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i think it’s time for people who prefer drake or hana to get the option to tell liam about it, and it’s not because i don’t like him and i’m tired of the forced scenes with him (but that too tbh xD) but mainly because i don’t want the ending of book 2 like: 
liam: we can finally be together, my queen!!
mc: about that… i forgot to mention i realized i don’t love you, and actually i’m in love with your best friend!! 
liam: oh… cool :’D 

it’s really not fair and i feel like the worst person every time he invites mc to those secret dates and she’s like “i’ll think about it” but she NEVER GOES BC SHE’S HAVING FUN WITH DRAKE akfkahghg h e l p 


Queria agradecer aos 2 mil seguidores aqui no edittspower. MUITO obrigada meus amores, isso significa muito pra mim. Saber que tantas pessoas gostam do que eu posto é maravilhosos demais. obrigada de coração 💟.

Thank you so much everyone for 2k. I’m the happiest girl ever. I love you guys with all my heart💟!!

@ people saying Panto and/or Wakti are evil: look, I’m not saying this is impossible, this show is difficult to predict. But based on what we’ve seen so far, I’m not sure where this is coming from.

The kind of plot twists this show tends to serve up usually smash tropes and stereotypes. I don’t think revealing that a canon LGBT character and one of the very few characters played by a WOC to be evil would really fit that pattern. If anything it would play into larger TV stereotypes, which this show tries very hard not to do.

I’m not saying that you can’t have gay villains and villains played by POC if they’re well written and nuanced, and maybe whatever twists and turns the show takes next week will alter the bigger picture. But as things stand now, I think that the “surprise” of having Panto or Wakti be evil would be a somewhat disappointing one.

//So I heard from a somewhat reliable source (AKA Morgen’s talkin on Tumblr) that Morgen ( @walking-in-a-dream ) is thinking about reviving his blog @casualshinysalandit !!! I’m kinda excited, considering A) Morgen’s good at making impactful and dramatic stories and B) Iru is… Narium’s closest (if only) friend.

//Anyway, since Morgen’s mind tends to tangent occassionally, so this comic may or may not turn out to be true, so you might want to check the aforementioned blogs for updates~

yall make jokes abt getting rid of texas but forget we have a high population of mexican and indigenous people here. especially in the valley. you think its all racist cattle owners and white people but its not! think before you fucking post!