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DreamWorks Animation + Villains

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television meme [13/15] comedies
parks and recreation: what up, big t! stop. this must be the lovely donna. enchanté. listen beautiful, let’s cut the bull, alright? you want this. i definitely want this. t.h. wants this. let’s seal this devil’s threeway right here, right now. step one: we buy into this club. step two: we roll over to the club, either in your mercedes-benz or my pre-owned acura legend. step three: i dagger you on the dancefloor. just bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, now all the ladies sayin’, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce. what do you say, sexy?

My favorite feeling is feeling your lips on mine

If he doesn’t like being called J Horse,

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Don’t ever call him that

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He’s a beautiful man

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It literally feels like the sun is shining

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When he smiles

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Its radiant and soothing

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So can we please

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Love our Sunshine a little more?

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Let Jung Hoseok’s nickname be Sunshine?

  • Tracer: We’re here to stop the senseless slaughter of these people!
  • Reaper: 92.
  • Tracer: This has gone on for too long, and now you’re going to pay!
  • Reaper: 355.
  • Tracer: We are… We… What are you..?
  • Reaper: No, go on. Continue. Don’t mind me.
  • Tracer: And… we are the ones who will stop you!
  • Reaper: Oh, wow! 419.
  • Tracer: That’s it! What the hell are you doing?
  • Reaper: Oh, sorry. It’s a little hobby of mine. I hear these heroic speeches so wearily often. So I started keeping a mental list of how often I hear certain lines.
  • Tracer: You… You insane bastard!
  • Reaper: 190.
  • Tracer: Yeah? Well, uh… we’re going to… FUCK YOUR FACE!
  • Reaper: Oh, my!
  • Reaper: 12.