so is a Peter Walter VI one

My theory on why Peter Walter VI changed Rabbit into a fembot

As you all remember, Rabbit was the very first Automaton created, so Peter I didn’t quite know what he was doing, and thus made a few mistakes while building Rabbit.  However, Peter I was so attached to Rabbit that he left the flaws alone, liking Rabbit just the way he was.

Well, over the years, those flaws started to become more prevelant, causing Rabbit performance problems, resulting in mechanical failures, some even happening during the show.  The Walter Girls would be forced to fix him right on stage, and that was starting to give the band a bad rep.

Peter VI finally decided that it was time to fix Rabbit, and give him a general overhaul and upgrade.  However, he wanted to make sure that Rabbit was really tough and durable, and able to survive more stress then before.  So, Peter VI modeled Rabbit’s new chassis off of the toughest thing he knew:  The female body.

And thus, a new and improved Rabbit came off of that work bench, tougher then she had ever been before!

Like I said, that’s just my theory, but it’s a fitting one, don’t you agree?  I mean, if you don’t think a woman is tough, try making one mad, then see how long you survive! lol