Your voice was coated thickly with sarcasm. The guilty feeling which nagged on your skin the whole time after seeing him the last time were suddenly vanished and replaced by anger. Why did you make yourself feel so down over him?

“I am, but since we are playing two nights here, I had the chance of apologizing to you for my stupid younger self.”

“How would you know that I’d come here?” Your eyes narrowed.

“I didn’t. Just took the wide shot of practically waiting for three hours here, hoping you’d come back. I still remember whenever you found your favorite place for coffee, you always seemed to go there, no matter the distance you had to cross.” You couldn’t help the slight ache you felt in your heart that Josh still remembered your weird habits. After all, he practically knew you better than you knew yourself.

“Josh, I-“, you were at a loss for words, not knowing how you’re supposed to answer him. Apologizing for your sudden outburst yesterday seemed to be the right thing but you didn’t want to admit defeat so easily.

“Don’t say anything, really. But please, before you storm off again, which you have every right to do so, let me tell you how incredibly sorry I am.” Josh looked with hopeful eyes at you, the guilt present in his own ones. You just nodded, signaling him to continue. It would be the right thing to do, you thought to yourself, otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to live on without feeling the guilt like in the past hours.

“Thank you. I- Okay, I know I fucked things up, I really do. It’s not like I didn’t notice that I didn’t hold the contact like I was supposed to do. As soon as things started to work out and we got more and more recognition, it was hard for me to find enough time to properly sit down and call you. I was a dick for thinking that you would understand and accept it. Who would even do that? I was so dumb back then, if I could I would kick myself in the ass for treating our friendship like that. You were my best friend and you were right yesterday, with everything you’ve said. You were always there for me, held my back and I just turned my back on you, for stupid reasons like not finding enough time. I really do understand it if you don’t want my apology, hell, even I wouldn’t accept my own apology. I just want you to know that I was dumb and didn’t know what I would be losing by doing this, you were one of the good things in my life that I had, and I do really want to be a part of your life again. I want to make my behavior up to you but if you don’t want me in your life anymore, I understand that. I really do. “

You listened and listened to Josh ramble. You did find his reasoning stupid and it did make you angry again, because who the fuck does that? But on the other hand, you were glad that he was being honest with you and not told you some shitty excuse that was clearly made up just so you would accept his apology. You didn’t really know if you would be able to let him back into your life, too afraid that the same thing would happen again, especially when the band was widely known now. But it was Josh and he used to be your best friend. You couldn’t deny the feelings you used to have for him, which were crawling up your heart now. What could you possibly lose this time? Nothing; only your pride. So you did the only logical thing:

“I accept your apology, but-“, you stopped him before he could say anything to your answer, “if anything like this happens ever again, I swear, I’ll kill you with my bare hands. I’m serious, Dun, deadly serious.”

Josh couldn’t contain his grin that was spreading on his face. He couldn’t believe that you gave him another chance to be a better friend this time. “Thank you so much, (Y/N)! I promise you that I know better this time. C’mon, I’ll even pinky promise with you!” You started to giggle at his childish behavior but nevertheless conjoined your pinky with his.

After buying another round of coffee, the two of you started to catch up, telling each other about the things that happened in your lives after the contact dropped. You couldn’t believe how fast you calmed down around Josh, you expected yourself to be more cautious, testing if he really means it or if he’s just messing with your feelings again. But despite all speculations, it was just like old times, whenever you hung out with Josh.

Some hours passed, none of you really noticed how fast the time flew by; that is until Josh got an incoming call from Tyler. It was time for him to go to the venue and get ready for the concert. Your mood went down a little, knowing that it was probably the last time for quite a time until you’d see him again, with him touring and all. Even if he did have a break in a few weeks, you didn’t live in Columbus anymore.

You waited quietly until Josh finished the call, trying your best to hide your sudden sadness.

“I’m sorry, but Tyler’s right; the show starts in less than two hours and I should head back, to get ready ‘n stuff.”

“It’s no problem, really.” You smiled lightly. “It was nice to catch up with you and I wish you the best of luck for your show, have fun.” While you’ve said that to him, you started to pack your stuff together, planning on finish your essay at home.

 “I actually wanted to ask you if you’d want to come and see us play?” Josh asked somewhat nervously. His nervousness was actually not displaced; you weren’t sure what to think about his offer. The band was the reason why he dropped the contact and just because you forgave him, doesn’t mean that you’d want to start to like the band. Or show any interest for that matter. But… The way Josh looked with hope in his eyes at you and waited patiently for your answer, which hopefully results in you saying yes, you found yourself nodding. The band is his dream and you didn’t want to act like a complete bitch. Not like that you were one yesterday.

“Okay, I’ll come with you. But I need to go home first and get ready since I’m wearing literally sweatpants.” 

Josh grinned at you, thanking you over and over again. “You don’t have to change, I think you look good.” You burst out laughing, him joining in soon after you. “No, but for real, though. You could wear a trash bag and make it work. But I guess, you can go home and change, only if you promise me that you come before the concert starts; I want to hang out a little more with you.”

You nodded, agreeing with him that you’d hurry up with getting ready. You couldn’t deny the fact that your heart fluttered as he told you that he’d like to spend more time with you. It was crazy, yesterday you hated Josh’s guts and now you’re getting all fluttery because of him?

After saying your goodbyes for the next two hours, you drove as fast as possible home to get ready. You managed to put a decent outfit together and tame the mess on your hair which was before in a not so cute bun. It took you around an hour to change, put makeup on and do your hair, plus the drive from the café to your apartment and back to the venue. To say you were proud of your achievement would be an understatement.

Realization hit you as soon as you stood in front of the venue, how on earth would you get in? There was no way you could just walk in, especially when you had no ticket. For the second time of the day, your mood dropped tremendously. You thought about walking back to your car and head home since there was really no way to get in- or so you thought.

Your phone beeped, signaling a new message. After looking from who it was, you couldn’t help but to feel like a huge idiot; Josh gave you, before he went back to the venue, his phone number.

If you’re already there, just tell one of the guys working there your name, they should let you in xx Josh

As soon as you read the text, you walked quickly to one of the security people who worked there.

“Uhm, excuse me. I’m (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N), Josh told me I should come here…?” It was clear that you were uncomfortable as hell; the security man obviously noticed, as he checked for your name on a list he held. You hoped that it wasn’t some sick joke from Josh and that your name really was on this list.

“Yeah, okay. Just go through the hall and then to one of the back doors, there should be some other security members, just tell them your name and then you’re in the backstage area.” He smiled somewhat, calming your nerves. You expected him to be a complete asshole and not let you in but obviously, you were wrong with your assumptions.

It took some more minutes and some more uncomfortable talks until you stood finally in front of Josh’s dressing room. You knocked, waiting patiently.

“Come in!” You did as told and opened the door, surprised to not only see Josh on one of the couches but his bandmate Tyler. Not knowing what to do or what to say, you just kinda stood there, awkwardly.

“(Y/N), Hi!” Josh quickly stood up as soon as he saw you standing in the doorway, hugging you tightly before returning his gaze back to his bandmate. “(Y/N), this is Tyler. Tyler, this (Y/N).”

“Hello, I’ve heard a lot about you.” You couldn’t quite make out what his expression meant. Maybe he disliked you for calling Josh out in the café yesterday? He had every right to do so.

It didn’t take long and Tyler’s expressionless face broke out into a huge grin. “I’m sorry for messing with you.” He laughed. “Though, I actually did hear a lot about you, especially yesterday when you kicked Josh’s ass like that!” He laughed some more.

You spent the last minutes with both of them until their concert started; it was funny, especially with Tyler who didn’t stop telling you embarrassing stories about his bandmate.

So now you stood at the backstage area, looking somewhat excited at the big stage, waiting to the see your former best friend perform with his band for which he abandoned you and your friendship. If someone told you earlier that day, that you would watch in the evening Josh Dun, the guy you actually used to hate, play live, you’d call them crazy. Never did you believe that it would come down to this.

Time passed and the concert started, surprising you with the amount of energy that was both onstage and in the crowd; you couldn’t deny the fact that their music was great and that they put a hell of a show up. Seeing Josh look so happy playing his drums, besides his best friend, made the last hatred you had for him, his band and the situation you were in, leave your body and mind. You were happy that he got so far and was actually living his dream now, something you helped him achieve a few years back.

The grin on your face and the last remains of tears, that ran down your cheeks due to the emotional speech from Tyler and performance of a song called ‘Trees’, were widely visible as Josh left the stage, just to immediately walk up to you. Even if he was sweaty and out of breath, he didn’t hesitate to engulf you in a big, bone crashing hug; he even twirled you around a bit. You grin just got bigger.

“Hey, how’d you find the show? I hope you like it”, Josh looked happy but a little bit nervous at you. Nervous, because he wanted your approval of the band, to make sure that the two of you could leave everything bad behind and start new.

“I loved it! You guys did awesome out there! I’ve never seen any like this before, for real. I’m still so shocked, I can’t believe how far you’ve made it, Josh. Thank you for letting me see you-“, You couldn’t talk further because Josh stopped you with kissing you. At first, you were surprised, not knowing why he would kiss you, but soon you found yourself enjoying every single second of it and kissing him back. As suddenly as it started, as quickly it ended. You were sure that your cheeks were a vibrant red, blushing was a thing that always seemed to happen to you.

“I’m sorry but I couldn’t help myself.” Josh scratched the back of his head. “I’m just glad that you liked it.”

“It’s okay.” You mumbled, trying to hide your burning cheeks from him. Your heart beat fast and heavy, your mind and thoughts running wild. The kiss was unexpected but nevertheless, you enjoyed it and that confused you more than you were willing to say. But you knew, that you always had some feelings for him, maybe more than just friendship.

“I guess, I just made it more awkward than I wanted to but what I’m gonna ask next, won’t make it better, I believe.” He laughed quietly, taking one of your hands in his. “(Y/N), do you want to go on a date with me? You know, as an another excuse for the things I did to you.” He grinned, showing off his squinty-eyed smile, making your heart melt right inside of your body.

Before you could spend any thoughts on his question, your arms flew up and around his body, embracing him. You nodded vigorously, pressing your lips to his, kissing him first this time.

You really didn’t expect everything to turn out this way as you woke up today but it was the best outcome you could’ve asked for and there was no denying to that.

They started sleeping together before they did anything else.

Sleep in the literal sense.

One night Dean rolled over and Cas was just there, mouth open and snoring softly, one hand unconsciously reaching in the open space between them.

They didn’t talk about it.

At first it was a middle-of-the-night thing, where one of them would sneak across the hall into the other’s room and crawl into bed without waking the other up. Then they’d wake up in the morning, get up immediately, and go about their day like nothing had happened.

Then it was a conscious decision. They would retire at the same time at night and Cas would reach his hand back and Dean would take it and they would fall into bed together and fall asleep immediately.

Then the cuddling started. Dean woke up one morning with an arm wrapped around his middle, and he pulled on it to make Cas come closer, and they each took a deep breath and melted into each other. They both pretended to be asleep for an hour that morning just so they could keep touching.

The tension got so thick that neither of them could sleep at night, tangling and turning and trying their damnedest to get as close to each other as humanly possible without actually doing anything. Because if they did anything, then they’d have to talk about it.

Three months. It went on for three months until one night it got really bad and there were hands sneaking up under shirts and frantically gripping skin and there were butterfly kisses on collarbones that turned into hickeys on necks and finally, finally Dean breathed, “Kiss me,” and Cas found his lips in the dark and then found them again and again until they fell asleep on top of each other.

Sam said, “Congratulations, guys,” the next morning and when Dean and Cas asked what the hell he was talking about, he explained, “You look well-rested for the first time in months.”

Shattered Glass Smiles

Note: This is my first fic I’m posting on tumblr! I hope you all enjoy (feedback always appreciated)! Hopefully this will end up being multi-chapter! :D

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Synopsis: In which the year is 1959, Feyre is engaged to Senator Tamlin Greene, and Rhysand is the head of a notorious mafia dynasty called the Night Court. 

Chapter 1: “Hide Your Bruises, Senator’s Wife”

Sometimes I wondered what my life could have been—if there was ever a time, a place, where I did not go to sleep with a knife tucked beneath my pillow, a loaded gun on my bedside table.

Some people, I was told, kept books on their nightstands—candles, reading glasses; half-empty mugs of tea.

Rhys and I put our guns and knives on our nightstands. Burner phones tucked in the drawer, emergency first-aid kits open on the surface, half a dozen passports in a hidden compartment; cash for fifteen different countries in a miniature safe.

Maybe there was a life where I seldom did not sleep through the night, where I knew what it was to be happy and unafraid.

But that was not this life.

Rhysand handed me the gun that day, but I already knew how to shoot.

November 1959

Westhampton, New York

God, I hated these parties.

The car drew up to the curb, Hart’s gloved hands twisting the wheel. “Here you are, Mr. Greene,” he said, grinning at us in the rearview mirror.

Tamlin smiled at him. He’d donned his senator’s smile tonight, polished and smooth: golden hair cropped and parted, teeth even and white, shoulders broad, chin dimpled. “Thank you,” he said, checking his watch. “Pick us up at—eleven-thirty, say?”

“Better make it midnight,” Lucien said, straightening the lapels of his jacket, immaculate as they already were.

I winced, though neither of them noticed. The idea of staying at this function until midnight was enough to set my teeth on edge, but—it was campaigning, I reminded myself. For Tamlin, for the next election.

“Midnight, then,” Tamlin amended.

Hart nodded, easing out of the car to open the door for us. Tamlin stepped out onto the curling drive leading to the Hampton estate first, Lucien hot on his heels. I was last, grabbing fistfuls of my dress.

“Thank you, Hart,” I said, offering him a weak smile.

He tipped his cap to me, cheeks a bit flushed, and shut the door with a snap, heading back for the wheel.

I paused for a moment, inhaling. The night air felt good on my skin, cold and bitter and brisk, full of November bite, grounded by the stars’ faint, present glow.

A hand ghosted along my back, the faint scent of nighttime erased by the stronger, more pervasive aroma of Tamlin’s cologne. “You look lovely tonight.”

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a boy like that

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in which you were always more into drummers, but you were willing to make an exception for kim seokjin. (even if he’s your brother’s best friend)

genre: fluff

word count: 2460

― bassist!seokjin x reader 

a/n: stop doing my boi dirty @ bighit

     “CAN YOU PLEASE STOP BEING A BITCH?” Namjoon, your dearest brother and the apple of your eye, asked tiredly. You were lying on the couch, aimlessly flipping channels on the TV, with a bowl of popcorn resting on your stomach. “The boys are coming over and I need you to clear the couch. You’ve been lying around on it all day like a worm anyway.”

“You just called me a bitch and then a worm, and you want me to move for you?” You rolled your eyes, shoving a handful of popcorn into your mouth. “Is that fuckface coming?”

“Jin is my best friend, Y/N,” he said, rolling his eyes also. “Of course he is. He’s also the bassist, so we kind of need him.”

Ugh,” you groaned. “you’re still going on about the band thing, Joon? Aren’t you too old for this? Worry about college, not your ‘rock band.’”

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Stressed Out - Jack Maynard Imagine

Request (by @monavanderwaxl ) : not sure if you do personals but could you potentially do an imagine with Jack or Joe where I’m a mental health nurse (or student nurse as I currently am) and stressed with shifts and additional work etc. my names Becki if you wanna do personal but if not i don’t mind just something fluffy or whatever you think is best !! thank you ❤❤

A/N: Since it has been a while I’ve written a Jack imagine, I’ve decided to make this about him. I hope you don’t mind. Enjoy!


“Becki, there’s a new patient coming in next week and you’ll be looking after him. I want you to read through his history and stuff over the weekend, so that you know what to expect, okay?”

“Yeah, of course.” You tried your best to crack a soft smile as your boss handed you a file the size of a university syllabus. You let out a deep sigh as you walked out the door. Thankfully you had the weekend off.

The ride to your apartment seemed to last forever, with traffic jams making you even more stressed as you already where. People behind you were beeping their horn, making you clench your hands around the steering wheel. It was making you angry and the thought of having to read that enormous file over the weekend wasn’t exactly helping. After working three night shifts in a row, you were exhausted and all you wanted to do was crawl in bed and sleep.

Two hours later than expected you closed the door of your apartment behind you and dropped the file on your kitchen counter. You grabbed yourself a cup of coffee and sat down sighing.

“Hey, you’re late. What took you so long?” Your boyfriend Jack greeted you with a smile.

“Traffic.” You replied whispering, barely audible.

“You alright? You seem a bit sad.” For weeks you had managed to hide the stress work gave you, as you had promised yourself you would never take work home. Your boyfriend noticing that you weren’t feeling well was the last drop that made the cup run over.

“No, I’m not.” You said with the tears floating over your cheeks. “All these shifts and extra patients coming in are giving me so much stress that I don’t know what to do anymore. I have to read this huge file over the weekend and I don’t even know if I’ll manage to do it or not, and I feel so stupid for crying over it.” You buried your face in your hands as you tried to swallow more tears.

“Awh, baby, come here.” Jack whispered as he walked over to you and wrapped his arms around you. “Why didn’t you tell me? I could’ve helped you, or at least tried to. You know that I have huge respect for what you do and I love to hear all about it. Even when it’s not all roses. I don’t like seeing you upset.”

“I just didn’t want to bother you, you also have your own stuff to take care off.”

“Becks, there is not a moment in time that you cannot bother me. You’re the most important person in my life and all I want is for you to be happy. Even if that means you wake me up at three in the morning, because you need me. I’ll always be there for you.” He kissed you softly on your forehead. You looked him in the eye and saw nothing but love.

“I’m sorry.” You whispered.

“Don’t be. Here’s the deal: you are going to get changed right now, while I make you a nice cup of tea. Then, you’re going to let me pamper you for the rest of the day.”

“But the file…”

“No ‘but’. You still have tomorrow and Sunday to read it. You need to relax and I’m going to make sure you do.”

You smiled and pecked your boyfriend on the lips. You quickly changed into a comfy playsuit before going back to the living room, where Jack was welcoming you with a cup of tea. In the meantime he had closed the curtains and lit some candles, making your otherwise pretty basic apartment look like a romantic paradise.

“Welcome Miss, to Maynard Massages. Today we have for you a massage by our star masseur, Jack, followed by a home cooked meal, accompanied by a nice glass of wine. Afterwards we take you to our home cinema to watch one of those movies boyfriends usually don’t watch, but luckily for you, masseur Jack is all up for it. Take a seat.” You chuckled listening to his little speech.

As he started massaging your shoulders, you felt your whole body relax. For the first time in weeks you were feeling better again. You were finally able to take your mind of work and everything to do with it.

“How’s that feeling?”

“So much better. Thank you, Jack. You’re the best.” You said with a smile.

“Everything for my girl.” He whispered before kissing you on the lips and picking up right where he left off.


A/N: Tadaaaaaaaaaaaa finally a new imagine online! I really hope you liked it. Please do tell me if you don’t, I’ll write you a new one then. I’m sorry it took me so long to write this one, I haven’t been feeling very well lately. Luckily I’m doing better now and I’m back to writing again. I do hope you liked it.

That being said: my requests are still open, so anyone feel free to send in one and I’ll write you an imagine as well :)

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Frigid wind began to slip through Willow Creek as snow fell from the sky. The days grew colder and shorter, but that was just how she liked it. Winter was beautiful, blankets of snow all around her. Frost clinging to every surface it could find. She was happy, truly happy. Her relationship with Quinn was so easy. Of course, there was the occasional fight, but that was to be expected. They grew closer than they had every been before as Christmas neared and winter took it’s hold.

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Hc: Neko!dan having a wet dream while sleeping next to punk!phil in a bus surrounded by phils band members. Phil doesn't notice until one of his friends point it out (you don't understand how bad I need this love)

I am here to share the sins! Hope you like this and sorry it took so long! <3


-At two a.m., Phil pours himself cup number three of coffee and returns to the table in the tour bus where he and his band mates have been playing cards, seeing as they have the world’s most fucked up sleep schedule on account of the tour. Luckily, in Phil’s opinion, Dan went to bed around ten, so he would be awake to go sightseeing and grab breakfast at a reasonable hour.

-Not too long ago, Dan started making soft mewls in his sleep and squirming, but Phil dismisses it as having a vivid dream, as the Neko occasionally did. When Phil manages to get into the narrow tour bus’ bed, he’ll pull Dan close to calm the restless brunette to a peaceful sleep.

-”Hey, uh, Phil,” PJ says, looking down at the table determinedly.

-Phil raises an eyebrow. “Everything okay?”

-Coughing uncomfortably, PJ nudges Chris, who finishes the thought. “Look at your pet, Phil.”

-”Um, okay,” he says, and turns to look at Dan, confused for a moment before understanding what they mean. Dan’s ears are flat against his curly hair, which is beginning to stick to his forehead, and his tail is curled around his slender body as he ruts against the covers. Slowly, Phil stands up and takes a close look at Dan’s pink and parted lips, whimpers beginning to join the chorus of soft gasps.

-”We’ll give you some privacy,” Tyler says with a wink, leading PJ and Chris over to the kitchen area and shutting the partition once.

-Now that he doesn’t have to worry about them getting upset or annoyed, Phil is free to turn Dan onto his back and climb on top of him, pressing one thigh between Dan’s for him to rut against as he leans over the Neko’s face to awake him with a bruising kiss. Whining against Phil’s lips, Dan blinks his eyes open sleepily, almost instantly moaning and beginning to speed up his hip’s movements for more friction.

-”Have to be quiet, kitten, Ty, Chris and Peej are right behind that door,” Phil warns, using one hand to push two fingers into Dan’s mouth to quiet him and the other to palm himself through his jeans as he attacks Dan’s neck with his lips. The air is too warm, and filled with Dan making slightly muffled sounds of pleasure. He’s already close from his wet dream, so it doesn’t take him long to come with a soft cry, toes curling. As soon as all the aftershocks are over, Dan climbs off the bed, shivering from his wet boxers and getting on his knees, waiting for Phil to turn so that he’s sitting on the edge of the bed.

-Dan nimbly unbuttons Phil’s jeans and pushes down his boxers, immediately taking the tip into his mouth. Swirling his tongue, Dan looks up at Phil with wide and innocent doe eyes. “Kitten, can I-” Phil says, and Dan gives him a thumb up. Groaning, Phil tangles his hands in Dan’s hair and uses it to hold the Neko’s head in place as he lifts his hips from the bed, fucking Dan’s mouth until he’s close. When he is, he yanks Dan away, looking at the string of spit connecting the head of his cock and Dan’s swollen and bruised lips as he finishes, coming all over Dan’s face. If he hadn’t just come, Phil’s sure he would be hard again from the sight of Dan opening his mouth and drawing whatever he can into his mouth.


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* Fireworks *

Title: Fireworks

Summary: Daddy!Tom is with his family for their first Disneyland trip.  

Rating/Genre: T - Utter Fluff and Nonsense, very brief innuendo at the end

Author’s Notes: This is from an Ask I received months ago about CargoShorts!Tom and a few people wanted more.  I’m sorry.  (Not beta’d, all mistakes are mine)


The insistent tug on his cargo shorts snapped him out of his concentrated state and his gaze moved from the tablet to the sleepy morning face peering up at him.  He hadn’t heard her approaching, as the “feetsies” of her onesie, as she called them, against the carpet of the sitting room in the hotel had muted the usual patter.  

“Ups, Dada,” she implored, her little hands making the sunburst motion and reaching for him.

Her giggles bubbled through the air when he scooped her up as she requested, giving her an extra toss before cuddling her to his chest, the discarded tablet now resting on the small table by his chair.

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could you write a theo imagine, where the reader and him hate each other, but end up falling in love but soon find out it was only just a bet. end however you want xx

Was any of it real? Theo Raeken

A/N:Oh my god I’m sorry but I was extremely pissed writing this. It was my best and longest imagine but then I accidentally deleted it. So I’m sorry if this isn’t very good. KEEP REQUESTING AND MESSAGE ME WHAT YOU THOUGHT OF THIS!

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There was nothing more Y/n hated than cocky guys and Theo was just about the cockiest. Their hatred for each other had started in second grade when the two fought over who was right and who was wrong in front of the entire class. Since then the teasing and name calling between the two had been nonstop. The day Theo left Beacon Hills was a big relief for Y/N. But the day he returned the feud had resurfaced. That was until Theo made a bet. 

“Girls just love me like literally any girl would die to have a chance to date me.” Theo boasted. 

“Sure Theo.” a guy from the lacrosse team scoffed.

“I bet you 100 bucks that I can make any girl here fall for me.”

“You’re on Raeken.”

“Okay pick one.” Theo smirked as his friend looked around the room.

“Her.” he said pointing to a girl on the opposite side of the room.

“Y/N? You’ve got to be kidding me.” he grumbled.

“What? You said anyone.”

“Yeah Y/n just so happens to hate my guts.”

“Well this just got a whole lot more interesting.” his friend smirked.

“Whatever.” Theo said standing up.

“Go get her tiger.” his friend laughed as Theo made his way towards where Y/n was sitting. 

“Hey Y/n.”

“Go away Theo.” she said not looking up from the book she was reading. He pulled up a chair and sat next to her.

“So I was thinking isn’t it about time we get over this little fight of ours?”

“I mean I’m all for not getting over it if that’s okay with you.”

“Come on Y/n let’s start over. You don’t even know me.”

“Oh but I do Theo. You’re not very hard to figure out. You’re cocky, arrogant, and overconfident. You don’t care for anything but yourself and your ego. You’re really smart but you try to hide it. And the thing that really gets you is that you’re very social except your inability to conversate with someone and actually care about what they’re saying really drags you down.” she said still looking at her book. Theo smirked he likes a girl who has a little fire.

“Well Y/n what you don’t know about me is that everything you just listed is a facade and I want you to get to know the real me. So Y/n I want you to go on a date with me.”

“Theo there is about seven billion people I’d rather go on a date with.”

“Come on Y/n take a chance. Get to know the real me. I swear one date is all I’m asking. If you go on one date with me and still hate me then we never have to talk to each other again I promise.”

“If the real you is anything like the you now then no thanks.”

“Y/n I swear I’m not let me get a chance to prove that to you.”

“Why would I want to go on a date with someone I’ve hated since second grade?” she said looking over at him for the first time.

“Y/n I swear I’m not that same guy. Now please let me take you out on a date. I want to see if you’ve changed too.” she stared at him for a moment thinking. “The only rule I have is that we have to put everything behind us and start over. So what do you say?” he asked her with puppy dog eyes.

“Pick me up at seven.” she said then got up and walked out of the classroom.

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Okay this might be a lil quick but i loved your stories so could we get a morning after? Or three mornings after bc Draco is an awkward coward?

sorry this took so long! i wanted to write the third part almost immediately, but didn’t have time. also, i just want to say that people’s nice comments and requests for more always just make me so happy and is what makes me want to continue to write, so thank you ☺️

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Part One // Part Two

Draco woke up just a few hours later, around six in the morning. He let out a groan, and then tensed up when he felt a warm body next to him. In his sleep, he had forgotten the events that went down with Potter, but now they came back with full force. He sighed sadly and got out of the bed, careful not to wake Harry who was snoring quietly.

Draco looked down at the soft, unbothered expression on Harry’s sleeping face and smiled. Draco hated himself for thinking it, he really did, but Potter was just so fucking adorable.

With that thought, Draco shook his head and quietly left the room. He headed towards the front door to leave the house and Harry, who probably wouldn’t even remember their stupid kiss and sharing the stupid bed and the stupid cuddling and all the stupid events from the previous night.

However, as Draco reached the front door, he was caught up in his thoughts, and didn’t even realize that Harry had woken up when Draco closed the bedroom door and followed him until he felt a soft, warm hand grasp his elbow.

“Where are you going?”

Draco turned, quite surprised, and looked at the clearly still sleepy man standing before him. His hair was a mess, even more so than usual, green eyes vibrant, and the previous unbothered expression Draco had viewed while he was sleeping was now replaced by one containing confusion and hurt.

Draco blushed when he realized that Harry’s hand was still on his elbow, and that he had been staring at Harry for a solid minute without answering his question.

“I-I was-”

“Leaving,” Harry cut him off. “Why?”

“I just didn’t think you would want me here anymore,” Draco answered in a quiet voice and tried to pull his arm away, but Harry didn’t let go.

Harry looked at Draco as if he was stupid.

“What the bloody hell would make you think that?”

Draco took a deep breath.

“You just think of me as a friend.”

Harry gaped at him, and his hand slid off of Draco’s arm.

“Are you kidding me, Draco? Do you not remember anything from last night? You should, because I was the drunk one and I still remember.”

Draco narrowed his eyes at Harry and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Exactly, you were drunk! You didn’t know what you were doing!”

Harry just rolled his eyes, which just angered Draco further. Before Harry could respond, Draco spoke again.

“Stop treating me like I’m stupid!”

“Then stop acting like it, Draco! How much more of a hint do I need to give you?”

Draco clenched his jaw.

“When I brought you home from the bar and got you into your bed, you thanked me for being a good friend. Friend. So excuse me for thinking that’s all you thought of me as. And never say that I’m stupid again.”

Draco then turned back towards the door, now thoroughly fed up with Potter, but Harry stopped him by, once again, grabbing his arm.

“Hey, I’m sorry. I just…you have no idea how frustrating it has been for me to be pining after you and thinking you didn’t see me the same way.”

Draco whipped back around at this.

“Actually, Potter, I have every fucking idea of what that’s like. Especially after last night. The past twenty-four hours have consisted of the biggest bloody mix of emotions I’ve ever felt in my life!”

Draco tried to sound angry, but he could feel all of his rage quickly seeping out of him.

Harry gave him a sly look and stepped closer to him so their chests were nearly touching. Draco blushed at the proximity.

“If I remember correctly, Draco, you agreed that you would be calling me Harry from now on.”

Draco was surprised that this was Harry’s response to his previous statement, but he didn’t mind. He just gave Harry a playful glare.

“How you remember all this is beyond me. You were wasted.”

Harry snorted and took the last small step forward to press his body to Draco’s.

“I think we both know I wasn’t that drunk…maybe I was just pretending so something like this would finally happen,” Harry said with a smirk.

“You wouldn’t!”

Harry just shrugged.

“You should’ve been in bloody Slytherin,” Draco mumbled, which made Harry laugh.

Harry smiled at Draco and then captured his lips in a kiss. Draco was surprised at the action, but immediately welcomed it, and kissed Harry back with everything that he had.

They both pulled away panting for breath.

“Now, seeing as we both only got a few hours of sleep last night, would you like to accompany me back to my bed?”

Draco grinned and allowed Harry to take his hand. He started to pull Draco that way before he even gave him an answer.

“I would love too, Harry.”