so is it kaitou kid or kaitou kid

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kaishin soulmate au where sonoko is the first person who finds out that they're soulmates and flips a lid bc kid is supposed to be her soulmate. kaito and shinichi are mildly terrified bc lbr sonoko is kinda scary and doesn't know when to quit. ran is laughing her ass off. (so is aoko if she knows???)

hm, I’m gonna have to make a feeeeew changes to this for Plot Reasons, but I like it.  Very good.  XD  I hope you enjoy where I take it.  ;D

Shinichi fidgeted with his watch in an effort not to touch his tattoo.  The tattoo–the four suits from a deck of playing cards, clover and heart atop diamond and spade–had appeared on his wrist shortly after he was born.  He’d never seen their match before.

“I’m telling you,” Sonoko said, leaning into his space, “I saw the same tattoo on Kaitou Kid.”

“And I’m telling you,” Shinichi snapped, “I think I would notice if my soulmate was Kaitou Kid.”

“Would you?”  Sonoko raised an eyebrow, looking every inch a princess, her hip cocked and her head tilted.  Royal pain, more like.  “Would you check a criminal for your matching tattoo?  One of us wanted him to be their soulmate, and that person wasn’t you.”

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Magic Kaito started in 1987.
Detective Conan started in 1994.

I don’t care if Detective Conan (or Case Closed) was your childhood, I’m sick and tired of the times I see people hate on Magic Kaito. MK has it’s own story, it’s own characters, and it’s own style. If you don’t like it, fine, but don’t hate just because it’s not like a completely different series that came after most of its story was created. It can’t ruin anything if it came first, the occasional cameo is the worst you get and it doesn’t even drag Kaito’s story into Conan’s.

Brief explanation about this blog: Kaito and Shinichi are not dating. Kaito might have a crush on Shinichi, but that’s it. They’re eventually getting together through your asks. Please help them have their happy ending ~

  • Kaitou Kid in the DC manga: I used a thin wire strung between the two skyscrapers to suspend myself from the helicopter I disguised as a police helicopter! Then I used a speaker system to broadcast my footsteps and pretended to walk and behold, it looks like I'm walking on air! Then I set off a smoke bomb and had the helicopter pulled me up so it looks like I vanished! Miraculous!
  • Kaitou Kid in the MK manga: ok but what if i just stuck that mask to my face with superglue

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I love your writing! I just wanted to share a Kaishin headcanon I found funny when it hit me: What if when KID finally confesses and decides to reveal his identity, Shinichi doesn't believe him at first? Like "So you're telling me that the Kaitou KID's real identity is a high school guy whose name happens to be 'Kaito Kuroba' (the pun with Kaito/Kaitou and Clover/Kuroba) and is also the Nakamoris' neighbour?" *Kaito nods* "And you really expect me to believe that?" *frustrated Kaito noises*

Thank you! And ohmg XD WTH THAT’S HYSTERICAL

Oh man, Shinichi just refuses to believe it and Kaito is Frustrated. He keeps giving proof, like “no I mean it, I’m Kaitou Kid and I love you” And Shinichi believes it less and less, but eventually says something like “I think you’re lying, but you’re cute so I’ll go out with you.”

Eventually he believes him, but he doesn’t say anything and just keeps messing with Kaito like “yeah haha have fun at your ‘heist’ tonight!!” (Kaito complains to Hakuba a lot)

Eventually Hakuba intervenes like “Shinichi he’s not kidding, he means it” Shinichi laughs “I know. I just like giving him a hard time”

(When Kaito finds out, he Does Not Let It Go.)


*watches Detective Conan* Man these scenes would be fun to draw but I don’t have ti-…goddamnit. (click through for screencap origins they’re both from movies)


sorry this took so long BUT yeah the AU is sad and I cry

Basically something went wrong in the village and Jack was affected much more by the “death” of the twins than in canon, so he ends up getting recruited by Clover to go crystal-hunting with Shadow despite what Clover did to him

And Queen is still taken in by Clover for canon reasons

So Spade is left as the only apprentice of Silver Heart’s who hasn’t gone to work for his enemy, and he has to face off against his childhood friends alone

I wanted to write some KaiShin today, so I threw this together in a few hours.  Hope you guys enjoy!

Kaito watched his reflection in the mirror, his eyes following the lines of the dress, trying to decide if it was a good fit.  If he gave himself breasts, it would probably look better.  The lines filled out, his curves made softer…  He mentally checked it off for use in disguises and began changing into the next outfit, a cute striped skirt and a loose blouse.

As he was adjusting them, he heard voices outside the door, one of them a familiar masculine one and the other a familiar (somewhat shrill) feminine one.  They seemed to be arguing about something.

He turned in place, watching the skirt swish around his legs.  This one was good for general use as well as disguise use, he decided.  He liked the way it caressed his legs, and the blouse’s coloring made his skin look amazing.  Not to mention it drew attention to the slender cut of his waist.

“Listen, Sonoko,” Kaito could hear from the walkway outside the changing rooms, “you should have brought Ran, I have no interest in watching you try on clothes.”

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Magic Kaito 1412 - Episode 16 - Kaitou Kid & Edogawa Conan

“It’s like detective and phantom thief. They appear to be as different as heaven and earth, but look closely, and you’ll see they’re both insolent fellows who use they key of curiosity to pry open something that someone else wants to keep shut.”

“Dumbass. The blue of the sky and sea are from the color’s diffusion and reflection. It’s because they’re completely different substances. They’re not the same thing at all.”