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Postgame of Thrones Episode 29: The Abstract Concept of Laughter
No blizzard is stopping us! Half of us, I guess. Even though we wish it would. This week the PGoT Twins discuss S03E08, "Second Sons." Spoilers, we didn't really like it! And we don't even have anything to look forward to with episode 9 next week. Time to create some movie magic.

We’re so close to the next episode, we can almost taste it. Unfortunately, we have make it through Season 3, Episode 8, “Second Sons,” first. Join us, won’t you? There’s a wedding in this one!

Highlights from this episode include:

  • This episode is 17 hours long and nothing happens
  • Great suggestions for the next Daario Naharis recast
  • Davos adapts to reading
  • Stannis is here to watch you have sex for the first time
  • So Joffrey’s Your New Dad
  • The most anachronistic bathtub
  • Ice Grandpa wants a new grandson
  • Toy St-warg-y (like Toy Story, do you get it)

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im so upset.  Joffrey was part of a bad batch of bettas we got at the store, within 3 days they all got this weird fungus that killed them by the end of the day :( i tried helping but within a few hours of noticing the fungus he was covered in it

anonymous asked:

may i request a image? could you write a image where the reader(female) is an well known assassin of Westeros. (but everyone thinks it's a man) when Robb saves her in a fight, she says she will do something for him. so he wants Joffreys head, she has to bring it to him. but she gets injured by lannisters and really weak. When she reaches the Army she breaks down and they find out that she is a daughter to a high Lord and was Kidnapper after her birth. i know it's long& not realistic, i'm sry....

No it’s awesome! Definitely added!! Sounds like something that would be a cool short story actually haha :D

neverxsnow asked:

'a moment of weakness' //I cannot be controlled when it comes to memes

                { meme@neverxsnow }  —–  No. 32 - My muse catches yours naked

If there was just ONE issue chosen from the plethora of things that Joffrey Baratheon didn’t like, ( and the list was particularly long ), it would undoubtedly be when he was the one left WAITING for people, despite the many times he did it to others. Following closely behind would be the ignoring of his calls and messages — all of which Ramsay Bolton had decided it would be perfectly fine to do that morning, and every other day since they’d first become associated with one another. Joff’s main aim was to remind Ramsay that he wasn’t one to be so casually dismissed.

—— At least, it had been. But that had all been before Joffrey had stormed inside Ramsay’s place ( just the third time he had ever been therewithout much regard as to what he would do about it and searched around for the bastard within his moments of anger. Now, stood within the doorway of his bedroom, Joff didn’t quite register how he should react to a naked Ramsay, moving so casually about his room as though nothing had happened – just with the showings of a building anger of his own; Joffrey had stormed into his house, after all. But even when he did come up with the idea to leave, it was probably far too late - too much time had been spent already on trying to decide what he should do. With his anger almost entirely gone, Joffrey knew he had to think of something

       “Is being such a DICK your way of compensating?

Probably should have been something better than that. He was angered that it wasn’t even true.