so instead of writing...i'm doing this bullshit again

anonymous asked:

ugh most of the fics you’re planning on writing are jungkook again

Bitch literally where?!! Out of the 17 fics that I’m definitely gonna write, only 3 are for Jungkook so how are they mostly kook fics exactly. The reach is mind boggling

Here’s a neat idea: instead of whining on a stranger’s blog on some perceived ideas of prejudice you clearly have drilled into your mind, why don’t you write your own fics for those members you I think I neglect? Literally how the fuck are you helping those members by bitching about it to me? Why don’t you use that energy to do some for them instead? Oh I know, because it’s much easier bitching about it because it costs you zero energy and makes you feel better about yourself instead of actually putting in work to support your faves.

I’m a casual writer. No one pays me to write this stuff and I’m not an official fucking fansite for bangtan. I do this shit for my own enjoyment and if someone else happens to enjoy it too then great but bottom line, I can do whatever the fuck I want. I write for all the members and I love them all equally but even if I did write for only one of the boys that’s none of your fucking business. It takes effort to make something whether it’s gifs/stories/etc especially when it’s not my fucking job to do so, so I decide what to do not you, got it? Now get off your fucking high horse and do something useful for change yeah?

This is the last time I will be bothered to even acknowledge your existence so I advice that you don’t send me anymore of your precious opinions because I won’t even read them