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A few pages out of an oingoing project based on synesthesia. The rules are : I can listen to the song once to decide on the exact shape and palette, and once to paint for the duration of the song.


I Won’t Give Up - Jason Mraz 

Aún no es tiempo para rendirnos, vale la pena luchar un poco más, yo te quiero y tú me quieres, nos queremos. Arriesgaré lo necesario y apto para que no te vayas ni te alejes de mi lado. Aún nuestra luz brilla, no se ha desvanecido. Día a día trato de dar lo mejor de mi, no sé si lo notes. Sí sé que no hago todo bien pero el centro es que lo trato de hacer. Estamos aprendiendo. Quiero ser un lindo recuerdo, que no olvides todos esos bellos momentos que hemos vivido y que si Dios así lo quiere (porque él es quien decidirá y fortalecerá lo nuestro), seguiremos viviendo. Así como tenemos mucho en común también tenemos pequeñas cosas que a la larga resulta siendo insoportables para el otro… pero hay algo más fuerte entre nosotros que supera esas pequeñas cosas y es NUESTRO AMOR ❤.

Gracias por cada palabra, por cada abrazo, por cada beso, por cada locura, por todas esas miradas intimidadoras, por cada oración, por todas esas canciones, por tu compañía, por tu amor,por todo eso que me das, por ser mi Doño Osito, por no alejarte todavía… No sabes lo mucho que significas en mi vida aunque a veces pareciera que no te quisiera; no es así… :( Yo te quiero demasiadamente mucho, lo gigante es muy poco💓 .

Por último, perdóname por todos eso malos ratos :( . Y ya para terminar recalcar que eres lo segundo mejor en mi vida 💋. Que nuestro Dios te siga guardando y protegiendo todos los días de tu vida, te bendiga grandemente🎆. 

Y que nuestra historia sin nombre se continúe escribiendo… 🐻🌟#JPUN🌟🐻

Smrookies/SR15B - Pre Sm Trainee Singing Videos

Vocals Only 





best friend to boyfriend: woozi
  • woozi was that little kid who wanted to sit by himself and draw rather than play with everyone else
  • one time you hurt your leg on the playground so you had to sit and rest while your parents tried to comfort you but you were wailing and crying and no one knew what to do
  • lil woozi just walked over and sat next to you with handed you his coloring book and some crayons
  • you were sobbing bitterly and he just patted your shoulder and said “it’s okay”
  • you scribbled all over this page of a dragon and eventually calmed down before you thanked him and gave back his stuff
  • you both saw some other boy fall over and woozi just laughed….woozi no…..
  • he may look like a gumdrop but he is a very salty gumdrop
  • he’s still very quiet and reserved but he can play ten different instruments, compose his own music, sing, dance, rap…..what can he not do……he could take over the world if he wanted to not that he hasn’t thought about it
  • he’ll sit next to you during lunch hour at school and doodle or write in his composition book
  • you guys don’t have a lot of conversations beyond small talk but he enjoys your presence and you enjoy his 
  • whenever you two went over to each other’s houses you would probably be reading a book or drawing something or looking at your phone while he fiddled with his guitar or wrote in one of his countless notebooks and there would be music playing from his stereo
  • not a lot of talking would go on but it would be peaceful and chill
  • woozi still laughs at other people’s pain but not at yours
  • one time you were having a rough morning and at lunch you were practically crying into your sandwich and he didn’t show it but he was devastated
  • he had no idea how to comfort you so he rubbed your back and said “i’m sorry”
  • it might not have been much but for you it was enough that he cared
  • he realized after then that he cares a lot more about you than he thought he did
  • he’s not one to fall in love at the drop of a hat so he’s v v nervous and just like !!!! what do i do !!!!
  • his acts of love for you are very subtle
  • like if you guys get coffee or lunch together he pays for your stuff
  • sometimes he’ll leave notes in your locker or inside your textbooks like “hope you’re doing well” and “fighting” awee
  • and he got a lil more cuddly, like he’ll lean his head on your shoulder or loop his arm around your waist or hug you when he sees you and when you leave
  • he found out your favorite song was “i’m yours” by jason mraz so he took it upon himself to learn it on the guitar
  • it was literally the only song he listened to for an entire week; even if he wasn’t practicing it he would sit or lie somewhere and close his eyes and listen to the song while thinking about you and it makes him feel so calm
  • finally he mustered up the courage to play it for you while you were at his house one time
  • he was like “mind if i play something i’ve been learning”
  • and you were like “yeah totally”
  • the second he played the first note you knew exactly what he was singing and you were like !!!!!!!!!! oh my gosh that’s my favorite song !!!!!!!!!!
  • and he performed it so beautifully, you like his version the best
  • when he finished you were like THAT WAS SO AMAZING and he got super flustered and said “thanks”
  • and then he was like “…….so can i be yours?”
  • and you were like “what are you talking about?”
  • he was internally screaming the entire time but he said “i really like you and i kinda wanna go out with you…… will you?”
  • and you were so surprised bc this was so unlike him but you were like YES
  • he was so relieved that the worst was over and you guys were together now
  • you’re basically his muse now, he’s filled pages upon pages with songs about you
  • cuddling with him is the absolute greatest, like it’s just you and him holding each other tightly with your heads nestled into each other’s shoulders and your limbs wrapped around each other’s bodies…..good stuff right here
  • he’s so dang comfortable with you, he just talk about anything with you or show you his music and not have to worry so much about how you’ll respond bc you love him
  • and woozi loves you so flipping much  

June 23rd, 2014.
Hello, and happy birthday.

Dear Mraz,
To be honest, you’re the one person I’ve always admired. Thankyou for being such an inspiration towards me, and others. Through you and your music I discover new things. And you’ve been such a great figure to me not just the music, but for what you do. For me, you’re not just a public figure, you’re a true artist. I appreciate your works and I do think they’re beyond amazing. Exactly two years ago today (which you probably wouldn’t remember), I was watching your concert live in Jakarta. That was the closest I’ve ever met you! Time flies and now you’re 37 already. You probably would never notice this but here it goes… I just wanna wish you all the best, and all the greatest things in life. I love you so much!!!

- A.