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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

It’s the summer of 1994, and Eddie is in love. More specifically, in love with Richie Tozier.

He denied the feelings he had until he was 15. The two had a sleepover one stormy summer night and they had cuddled to keep warm and that was it. Eddie couldn’t deny what he was feeling to himself anymore. He didn’t even know if 15 year olds could be in love, but he definitely thought he was.

Fast forward 3 years later, and he knows for sure he’s in love.

Richie was, on the surface, nothing like him. A rebel without a cause, wild and free, completely unrestrained by anything. He was impulsive and loud, with an eclectic style to match. Eddie on the other hand was structured. Crisp and clean, cautious and always prim and proper and quiet. His mother always said he was delicate and fragile, though he hated feeling that way, like a paper doll. Richie and Eddie were like oil and water it seemed, but regardless, Eddie was in love.

So here he is now, sitting on a rock by the river, alone with his thoughts. On his way to the river he found a flower with lots of petals, so he picked it, and is now examining it. Eddie strokes one of the soft petals before pulling it off of the flower and murmuring, “he loves me.” Again he pulls a petal off. “He loves me not.”

He repeats this, over and over, until he is left, staring at the final petal, and defeatedly has to say, “he loves me not.”

Of course it’s just chance that it ended up that way, but Eddie was looking for a sign, any sort of indication that maybe Richie wanted him too. He throws the petal ridden flower into the river and watches it get swept away.

Eddie is more than caught off guard when he hears a soft yet clear “He loves you, you know,” from behind him. He whips his head around, nearly knocking himself off the rock he’s sitting on, only to see a sheepish Richie, casually stepping out from the tall grass surrounding the river.

“Jesus Christ dipshit, you scared the crap out of me!” Eddie snaps, trying to get his heart rate under control. “How long have you been standing there?”

“A couple minutes. I saw your bike by the dirt path and wanted to come see you.” Richie responds casually.

It was then that Eddie fully processed the words that gave away Richie’s presence in the first place. He loves you, you know. Richie had seen him pulling the petals off of the flower.

“What did you mean when you said ‘he loves you, you know’, Rich?” Eddie asks slowly, his heart pounding in his chest, but this time for a different reason all together.

Richie smiles his warm, crooked smile. “I think you know what I meant, Eds.”

Richie walks up to Eddie then, and extends his arm, revealing a flower, the same kind of flower Eddie had just pulled the petals off of.

“For you.”

Eddie is blushing harder than he thinks he ever has. He watches Richie reach up to place the flower in Eddie’s mousy brown hair, just behind his right ear. He feels Richie slide his hand down to cup his jaw, brushing his thumb across the small boys soft cheek. Eddie leans into the touch.

Eddie reaches out to feel Richie’s worn jean vest, covered in patches and pins, some of which Eddie bought for him. He loves that vest just like he loves the boy wearing it. He finally meets Richie’s eyes, and he thinks this is what home feels like. More than anything else, Richie is his home.

So Eddie kisses Richie then, and it’s more than he could’ve ever imagined. Careful and cautious at first, just like how Eddie is, but once the two kiss for a while it becomes more like Richie is, passionate and impulsive and so, so perfect.

Richie is nothing like Eddie and Eddie is nothing like Richie, but maybe they’re two sides of the same coin. Maybe, they love each other enough that their differences will work together.

4 years later Richie proposes, and Eddie is still in love. He says yes.

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Got this idea while listening to Fastest Girl in Town. How would MF Sans react to someone flirting with him in a bar, getting really close to him but then their phone goes off and they have to leave, but seconds later he checks for his keys and they're GONE because they stole them and are now driving away with his car! And he loses them too. Can't find them or his car ANYWHERE. And a week later, there's his car, sitting in his driveway, newly painted and buffed, [Part 1]

[Part 2] with his keys wrapped up nice and neat in a note that had a kiss mark which said “Nice and hot guy like yourself should have his car matching. Also fixed up your transmission and engine, got it to go to 250 now. See you again~!”

Okay first, I love that song, I love Miranda Lambert in general, and second, I love this idea so much that I’m going to write a drabble for it instead of just an imagine. I totally blasted the song while I was writing. Just so you know, I decided to take a few liberties while writing to make it a bit more accurate to BD’s character. Hope you still enjoy it!!

ps- Big Daddy’s critical eye doesn’t stop at weapons. He’s totally a mechanical nut.

Under cut for convenience <3

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Alice’s collections order came in!!! My Sakura and Paper XiaoJiu Bird (Hereby named Cream), Colt’s new wig and shirt, Xiao’s new pants and shoes, my Doll Family H ChiYu 1/3 head (MILES!!!) and his belongings all arrived safe and sound! I am so happy!

Quick notes:

- Fdoll and DFH NYS are pretty close! I’d say is a nice match! Head fits great on the body!
- Sakura and Paper reccomend 8mm eyes for these pets….I’d say find eyes smaller than that. 

screw tumblr seriously it took me over an hour to upload these photos

I am so happy Miles and Cream are home safe, and that Xiao and Colt have their new things <3 They saved my day.


Thrift-A-Day #10

I’m three days behind, but by God we’re going to do it!

This guy doesn’t have a name yet but oh my goodness I love him!! I threw everything together while relaxing with my Mom and watching Nightmare Before Christmas. Besides the overall look and Aesthetic®, I’m super tickled that this little fellow is made of 100% thrifted items from the Goodwill Outlet. The only thing not from the Outlet is the paper and tape that’s behind his eyes, nose, and mouth. I’m going to say that he probably cost $3-$5 for all his parts together, and that’s really on the high side.

Composed of:

  • a tiny playline Disney toddler doll body
  • a solar pumpkin yard light
  • a fancy outfit from a porcelain doll
  • boots from a porcelain doll

+ the paper and tape

I cut off the part of the neck designed to keep the head on and just popped the pumpkin into the hole. I still need to trim some uneven stuff off the neck and fill it in with hot glue so the pumpkin can actually stay on. The green boots and the brown stem are kind of out of place, but part of me would like to paint the stem either green or black to match more.The outfit is quite big on him, but with enough pinching and adjusting it’s acceptable

Last picture also featuring my Halloween Christmas tree that I still need to show you all!


Heading to San Diego Comicon? Me too! I’ll be wandering around with some fresh new merchandise: Magical Girl Neil paper dolls!  Multiple variants with mix and match outfits will be coming soon to Gumroad and Sellfy!

If you can find me at the convention, I’ll be giving away free paper dolls, including this technomancer variant that won’t ever be available for purchase!

so if you see me, feel free to say hi! Here’s what I look like:

see you there!


So these photos are actually about a month old now, oops. This was supposed to be the finale of my most recent doll updates spam but uh I burnt myself out lol. So here it is now.

I bought this Hasbro Ashley-friend-of-Maxie doll off ebay recently, partially because I loved her face and partially because I apparently can’t resist a yellow dress. Her face paint is a little rubbed off, and I wasn’t sure if I was gonna restore or customize her.

Meanwhile, I’ve been building up this collection of all the Whitman Publishing Star Princess paper dolls and stuff I can find. As far as I can tell, all I need is the sticker book and my collection will be complete.

I started collecting the paper dolls thinking I really wanted to make 1/6th scale versions of the outfits, but I hadn’t really thought about making a Star Princess custom doll until Ashley arrived and I started seeing the potential in her face sculpt to make HER into Star Princess. So now that’s The Plan, lol!

Also, not pictured because these pics are old now, I swapped Ashley’s head onto a Wonder Woman body a couple days ago. The match is really good. Not perfect, but good. I’ll try to get pics of that up soon.

Meanwhile, here are more of Star Princess’s fashions! I’m a sucker for retro scifi inspired clothes heh ^-^;; Let me know if any of you would like me to scan these, there are already some scans out there but they can be a little hard to find…

alright! i was tagged my @thexfoils to list my top 10 fave songs (right now?) and i’m gonna do no specific order here cause ha

1. kicks - barns courtney
2. champion - barns courtney (cough. he has a new album out)
3. some nights - fun.
4. matches to paper dolls - dessa
5. no duh - k. flay
6. arsonist’s lullabye - hozier
7. love love love - of monsters and men
8. the wolf - phildel
9. icarus - christon
10. horns - bryce fox

i haven’t downloaded new music in so long…

i’ll tag @montyfalsworth @bornadreamer @sweatersnscarves and @kismetcomet ! you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, obviously!!

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she  makes  a  game  out  of  it ,  morphing  with  ease .  her  bones  rearrange ,  her  brows  heavy  over  yellow  eyes .  soulless  eyes .  she  smiles  at  him  as  best  she  can  through  the  mess  of  teeth .  drusilla  likes  the  change ,  has  grown  to  enjoy  that  tingling  feeling  in  her  face .  it’s  like  taking  off  a  mask  without  consciously  moving  a  muscle ,   just  like  how  breathing  was .

❛   aren’t  i  prettier  like  this  ??  i  think  so.   ❜

Beatrice from “Over the Garden Wall”

I had no idea what I was going to do with my Paper Sakura bird, until I finally watched OtGW.  It took me so much longer to finish than it should have, but it’s done.  I dyed the doll with Rit Dyemore, airbrushed the belly and spray painted the head.  The rest is painted with acrylics, I really tried to keep it as simple as possible so that it would match the cartoon.  The eyes are just 2 painted beads.  Now I’m off to work on the next unfinished project!

Drape Bodice Front on BJD

Here is a quick look at draping a bodice front on a BJD. (For the talented @jazzione)

I use paper towels most of the time, but you can also use a scrap of fabric as I do in the photos. Find the grain on your fabric, and mark a long straight line. Write ‘center front’ along it. I happened to have this scrap with the selvage edge so I used that as the straight center front line.

Cut a bunch of tape pieces. Mind you share some with your assistant.

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Christmas #8: The Best Christmas Ever

Story length: Super long

I smooth down my red velvet dress. Mommy picked it out for me. She said she used to wear almost the exact same dress when she was younger. I feel like a candy cane with my brand new shiny white shoes. My hair is all done up with little sparkly clips. Mommy let me wear makeup this year. I did it just the way she does, with shimmering lip gloss and a lot of blush on my cheeks. I’m nine this year, and I just know it’s going to be the best Christmas ever.

Christmas has always been a big deal in our home. We decorate the entire house with tinsel and twinkly lights. Mommy brought home a big tree that’s taller than I am! We spent an entire weekend filling it with ornaments. Our house looks like Santa’s village!

I think Christmas has always been a big deal because it’s also my birthday. Well, Christmas eve is my birthday. So instead of waiting for Christmas morning Mommy and I always open presents the night before. Some of the girls at school think it’d be bad to share your birthday with Christmas, since they think you’d get less presents. But Mommy always gives me the best gifts! Last year she got me a puppy!

Tonight is Christmas eve, and Mommy has gone all out with dinner. She made a turkey AND a ham. For just us two! We also have the same sides and yummy desserts that we have every year. Mommy is wearing a green velvet dress and we look very festive next to each other. We laugh and eat until we’re stuffed.

Next it’s present time! Mommy tells me that Christmas is about family, and that presents are just an added bonus. But it’s hard not to get excited! She always gets me the best stuff. Please I got Mommy something special too!

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what would the Sakamaki brothers like to see their s/o wear on Halloween? xD

Shu- A sexy cat costume

Reiji- A sexy maid costume

Ayato- Cheerleader. Needs to have a lot of skin exposed.

Laito- BEE COSTUME. GET A BEE COSTUME- I’m just kidding, a sexy nurse or devil costume

Kanato- A doll. He’ll make the whole thing himself.

Subaru- A naughty angel costume would reAlly rev his engine.


Ruki- A costume that matches his own- likely a demon.

Yuma- Scarecrow or a pig costume. He’d laugh so hard-

Kou- Get one of those paper 50c Kou masks and you are good to go. Just kidding, cat costume.

Azusa- A mummy or scary creature. He’d want to also be matching.

Matches to Paper Dolls

A modern-day Bellarke drabble inspired by Matches to Paper Dolls by Dessa.

The rush ofthe subway car roars loudly in her ears as she flies across the city deep under the bustling late-night streets. She would’ve walked, except for the rain. It had been coming down in sheets when she left the bar.

If Clarke had walked, though, she would not be on her way to his apartment. The summer air, though humid and hot, would have forced her to breathe and reconsider. Plus, walking would have required all of her attention—thanks to the four gin and tonics she had sucked down—so there wouldn’t have been an opportunity to text him.

On the subway, though, she could sit, and pull out her phone, and stare at his number, fingers hovering unavoidably over the keyboard. The crackling intercom announcement of their progress drowns out the whoosh of her message being sent.

Too late now.

He doesn’t respond, but even in her drunken haze she knows he has seen it and is waiting for her. He is that predictable. Just like her, she supposes, even after all this time.

Glaring at the raucous group of college kids down the car, Clarke flexes her toes, considering the health risks of taking off her high heels. There is something sticky on the floor a few inches from her, and she wrinkles her nose, grinding her teeth against the pain in her contained feet. When the subway jerks to a halt at his stop, she stumbles as she stands. One of the frat bros laughs and whistles, so she throws a finger over her shoulder, ignoring the disapproving huff of the wrinkled woman sitting in the crossfire. Not many people get off with her, so Clarke can easily see the familiar graffiti scrawled across the walls of the subway station. The tags progress in the same order as they had a year ago on her first visit to his place, back when this thing had seemed harmless. Obviously she hadn’t been away long enough to forget even inch of this place, not that her weak resolve was any surprise.

Clarke swears under her breath through the entire four-flight climb to his apartment. Why he insists on staying in this place is beyond her, something they had argued about last fall when thoughts of moving in together haunted their every conversation. Squeezing her eyes shut briefly, her stomach lurches, because the feelings from another era between them make her queasy.

Or it could be the gin.

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