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"I wonder what I said..."

Okay, so, my rogue recently bought an ice short sword. Whilst in a battle, though, she stabbed a fire-being thing, which negated both the power of the monster and my sword. So, Minster shatters. Yay! Sword shatters. Not yay.

Me: “Well that was a waste of gold.”
“DM: “The hilt is still getting really, really cold in your hand.”
Me: “Huh, I should probably put it down.”
DM: “It’s starting to burn your hand with cold, so maybe.”

So she puts down the hilt, and the little gem in it starts to crack and shatter and out pops a tiny ice elemental, which we ended up giving water and stuff to grow it to a bigger size while trying to talk to it.

The necromancer tries to use an ice spell to make friends.

Me: “Are you trying to steal the elemental?!”
Necro: “Yeah, kinda.”
Me: “I paid for that sword, if that elemental is going to make friends with anyone, it’ll be me!”
Necro: “Awww, but-”
ME: “You have your zombies, now go away!”

Everyone else gives up on communication with it, but I paid for that fuckin’ sword, I’m not giving up yet.

DM: “The elemental continues to look at you, making gust sounds and whistling.”
Me: “Uh, I’ll start whistling back! Let’s hope I don’t accidentally offend it.”
DM: “Roll bluff.”
Me: “21”
DM: “It makes a high pitched whistle at you and begins moving forward.”
Me: “Lets see how this one backfires. I whistle some more. I probably insulted its mother by accident or something.”
DM: It gets to you and touches the base of your pants, melts and the water begins traveling up your body.“
Me: "UM, Ice elemental I am flattered but taken! Oh fuck did I seduce the elemental? My girlfriend is gonna be so pissed.”

DM:“It goes up your body to your chain shirt, and freezes again, giving you another point of armor and a resistance to cold.”

Me: “Oh. That’s cool! Now I can make ice puns.”
Everyone Else: “Oh shit, no, not more puns.”

And I’m guessing I’ll never find out what was said in that conversation with the ice elemental.

I saw it and then I had to do it I HAD TO DO IT

It’s official now Benny can play piano I’m going to worm that into all of the oneshots I’ve written somEHOW

Bonus starstruck Ethan:


For women who are tied to the moon, love alone is not enough. We insist each day wrap it’s knuckles through our heart strings and pull. The lows, the joy, the poetry. We dance at the edge of a cliff. You have fallen off. So it goes. You will climb up again.
—  Letter from Anaïs Nin to Clementine Von Radics.  


Draco Malfoy is always waiting for Harry Potter.

Waiting for Harry Potter to glance his way in the Great Hall.

Waiting for Harry Potter to do anything remotely embarrassing so he can comment on it.

Waiting for anyone to bring up Harry Potter’s name so he can justify talking about him again.

In sixth year, waiting for Harry Potter to stop him.

In seventh year, waiting for Harry Potter to return and defeat the Dark Lord.

Waiting for Harry Potter to save him.

Waiting for Harry Potter to notice him.

Years later, he’s had enough of waiting, enough of being a coward. So when he finally sees Harry Potter again, he goes straight up to him, the boy who lived, the wizarding world’s saviour, and, without any hesitation, asks him out on a date.

And he only has to wait a second longer for Harry Potter to say yes.

One of the things I love about Black Paladin Lance is that there are so many possibilies for how he becomes the Black Paladin.  Here are just a few ideas I’ve had:

  • Allura brings up the fact that they’ll need a new Black Paladin and Lance immediantly steps up.  He was the leader pre-voltron so it’s only natural, really.  
    • This can also go many ways.
    • Keith freaks the fuck out at Lance because um, hello?  There’s no way Lance would make a good leader, he’s reckless and talks them all into messes all the time.  Not to mention the fact Shiro said he should be the leader, Keith isn’t going to go against Shiro’s words
      • Lance points out that Keith is just as reckless as Lance is, expect Keith is at his most reckless in battle so it’s not a really good idea for Keith to be the leader.  He also mentions that of course Shiro picked Keith for the leader, if Keith’s really that blind to favourism he’s an idiot.  Shiro barely looks at Lance, Hunk, or Coran.  
      • The dispute quickly tears the group apart.  Coran and Hunk are for team Lance, Allura (and techinally Shiro) are team Keith
      • Pidge could go either way, on one hand she could go for Keith because 1. She trusts Shiro, and 2. She too doesn’t really notice how good a leader Lance is cause that the type of leader Lance is.  Shiro’s a very obvious leader, he stands above the others (both literally and figuritively) and is helps pull others up.  He’s not entitled but his energy basically screams follow me.  Lance isn’t like that, he’s the type of leader that will stand in front of you when there’s consequences or danger, but outside that he’s standing with you or behind you and pushing you to be your best.  So Pidge just sort of didn’t notice she followed his lead in the garrison.
      • Or Pidge could be Team Lance because she did notice 
      • Personally i perfer Pidge being Team Keith and then realizing very quickly she made the wrong choice
      • Lance quickly notices that they’re not getting anywhere arguing about it so he relents (very much ‘fine, whatever, you lead voltron, have fun with that!’ and storms off).  Which, ironically, just further proves he’s better black paladin material
      • Keith becomes the Black Paladin, Lance the Red, Coran the Blue (they need Allura in the castle), Pidge and Hunk remain as they are
      • Keith leads and he’s not terrible at it he’s just not all that good and he doesn’t have time to learn and Lance has to do a lot of back seat leading because Keith just doesn’t understand their strengths and weaknesses, is trying to hard to channel Shiro and becoming a pretty big dick (Shiro’s in a different position, he was already their upperclassman, Keith is techinally meant to be on their level but acting like an upperclassman and it’s pissing everyone off), he’s no help in statergy meetings, and he runs off by himself in battle all the fucking time
        • Lance starts having to shout ‘switch’ during battles beause it’s a better system than arguing with Keith.  He goes off at the guy whenever he runs off.  He ends up having to explain Keith’s half baked ideas.  He’s basically the leader without the black lion and he is so sick of Keith’s shit.  Red is too and they bitch and moan about it together.  Black and Keith don’t talk.
      • And despite all this the only person to come around and think Lance should be their leader is Pidge, Allura is still very, very sure Lance is not a good idea
      • Until she actually she’s him in action.  For whatever reason Lance is forced to pose as Voltron’s representative/Leader on a planet and Allura expects it to go terrible but it doesn’t.  Lance is still flirty and ridiculous but he’s able to sit down and be serious.  Maybe Keith pissed someone off and Lance has to talk Keith’s way out of jail, maybe he’s trying to convince them to help despite the danger it puts the planet in
      • Whatever it is he succeeds and when he comes back they have a whole new talk about who the leaders going to be.  Lance is given the role and the first thing he asks is if Keith is truly fine with that.  Que Keith feeling guilty because he expected Lance to be an asshole about it but nope
      • Lance is still immature and insists on making Voltron bow after distressing things, tells Pidge they can finally make Voltron dab and other such stuff but he’s serious side is out more often and everything goes amazingly with Voltron
    • OR: Keith doesn’t speak up.  Maybe he doesn’t think Lance will be the best leader but he doesn’t want to be the leader.  Allura’s still not very sure about it, but Coran and Hunk (and maybe Pidge) all insist it’s a good idea and no one else steps up so Lance becomes the black paladin
      • Everything goes really well.  Again, Lance is immature and a flirt but when the situation calls for it he’s as good and mature a leader as Allura and Shiro
      • Allura apologizes for misjudging me and Lance jokes about her finally falling for his charms in just a matter of time and Allura gets pissed and Lance laughs only to admit that it means a lot she said that
      • He doesn’t find out Keith was meant to lead until they’re saving Shiro.  Lance walks in the black lion behind him (his armour now black) and Shiro can’t make out who it is at first he just says something along the lines of ‘keith, i knew you’d come for me’ with a grin and Lance frowns and steps closer and says ‘i’m not keith dude, can you see okay?’ and shiro finds and his first reaction is to ask if Keith is okay, why isn’t he the black paladin? and Lance is starting to get pissed because seriously shiro?  is it so unlucky to him that Lance could be a leader?  But he sucks it up and answers everything calmly because he has a fucking person to save
      • Shiro doesn’t even think to thank him in all that goes on and Lance just gets really, really bitter
      • like he knows he shouldn’t be and all but he’s upset.  He’s been running on fumes for weeks making sure everyone else is healthy, coming up with plans with Allura and their allies, making those allies, and just all the stress of causing all the shots and now this.  He still manages to collect himself and put on a brave face but he has a short fuse these days, he’s on edge, and everyone is on edge because of it
      • the tension doesn’t help either, they’ve saved shiro but now what?  it’s not like shiro can just slip back into the place he had, he needs time to heal and readjust and everyone else needs time to readjust like they planned to save shiro but they never really planned past that
      • Things with Shiro and Lance just get worse.  Shiro doesn’t know how to treat a Lance who no longer has a hero complex, who knows he’s earnt his place and has a right to speak up against Shiro.  Shiro finds it weird enough that Lance is sitting in on all the meetings they’re having, let alone that he’s an active part of those meetings unlike the others who may listen but don’t really interact (thinking the BoM style planning, Lance was clearly listening in and looking for faults in their plans only to find none while the others weren’t paying as much attention)
      • It also doesn’t help that he doesn’t see the awesome leader Lance was because normally Lance is so much more patient.  He hears Lance ask why Keith didn’t tell him about Shiro’s wish and Keith admits he didn’t want to lead and Lance gets mad because this isn’t school anymore.  Someone can’t be your replacement because you don’t want to do something.  They get into an argument but that’s more or less the way they commicate, so what Lance says gets through to Keith it’s just not how Shiro would do things 
      • And that’s what it comes down to, really.  The fact Lance leads in a different way to Shiro.  He never once tried to be shiro because he know it wouldn’t work.  He’s a great leader in his own right, it’s just that shiro has a hard time seeing anyone elses training styles as right.
      • They end up having a heart to heart in Black.  Lance was chilling in his pilot chair sort of just sighing and trying to get it out of his system and Shiro showed up to reconnect with his lion and he stumbles upon Lance and Black like just talking.  And Shiro doesn’t get it because it was never that easy with him but that’s because they’re different people with different needs.  Lance needs to talk, Shiro doesn’t.  
      • So Lance and Black talk in a way only pilot and paladin can.  Shiro clears his throat and Lance ends up telling him how he feels (like the crystal seen with coran).  He tells Shiro how he’s just… he knows he’s going to be kicked to the back on the group again because thats what happened last time and he just isn’t happy about it because he’s made his spot on the team and now it’s falling through his fingers.  He admits he’s made Shiro was surprised Lance was the leader, like Lance knew Shiro didn’t notice him but it still hurt.
      • And Shiro feels like shit and they work through their problems like adults
  • OR: Lance doesn’t step forward as leader.  They’re in their lions about to go into battle but Keith… Keith can’t enter Black.  The lion once more has his particle barrier up and he won’t let Keith in.  
    • Lance, because he’s in red and feels its better he sit out than Keith, flies over to see if he can help.  Keith’s still trying to push in and Lance makes a joke about needing to knock (like he did with Blue) and it fucking works.  
    • Maybe they don’t realize at first cause Keith was also pushing at the barrier but Keith steps forward and Black doesn’t lower his head.  Instead the cat basically rolls his eyes and moves to lower his head and let Lance in
    • Lance is hella shell shocked and just sort of… walks in.  Like, okay then I guess I’m your paladin now?  ‘no shit kid lets go’ says black as Lance sits in his pilots chair and it just sorta happens
    • he rejoins the fight and everyones like ‘you got it working!  good job’ and Lance is like ‘well actually’
    • Hunk, Coran, and/or Pidge could be like ‘called it’ or everything could just be really confusing and tense until Black rolls his eyes again and tells Lance to just focus already holy fuck dude war zone
    • Things go swimmingly
  • OR: Allura annouces it has to be the blue paladin, always.  The Blue Lion is the only one with a qunsitence that will match the black lion and therefore they don’t have a choice, lance is the leader
    • Lance is thrilled at first and then not everyone else is
    • Hunk and Coran are so proud, as are the mice
    • Again, 50/50 on if Pidge is okay with this or not.  
    • Keith is not, he complains that Lance is nothing like Shiro (Lance argues that neither is Zarkon) and gets really uffy about it
    • Allura attempts that she’s not happy about it either but there’s not really anything they can do so they’ll have to stuck it up and deal with it
    • Their balant dislike of Lance pushes him to not be so proud.  He knows if they’re going to work as a team they’ll need to all accept him as a leader so he starts pushing himself way to hard
    • he also tries to be more like shiro, which really doesn’t work out for him
    • he’s not sure Black will accept him at first but the lion does only he refuses to commicate with Lance properly.  
    • Lance pushes himself too far in training, barely gets any sleep, and constantly gets into fights with Keith and Allura because he’s just looking out for them but fuck off lance, just because you’re the black paladin doesn’t mean you can order us around
    • his insecurities just get worse
    • he starts getting wreckless, not as a leader but as a person
    • he takes every hit he can for the others, stops eating almost entirely, stops talking as much etc.
    • Coran and Hunk notice but they don’t know what to do (Hunk’s used to calling up an older sibling or Lance’s mama for this but he can’t right now) but Allura and Keith are blissfully unaware.
    • Until Lance ends up in the healing pods because he pushed himself too far and Allura and Keith get mad at him for it and Lance just doesn’t have the energy to fight.  He ends up telling them to search for a new black paladin then, if they’re so against him he will back down the moment they find someone.  Maybe they’ll actually give that person a chance to be a leader
    • He doesn’t say it rudely or like they could never find another, he just says it plainly and then Hunk leads him to get some food.
    • Que Allura and Keith feeling like shit and realizing they really haven’t given Lance a chance.  Allura reviews it and wow, Lance is actually great in battle as the black lion.  In fact the biggest fuck ups are from Keith refusing to listen.  Keith has a good long think-and-stare-at-my-blade session
    • They both decide they do need to give Lance a chance, Lance doens’t exactly trust them at first but they try and everyone finds it fits rather well.  Lance starts to relax more now that Allura and Keith aren’t jumping on his every flaw.  Allura starts listening to him.  Keith starts following his orders
    • And they’re happy
    • For all of 5 minutes

this chapter revealed that mob can be aware & conscious when ???% is around which is … terrifying


  • Erik wants to adopt. 
  • Nicky is ecstatic, he loves kids, he knows Erik does too, and he know Erik would be a great dad 
  • But Nicky isn’t so sure of himself 
  • He thinks back to how he took care of the twins for however long he did
  • He thinks to how cold and bitter they both are 
  • He thinks how they’re both in therapy 
  • Not bc of him, no - but some things Nicky knows he could have prevented 
  • He thinks how much better off they could have been if he were a better guardian 
  • If they had someone else 
  • Not him. 
  • He thinks, if he were to ever have a kid, how good of a dad could he be?
  • How bad he could be at parenting a child 
  • How unfit he is to parent a child.  
  • He doesn’t tell Erik, he can’t disappoint him like that, he won’t. 
  • He’ll - he’ll read parenting books and take courses and he’ll learn…
  • (…but isn’t that what he said he’d do for the twins?)
  • Nicky’s not gonna go to Erik, he can’t go to the twins, Matt and he weren’t that close, Kevin would probably be busy…so he calls Neil. 
  • Neil doesn’t pick up 
  • Nicky calls again, it goes to voicemail, again 
  • But Nicky just…Nicky just needs to get the words out
  • So he leaves a voicemail 
  • He tells Neil everything he won’t tell Erik, what he can’t say to the twins 
  • He tells Neil how Erik wants to adopt and how much he loves him, but how utterly terrified he is of the prospect of fucking up another child and how he can’t do that how he never wants to have to live with the feeling of not being good enough again how he - how he can’t. 
  • And it’s maybe an hour later, Neil and Andrew are driving home after a movie, Neil notices he has a couple missed calls, he sees the voicemail, he plays it on speaker, bc it’s just Nicky. It’s just Andrew. 
  • Neil goes to close it as soon as he gets the gist of what Nicky’s saying, but Andrew takes his eyes off the road to shoot a glare at Neil
  • Neil purses his lips and complies
  • They listen to their Nicky, the Nicky that’s always happy and cheerful and okay, break down over the phone over a matter not at all light-hearted 
  • The voicemail ends and the rest of the drive is spent in silence, both of them lost in thought 
  • It’s later that night that Andrew gets up out of bed and takes a cigarette and his phone out to their balcony 
  • Neil’s still awake, but he doesn’t stop Andrew. 
  • It’s a short conversation 
  • Nicky picks up, wary and confused as to why Andrew was calling him, but he wouldn’t miss a call from his twins for anything 
  • Neil can’t hear anything through the closed doors, but he’s ok with that 
  • “Andrew?” 
    “Don’t fucking blame yourself, dumbass.” 
    “I - what?” 
    Andrew breathes for a second, “It wasn’t your fault.”
    Nicky’s lip trembles but he bites it and doesn’t say anything. 
    Andrew takes a drag, when Nicky isn’t forthcoming, “You’ll be a great dad. Me and Aaron weren’t your fault. Stop it.” 
    Nicky gulps, his nose burning, “I - yeah.” 
    “Go talk to your husband.” Andrew says it dismissively, but keeps the phone to his ear. 
    Nicky hears the dismissal, he knows how Andrew snaps his phone shut as soon as he has the last word. That doesn’t stop Nicky from whispering a shaky, “Thank you.” on his end, even though he knew Andrew wouldn’t hear, before hanging up. 
    Andrew nods to himself, gently closes his phone, and takes another drag. 

Unpopular opinion: no matter how many ‘depression tips’ posts suggest it and no matter how many times I’ve done it, cleaning literally anything has never ever made me feel even a tiny bit better


i mean, you could truly see just how conflicted sana was after her conversation with isak, after he’s told her what a good person she is. you see her listening to him talking on the phone with even, she sees how well he’s doing, how sweet he’s been to her from the moment she stepped into his apartment. and so she hesitates. when he leaves the room again and she has the opportunity to go through his chat with sara, she’s hesitating, she’s thinking to herself do i really want to do this him? and she’s thinking that a good person is what she actually wants to be, and she’s asking herself if doing what she’s about to do will mean that she’s not such a good person after all. for a moment, she really thinks about not going through with her initial plan 

you see, sana wouldn’t normally betray isak’s trust, and she wouldn’t want to “expose” another person. sana doesn’t actually want to do this, but at this point she feels like she’s left with no choice. she’s been far too hurt, far too disrespected. and after what happened on may 12th, she decided that she was going be though and fight back and not let anyone hurt her again. but in order to do that, sana has to put on a though exterior, she has to think with her head instead of her heart, she has to constantly remind herself to keep her guards up. and sana isn’t like this, deep down. deep down, sana is gentle and kind and loving and if the people around her weren’t so horrible, she’d spread nothing but kindness. as opposed to people like sara, sana is not mean spirited at all. sara actively seeks to hurt people who have done nothing wrong, she wants to

but the thing is that it’s hard for sana to maintain that though exterior which allows her to go through with her plan, it’s hard for her to feel tough. and after that conversation with isak, you can see how his words have managed to break through that exterior a little, and reach her, and make her truly hesitate. but then she sees that nas quote on the wall. you have to keep your vision clear cause only a coward leaves in fear. and i don’t think she’d afraid of sara, her main enemy, and what sara could potentially do to her. she’s afraid of what doing this would say about her, she’s afraid of potentially not being a good person. that fear and hesitation clouded her vision, and you can see how she softened up. but as she reads that quote, she reminds herself to keep that vision clear, that plan she had in mind since the day before when she decided to find dirt on sara in her conversation with isak. and so she toughens up again, and goes ahead with her plan

Simon Snow’s shampoo smells like apples and he blushes when people pay attention to him and he’s loyal and dedicated and he stammers when he speaks and Simon fucking Snow is such an angel why do make him suffer

anonymous asked:

A man comes up just as I've locked up and and says "oh you're closed? Can you open up again real quick? I just need one thing?" Inwardly I'm thinking "we're open TWELVE HOURS a day and you come now?" but I politely explain that I have already set the alarm and if I go in again I'll have to deal with security and I could be there another couple of hours. He says "okay, thanks" and looks expectantly at the door. I add "so I can't open up again, sorry" and he goes off muttering about poor service.

markhyuck au where

mark is a real estate agent trying to sell a house that has been unoccupied for years but donghyuck (the ghost who haunts it) won’t let him.

: very long post / aged up!markhyuck 

i wrote this bc i had to get this out of my system - yall can keep scrolling if u dont like markhyuck !! ALSO i have z e r o clue how the real estate industry works so this is probably super inaccurate

ok so:

  • no one wants to buy this property bc its apparently haunted by a ghost
  • mark thinks thats just stupid
  • hes just trying his very best n rly wants a promotion !!
  • so his boss (obviously taeil bc we love a moon taeil managing a real estate business) offers to give a raise n promotion to anyone that can sell the house bc the last dude that tried to got so close but the couple pulled out last min after hearing abt the rumours
  • mark thinks he is aBSOLUTELY FULLY CAPABLE of selling this house so he tells his boss he wants to give it a shot
  • taeils like r u sure you’ve only been working here for 6 months
  • n mark lee’s all hell yea i got this thats why rumours around the world are saying mark is abs-
  • so boss man’s like aight ill leave this task to you 
  • everyone else in the office is all :000000
  • sicheng the cute intern is all ARE YOU SURE ABT THIS MARK in his broken chinese n he’s all cute and worried and its the first time the others have heard him speak this much
  • jaehyun his bff in the office is like good luck man bc he once tried selling it too but whimped out after encountering so called ghost
  • so anyways mark has to go inspect the property the next day
  • he gets given the keys yadda yadda
  • when he turns up to the house (which, mind you, is a very nice house located on the outskirts of town by a little lake) and opens the door he hears a loud “WHO GOES THERE”
  • like he legit jumps n he’s pretty sure he almost peed himself n hes sso oso scared but then he remembers his mission and that he’s not going to turn out like the rest and he w I L L sell this house 
  • so he loosens his tie with a d e t er m i n e d face and enters the home
  • “whos there!! show yourself!” 
  • he thinks he sounds pretty fierce but it actually came out a quiet squeak
  • anyways it’s silent for a bit and mark’s like super wary as he closes the door behind him
  • “LEAVE THIS HOUSE IMMEDIATELY!!!” and suddenly theres a picture frame thrown at the wall
  • mark panics again and he’s so close to running out but he stays determined!!! bc!! fully capable mark!!
  • “no i have to sell this house and i won’t leave until i do so!!”
  • and it just goes silent again until the voice speaks up again
  • “who are you”
  • “i, um. mark?”
  • “you sound unsure”
  • “well. i mean, would you kill me for being a little nervous? jheesh”
  • he looks around. where is the voice even coming from? it projects through the entire house like its on speaker
  • mark’s not sure where he got this sudden confidence from but he feels a lot less scared than before so he just loosens his tie and walks around the house with his clipboard, doing his lil inspection
  • the ghost? spirit? whatever it is doesn’t say anything and mark just shrugs and carries on with his business and before he knows it an hour has already passed
  • “hey spirit” he calls out
  • and it’s like silent for ages
  • so he just shrugs and he’s about to leave when
  • “you can’t sell this house. it’s mine”
  • and mark just stops at the door and he can’t help but feel a lil sad at the spirit’s sad tone bc it probably has like so many memories in the house and it probably hasn’t crossed over or whatever (he’s not sure how the whole supernatural thing works but he’s watched ghost whisperer before)
  • the last thing mark says before he leaves is “i’ll be back tomorrow and you better be gone”
  • he thinks he hears the spirit scoff but maybe its just his ears
  • honestly mark has a hard time believing all of this and he goes to bed that night wondering h o w he’s going to deal with this situation
  • anyway mark turns up the next day and this time the spirit doesn’t seem as hostile 
  • that being said it continues to threaten mark and starts moving objects around
  • but honestly mark (and his newfound confidence) only rolls his eyes as makes a list of the repairs that need to be done (bc deep down he doesnt believe any of this is actually happening)
  • so they fall into a routine
  • mark keeps coming back and the spirit keeps threatening him
  • sometimes it tries to sabotage his work by moving things around 
  • mark’s gotten so used to it that he literally just sighs like “give it back”
  • the spirit actually listens to him and does
  • eventually they start talking more 
  • mark’s found out the spirit’s name is donghyuck but that’s all the information he knows 
  • he thinks it’d be inappropriate to ask stuff like “oh so how did u die” so they just end up having the most random conversations
  • “make sure you paint the hallway walls blue. the mustard yellow is so outdated”
  • “you’ll leave and let me sell the house if i paint them blue?”
  • “i never said that”
  • and mark ends up spending more time at the house than necessary
  • so one day jaehyun pulls him aside at work n he’s all “dude??? are u ok? you’re hardly in the office these days”
  • and mark’s like “yeah man u know its just the repairs for the house they’re taking ages”
  • jaehyun is suspicious but shrugs it off and tells him to be careful
  • taeil asks how the task is going and mark suddenly gets all nervous for no reason bc HOW IS THE TASK GOING??? he doesnt even know

  • he just gives another casual response n says the house should be ready soon for him to start bringing in clients
  • taeil just pats his back and wishes him good luck
  • when mark finishes work that evening he literally feels so down bc he literally had one j o b but here he is being all chummy with a ghost that haunts this house and its all just so messed up in his head
  • he doesnt know what makes him do it but that evening he ends up going to the house
  • “someone’s working the night shift”
  • mark just blinks in confusion at the words because what the heck. he’s meant to be here for work and this isn’t work so w h y is he here at 7pm on a friday???
  • instead he just takes a seat on the floor by the wall in the empty living area and sighs like a sad puppy
  • “what’s the matter?” donghyuck asks and his voice sounds genuinely concerned??? if anything it scares mark a bit
  • “who - no. what are you?” he finally asks
  • and then there’s silence
  • it’s literally like that for almost an hour before mark asks again
  • “are you like some kind of ghost? spirit? do you need help crossing over? i just. i really need you to leave and you’re not making my job any easier and i’m so confused and half of me doesn’t even believe any of this is real”
  • silence
  • it almost convinces mark that he really is going mad because there’s no such thing as ghosts and he’s just talking to an empty house
  • until a quiet voice says
  • “i’m neither of those”
  • mark feels so, so confused and he just ruffles his hair in frustration
  • “then what are you?”
  • “what’s your favorite color?”
  • he’s taken aback by the question 
  • nonetheless, he responds with a quiet “green”
  • “green is disgusting. red is better”
  • “red is literally the color of the devil i’m guessing thats what you are”
  • he’s expecting an angry remark but instead he’s met with soft laughter and all mark can do is smile in return
  • he ends up spending the night at the house talking to donghyuck all night
  • it’s a saturday the next day and mark is so co n f u s  e d when he wakes up to the smell of pancakes?
  • he follows the smell and finds a plate of pancakes sitting at the table with a note “i’m assuming you never ate dinner last night. eat up - D”
  • mark thinks he’s living in a dream bc did a ghost just?? COOK for him??
  • reality at this point has become so warped in his mind that he doesn’t care anymore and he starts eating
  • he hears laughter 
  • “calm down youre eating as if its your last day on earth” 
  • he sticks up a middle finger at no one in particular, hoping donghyuck will see it from wherever he is, and he’s only met with more laughter
  • when he’s finished eating and rinses his plate (which he has no idea where it came from) he’s thinking about what donghyuck said to him last night about not being a ghost
  • “donghyuck”
  • “mark”
  • for a brief moment he’s startled. it’s the first time donghyuck’s said his name and he’s not sure how he feels about it. if anything, the tips of his ears growing red must indicate a positive sign 
  • “what ar- i mean. how do yo- no. what do you look like?”
  • silence
  • he runs a hand through his hair with a frustrated sigh before leaving the house again
  • he doesn’t return for another week
  • when mark comes back, he’s with a client
  • mr johnny seo and his boyfriend chittaphon seem extremely keen in the property and want to move in despite hearing rumors about a ghost
  • mark doesn’t know whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing
  • johnny and chittaphon are into that buzzfeed unsolved kind of shit and run their own vlog series on youtube and theyre just e c s t a t i c that they might be moving into a haunted house
  • mark thinks theyre weird as shit but he wants that promo
  • donghyuck probably doesn’t mind sharing anyway
  • when he thinks back to donghyuck he feels a pang in his chest and dare he say it, he misses them? 
  • anyways
  • mark takes the couple back to the house and he feels weird
  • he can’t pinpoint what’s wrong but he just feels strange inside his chest
  • there are two things he’s learnt about johnny and chittapon:
  • one, they cant keep their hands off each other
  • and two, they can’t stop filming every waking moment of their lives
  • so when they’re following him to the house with their giant ass camera and chittaphon’s giggles, mark can only roll his eyes as he inserts the key 
  • but the door won’t open
  • mark’s confused - he hadn’t come back to change the locks so why won’t the key fit?
  • he feels slightly flustered in the presence of the couple and their camera and he laughs nervously
  • they must feel pretty bad for him because they laugh nervously too
  • mark tries again but to no avail and sighs in frustration when it hits him: donghyuck - this was clearly his doing 
  • mark clears his throat awkwardly before turning back to the couple “i’m sor-”
  • johnny and chittaphon jump back, eyes wider than saucers while mark has to c o n t a i n himself from rolling his eyes at donghyuck’s ~scary voice~
  • he half expects the couple to run away but instead johnny only begins to roll the camera once again and there’s a look of nervous excitement on chittaphon’s face
  • mark turns to the door once again and hisses “donghyuck open the door”
  • he hopes the couple haven’t heard him but judging by the looks on their faces, they have
  • and mark can only snort
  • johnny looks absolutely f a s c i nat e d by this point and mark groans internally before beginning to knock on the door
  • “donghyuck not cool just open the damn d o o r before i break it down”
  • there’s silence and mark takes it as his cue to try unlocking the door with his set of keys again 
  • it works and he allows the couple to enter
  • donghyuck attempts to scare the trio a few times during mark’s tour of the house by moving things around - causing johnny to drop his camera at one point and chittaphon to curse at him for bringing it because its probably broken now
  • anyway the tour goes t e rr i b ly 
  • mark is pissed
  • he’s not sure what johnny and chittaphon are feeling
  • when he sees the couple off he just shuts the door angrily and donghyuck just g i g g le s 
  • “what the fuck man did u have to do that?”
  • “i told you to leave”
  • “and i told you to leave. what is even your problem???” 
  • at this point mark’s just yelling and donghyuck doesnt seem to care tbh
  • there are a few more clients he tries to bring that week and the week after
  • they all go awfully thanks to donghyuck and by the end of the fourth week mark is on the verge of giving up
  • donghyuck on the other hand seems to be having way too much fun 
  • “can you just like, stop?” mark sighs 
  • he’s very very tired at this point and he’s considering giving the keys back to taeil and telling him he can’t do it
  • he’s picks up his blazer that he’d taken off earlier and is about to leave when he hears a 
  • “where are you going?”
  • mark just releases the loudest snort before turning to the empty walls of the house and raising a brow at nothing in particular
  • “are you kidding me? i’m done. congrats donghyuck you get to keep your damn house”
  • donghyuck doesn’t say anything 
  • - when mark shakes his head and turns to open the front door 
  • it won’t open
  • “very funny, donghyuck. open it so i can leave”
  • he’s met with silence a g a i n so he pulls the keys out of his pocket 
  • “wait!”
  • he whips his head around in confusion bc its the first time he’s heard donghyuck speak in such a desperate tone
  • he feels his ears growing red again
  • “uh.. yes?”
  • there’s a couple seconds of silence before donghyuck speaks in a quiet voice
  • “you asked me what i was right?”
  • mark just scoffs bc why is he even having this conversation at this point
  • he decides to answer anyway 
  • “like every day but sure”
  • “go to the loft” 
  • mark spends a few seconds contemplating whether he really should or not
  • he follows his gut instinct and makes his way to the loft
  • he’s only actually been up to the loft once just because it takes forever to get up there 
  • when he climbs up the ladder and looks around at the empty space he shrugs
  • “well?”
  • “go up to the bookshelf on the far left”
  • mark feels like a child being directed right now but he follows the instructions anyway
  • he feels slightly nervous and a part of him wants to escape
  • its congested up here and he can feel the back of his neck grow sweaty like he’s been waiting for this moment for ages!!!
  • a part of him wants to run out of the house as quick as possible he’s not even sure what hes expecting
  • “now um.. move that red book on the end”
  • mark’s hand is s h a k i ng at this point and he slowly does what hes been told
  • suddenly????? the bookshelf starts moving 
  • and then it hits mark
  • its a fake bookshelf thats actually meant to be a revolving door
  • mark is literally about to collapse bc he doesnt know whats waiting for him on the other side 
  • when the door finally reaches the other side all he can do is stare
  • he feels like he’s in a different world, standing in the loft which resembles an open space apartment, with a tiny window and a mini kitchen on the side, a door which leads to what he assumes is a bathroom and a small bed
  • but that’s not what catches mark’s attention
  • standing in front of him is the most b e a u t i f u l boy he’s ever seen in his entire life
  • he doesn’t look much younger than mark himself, slightly shorter with dark red hair, golden skin and the biggest chocolate brown eyes he’s seen on a person
  • mark doesn’t know how to react 
  • his mouth goes dry and the boy looks so frightened standing there in his own vicinity that mark’s afraid he’ll disappear if he touches him
  • donghyuck?
  • clearing his throat in an all too familiar voice, the boy speaks
  • “that would be me”
  • mark passes out
  • when he wakes up a while later, he’s on an unfamiliar bed and he looks around with narrowed eyes - realising that it wasn’t a dream and donghyuck is in fact a human living in a loft
  • mark looks around at the place and his jaw drops when he sees the wall opposite the bed is fULL of screens capturing cctv like images of almost every corner of the house
  • there are about three computer screens at the desk and mark is baffled
  • it looks like the bedroom of a teenage hacker 
  • “oh good you’re up. i thought you were dead” donghyuck says, walking over to him from the kitchen with a plate of food
  • mark sits up slowly, his head is aching and hearing donghyuck’s voice like this, so clear, so close to him, so soft - he thinks he’ll pass out again
  • he feels himself growing warm when donghyuck takes a seat beside him on the bed, putting the plate on his lap before getting up
  • before he can, mark grabs his wrist “wait”
  • “you probably have a lot of questions” donghyuck speaks over him
  • “well, yeah”
  • “eat up we’ve got all night” donghyuck says
  • mark hasn’t even made eye contact with the other boy yet because he can’t bring himself to
  • donghyuck is intimidatingly beautiful 
  • “i- what time is it?”
  • “9. you were out for hours”
  • “it’s been a long day” mark shrugs, taking a bite of the surprisingly good food donghyuck managed to cook up
  • so it turns out donghyuck’s family were the owners of the house but he’d been left an orphan as a teenager
  • in order to avoid being taken into social care, he made his own living space up in the loft so no one would find him - once he’d turned 18 they stopped looking for him and using his intelligent brain, he’d conjured up all the right devices to make it seem like the home was haunted by the ghosts of his family members
  • mark is baffled by the end of the explanation
  • “but the things moving around the house..”
  • “ever heard of remote controlled toys and simple physics?”
  • mark nods slowly and donghyuck just shrugs casually 
  • later on donghyuck shows mark how he’d managed to keep up this strange lifestyle of his
  • he also finds out that donghyuck is not much younger than himself like he’d predicted - there are only a few months separating them
  • mark ends up spending the weekend at donghyuck’s place
  • when it’s sunday night and mark’s getting ready to leave, donghyuck actually walks him up the front door
  • it feels weird to say the least - hearing donghyuck’s voice like this and not projecting through the speakers he had hidden behind the walls
  • he doesn’t want to admit it to himself, but donghyuck’s voice is sweeter than honey and he feels like melting every time the younger speaks to him in a quieter tone
  • “hey donghyuck” he says, once he reaches the door and turns to the younger
  • “hm?”
  • “you ever thought about just.. buying the house?”
  • donghyuck lets out a laugh
  • mark finds it condescending
  • “do you think i have the money to do that?”
  • “well since you’ve managed to maintain it so well - yeah” it turns out donghyuck does weird internet jobs from home where he gets paid a shit ton of cash through his online services - mark thinks its illegal but doesn’t want to say anything
  • donghyuck shoots him an amused smile and shakes his head 
  • just as mark pulls the handle of the door, there’s a warm hand on his and all he can do is gulp as he meets donghyuck’s nervous eyes
  • “you won’t still try to sell it.. right?”
  • mark remembers his outburst a few days ago and he sends the younger a sympathetic smile, shaking his head slowly “i won’t”
  • “thanks” and then donghyuck’s hand is gone
  • mark lowkey feels sad at the loss of warmth but it returns when donghyuck asks him in the most v u l ne r a b l e voice
  • “will you be back?”
  • “i don’t know”
  • mark tries to ignore the heartbroken expression on donghyuck’s face while he’s driving home that night
  • the next morning at work mark feels miserable 
  • mainly because it’s a monday but also bc of donghyuck
  • he’s just so conflicted and he doesnt know what to do
  • when he’s on his break and passes by taeil’s office, he hears taeil talking to one of his co-workers nakamoto yuta, a guy who transferred to the company a few months before mark joined
  • they’re talking about the house and most importantly they’re talking about mark
  • “boss just give me the house i’ll do it - i’ve already got a couple people i know who would be willing it purchase it despite the current situation”
  • “yuta you very well know this is mark’s-”
  • “boss it’s been over a month now and he’s scared off all his clients. please?”
  • there’s a pause before he hears a “alright. i’ll talk to mark tomorrow”
  • mark just p a n i c s because all he can think about is donghyuck
  • that night mark drives back to donghyuck’s place and the door is already open for him
  • “you came back” donghyuck sounds breathless - like he just ran down from the loft 
  • - mark sees sparkles in his eyes and his stomach does a backflip
  • “i came back” he repeats, the smile on his face growing
  • when he’s later sat down on donghyuck’s bed, eating the leftovers from the dinner donghyuck’s just made, mark explains his work situation to him
  • the younger boy nods, trying desperately not to let the sadness show on his face but fails
  • “hey” mark says, bringing a hand to the younger’s cheek
  • it’s weird but neither of them say anything
  • donghyuck thinks mark has the softest!! hands
  • “i won’t let them sell it” he says in the s o f t e s t voice and donghyuck wants to melt
  • instead he just scoffs and shrugs mark’s hand away
  • “if anything, i won’t let them sell it” he says and mark laughs
  • deep down they both know it’s not selling the house that’s the issue at hand; it’s mark not having an excuse to keep coming back
  • the atmosphere is weird and tense when mark leaves that evening
  • donghyuck walks him down to the door again and mark has the urge to hold has hand and tell him it’ll b ok 
  • just as mark’s about to get into his car donghyuck calls for him 
  • when mark turns around donghyuck is suddenly !! in his arms!! and wow! soft and warm donghyuck!! 
  • about a hundred alarm bells go off in mark’s head and his heart is POUNDING but all he does is bring his arms around the younger boy and tighten the hug
  • when mark arrives at his own place he thinks that donghyuck doesn’t just sound like honey, but smells sweet like it too
  • he decides honey is his favorite smell
  • the next day at work mark isn’t surprised when yuta greets him enthusiastically in the morning
  • he also isn’t surprised when both he and yuta are called into taeil’s office
  • mark has to act fast - he can’t let yuta take this from him
  • he’s been up all night thinking about this, thinking about donghyuck
  • so when taeil’s about to speak up, mark cuts him off:
  • “boss i want to purchase the property for myself”
  • both taeil and yuta’s jaws drop and he’s pretty sure he hears jaehyun gasp from outside the door - the office wasn’t exactly a large place
  •  “you want to do what”
  • yes. i’ve thought this through and yeah. as a customer, i want to buy it. i’ve already spent so much time at it it practically already feels like home” donghyuck feels like home
  • i’ve already thought about selling my place for a while now anyway - and i don’t think anyone else would be more willing to buy this house more than i am”
  • taeil and yuta stay silent 
  • eventually taeil agrees but hands over the property to yuta to sell to mark
  • when they all come to a deal or whatever mark is dragged aside by jaehyun
  • “is this why you spent so long there? you wanted it for yourself?” poor bb he is so confused 
  • mark just smiles and nods “yeah, guess i did”
  • mark doesn’t return to the house for another few days - he’s gotta tell his parents about his abrupt decision to sell his place and purchase a new one
  • since he lives in a different town from his parents, they offer to come with his younger brother jisung to help with the move out - he tells them its ok and that he has lots of helping hands here and he’ll call them over when he’s settled in
  • mark heads to the house towards the end of the week, the contract behind his back as he unlocks the door with his keys
  • “hey spirit - come out wherever you are!” he calls out playfully
  • to his surprise donghyuck’s already on his way down - trying not to smile at the sight of the man in front of him
  • “mark lee”
  • “donghyuck” he says, unable to contain his excitement as he holds up the paper in front of the younger 
  • donghyuck squints at it, confused for a moment before his eyes widen
  • “YOU DID WHAT?????////”
  • “i bought this house!” 
  • donghyuck doesn’t know whether he should laugh or cry
  • “what the hell you just bought my house?!”
  • mark’s slightly confused bc he thought donghyuck would be happy
  • donghyuck looks like he’s abt to burst into tears and mark the awkward turtle starts panicking again
  • “i - i thought it would be better than a random person buying it??” 
  • “nO because a random person would never buy this house for as long as im alive and now yOU just came out of nowhere and TOOK POSSESSION OF IT??!?!?” 
  • donghyuck’s a lil mad bc he feels like the house is all he’s got and now its gone and he’s mad at himself for letting his guard down in front of mark and getting so attached to mark and falling for mark and he doesn’t even realise he’s saying this all aloud until mark stares at him with wide eyes
  • “you what?”
  • silence
  • “you do realise not saying anything won’t work anymore since i can actually see you now, right?” 
  • silence
  • donghyuck”
  • there’s a quiet mumble “sowhatifilikeyou”
  • mark feels like he’s about to comBUST
  • donghyuck’s face is literally the color of a tomato and he just shrinks and he’s so cute mark wants to kiss him
  • so he does
  • donghyuck’s lips taste like the warmth of the summer, the confused and nervousness of their feelings, but most importantly they taste sweet - just like honey, just like donghyuck
  • when mark parts from the kiss first, donghyuck’s fingers curl softly into the material of his shirt, he presses his forehead against the younger’s 
  • “i’m sorry i did this all without telling you - i just. i did what i felt was right. this feels right, donghyuck. being with you feels right.” mark’s just so nERVOUS and half of what he says comes out so shaky until donghyuck responds quietly
  • “i want to be with you”
  • mark wants to pass out
  • this time however, he doesn’t
  • anyways~~
  • time skip a couple of weeks 
  • donghyuck moves out from the loft and they settle into the house properly
  • after much insistence donghyuck removes the cameras from around the house except for the exterior and they turn one of the spare bedrooms into a little study for donghyuck where he can do his “illegal business” 
  • mark suggests him getting out a bit more and donghyuck reluctantly agrees 
  • mark takes donghyuck out on dates to the movie theatre and out for breakfast
  • donghyuck is so nervous in public and is practically glued to mark’s side the whole time it’s adorable
  • they’re both living so d om e s t i ca l ly its sickening
  • at mark’s housewarming he tells his family and friends that he met donghyuck through tinder
  • jaehyun doesn’t believe him bc donghyuck’s voice sounds so familiar but he doesn’t know where from - he chooses to drop it though bc the couple in front of him look so happy so he goes to bother sicheng
  • ~~ 
  • “hey loser” donghyuck walks out from his study room one sunday afternoon when mark’s on the couch watching tv
  • “yeah??” mark lowers the volume
  • “cough up your rent for the month - we gotta pay the water bill cause your fatass won’t stop showering every two minutes”
  • mark almost chokes on his spit
  • me?” 
  • donghyuck nods, flopping down to take a seat beside him
  • “idk if you’ve noticed but im the owner of this house if anything you should be coughing up rent”
  • donghyuck snorts “owner in name. we all know who this house rly belongs to”
  • mark gives him the stink eye “listen you little shi-mph”
  • before he can begin his string of insults donghyuck’s already climbed onto his lap and his lips are on mark’s
  • and they live happily ever after !!!!

isleofconclusions  asked:

Totally okay with you publishing that ask. Loved everything you added to it about the crew as well. You took the ball into a homerun and nailed a touchdown with it while screaming 'fore' because that's totally how sports work. And so, how much sports do you think the IPRE crew did on their travels? Do you think Magnus did the equivalent of Turkish oil wrestling somewhere? Imagine the 7 of them competing in the local olympics for the light. Honestly, these questions are so my metaphor isn't weird

(Okay cool! Lemme know if I ever do publish something you didn’t want me to, tho, including this one.) Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it! I really enjoyed exploring those ideas.

OH BOY SPORTS. I know almost nothing of sports. I think Magnus definitely would’ve been into the idea of sports at the very least if he didn’t play on a team. Taako and Lup would’ve enjoyed the competition aspect. So it’s completely possible that at least some of the crew were sporty before joining the IPRE. I like to think someone snuck a football or soccer ball on board and every so often there’s a crash Davenport has the be the dad of the group and yell at them not to throw balls in the house. (Someone starts kicking the ball instead and Davenport has to take it away for a few hours as punishment. This is not how Davenport anticipated using his leadership skills.)

Eventually, though, the crew has seen a lot of sports. Every world does sports differently, sometimes by a lot and sometimes only a little, and the crew collectively gets less and less clear on the rules. They like to watch, but usually they have no idea what’s going on and make wild guesses about why that guy has the ball now, what all of those squiggly lines on the field mean, and why someone just released a bear into the ring. (Magnus really wants to play that sport. Ultimately, he cannot be talked out of it and he ends up getting pretty good at it, what with having experience in bear-wrestling. And he definitely does the equivalent of Turkish oil wrestling. Magnus does a lot of wrestling during their travels, all told.)

Eventually, the crew makes up their own sport with their own convoluted rules, taking whatever seems appealing from the different sports that they encounter (Magnus’s suggestion of including bears is, unfortunately, shot down). The game involves a lot of strategy, a lot of coordination, and a lot of tackling. No one besides the IPRE can make any sense of what’s happening, but that doesn’t really matter because it’s usually only them playing.

The thing is, Lucretia keeps very detailed notes on the changing intricacies of their game in her journals. After the apocalypse, all of Faerûn knows how to play.

Everyone loves it. It’s horribly complicated and it’s impossible to tell which team is going to win until the last moment, so there’s never a boring game. Someone forms a Little League and Magnus volunteers to coach Angus’s team. They’re… not all that good, but they have a lot of fun, and Angus makes a lot of friends (his detective skills and quick wits are the source of some awesome moments for the team). Their team mascot is the Voidfish (plural), and Merle designs jellyfish hats for them - which Lucretia actually makes because they are not going to put dead jellyfish on these children’s heads, Merle. The hats look like baseball caps but poofy on the sides, with little sewn-on jellyfish tendrils. Magnus takes the kids out for pizza and ice cream after the season is over, but it’s not uncommon to see an entire gaggle of children in the kitchen as Lup and Taako gleefully feed them decidedly unhealthy snacks and Davenport and Lucretia try to sneak in some vegetables somewhere. It’s also not uncommon to see the entire IPRE crew cheering them on from the side of the field, being incredibly loud - even Lucretia. Especially Lucretia. Lucretia gets so loud.

Lup takes to the role of “soccer mom” too enthusiastically. She almost gets into a fight with another mom who muttered something mean about Angus within earshot. The other parents learned better than to make that mistake after seeing Lup, restrained by Taako and Barry, shooting fireballs at random and screaming “FIGHT ME HELEN” as Helen made a hasty retreat.

Imagine Castiel staying in the bunker for a few days after what happened with Ramiel.

Dean can’t sleep, because he has nightmares, he sees Cas dying in his head over an over again so he gets up and goes to the room they have prepared for the angel and just watches him sleep, just hears him breathing and maybe he cries quietly because Cas is alive, because he didn’t die in that barn.

Castiel wakes up and looks at Dean, one hand reaching for the hunter, in his face the same need that Dean is feeling, so he just gives in and makes his way to the bed.

Words are not need, words aren’t enough anyway, so they just hold onto each other without letting go. They are safe now, nothing can harm them.

Again, a wild headcanon appears!


Since sleepy Todoroki who just wanted to go to sleep is way too cute, here comes a new idea. (I’m referring to one of the manga chapters where the kids just moved into the dorms)


Todoroki is actually as lazy as one can be. He would laze around or take naps during the day, much like Aizawa, if he had the time.

And here comes the problem – up until now, he never had the time for that.

Apart from school, he was at home most of the times. And once he was there, at his so-called home, he had close to no time to himself. Endeavor had scheduled him a training regime to make sure that his “masterpiece” would one day surpass All Might. And even though Todoroki kind of silently rebelled against the flame-hero’s plans and didn’t do as he was told, he still trained as often as he could. After all, he wanted to become a top hero without using half of his quirks. Todoroki knew that he had to train hard in order to become one of the best without using his left side.

Even when he didn’t train, the time apart from that was not there for napping. He had homework to do, or eat something, speak to his not-so-close family members and then he still had a normal sleeping schedule. It was all very tightly scheduled, and there was never any time for naps during the day.

Until Todoroki moves to the dorms. And suddenly, he almost has too much free time.

They don’t get much homework anymore, since the vacations had already begun. He doesn’t need to train, since their regular lessons have been replaced by training and he doesn’t want to overdo it.

Sure, he could hang out with his friends (friends, the term is still new and exciting for him) but even they wanted to be alone from time to time. There are moments when Todoroki is just kind of there, sitting around uselessly without anything to do.


And then, there is this little voice in the back of his head that reminds him that he could, in fact, take a nap. He is a little bit tired and he has some free time, so he could…

But it just doesn’t happen.

Even when he tries, he lies there, staring at the ceiling, waiting for the fatigue to overtake him and lull him to sleep.

But it still doesn’t happen.


Finally, Toshinori concludes that he is so used to filling his time without something useful that he doesn’t know how to do something useless, or even do nothing at all.

So he gets up again and goes to ask his friends. And by friends, he means everyone from class 1-A.

In reciprocation, he regrets that he had the idea to ask every last one of them.

He gets a wide range of helpful and not-so-helpful tips.


Jirou suggests a sort of lullaby.

Kaminari explains that he tires himself out by overusing his quirk.

Izuku knows a wide range of useful things but in the end, none of them seem to work for Todoroki.

Iida gives him a lengthy explanation how sleep and falling asleep works – during which Todoroki almost falls asleep, but only almost – before they conclude that Todoroki had not even listened to half of the explanation.

Bakugou he doesn’t even ask. The boy would probably blow him up if he did.

(Later, Bakugou shows up and barks at him for not asking sooner. Then the explosions-user explains that he tends to read something until he falls asleep.)


Once Todoroki has asked almost everyone and got nothing really helpful out of it, he is close to giving up.

It’s, surprisingly enough, Kouda who approaches him shyly and suggests one last thing.


Todoroki looks at him for a long moment before he repeats incredulously, “Something loved?”

“W-Well, yes,” Kouda fidgets slightly, wringing his hands together. “I-I mean like, a stuffed animal, o-or a pillow that you’ve used since you were a child…”

“I don’t have something like that,” Todoroki interrupts him.

“O-Oh,” Kouda sags in obvious disappointment, gaze directed to the ground. “S-Sorry, I didn’t know. I just thought… that something familiar would make you feel safe, and at home. That helps me when I can’t sleep…”

Safe. At home.


Todoroki frowns, wanting to explain that he had made his dorm room into an exact replica of his room back at his family residence, so he can’t get any closer to home than that… before he falters, blinking in surprise as a new thought arises.

Safe and at home don’t mean the same thing for him.


He thanks Kouda, wandering off to ponder that new thought. Home… that had been the family residence, up until now. Now, the dorms felt more like home to him than the other place ever had. But since he still can’t fall asleep just like that, it’s obviously not enough.


So when the dorms are what he considers home, then what does safe mean for him?


Todoroki is still pondering over that later, when they have all eaten dinner together and gathered in front of the TV for one of their movie nights. Todoroki is nestled in between Toshinori and Izuku – how exactly he has ended up here, he doesn’t know, he just has the vague impresion of Mina literally pushing him over here because “let’s start already! Go, go!”. 

It’s loud in the living room, nineteen people talking over each other because each has a different movie he wants to watch. Only Todoroki and Toshinori don’t say anything about it. Their teacher is obviously content with whatever they decide on, and Todoroki is too lost in thought to really think about movies and such.

A few minutes into the discussion, Toshinori shifts uncomfortably, trying to take weigh away from his left side. He leans to the right, and bumps accidentally against Todoroki, who perks up at that, glancing over curiously and a bit startled.

“Ah, excuse me,” Toshinori mumbles, trying to shift away again, but then he freezes and grimaces in pain.

Ah, Todoroki remembers now. The ugly scar in Sensei’s left side. It has to hurt sometimes – Endeavor’s scars hurt sometimes, too, and All Might’s scar was by far larger and deeper than any other scar Todoroki has ever seen.

“It’s okay,” he assures his teacher, scooting closer to Izuku to make room for the man, “Try to get comfortable.”

There is a grin flashed his way for that, and Toshinori reaches out to ruffle his hair in thanks before the retired hero shifts so that his arm lands over Todoroki’s shoulders. This way, they both fit easily and comfortably on the couch.

Todoroki holds very, very still at that, eyes wide as warmth floods him.



Kouda’s word come back to the forefront of his mind.


Home and safe.

He sits here in the middle of the room, amidst the noise – people arguing and friendly bickering, loud laughter when someone jokes and groans when the puns get too worse. There are twenty-one talking and laughing people in one room, and it’s entirely too loud and too warm and there is an arm over Todoroki’s shoulder, holding him in place so that he can’t get away…

… so that he can feel that he’s not alone here…

Home and safe.

Oh, Todoroki thinks again, and a hesitant smile makes its way onto his face.

Without further ado, the boy shifts around, pulls his legs onto the couch and leans heavily against Toshinori to his left.

Toshinori jolts and then freezes, barely breathing, as Todoroki lays his head against his shoulder and just stays there. “Ah… Shouto?”

“Is it okay if I take a nap, Sensei?” Todoroki asks without looking up, eyes trained onto the loud bunch that his friends are.

“Uh, sure,” Toshinori blinks down at him, before a crooked smile tugs at the corners of his mouth. “If you can sleep through all of this.”

“I think I can,” Todoroki glances up at him, and there is an almost ashamed, yet happy smile on his face. “I feel at home and safe here.”

“Ah, I see,” Toshinori grins back at him, “Sleep well then, my boy.”

And if Todoroki is asleep when the movie night starts, still nestled in between his teacher and his best friend (who blinks in surprise and then shares a grin with said teacher), then nobody says anything about it.

But Mina and Tooru sure as hell take some good photos of it.