so it goes

Where is Hillary? Why isn’t she doing more? Why isn’t she speaking out more?

Hillary needs to shut up. Nobody cares what she has to say anymore. 

“I know that no matter what I did – if I did nothing, if I spent my entire day totally disengaged from what was going on around me – I’d be criticized for that. I mean, it’s a no-win deal, no matter what I do, or try to do.”

―  Hillary Clinton, May 1993

Touch-starved and touch-terrified:
you worry your skin wafts waves of desperation
detectable by contact,
and though the one thing you want
is to grab hold of something
and never let go, the very wanting
makes you unworthy.
If you touch them, they’ll know.
If your aching hands find a moment’s fullness,
then by God, you’ll leach the light from the sun.
—  It’s getting cold out, isn’t it? s.s.