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Around premiere time for HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE (’53), Lauren Bacall got an invitation to place her hand and footprints outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater. “I said to Bogie [Humphrey Bogart] that it seemed to me anyone with a picture opening could be represented there, standards had been so lowered. Bogie, loving a chance to puncture Hollywood’s ego, said, ‘Why don’t you refuse?'”

[Hollywood columnist] Joe Hyams printed Bacall’s refusal to accept the tribute in the Tribune. It read, “'Before I came to Hollywood, Grauman’s Chinese was something very special to me - it meant not only achievement - it was the Hall of Fame of the motion picture industry and the people in it were unforgettables and irreplaceables. I don’t think of myself as either - I feel that my career is undergoing a change and I want to feel I’ve earned my place with the best my business has produced.'”

More than 20 years passed, and Bacall did not earn another invitation to place her hand and footprints outside the theater. She wrote about this with some regret in her 1979 memoir By Myself: "A tourist or aspiring actor going to Grauman’s Chinese to see the legendary stars’ footprints will not see mine - or miss them.”

“Aw, c’mon Nick, look! They have your eyes!”

“Ellie, please.”

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