so it doesn't get cancelled

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Bethany, if you have any American mutuals and followers, can you spread the word about the show Eyewitness? It's an LGBT show that's on USA Network tonight at 10 PM. We need as many viewers as we can get so that the show doesn't get canceled.



So you’ve probably seen something about Eyewitness recently, and it actually looks pretty goddamn rad if you ask me? And my recommendations are proven gold ok.

So, here’s the thing: WE HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR MORE LGBT TV SHOWS. And now that we’ve got one, it’s actually in danger of being cancelled. So we need more viewers.

Even if you don’t want to watch, just have it playing in the background. Turn on USA Network tonight at 10PM, and put it on mute if you have to. Record it, DVR it, and then watch it both at 10PM, and then afterwards. It counts as two views.

If we want LGBT TV shows, we have to start watching the ones they give us. If they get popular, more will be made. THAT IS HOW THIS WORKS. I’m going to tag a lot of people now, and Idek if you all live in America. lf you don’t, please pass the message on so people who do can see it.

Also, please don’t illegally download this show. The views that other countries give it, when it comes out here will add to their standings and help them get renewed in the future

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