so it took a lot of time but came out bad


I stepped out of my two year old marriage and committed a sin: I cheated my wife.  

I don’t know how it happened.

Yes, I had always been a flirt but I never thought I would hurt someone so bad. The strange thing that happened is that I actually fell out of love with my wife and fell for the ‘other’ girl—I fell so hard that I’m yet to get over her.

It was not a fling.

Yes, it involved a lot of physical intimacy but it was something very intense; there came a point when I was ready to sacrifice my marriage, my family and even my job just to be with her. When the time arrived to take a stern call, she kind of took a back step and I got restless. I became violent and ended up raising my hands to her at my workplace (she was a colleague). Things escalated; I chose to resign immediately to avoid embarrassment.

It’s been one year since this happened, and here I am: all alone. I have divorced. I have lost track of my career. I’ve lost my smile. I’ve lost her—perhaps she never wanted to genuinely be with me, I don’t know. She was in touch with her ex all this while when she knew how possessive I was of her. Yes, karma hit me back and faster than I could realize; she was cheating on me while I was fighting my own family to be with her.

Above all, I have lost my faith in love and it has more to do with my guilt and lack of confidence in myself. I feel I don’t understand what love is about. I feel I ’ll end up cheating on someone again if I commit to a relationship. I feel I ’ll get cheated on. I feel I don’t have that thing in me where I would be able to live for others. I feel I am too self centered. My wife used to tell me the same: selfish and self centered. I avoid people. I avoid friendships. I don’t know where I am heading with my life.

I am sharing all of this just to understand myself better and probably just to reach out to those who are cheating someone right now:

STOP. If you are thinking of cheating in a relationship, don’t do it. Don’t break her/his heart. It’s a thrill for you but this thrill of yours will shatter her/him completely beyond your understanding. She/he will not be able to love anyone fully again. Don’t play with her/his tender heart. Go and confess what you have been doing and promise to remain faithful for life. If she/he truly loves you, you will have see tears rolling down at your confession but you might be able to save three precious lives.


gif art by Rafael Yap


#159 - Bad Boys

Story: Jaune and Ren needed some extra cash for a hit new game that came out recently. They were walking through Vale for part time jobs that fit their schedule when they found an ad for a modelling thing. It was one day only and the amount of money paid was more than enough for the game so they took a shot. The theme turned out to be “bad boys”.

It was a pretty okay photoshoot. They got their games. They also got a card from the agency. And lots of begging for them to come back…

Just something simple-ish to get me back into the swing of things. I listened to a lot of BTS for this. Whalien 52 is my fave.

May… add a short and rough accompaniment comic to this just to show the girls’ reactions. Like a 3 or 4koma or something.

anxiety-cannon  asked:

Gryff! Just out of curiosity, what are your favorite legendary creatures? Also, what is your favorite (personal) deck?

Favorite Legendary Creatures: Olivia Voldaren, Oona, Queen of the Fae, Maralen of the Mornsong, Alesha, Who Smiles at Death, Reya Dawn Bringer, Sigarda, Host of Herons, Avacyn, Angel of Hope, Akroma(s), and finally Intet, the Dreamer.

I have a lot more, but those came to mind.

Personal deck: it was initially meant for my mate…but I took in to heart more than them. That’s my Olivia Voldaren EDH deck. Now named Olivia, the Bladesinger/ Blade Mistress.

My favorite decks in Standard (Oh so long ago) Were Black/ Blue Fairies; I sold all of it off to help with something, and at the time held some bad memories. Mono Green elves, White/ Blue control/ Caw Blade, (If it had Jace the Mindsculptor in it, I loved it). I started off with a Mono white deck, which I still have the legendary creature to (Cho-Manno, Revolutionary).
I played the Jeskai Ascendancy Combo deck for like two weeks. While it was combo, and I liked playing it. Standard got boring for me.

If I were to play now, I’d probably pick up Black/ Green counters. 

Thanks for the question, @anxiety-cannon

Over my twitter spotted that @somesharpteeth was dealing with really bad computer/technical problems causing anxiety and pain which due of my own PC problems can relate so much. 

I just felt that pain so wanted to show my support the way it can replace a bit the bad with some smiles and joy and sketched their main up in 20 mins Photoshop test run with the new set up and settings. 

Also, my PC finally set up, everything arrived, was put together, tested and the most important softwares back on their place. It took a lot more time then I originally excepted, and the last bit of parts the RAM came only this Monday. I now have a working machine to continue working with commissions and arts. My tablet not lagging out as it did before, opening and closing programs or just to save not takes 10 minutes long and I can increase my resolution and working canvas size for better printing at last. So from 5k I can move now up to 8-10k size for my arts. I was really waiting for that. 

Thanks for putting up with me and the patience!


Request: So, here’s a request! Can you write one where the reader is Dean’s girlfriend and she changed her hair color to a unnatural color (blue, pink, rainbow hair, idk.) and Sam and Dean teases her all the time and she gets really mad and screams at them and starts crying and then Dean realized what an Idiot he is and in the end it’s all fluffy? THANKS!

A/N: Hello there! I’m so sorry this took me so long to put up, a lot of stuff has been going on, but I finally got this done and uploaded! High five! I included Cas in this one just because haha I hope you don’t mind. I’m currently reading Moby-Dick so I kinda threw that in there too. I feel like this is so bad and I am so so sorry for this being so late, but a lot of stuff just came up out of nowhere. I’m sorry if this isn’t what you had in mind, but I was in a rush. Things should be running smoothly in the next few days though! I’m still taking requests and I can promise you nothing will come out this late again!

Word count: 1406
Warnings: swearing
Summary: The reader dyes her hair blue and Dean laughs and calls her a Smurf so she acts upset and storms out. They get even and end up cuddling in bed and reading until they fall asleep.

“What if I dye my hair blue?” You thought aloud.
You were laying with your head in Deans lap on the couch while he watched Looney Tunes on the TV.
“You serious?” He chuckled.
“Well, I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Why? You don’t think I should?”
“Go ahead and do whatever you want.” He continued to laugh. “Not my hair.”
You turned your attention back to the television, still deciding if you’d go through with it or not. You’d already bought the dye so why not, it’s your hair.
“Dean, we gotta get going!” You heard Sam call from by the door.
“Bye, princess. Be back in a few hours.” Dean leaned down and kissed you gently.
“Drive safe and be careful please.”
“Always am.” He winked muttering a “Love you” before leaving.
They were just going to a bar, but Dean drove like a maniac and it worried you.
“A few hours is all I need.” You smirked to yourself. “CAS!” You yelled when you were sure they had left, hoping he’d respond and he did.
“What! What is it? Why were you yelling?” He questioned you frantically, looking around for any sign of danger with an angel blade in hand. You couldn’t help but laugh. “Are you actually in danger or are you yelling because you know it will get me here faster?”
“Well I’m not in danger.” You continue to laugh as he puts his blade away, fixed his coat and gave you a grumpy look. “I’m sorry.” You giggled at him and gave him a hug. “I was wondering if you would help me dye my hair. I want to dye it blue.”
“Have you talked that over with Dean? I’m not sure how he-” you cut him off.
“Yes, Cas, I talked to him.” Technically you did, it’s not your fault he didn’t take you seriously.
“Alright. Would you like to get started?” The angel grinned at you.

For the next four hours you walked Cas through how to apply the bleach and dye, dancing around and singing loudly while you waited for them to set. It took you a while, but you managed to get the angel to do the sprinkler and dance with you.
“The guys will probably be home soon,” you panted, out of breath. “how long has the dye been in?” You asked the angel as you plopped down next to him on the couch.
“You’ve got about twenty minutes left. Why are you worried about when Sam and Dean will be home? You said you told them.” Cas gave you a stern look.
“I ran it by Dean earlier and he kinda thought I was joking.” You nervously laughed.
“I can’t imagine Dean being very happy with this.” Cas noted as you stood up.
“Who cares? It’s my hair.” You called over your shoulder as you headed to the bathroom.
You rinsed and blow dried your hair before the guys got home so to pass the time you and Cas watched some old horror movies while you waited for Sam and Deans arrival.
“We’re ho- whoa.” Sam said as he entered the room.
“Whoa” what?“ Dean rounded the corner, eyes landing on your now bright blue hair. “What the hell? I didn’t think you were actually serious, Y/N.” He crossed the room to play with a few pieces of your hair. “You look like a smurf!” He began laughing hysterically, almost doubled over. It wasn’t really that funny at all, but he sure seemed to think so.
“Yeah, haha you’re hilarious, Dean. Smurf, never would have thought of that.” You mocked him, but he was still laughing as hard as ever.
“I’m gonna go take a shower.” He laughed his way out of the room.
“How much did he drink?” You turned to Sam.
“Not much, I think he’s just doing it to piss you off, honestly.” He shrugged sitting in the chair across from you. “Don’t pay too much attention to it.”
You nodded standing up from your spot next to Cas, you’d almost forgot he was there he was so quiet.
“Well, I’m gonna go read. Thanks for your help Cas, I appreciate it.” You smiled at the angel before leaving the room.
You made your way to the room you shared with Dean to find him laying on the bed.
“Hey, Smurfette.” He chuckled, rolling over.
“Pretty sure she’s blonde.” You grabbed your copy of Moby-Dick from the desk and sat next to him on the bed. “Want to read?” You asked, you’d forced him to star reading with you because you guys had finished your show and needed something else to do, but when you looked over at him he was turning red trying not to laugh. “Dean, seriously it’s not that funny. How old are you? 12?”
He burst out laughing loudly, not being able to contain it anymore. In that moment you had an idea: ‘I should act pissed off and storm out, see how long it takes him to feel bad and come after me, maybe throw the book at him for good measure.’ That’s exactly what you did.
“I’ve had enough! It’s not funny, Dean! All you do is shrug off and laugh at everything I do and I’m sick of it!” You threw the book at him and stormed out, slamming the door. ‘That should do it.’ You thought. You continued your stomping until you were out the front door, just in case Sam saw you, and made your way to I little clearing in the woods you had found last week. The only other person who knew about it was Dean so you thought that’d be as good a place as any. It was a ten minute walk, but it was worth it for the beautiful little place. It looked like something out of a movie, there were wild flowers, lavender, fireflies and crickets everywhere and a few logs you’d placed there to sit on. You could sit here for hours, and that’s what you intended to do.
About an hour had passed, the sun had started to go down and fireflies were popping up everywhere. The sky was a light purple and you could only see a few stars, there was even a slight breeze, and to add to the movie scene unfolding before you, you heard footsteps approaching.
“Aaaand action.” You whispered.
“Y/N? Hey, I’m sorry, okay? I like your hair, I really do, I promise.” He pleaded, almost sounding sad.
‘Don’t look at him.’ You willed yourself as you bit your lip to keep from laughing.
“Please don’t be mad. I know I was being an ass, and I know it wasn’t that funny. I’m sorry.” You heard him get closer. “Will you come back inside? We can go read if you want.”
You couldn’t take it anymore. You fell backwards into the grass laughing so hard you had to clutch your sides and when you saw his face you laughed even harder.
“I wasn’t even mad! I just wanted to see how long it would take you to get out here.”
“Are you serious?” He just looked at you on the floor. “You little shit.”
“You were being an ass so I thought I’d just act mad and storm out, see how long it took you to feel bad.” You explained, “Now we’re even.” You got up and pecked his lips.
“I’m not reading with you anymore.” He stated, trying to sound offended, turning back toward the bunker and taking your hand in his.
Back inside you’d both showered and were cuddled up in bed. Dean was sat up against the headboard with you sitting in his lap, his arms around your shoulders with the book held up front of you both.
“Chapter 36 The Quarter-Deck.” Dean read aloud to you. You guys took turns reading and and about an hour later had laid down in almost the same position you’d been sitting in, Dean on his back and you on your stomach on top of him. He was playing with your hair and telling you how much he actually loved it while you fell asleep.
“I love you, Y/N. I’m sorry for being an ass earlier.” He murmured into your hair.
“I love you too, Dean, and I’m sorry for being an ass too.” You kissed his chest and moments later you were both asleep.

Feelings Expressed Over Hot Chocolate

Rating: General
Warning: None
Words: 4384
Pairing: Kagehina
Notes: This is for #160! I’d like to apologize to 160 for how late this is!!! Home life has been a wreck and we just moved and it’s all been chaos and I’m so so sorry! I feel really bad that this came out so late, I tried my best, but I’m still sorry. I hope you like it and have happy holidays!
Summary: Kageyama has a crush, Hinata is an idiot, and hot chocolate is always good during a snowstorm.

Tobio hadn’t been avoiding Hinata per say, it had just been a coincidence that they hadn’t seen each other much that week.

A coincidence that took a lot of careful planning and effort to execute correctly, but a coincidence in Tobio’s view either way. A very very difficult coincidence.

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I'm Not A Kid

A Bucky Barnes imagine 

• Rating: mature 

• Warning: smut, slight language

 The Avengers were quite a busy bunch of people. You were part of them of course, you have been for a few years. It was times like tonight that you all treasured and never took for granted. You guys had to night off work so Tony took the liberty of planning a game night. He bought lots of alcohol and planned to play games like, monopoly, Jenga, Uno, and etc.

 The night started out with all of you having a drink. You were pretty light weight when it came to alcohol, so you had to take it slow. Tony had bought you a pack of cheap wine coolers, knowing full well that you’d be drunk after having 3 of them. You guys were in the middle of an uno game when you popped the lid of your second one. You were already getting tipsy. 

You were about to win this round when Steve laid down a draw two card.

 “What the fuck, Steve? I see how it is.” You said. Steve looked at you and laughed.

 You were flushed and pink in the cheek from drinking. You started to feel the effects of the alcohol when you stood up to go throw away your first bottle and you slightly stumbled.

 “Woah kiddo, I think you’ve had just about enough to drink tonight.” Bucky said in a worried tone. 

 “Don’t call me a kid.” You snapped back at him.

 You glanced at Tony and he had a huge grin on his face. “Oh god,” you thought, “he’s planning something.”

 “Guys, how about we dump this game of uno, and play some Truth or Dare? I mean, we’ve all had plenty to drink so it’ll be interesting, I think,” Tony said.

 Everyone quickly agreed, but you groaned at the thought because you know how Tony is. He is planning something and you don’t like it. Tony shot a small smirk at you gestured for you to come sit back down, so you did.

 “So I will start,” Tony said, “ Y/N, truth or dare?” 

 You thought for a second then replied reluctantly with, “dare.” 

 “Okay, Y/N,” Tony looked at Bucky then back at you, “since Buck here thinks you’re a kid, why don’t you show him you’re not?”

 “Are you serious, Tony?” You said in embarrassment.

 “Oh, I am very serious.” Tony said. You slowly got up and walked yourself over to Bucky.

 “Bucky, if I were a kid would I be here now?” You said while you grabbed his chin and pulled his head up so he was looking at you. 

He shook his head no. “Tell me, Bucky, if I was a kid would I do this?” 

 You sat on his lap, straddling him. You ever so slightly began moving your hips and grinding down on him. You kissed his lips and worked your way down his neck. Everyone behind you was yelling and cheering you on, you definitely shocked them. You ignored them, just enjoying what was happening.

 You had liked Bucky for quite some time but you never thought this would happen. You starting grinding on him a little bit faster and he whimpered.

 “Doll, I suggest you stop doing that.” Bucky said quietly.

 “Awh, why? Are you embarrassed?” You said, “or am I just turning you on?” 

You whispered in his ear. He grabbed your hips, causing you to gasp. He leaned closer to you, lips touching your ear.

 “Don’t start something you can’t finish, doll,” he whispered. You pushed him back and looked him in the eyes.

 “Whoever said I couldn’t finish it?” You said quietly, then you proceeded to get off his lap and go back to your seat.

 Bucky got up. “I think I’ve had enough for one night, so I’m going to bed.” He said and quickly walked to his room.

 “Well that was something.” Tony said, “who’s next?”

 You sat out the next few rounds and watched everyone else’s embarrassment while you had another drink. The best thing was when Nat kissed Steve. The poor guy turned so red. You were staring to get quite tired and were now just above being tipsy but not yet drunk. You decided you were done for the night. You said your goodnights and started heading back to your room.

 You heard Tony whisper “someone’s getting laid tonight,” but you didn’t think anything of it. You were walking down the long hall about to pass Bucky’s room as you felt someone grab your wrist and pull you. Next thing you knew you were in Bucky’s room.

 “What the f-” you started to say as you were pushed against a wall and were cut off by Bucky’s lips crashing onto yours. You melted into the kiss. You had been waiting so long for this moment. Bucky was the first to pull away. You didn’t want him to stop, but you were glad he did because you needed air. 

“How about we finish what you started, Doll?” Bucky said through a smirk.

 “I have been waiting so long for this,” he said, then kissing you once more before removing your shirt. 

 He took his time looking at every part of you. You were starting to get impatient with him and you just wanted to move it along. You needed him. You quickly took off your bra and pants. He chuckled at how desperate you seemed, but you didn’t care. Bucky picked you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist. He walked over to his bed and laid you down. He hovered over you, admiring every part of you. You found it intimidating but very arousing. He kissed down your neck, making his way to your collarbone. He left a mark on you so everyone would know you were his. He continued on his trail, making his way to your breasts. He ran his fingers over your nipple, cause you to whimper at the sudden touch. You needed more, his teasing was only making you grow more wet. He continued kissing your body all the way to your thighs, he kissed every where, even leaving little marks. He was kissing every where but where you wanted him most.

 “Bucky, please” you whimpered. He chuckled,

 “Please what doll? If you don’t tell me what you want I can’t give it to you.”’ 

“Your mouth.” You said and you pushed his head down to you’re aching core. He slowly slid off your panties, only teasing you more. He licked a quick strip across your clit, causing you to let out a small moan and buck your hips up at the sudden action. 

 “Doll, be patient and I’ll give you what you want.” His hot breath against your thighs made you shake in anticipation for what’s to come. You whimper when his mouth meets your heated core, hips moving, trying to get yourself closer to him. 

“Buck…” You moan as he pushes his tongue inside you. He backs up and asks 

“Which hand do you want?” 

“Metal!” You say say a little to quickly, and he chuckles as he slides a finger into you. He takes it slow to make sure he doesn’t hurt you, then he adds another. His fingers curl to hit your g-spot and he uses his thumb to draw small circles over your clit. At this point you are just a moaning mess and he loves it. 

“Bucky…faster,” you moan and he does as you say. “Bucky! I’m going to-” you say

 “I know, doll. Cum for me.” He says only pushing you further. 

He uses his thumb to rub a few more circles on your clit and you hit your climax. 

He pulls fingers out and licks them clean. “Are you okay?” He says You shake your head yes, not trusting you voice. 

 “I hope you know I’m not done with you, doll.” He says as he slides on a condom. 

“Now, I hope you’re ready.” Not giving you time to think, he slammed into you, and all you could do was scream in pleasure. 

“Shit, James!” You screamed as your nails were digging into his back. He was thrusting into you with so much force you swore you saw stars. 

 “Cum for me, doll, I’m not gonna last much longer.” He growled.

A few more thrusts and you hit your climax and so did he. He pulled out of you and collapsed on top of you. 

 “For a super soldier I would have thought you would have enough endurance not to collapse on me.” You said through a smirk as he rolled off of you. He kissed your forehead and you cuddled up to him. 

“Y/N, please tell me this wasn’t just a one time thing because I don’t want it to be a one time thing, doll.” 

 “No, it’s not a one time thing.” You said.

 “I know we kinda got the order wrong, but how about you and I go out to dinner sometime?” Bucky said. 

 “I’d love that, Buck.”

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“She was the first person I met when I came into professional soccer. I started my journey with her. She was my best friend at first sight when I came into St. Louis. She took me under her wing. So many people come in and out of my life with this job, but she’s one who’s always stuck and stayed, had my back through good times and bad. And pushed me to excel and get me to the place where I am today. I owe a lot of credit to her. It’s an emotional ride for us. For her to play her last game here, it was an emotional moment for us. I know that she’s going to be incredible no matter what she does. She’s an incredible human being. I’m so honored to be able to share a field with her and a team from last year with her. The game lost a very good person, and I only wish her a life long of happiness and good health. Same to her family.” - Ashlyn Harris after Niki Cross’s last match (cr: kevin parker)

Lesbian Story : on my new sofa?!

Heey guys this is such a great and funny story. This girl was not out to her mother until this happened when the new sofa got delivered.

My mother was a bit shocked when i came out to her…not in a bad way in a very funny way :) I was dating this girl…i was out but not fully i was 16 at the time. i was home alone with her when the new sofa my mom had ordered jsut got delivered. so the men brought it in i signed and blah blah. i took off the plastic wrap and a strong smell of leather filled the air. My then gf seemed to change she was flirting a lot kissing me (we had only kissed at thes point) when all of a suden she had her hand inside my panties (which was strange because she wasnt usualy forceful) I was so shocked and turns on there on the sofa being fingered kissed bitten played with by her she undressed most of my uniform kissed down my body and started to eat me out! i was in heaven (she admitted later on that the smell of the leather and my pussy was intoxicating)so there i was laid on the 5 mins old leather sofa my pussy dripping on to it my gf licking me out fignering me screamingwhen the door slams shut. I look down my mother stood there mouth wide open my gf jumped up and looked at me both almost crying. first thing my mother said…”on my new sofa?” that night we talked about it and all she said about it was “as long as your happy”

I want  to show that not all coming out storys are “i hate you gay son/daughter” Love life and love yourself…because the only thing we have to be scared of about “coming out” is…..well there is nothing!

Story form  skitty-skitty

Troppe cose da fare! (Too many things to do!)
No, I mean, it’s a question we get a lot, and by ‘we’ I mean me and anybody I know. I just… I get busy. You know, Glee took up most of my time and anytime I had time to make an album I was never happy with the amount of time I had, so I’d just go “Okay, I’ll do this later”.
I’m not a man in rush. If I had nothing else going on I’m sure there would have been a lot of music albums out there.
It’s been several years since a lot of you have been following whatever I do, so you know very well that, working in a TV show, playing concerts and stuff, and of course Hedwig came around, and I really wanted to do that, so… It keeps getting pushed back because I have the luck to be able to do that, because there’s other things to do. So much so that it’s becoming kind of a joke.
I know a lot of fans are wondering where it is, and it’s in there somewhere, it’s just… I haven’t made it my first priority.
—  Darren Criss when asked about his solo album at Giffoni Film Festival (July 24, 2015)

tersyne​ asked whether or not it was mentioned on Jurassic World the Game that Owen was in military prison. I decided to make a post about it ‘cos while it’s not necessarily canon, his military background (and how he came to work in Jurassic World) could probably be useful/interesting for fanfic authors, people who do RPG, or JW fans in general :)

  • Hoskins brought it up to Claire; said that Owen spent time in military prison and was issued a discharge by a general court-martial at the end of his tour for bad conduct.
  • Owen Grady was in the Navy for three years. First lieutenant.
  • He was a part of the MK 9, a human animal cell in the Marine Mammal program for naval operations. They train dolphins, sea lions, everything that could help them underwater.
  • One day, one of the dolphins pinged back an object was heading towards them, which later turned out to be a false alarm. His captain almost gave the order to fire by mistake.
  • There were rumors about an inquiry into MK 9′s lack of efficiency on and off the field.
  • Owen ‘volunteered’, in a way, to be discharged. ‘MK 9 was my baby’ and he wasn’t about to let some desk jockey admiral tear down years of hard work. The dolphins depended on him, but shutting down the team meant they wouldn’t have the protection from the Navy.
  • Owen offered an idea to the captain to tell the media that they’re ramping down on the mammals for something else: drones. Less risky, fewer accidents.
  • They had to find an investor to take the dolphins cos they wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild, and the captain suggested Masrani Global as private sector might have interest in animal handling and training. They’d heard about Masrani Global acquiring InGen for a new special project. 
  • Simon Masrani paid all the expense to relocate the dolphins in exchange for Owen’s service. He flew out to Isla Nublar the next day. 
  • He didn’t know he was going to be training raptors when he took the job.

TL;DR - Owen Grady used to train dolphins *coughs* wet owen *coughs* before he trains raptors

[I’ve deleted some of my screencaps, so some of these came from memory. Please do tell if I got stuff wrong and I’ll make corrections. If there’s anything more mentioned about his military past later on, I’ll make another post.]

The Reluctant Friend:

Ryou had always been a male that hesitated with anything even more so when his darker half came into his life. Always worried his friends would get hurt by the spirit who wished revenge on Yugi’s own spirit…he always wondered why till once he had shown Ryou why he was so angry with the other. He understood in a sense…yet thought his yami took it too far. It was his father that had done the damage not Yugi’s darker half. So, a lot of times Ryou found himself staying home just to protect his friends except for the days they had important tests. He always stayed home; taking anything his friends brought him that they got for lessons. 

The white haired teen sat there on his bed, looking down at the floor feeling upset with himself that he had shut out his friends just to keep them safe. He wanted to hang out with them. He truly did but, he would not risk his friends getting hurt like that…anything to keep them away….even if he had to lose them completely so long as they weren’t dead because of his yami.


Lineart done, from the stream!!

Sorry about the giant watermarkthingy, this is just one of my most complicated and detailed pieces to date, and I just wanna try and discourage any… ideas. 

Super super proud of how this turned out!!!! Entire lineart took about…4 and a half hours. Not too bad. 

Turns out hoarding images off tumblr came in handy, needed a lot of odd angle references for Hiccup’s armor, but it turned out good. (Ps: plz don’t praise me on his face, i used borderline tracing to get the angles of his expression right, so I don’t consider it fully done by me. if I had done it by eye, it would have looked so bad haha;;)

ANYWAYS everything else is by hand with references, super happy with how it looks UwU though this will take a long long long time to complete because of all the detail necessary haha;;;;;

Please look forward to the finished project!

PS: if you missed the stream, here’s the whole thing up on! I’m currently working on making a sped-up version of it for youtube for later!