so it is up to us if we not doing the necessary things

March 13-14, 2015
Mt. Pulag, Benguet

My family and I decided to join FUNtastic Philippines funclimb to Mt. Pulag last month (unfortunately, my sis couldn’t come with us because she had her exams). It was our first hike ever and we didn’t know what were the things to bring or to do.. if we should buy hiking gears or it would be just a waste of money and whatnot. So yes, we just brought all the necessary stuff and didn’t bother to spend too much. March 12, was our meet up day at Cubao bus station around 9-10pm and we reached Baguio around 3am. It has been ages since the last time I’ve been to Baguio and I missed it. I was just so excited to be back there. Btw, I already wore 3 layers of clothing that time and what more on our way up to the summit? Ha-ha! It took us a few hours, I guess, to reached the Ranger station, Ambangeg, so we tried our best to get some sleep inside the monster jeep. What is sleep?  ヽ(´ー`)┌

We camped at Baban Homestay around noon time. Our wake up call was around 11pm so we all took the time to do our own thing—take pictures, sleep, roam around, eat, social. The ground inside the tent was damp.. how I wish I brought a sleeping mat with me. Oh well, now I know what to bring on my next camping trip. (ーー゛) Anyway, I wore 5 layers of clothing, gloves, 2 pair of socks and a beanie, plus the hood of my triclimate jacket and I was still freezing. The temperature was bone-chilling!!

We were all set and ready to ascend at 12am. We started our trek at 12:30am. I brought all my 3 cameras (dslr, go pro, instax & the powerbank) with me.. Imagine how heavy my bag was? Plus the freaking monopad and my 1 litre of gatorade. *sigh* Thank God for the porter and for my brother who were there to carry my bag for me halfway through the summit. So yea, we reached peak 2 around 5am and waited for the sunrise. There were lots of people up there waiting and it was just sad that we didn’t get to see the sea of clouds. There were no freaking clouds in sight, just a sea of crowds. But that didn’t stop us from enjoying the majestic view. Took all my time to take photos of the scenery and of course lots of selfies. Ha-ha!(●^o^●)

My family and I decided not to go to the summit. I know, definitely a wasted opportunity since we were already there, why not continue, right? But we were so dead-beat and I’ve reached Peak 2 & that was already fine with me. I just couldn’t wait to get back and take a bath, ya’ know. It was really a long walk back there, it was like an endless walk! Srsly. But man, you’ll definitely enjoy the view when the sun’s up. Really beautiful! So yea, even rode the habal-habal back to our campsite because I just can’t even. Can’t walk for another 3-4km. All in all, it was a great experience! Not bad for a first time hiker like me. Thank God I made it, we all made it back safe and sound!  キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!!

mikeborg asked:

Hey, it's Myliah's player, just sending a poke or whatever this thing is! I'm mostly curious as to how to become a part of the guild on here, if that's necessary anyway.

Hi Myliah! We’re so sorry it took us so long to respond to this, but we (the officers) thought it’d be a great chance to give a thorough and in depth answer for anyone else wondering as well. 

The great part about tumblr is that you don’t have to sign up to keep up to date or check news, notices, etc. that we officers make for the guild. 

That being said! There are a few different ways that you can participate with the guild on tumblr, which is something we think a lot of people are unsure of how to do. 

Now a lot of the ways to interact requires you having a tumblr blog of your own, but there are a few accountless ways as well!

Tagging in Posts

Tumblr has a tagging system that will show up on our activity feed every time you tag us, so we’ll know you’re posting about the guild or want your post reblogged onto our tumblr. You can use this by typing @ and then our tumblr name cryptic-tide. It’ll pull up a drop down menu for you to select us, or when you hit space after it’ll  make an automatic link on your post like this: 


This’ll send us an alert like this that allows us to easily find the post meant for us, whether it’s a text post, a picture, screenshot, or something funny you reblogged and think relates to the guild!

Tagging for Search

Another way to tag us in your posts is to use actual tags. This allows us to search the cryptic tide tag and see everything that’s been posted about us with this tag. You can do that by going to the bottom of your tag post and typing in the guild name, like this:

And of course include whatever tags you’d like to include! We may not always catch these, but it’s a more subtle way than the first method.

Submit & Ask

Submits and Asks are the only way to interact with the guild tumblr without a tumblr account of your own. Anonymous asks allow you to send messages and questions to the tumblr which we will have to answer publicly for you to get a response. Submissions such as images, links and longer writings are also a great way to have your content appear on the website.

Content & Our Policy

We won’t always be able to reblog or publish content we’re presented here. There are some topics that are either inappropriate, or offensive. So we’d like to ask to keep in mind that anything you submit to us should avoid explicit sexual, graphic gore/violence and intolerant content.

Some great things to tag us in are:

  • Screenshots
  • WMV edits
  • Your Character art!
  • CHARACTER STORIES (we love these, seriously)
  • Videos that remind you of the guild or members in the guild
  • Tide-style Music!

Anything we reblog or post from a member will include the #Member tag, and most often we’ll include your character name.

Husband signed us up for a service, and now we have decided we do not want this service. He’s on the phone rn cancelling said service.

I can hear him explaining at length our reasons, embellishing where necessary to make his point.

My question is, why is it so hard to return some things? Why is “we simply changed our minds” not an adequate reason?

Katy apologized a lot while we ate and talked. I assured her it was alright, but she really wanted to make it up to me. We also organized for me and Lucky Lemon to help the Cloverfields with expanding their house and getting all the necessary things for a baby.

Lucky Lemon is a yellow berry and usually helps me with orders and the more complicated things. He’s a good teacher, I really feel like I’ll be able to do all these things on my own someday.

“Thank you so so much Sugar, you really are a great friend.” she said, when I got up to leave. “I’ll see you tomorrow, right?“

Friends? She really considered us friends? This new land was even more different from my old life than I had thought. I smiled. “Sure. See you tomorrow.”

Intimacy, Passion, Integrity

Soooo there are so many aspects to great leadership and even more when we add in Christian leadership.. Just wanted to share a few thoughts today on some aspects of Christian leadership.. so help us TURN IT UP A NOTCH!

Ok here we go… These are a few simple yet necessary aspects to Christian leadership.

1. Intimacy

• Leaders know that our source of strength not our own, but through the Holy Spirit. His spirit is our energy

Get good at spending time in His presence, our time with God cannot be limited to a Sunday service. Often we think we do not have time to pull away for a minute, when in reality this is the very thing we need to do… It’s easy to cut down a tree with a sharp axe, when the blade is dull and is when it slips and accidents happen.

Spending time in his presence revives you and gives you fresh vision. The intimate we are with Christ, the more love we will have for people… and people are our mission… But it’s God first, then others.

Revelation comes out of relationship

2. Serve from a place of passion not duty

Romans 8:14 For all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God.

• Make sure you know the vision of the Church and the area you are serving in. If you know the why behind the what, it will set  you up to serve out of a place of passion instead of duty. If you don’t know the vision, go and find out what it is. When people serve from a place of duty instead of passion is often when burnout takes place.

• When you find something to live for (vision), then we find what will die for (passion). To live is Christ and to die is gain say the Apostle Paul. We live for Christ and his Church is what we function through.

• Leaders love to serve and serve in love. We never graduate from serving… Serving can just change what it looks like…. Your

job to serve maybe that you are on the outside set up team, the worship team. My job to serve you is

to lead you and guide you.. No task is ever to small or to big when we love to serve and serve in love.. We rally together for the greater cause of reaching people for JESUS.

3. Character and integrity

1 Timothy 3:8- (NLT) 7 Also, people outside the church must speak well of him so that he will not be disgraced and fall into the devil’s trap. 8 In the same way, deacons must be well respected and have integrity. They must not be heavy drinkers or dishonest with money. 9 They must be committed to the mystery of the faith now revealed and must live with a clear conscience.  

_• _Live a life the re- presents the Good News..We are the representation of Jesus on the earth.. Leaders make sacrifices in life style choices to be an example, what your doing may not be “sin” but it may very well lead someone else astray..

Our actions must line up with our words..have you have herd the term, do what I say not what I do? This is perfect example of the way we should NOT lead. If what you say and what you do begin to not line up, you will start to lose trust in those around you. When we lead, the people we are leading must be able to trust your word.

When we are intimate with Christ it sets us up to serve the kingdom from a place of passion and enables us to live a life that is an example to others in power, love and a sound mind…

So much love for you all..


Okay, so random AUs....

I just came up with some ideas so feel free to do any of them with me if any of you wanna. Many of them are probably gonna be darker themed cuz that’s just what I’m most interested in personally lmao

Just discuss all the details about it privately if necessary ^u^

Game things:

The Wolf Among Us AU: The muses take the role of a fable character (like The Big Bad Wolf, a princess, a witch, etc….) that we can discuss privately. The setting will be the same town that is in the game; dark and crime ridden.

The Walking Dead/The Last of Us AU: Basically just a post zombie apocalypse AU, but we’ll just take the premisses from either the former or latter game and the muses will meet somehow there.

Beyond: Two Souls AU: Muse A is shares a spiritual link with Muse B who is an actual spirit and they both have an extremely strong and emotional connection with each other.

Bioshock (Infinite) AU: Before shit went down and the muses just existing in a really cool world basically with a lot of cool gears, environment and ways of transporting obviously. Or something about the Church cult thingy being involves; either them running/hiding from them, Muse A beeing is a part of it and Muse B against them, or both of them rebelling against the church, if you prefer it to be filled with more action instead.

Just more AUs: (can be fluff, romantic, action, angst and more…)

Scissorhands AU: Muse A has scissorhands, but is deeply in love with Muse B even though they really want to be able to touch them with out risking hurting them. Also while struggling with the thought of feeling like a monster.

Prisoners AU: Muses either live on the opposite cell of each other or share the same. What crimes they’ve done and how strict the prison is can be discussed privately.

Outlaws AU: Futuristic setting like in the MCR music vid NaNaNa (the Killjoys) or something similar to that. More details can be discussed privately like all the others.

Meeting only in dreams AU: Well, at least they think so. So far they’ve only seen each other in dreams very often, and quite vividly, but what they haven’t actually noticed yet is that they practically live in the same apartment building. Wether they’ve experienced their meetings in dreams with hatred, romance or something else can be discussed.

Artist and Model AU: Quite self-explanatory? Discuss privately who’s gonna be what.

Actors AU: Rly generic one I know…. But ideas for something funny can be that the two muses hate each other and need to do romantic and cliche things (for the Muns’ amusement). Or one can be really famous and the other looking up to them, or they don’t need to know of each other at all. Maybe they are both new to acting and pass their first audition together? Discussed privately.

“You discovered my hiding place that nobody was supposed to ever find, but it is the most wonderful place you’ve seen and you insist to stay”- AU: Nuf said? Discuss location and other details privately.

Ancient Greece/Rome AU: Back when there was several gods and people walking around in togas. Emperors/kings, philosophers, soldiers and all the other things that you could be back then is a possibility, just see what’s gonna be the most interesting and do that.

That leads me to the next and obvious AU

The Olympians (Percy Jackson series) AU: Muses will be demigods, either from Camp Half Blood (Greece) or Camp Jupiter (Rome)….or both. They’ll just do whatever demigods do; Go (or meet) on a mission together or just fuck around inside the camp; practice together or do something insane. Usual stuff. Then it’s just to discuss the necessary; like who’s their godly parent they have, what camp, what relationship and weapons/powers/etc… (I’M A BIG NERD HERE IN THIS FANDOM SO PLEASE TALK TO ME ABOUT IT IF YOU PLEASE)

I have more suggestions that I’ll ad later but now it’s getting late and my left hand is hurting  OTL



The world is wide open. Nobody knows nuthin’ and humor writers should think of themselves as citizen scientists. There’s always something to discover and you never know what will turn out to be your secret weapons, and so I explore things.
In the end, it’s not what you can learn from articles like these, or classes, although they can give you a framework to hang knowledge on. It’s what you can figure out on your own. And this is my journey to understand the art of humor writing. If you find these articles inadequate, or all wrong, that’s fine. Make the necessary additions, or build your own structure.
Also, we always forget so much of what we learn, so it’s a good idea to write them up, so when you do need them, they’re right at your fingertips.
(from the bottom to the top)
Comic Perspective in Everyday Life
The Psychology of Using Sketch Structure
Using “Switch”
The Sensibility of an Outsider
Using Stereotypes in Self-Help Books to Create Sketches
Where Does Great Comic Material Come From?
Using “What’s Really Going On Here?”
Where Do Great Comic Characters Come From?
Where Do Great Comic Situations Come From?
How to Do Observational and Topical Humor
Analysis & Critique of “The 50 Greatest Comedy Sketches of All Time”
Checklist for Writing Sketch Comedy Routines & Prose Humor
What Sparks the Imagination as Funny?
Subtext in Humor
Lists in Humor
Dreaming about the Ideal Comic and Humor Writers Group
Everything I Ever Learned, I Learned from Time & Old Newsweek
The Post-TV Era and the Future of Comedy
Getting the Most Out of Articles
From Painful Truth to Sketch or Story Development
Every Situation Has a Stereotypical Structure
Checklist for Sketches
More on “From Painful Truth to Sketch or Story Development”
Everything I Ever Learned, I Learned from Time & Old Newsweek #2
Types of Sketches or Scenes
Consolidating What You Know
Types of Sketches or Scenes #2
Differences Between Fiction Writing  & Sketch
Environments & Relationships
Beat Outline
Current Events
The Book Comedy at the Edge
Pre-Sketch Brainstorming Checklist
The Game of the Scene
In Search of Comic Perspective 2
Character Flaw in Occupations & Comic Perspective
Thesaurus of Characteristics
Character Traits as Comic Perspective
Basic Plots and the Types of Sketches or Scenes
Why Audience’s Don’t Laugh
Circularity & Comic Perspective
Extremist Wackos Are Really Poor, Misunderstood Comics
Reality TV & Comic Concepts
What I Learned Material-Wise from Writing Skirmishes, the Revue
Laugh Lines
Making Characters Come Alive on Stage
Everything I Ever Learned, I Learned from Time & the Old Newsweek #3
Current Events #2
Parodies of Movie Genres
Publicity Stunts & Sketch Theory
In Search of Comic Characters
In Defense of Writers in An Improv World
Working with Improv Actors
Transmedia Writing
Writing the Non-Verbal Half of the Script
Embracing Your Inner Neurotic
Turning “How-To Steps” into Comic Material
Movie Plots as Story Ideas
How to Bring Out All the Funny
Social Psychology of the Sketch for Comic Actors
On Creativity
More on the Types of Sketch
Rationalization as a Basis for Humor
Why Movies Suck & What They Tell Us about Sketch
Things I Learned during Revisions
Pixar’s 22 Rules
Revision and Self-Improvement
A Summary of Sketch/Story Structure
In Search of the Humor Genome
From News Items to Stories
Types of Research & Creativity
First to Final Draft Creativity
Performance Evaluation Checklist
Research Using Books #1
Conflict Checklist
Performing Solo Sketch
Critiquing Sketch Shows
On Pitches
Using Self-Improvement Articles to Create Comic Characters
How Writing Transforms a Writer’s Life


Yeah you, the one that got your nubblies all over this post of mine. I just have a few things to say to you.

YOU are FANTASTIC. Thank you for showing the world that there can be another opinion contrary to popular belief.

YOU are AMAZING. Why you ask? Well of course I’ll answer seeing as you asked so politely! Because you have continued on long enough to where you can experience each new day however you do you your own. Whether someone else wakes you up; or you don’t sleep to begin with.

Sometimes we can all just use a little reminder here and there how strong we actually are. That’s right, I’m going to say it. Go in front of your best reflective surface and flex those guns. You stud muffin you.

But really, if you have strength to get out of bed you should know that I am so proud of you. To to get to the fridge or pantry or whatever and eat something, I am so proud of you. Those two things can really be hard some days, if not all, for at least some people. You deserve a fucking award. Well there goes the pg rating I was going for.

Alright alright this post is starting to get long so I just want you to do a couple things for me if you can. Recognize you are a unique individual, that there will never be an exact copy of you in every way. Eat? Maybe? Think back, have you eaten today? What was it? At least keep in mind how to make up for those nutrients. Still wrapping up sorry; don’t forget to take your meds. 

Lastly, and this one may be this most important, believe you are amazing. Not just that, but believe in yourself. You are so great especially in the way you have built yourself up from the ground. Think about that for a second, you have for the most part, shaped yourself. Still you have some other external factors to thank, but you are a mass of awesome that can’t be stopped! Isn’t that just sublime?!

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Guide For Camping Safety

by lucidialohman

Excercising caution when on a camping trip is significant. You can avoid many events provided that you use your common sense. You need to remember to always be prepared for anything that could go wrong. It is necessary to ensure that you always think something through before deciding and do not take unessential chances.

Although wild animals can look friendly and harmless, they are really unpredictable and can be very protective if you enter their space. Always be aware of your surroundings and never attempt to feed these wild animals. Most of the time animals are more afraid of us then we are of them so it is likely that they will just run away. Make sure to keep food stored away and never leave it in the tent.

Always look out for things like spiders, snakes, and other critters. They can very good at blending in with their surroundings so be careful before picking something up or taking a seat. If you see a snake do not make any sudden movements. They might feel threatened by that and attack. Upon seeing a snake be sure to remain calm and slowly move away from it.

Other insects like ants, bees, mosquitoes, and flies can also be dangerous. Many people are allergic so make sure to mack the necessary medical supplies.

Sunscreen and sunglasses are very important too. Even on an overcast day you can get burned by the sun. Sunglasses also protect your eyes from the harmful UV Rays caused by the sun.

If you start a fire be sure the area is free of hanging branches and debris. Always surround the fire with rocks and have a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher handy. Never build a fire near a tent or leave the fire unattended. Also never use flammable liquids to get the fire started. Make sure to keep the fire at a reasonable size and complete distinguish the fire.

BLOG: When you have a full house with siblings and new baby, safety can be a concern. Watch for strategies on how to keep a baby safe! You also might like: • Having a…

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Ok so my body’s having a horrible reaction to this. I can’t eat and I keep waking up at stupid o'clock after not having slept much.

It’s only day two… I know I have to be strong and get through this but I can’t help but think about the horrible timing. I literally just started grief counselling. I know that I will have a lot less stress in my life now which is very important but I am still in love with her and I can’t make these feelings disappear overnight.

I’m doing all of the necessary things to move on… I am not attempting to make contact at all which is impossibly hard for me because we used to talk every day.

This is a nightmare tbh and it can’t be fixed by me “getting under another person”. I wish this was all a dream. I honestly thought that she was the one. I didn’t feel like I needed her, I wanted her and I wanted to work through our problems but she gave up on us. I miss her desperately already. I still care… I still wonder if she’s doing ok. I still love her.

Notice (25/4/2015)

Hello, everyone.

We have what for most will be bad news, for us are just not-that-terrible news, and for a selected few might actually be good news.

The project files for Premium have been deemed not retrievable for now, due to certain issues happening on the computer that has those files. Repairing the computer will take about more than a month, and that also means that everything related to a release date has been pushed even further thanks to me not backing up the files and be prepared for this at all. Options have also been considered, such as restarting the entire thing from a test build that was released, and what to do with Premium.

We have contacted those necessary people for repairs, but so far we haven’t received an answer. As such, we’ll be on a relatively long hiatus for now until everything is settled.

In addition, if the situation gets worse (not because of the computer but other things that I won’t talk about for now), then Premium would have no choice but to be cancelled, and characters like Trixie, Lovestruck and Chrysalis won’t get to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We’ll keep everyone posted as the situation evolves, but be aware we might not be able to respond to comments and questions due to the delicate nature of the situation.

Thanks for following our project so far.

P.S. Before you ask, no. That test build mentioned earlier was seriously riddled with bugs, and no way would you want those, right?

So we just got back from our 20 week appointment and everything is cool with baby bear. S/he is growing at a good rate and heartbeat is strong, which eases my mind. I have slight swelling and low blood pressure so we are keeping an eye on that just in case of hypertension.
Also, I called a local hospital to set up my 20 week sonogram and they were really rude. Saying that my medicaid might not work, they don’t know my doctor, I’m not a patient with them so they don’t wanna do it, and other things. I’m really nervous they’re gonna be dicks and not tell us gender because it’s not “medically necessary”. Gender isn’t important, healthy is. But I would love to know. So, crossing my everything! Monday morning is gonna drag getting here.

OK so the system my county uses to process cases just recently updated and now workers have to fill out a bunch of new little boxes for immigrants - LPRs specifically. Only, we didn’t really get the necessary training beforehand to let us know this was coming (because of course we didn’t), so a bunch of LPRs who qualify for full-scope Medi-Cal are being dropped down to emergency only coverage.

It is the most annoying thing I have dealt with all month, and I cannot imagine what a hassle this is for my clients, trying to coordinate their medical care and finding themselves with huge bills for routine check-ups.

If you’re an LPR living in CA, I urge you to check on the status of your Medi-Cal. And if you haven’t yet submitted your I-551, do so - one of the new boxes I’m having to fill in is the I-551 number (which is a completely separate number from your A#).

The sad thing about school is that it has to be the most important aspect of your life. And if it isn’t you just don’t “care” enough about your future. We sit up late at night doing homework that may or may not be beneficial to us just so that we can go to school for 7 hours and hear the same exact stuff. Don’t get me wrong, education is completely necessary for our minds to develop but our mental health should ALWAYS come before school no matter what but that just doesn’t happen. Go ahead. Say I don’t try hard enough and don’t care.

Roll Call

Line em up, and call em out! 👏 I’m talking about your ride-or-dies, A1′s from day one, the crew, clique, squad, team, these so-called- FRIENDS. Nothing is more important than establishing healthy and beneficial relationships with those around you. However its necessary to understand the expectations and boundaries of certain relationships.

 Lets face it, all friendships do not last forever. People come and go with different reasons and seasons . We grow apart, we lose touch, and  thats okay. It only means that you and the people you surround yourself with are doing things and going places! Growth and change are good! 

Beware of those that want to use you for personal gain, but present no reciprocated value. Sure, its great to be a resource and helpful, but never allow anyone to take advantage of you. Although everyone cannot offer as much as you, love, attention, understanding are all FREE !

Network, get to know as many people in your social , academic , market as you can. Great things happen when greater minds unite. Form professional relationships and keep them as just that, PROFESSIONAL. Act as you want to be seen and treated . Avoid mixing business with pleasure, as it creates an unnecessary distraction. 

As you progress, grow and #COMEUP, those around you should do the same, and you should notice a shift in your social climate. Consider it this way, if you are the richest, or most productive person in your crew, maybe you should reconsider. Surround yourself with people that encourage and inspire you to do and be better, not those that are comfy and complacent. 

Birds of a feather right, ?

☕️ Thats what ‘Candace Said’
Talk back to me💋
Instagram: Candace1922

going to be honest ever since graduating high school (+ the decision to home school my senior year) my self esteem has improved (gradually)

…or lets just say i dont hyper obsess about my appearance as much now that i’m a hermit

dont get me wrong i was super depressed during that period but i have been feeling pretty ~okay~ this year

which i attribute the self esteem thing from not being out and around people constantly

i was thinking recently, part of me wants to care about my appearance more

but then im just like nahhhh fuck it

like i used to do that whole thing and try and be fashionable (try diff styles and what not)

and starting in middleschool i used to be really into make up and youd be hard pressed to get me to go anywhere unless i put some on however much i deemed necessary) and it really sucked cause  when  id visit my mom would pull shit like making me wake up early to go somewhere and saying “we gotta go now, so no make up” which would give me a shit ton of anxiety

now years later (was a veryyyy slow process) i can actually go places without wearing any make up and not care (horrible acne/scarring and all!)

ive also become more “at peace” with the whole acne thing…like had it since i was in 4th grade, still have it now and im 21…not looking like its going away anytime soon lmao -shrug-

Day 3: Menimast teacher

So I asked my teacher what his opinion on dress code was (recently new ‘rules’ had been established and a lot of girls weren’t in class) and he said 'it’s necessary. Why?’ I said simply 'because you’re telling me, and girls all over the school, that it’s more important to hide our bodies then to learn’ he said that that’s not what it’s doing.
He says 'since the invention of clothes that women covered their bodies, and that we are too young to wear something like that.’ He had the nerve to ask me what a prostitute on a corner wears and then answered it himself 'tank tops and skirts. So you shouldn’t wear that’
'Instead of teaching us about a time where girls were not only expected to be covered up but to not go to schools, vote, and to be a stay at home mom, teach girls modesty is okay. If you teach boys how it’s SO disrespectful to stare at us and actually teach them about the human body (like EVERYTHING) he can realise boobs are nothing more then fat that feeds our offspring.’
He then tried to claim breasts are sexual organs?! And that 'we guys have problems too’ and 'feminism is for lesbians or girls that are going to be single’ and how hse 'a menimest because men put up with so much from girls’
This. Is. A. Teacher. Guys.

A lie necessary

The only speak of love, just to name that word brings to mind the pathetic, that sounds corny and boring.
But still spend our lives doing all based on love.
In our plans, objectives, goals, tucked always there, hidden in some way. So why lie? If it is in our nature, our human condition, perhaps in our genes.
We laugh love, poetry, but still spend our lives looking for one, dreaming that there is real only love that is truly for us and for anyone else out there, we dream of someday fall in love with someone and be completely sure who is that person and no other else in the world. And do not say that there is no love, of course there is, but it would not be writing about it, what I’m going is that it is a lie, as well as happiness, like life itself is a constant contradiction to pull up when in fact the only thing we do is get closer to our end. Is that so much has been written, said, done with love, and still do not understand, or maybe that is grace, not understanding, not knowing well that it is, or how it works and still dare to live this lie so absolutely necessary.

Everything is possessed of personality, only differing from us is form. Knowledge is inherent in all things. The world is a library and its books are stones, leaves, grass, brooks, and the birds and animals that share - alike with us, the storms and blessings of earth. We learn to do what only the student of nature learns, and that is to feel beauty. We never rail at storms, furious winds, or the biting frosts and snows. To do so intensifies human futility, so whatever comes our way - we adjust ourselves, by more effort and energy if necessary, and always without complaint.

Today the Bison braved the wind by himself without the Eagle Feather. He was pushed by the Honey Badger of Rosemead @gabrielcruzperez

Roll / Stretch / Work on Snatch Balance

Metcon 1:
225 Deadlift
24 inch Box Jump
Handstand Push up
Time: 8:03

Metcon 2:
20 Med Ball Wall Ball Squats - 20lb
20 Cal Row
15 Front Squats -155 lbs
15 Shoulder to Overhead
Goal: Sub 12 min
Time : 9:53
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And so we have reached the end

Gender in Dystopia

The Handmaid’s Tale, to me, shows an extreme version of what could happen in society. The Republic of Gilead was founded on almost puritanical bases and reflects society’s feelings toward women’s reproductive and social rights. They see these things, that most feminists believe are necessary as rights, as anti-traditional and almost diabolical. Atwood does a great job at including and addressing variations of gender, race, class, sexuality and religion in this society she creates. The idea of “religious duty” directs the actions of the upperclass when Gilead was established. They use this to control and convince the actions of others and to impress the idea that what they are doing is the right thing to do. This is all so very relatable growing up in the South, in the bible belt. The ideas of God and duty guide a lot of what I grew up experiencing. Gilead forces strict gender roles - men in power, women taking care of the house, having the children. Offred had a husband, a daughter and a career. She was able to have all of these things before Gilead forced her into Handmaiden-ship. The novel shows a worst case scenario of what could happen if society continues with all of its problems and shows the necessity of the separation of church and state. That being said, I enjoyed the book tremendously. For me it hit upon all of the things that make a novel great while also having an impact upon my feminist beliefs. 

Course Wrap-Up

I very much enjoyed this semester. This was the second Women Studies course that I’ve taken and I really liked the readings. I feel that the literature was well chosen and it was interesting to read them holding feminist themes firmly in mind. My least favorite part I have to say was these blog posts. I understand the reasons to have a cohesive conclusion to each unit. But I feel like the blogs were a little over the top grading wise. The same ideas could have been accomplished with fewer, longer papers instead of four short blurbs. I really enjoyed this last unit with The Handmaid’s Tale because I enjoy the dystopic genre and it threw into stark relief one of those extreme worst case scenarios that didn’t actually seem impossible. In general, I learned from each unit but I did not enjoy reading Bridget Jones Diary or watching Don Jon. I feel like because that unit was based on relationships, we should have had an example of an actual healthy relationship.