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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Is it really true that all things fade away? Even love? Can something that was once so strong just disappear without any reason or explanation? You didn’t really know that answers but these were the questions that kept running through your mind.

You and your husband Kiseop have married for around three years now and even have a two year old daughter named Nina. Now it’s wasn’t that Kiseop was a bad father or husband, he was the best but recently you felt like he didn’t really care much for you. He acted somewhat cold towards you, tended to come home late and didn’t really like it when you touched him.

You hadn’t exactly told anyone about his behavior because you knew they would say things like, he’s probably cheating on you or you just get a divorce and that’s not what you wanted. You loved Kiseop and you didn’t want your daughter coming from a broken family at such a young age or ever to be more specific.

“Mommy when will daddy be home?” Nina asked, pulling you out of your thoughts.

“Hmm he should be home soon, do you wanna call him and ask?” You asked your little girl as you tucked a strand of hair behind her ear while she nodded with a huge smile.

You picked up your phone and dialed Kiseop’s number and he answered your phone call almost immediately which kinda surprised you.

“H-hello” you said still in slight surprise.

“Hmm, what’s up?” Kiseop asked nonchalantly.

“Nothing just wanted to know when you’d be coming home and if you’ve had dinner” you said as played with the hem of your dull blue sweater.

“I’m almost home actually, I’d say about another 15-20 minutes and as for dinner I haven’t eaten yet” Kiseop said as you smiled.

“Umm ok then I guess I’ll see you at home” you said as Kiseop agreed before you both cut the call “daddy will be home in 15-20 minutes baby girl, do you wanna help mommy set the table?” Your daughter smiled as you picked her up and walked towards the kitchen.

A little while later the front door to your apartment opened as your husband walked in and took his shoes off. Your little girl saw him and ran straight towards him jumping into his arms, he lifted her up making her giggle before he set her back down and let go.

“Hey baby girl, did you miss daddy?” Kiseop asked with a smile and you stood a few feet away from them, watching with a content smile.

“I missed you sooooooo much!!” She said as he spread her arms out wide.

Kiseop picked your daughter up again and walked towards you. He handed you his coat and bag before planting a kiss on your forehead. He didn’t say anything to you and just walked off with Nina. You let out a sigh and thought of how you should be used to this by now but it just hurt.

You shrugged it off and went back to the kitchen to finish the preparations for dinner. About twenty minutes later everything was done as you called Kiseop and Nina to the table. Nina usually sat next to you as she wanted you to feed her and the dinner table was always filled with laughs but recently, especially today, it was just dull. Kiseop talked with Nina and made her laugh but he just ignored you and you had to admit you felt very much left out.

Once dinner was over Kiseop had opted to do the dishes but Nina wanted him to read her a bedtime story so you decided to do them instead. Nina gave you a goodnight hug and kiss before she took Kiseop’s hand and guided him to her bedroom.

The dishes didn’t take long to do as you had already done most of them while Nina was taking her nap in the afternoon. It also didn’t take long for Nina to fall asleep as Kiseop snuck out of her room and into your own. You were busy getting your things ready for a shower when Kiseop walked.

“Are you taking a shower?” Kiseop asked.

“Yeah, did you wanna take one too?” You asked as Kiseop just nodded, you smiled as you had an idea “do you wanna shower together then?” You asked hoping he’d say yes.

“Uh no that’s ok I’ll just bathe in Nina’s bathroom, I just need to get my stuff” Kiseop said as he walked towards the closet and pulled out his clothes. You honestly had no words for him anymore, there was a time when he used to beg you to bathe with him and now he’s just walking away.

Once again you just chose to ignore it thinking maybe he’s too tired or he’s just not in the mood.

You took a nice hot bathe, hoping to calm your nerves which it did in someway. You came out from the bathroom and saw Kiseop sitting on your bed going through his phone. You went through your nightly duties before finally climbing into bed. Kiseop didn’t give you so much as a second of attention as he just kept scrolling through his phone.

This was getting infuriating and you couldn’t take it anymore.

“Kiseop” you said as you sat up in bed “we need to talk” you waited for him to respond which he did after he put his phone down.

“About what?” He asked as he placed his phone on the nightstand.

“About us Kiseop, don’t you feel the gap in our relationship, don’t you feel that things have changed between us, like we aren’t ourselves anymore” you said.

“Of course things are different y/n, we aren’t dating anymore, we’re married and we’re parents” Kiseop said.

“That’s not what I’m talking about” you said as you got out of bed “Kiseop I’m taking about you and me, you’ve changed especially towards me. Dare I say it’s like you don’t even love me anymore! Do you have someone else? Is that it?! Are you tired of me?! Do you not love me anymore?!” You just kept yelling out these questions till Kiseop eventually got out of bed as well.

He stood there with his hands on his hips as he ran his fingers through his hair.

“Y/n what the hell are you talking about?! What’s gotten into you? Are those idiotic friends of yours filling your mind with useless crap again?!” Kiseop yelled back.

“This has nothing to do with my friends! I haven’t even told them about any of this and you know better that anyone that I don’t go around talking about our relationship with every and anyone” you said as the tears dared to fall from your eyes.

“Y/n I really don’t wanna deal with any of this right now” Kiseop said and that was the last straw.

“Don’t wanna deal with what?! Me?! You don’t wanna talk about what’s going on between us, you don’t wanna try and understand how I feel, you don’t wanna do fucking anything!” You yelled as the tears just cascaded down your cheeks.

“Mommy…daddy…” You and Kiseop heard a soft, scared voice as you looked towards the door and saw Nina standing there with tears in her eyes “are you fighting?” You wiped your tears away before rushing over to her.

“No baby girl, daddy and I were just talking and sometimes when adults talk they voices get a little louder than they’re supposed to” you said as you knelt down in front of her and wiped her tears away.

“Mommy’s right, now do you want daddy to put you to bed again or do you wanna sleep with mommy and daddy today?” Kiseop asked as Nina said that she wanted to sleep with you and Kiseop tonight.

For the time being you both put your differences aside as Nina climbed into bed with you two. Nina chose to lay in your arms as she soon fell asleep followed by you. You hadn’t even realized how tired you were till your head hit the pillow. Kiseop on the other hand was still awake as he just stared at you.

“You still have no idea how I much love you and I get the feeling you never will. You really are an idiot sometimes” Kiseop said with a smile before falling asleep.

You woke up the next morning to find that Kiseop had already left for work which of course you were used to by now. You quickly got out of bed and got ready for work before dressing Nina to take her to Kiseop’s parents place. You packed her bag with toys and an extra change of clothes as you usually did, along with a few other things before leaving the apartment.

You dropped Nina off at Kiseop’s parents place as your mother in law asked you to come in for some breakfast but you had to decline since you had to get to work.

You thought you could use work to get your mind off Kiseop but that clearly didn’t work. You were beyond tired and frustrated, there was so much work and you didn’t feel like doing any of it. However the day just got worse as you boss informed you that you’d have to work overtime since he wanted some report by tomorrow morning.

You called your mother in law and informed her that you’d be picking Nina up late since you had to work overtime. She suggested that you let Nina stay over considering how late your work would end and that you should just go home and rest. You were thankful of course because by the time you get off work and pick up Nina you’d probably reach home by midnight.

Hence you carried on with your work, you felt a little better after you talked to Nina on the phone for a while. The hours ticked away and it was already 9:30pm you should’ve gotten off work almost four hours ago. By the time you were done with the report it was 10:15pm as you started to pack up your things. You were about to leave when your desk phone rang and you rushed to answer it.

“Hello, y/n speaking” you said, it was the security guard from the lobby saying you had a visitor “a visitor?” You thought to yourself.

“It’s a Mr. Lee Kiseop” the security guard said.

“Ah yes that’s my husband, tell him I’ll be down in five minutes” you said as he simply said yes while you thanked him.

What the hell was Kiseop doing here?! He rarely ever comes to your office, he has come before but it’s been a really long time since. You exited the elevator and saw him standing in the lobby, he really was here.

“Kiseop” you called out as he turned and began to walk towards you “what are you doing here?”

“I asked my manager to drop me here, you brought your car right?” Kiseop asked as you nodded. Without even asking he took all the things you were holding, a few files and your purse “why are you always holding so many things? Come on let’s go home” you stopped him before he could walk away.

“Kiseop I asked you why’re your here not how you got here” you said quite seriously.

“Y/n we’ve been together for five years now, dated for two, married for three. In all these years whenever you’ve had to work overtime I’ve always come to pick you up, even when I was busy or tired I’ve never let you go home so late on your own” Kiseop said, you realized he was right, how could you forget?

“Oh umm yeah right I forgot, it’s been so long that I’ve worked overtime or late that I forgot you always used to do that” you said with a shy smile recalling all the sweet memories.

“In all these years you still haven’t changed, always forgetting about the nice things I do for you” Kiseop said jokingly as he took your hand and laced his finger with yours.

No words were shared except for asking each other how your days had been. You guided Kiseop to your car as he volunteered to drive. The ride home was pretty silent but the silence was comfortable. Once home you dumped your things on the couch and went straight to your bedroom as Kiseop followed after you. You took off your coat and untucked your blouse from your pants as you began to unbutton it.

“Y/n” Kiseop said as he slowly approached you.

“Hmm?” You responded when you suddenly felt Kiseop running his hands up and down your arms before he held your hands and wrapped them around your waist.

“I love you” Kiseop said as you opened your eyes wide but chose not to say anything in fear of interrupted him “I don’t have anyone else but you, I don’t need anyone expect you, I don’t love anyone like I love you. I could never grow tired of you, I love you” you moved Kiseop’s arms away from you as you turned around to look at him.

“Then why? Why did you treat me like I was nothing to you anymore?” You asked as the tears swelled in your eyes.

“I never meant to make you feel that way, I’ve just be so stressed out lately and I overheard you and your friends talking about some party you had gone to and this guy that was after you. Your friends said that you should’ve had a little fun with him and that just made me so mad, to think that you could’ve been with some other guy” Kiseop said as he rested his forehead against yours.

His hands were on your hips as you cupped his cheeks and smiled, so that’s what this was all about, he was just jealous. You pecked his lips and laughed a little which he found very strange.

“Why are you laughing?” Kiseop asked.

“Cause we’re both so stupid” you said with a giggle in your voice as he began to laugh with you. Kiseop pulled you closer and kissed you again.

“Well then my partner in crime, allow me to love you like I’ve never loved you before” Kiseop said before crashing his lips ferociously against yours, knocking you down onto the bed.

He completed the work you had started of unbuttoning your blouse as his hands ran over your bare torso. His lips were anything but gentle, biting and sucking on your lips, his tongue penetrating your mouth and making you moan. His hands squeezed your covered breasts making you mewl into his mouth.

Your hands reached the hem of his shirt as you began to slowly pull it up. He took the hint as he sat up and pulled his shirt off, throwing it somewhere in the room. Your hands ran up his well toned abs as he looked at you and smiled, your eyes met for a moment before he connected his lips to yours once again.

His lips traveled from your mouth across your jawline till he reached your ear and whispered:

“I think it’s time we gave Nina a baby sister” you just smiled and whispered back “or maybe a baby brother” Kiseop smirked before you felt his teeth sink into your neck as he sucked on the soft skin in an attempt to leave a mark.

He left countless hickeys on your neck, making sure you’d have to wear turtle necks for the whole week. His lips further travelled down your body till they reached your breasts, he kissed them through the bra before biting down on them causing you to let out a chain of moans. His hands mischievously traveled behind your back where he unclasped your bra and ripping it off.

He always loved playing and teasing your breasts and would usually take his sweet time with them ever since you both did it for the first time. Like your neck your nipples were now hard and bruised, lucky this was easy to cover up. Once he was done with your breasts his lips traveled south again as he made sure to kiss every inch of your skin. He reached the hem of your pants and you thought he was gonna take them off but that’s not exactly what Kiseop had in mind.

He kissed down through the fabric that was covering your heated core. Your breathing was heavy and you moans breathless, he kept kissing your clothed entrance till he eventually bit on it causing you to throw your head back.

“For fuck’s sake will you take the damn pants off Kiseop!” You said breathlessly as Kiseop smiled.

“Thought you’d never ask” Kiseop said before he yanked your pants down in one swift go along with your panties, leaving behind a wet trail. He didn’t even tease you about how wet you were he just licked up the juices that had run down your thighs before finally invading your wet and heated entrance with his deadly muscle that had you at his mercy.

He gave your core one long lick as you fisted the sheets and bit down on your lower lip. Your mouth hung open as profanity upon profanity fell from your lips once he began to suck on your clit. He held your hips down and continued to eat you out as your whole body began to tense up. Your hands found their way into Kiseop’s luscious hair as you felt your orgasm build up and hit you like a ton of bricks.

Kiseop sucked up and swallowed your release before sitting up and looking at you. You were still heavily panting from your first orgasm in a while, you pulled Kiseop down and licked his lips and whatever of your release was on him. You lazily kissed him as he tried to unbuckle his belt but was failing miserably. You giggled a little before deciding on helping him.

“Someone’s a little too excited I see” you said as you unbuckled his belt.

“It’s you that excites me, my sexy lover and beautiful wife” Kiseop said before jumping out of his pants and briefs and back into bed.

He hovered above you as you felt his hard member brush against your thigh causing moan to slip from your lips.

“You ready love?” Kiseop asked as he gently caressed your cheek with his thumb. You took a deep breath and nodded as Kiseop smiled at you before you felt the tip of his erections poking at your entrance. You dug your nails into his shoulders as he slowly slid into you.

It’s been a really long time since you were both intimate so it did hurt a little but not as much as you thought it would. Kiseop noticed your pain as he rested his forehead against yours and peppered your face with kisses. After a few minutes you cupped his cheeks and kissed him signaling it was okay for him to move.

He took the hint as he began to move his hips, pulling out and pushing back in. His thrusts were a little slow at first but you knew Kiseop, these gentle thrusts wouldn’t last for long. True enough his pace increased as you clawed his back, his movements were barbaric and your moans were louder than ever. You were sure you’d be getting noise complaints from your neighbors in the morning, but you honestly couldn’t care less.

Kiseop held you close to his body as his thrusts changed from barbaric to romantic and loving. His face was nuzzled up in your neck as he showered it with kisses that made you smile. He kept whispering things to you, but not dirty things, things that put butterflies in your stomach and made your heart swoon.

It didn’t take long for your second orgasm to build up; Kiseop was close as was he, he started to speed up again wanting to come with you. He lazily kissed you and laced his fingers with yours as he kept thrusting into you till you both eventually came together. You moaned into each other’s mouths as Kiseop rode off both your orgasm, giving you both complete satisfaction.

His sweaty body collapsed on top of yours as you wrapped your arms around him and played with his hair. You felt him kiss your shoulder before he finally pulled out from you and rolled over onto his side of the bed pulling you along and into his arms. The room was silent for a while, just you and Kiseop and the sounds of your breathing.

Your head rested on his chest as Kiseop played with yours fingers and smiled. You turned your head to look at him and he did the same before planting a kiss on your forehead.

“I love you” Kiseop said.

“I love you too” you said with a giddy smile “by the way I wanted to ask you something” Kiseop looked at you with a curious look on his face.

“What is it?” He asked before he began playing with your hair.

“How did you know I’d be working overtime today?” You asked as you drew circles on his chest.

“Umm well I had wanted to spend some alone time with you so I called my mum asking if she could Nina for the night but she informed me that Nina would already be staying over since you had to work overtime. Then I got a long lecture from my mum saying that I wasn’t taking care of you properly and how could I not know about you working overtime and all that jazz” Kiseop said as you laughed, he gave you that ‘why are you laughing look’ which made you laugh even more.

“You’re mother is really amazing sometimes” you said.

“Are you laughing at my pain? She lectured me for almost two hours!!” Kiseop said as you nodded and laughed more. He removed his hand from under your head and turned his body the other way. You just smiled and spooned his as you kissed his shoulder.

“Are you mad?” You asked as he nodded a no “then why aren’t you looking at me hmm? Do you not love me anymore?” Kiseop just smiled as he turned around in your arms and pulled you close till his face was nuzzled up in your chest.

“I love you too much that’s the problem” Kiseop said making you smile like crazy “and you know Nina isn’t going to be home till late tomorrow morning” he pulled away from your chest and looked you. You didn’t say anything as you pushed him onto his back and climbed on top of him.

“I guess we’ll be going all night long since once is not enough to make a baby” you said with a smirk.

“Fuck I love you so much!” Kiseop said before your lips were once again on his and they stayed there for almost the whole night and even the morning after.

thelootqueen  asked:

I know a lot of fans obsess over the idea of Stiles "finally" getting a good night's sleep, on dereks chest, drooling all over the place, and derek being super smug and fond about it. BUT what about derek? he barely slept at all through 1st and 2nd season. What about Derek finally feeling SAFE enough to sleep, probably in stiles bed, and the sheriff can't even be mad like. "Stiles. I swear to god, wake him up and I will ground you for life" And stiles being offended bc why would he even do that?

Okay, so yes to both of these boys getting sleep. But also, Derek is in a place now where he can get sleep. Hopefully on a beach somewhere. He can start being happier, can start letting himself heal and live as best as he can, whereas Stiles is in hell right now and needs all the blankets and cuddles on offer. 

So, let me go back to that infamous summer between seasons 2 and 3 where Stiles was totally helping Derek track Erica and Boyd and poor baby Derek really wasn’t getting any sleep whatsoever, not without horrible nightmares at least.

Think about this for a second. Think about the fact Stiles starts to clock Derek always offers to drive through the nights if they are searching long distance. Think about how he sees how tired Derek’s eyes are, but says nothing because he likes his throat thank you very much- he plans for many people, yes girls and boys, to kiss and suck on it at some point- so he does not want to give himself over to throat maiming threats again.  Not that he thinks Derek will actually follow through on those threats but he is very tired and cranky so Stiles decides to annoy him about other things instead of his bedtime habits. 

But the thing is, you know, you just know, at some point Stiles is going to wake up to find Derek asleep. Probably in the Jeep. And he looks so peaceful and happy. Until he doesn’t. Until he starts to whimper and say thinks like “please, I love them” and “Kate” and “why” and Stiles’ heart just breaks because he read his dad’s case files, but this is pretty much the moment he clocks who Kate was to Derek. Derek never expressly says it but Stiles can tell. He just knows and it makes him sick.

And so Stiles gently wakes him up. He expects Derek to threaten him or snap, but the dude just looks so damn sad and Stiles scoots closer, offers Derek his shoulder. Derek looks at it like it’s going to bite him and Stiles wonders for a moment if this is a good idea, but two seconds later he finds himself rolling his eyes and saying, “my mom always said shoulders were good pillows when you couldn’t sleep”. And okay, so maybe his mom hadn’t said that, but Stiles did used to fall asleep on her shoulder quite a lot, so same difference really. 

And it takes a moment, but suddenly Derek is nodding and letting his head rest on Stiles’ shoulder, falls back to sleep, and sleeps so soundly and peacefully that when he wakes up he actually smiles in surprise. Stiles can’t help but feel a little bit smug (because oh yeah, who’s the man), but mostly he just feels happy Derek looks better. (And isn’t that something. He cares. About Derek. Huh. He’s going to put that in a box and think about it never.)

They never talk about it, but every time after that when Derek needs some sleep he shyly seeks out Stiles’ shoulder and Stiles always just smiles or says “what’s mine is yours” with a wink. They never make a big deal out of it, it’s always casual, but Stiles notices the way Derek just…relaxes, like a tuckered out puppy (look, he can’t help it with the dog jokes, okay?) as soon as his head is on Stiles.

Sometimes, after that summer, Stiles catches Derek looking at his shoulders. Sometimes Derek crawls through his bedroom window and Stiles lets him use him, like before. Sometimes Stiles goes over to the loft, offers himself up. It’s never a big deal, just like before, but it becomes more as the weeks go by. They begin to talk, sometimes they sleep lying down.  And when Boyd dies and Stiles puts a hand on Derek’s shoulder, yeah, it’s how his dad used to comfort him, but it’s also their thing. That comfort, that promise of, I’m here for you. 

And when the Nogitsune happens, Derek realises two things. One, he can’t sleep without Stiles. Two, even if he could sleep, it wouldn’t mean anything without Stiles next to him.