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Of you're still doing dabbles could you do one where Bucky and the reader are dating but it's kinda like an opposites attract thing because she's small and innocent so Bucky (and the team) are shocked when they see her fight a girl for flirting with Bucky please?

You scowled as you watched one of the many model-like women flirt with Bucky across the room.

She had been following him around all night, hanging off his arm and laughing that squeaky, obnoxious laugh of hers the entire time. Even when he wasn’t talking, she laughed. It was so annoying, it made your skin crawl. 

“Jesus, Y/N,” Sam laughed, nudging you with his elbow. “Who are you mentally stabbing with your eyes?” 

You took a sip of the glass of whiskey in your hands. You were far beyond joking at this point. Ever since Bucky first came to the tower, you tried your best to make him feel welcome. That turned into an amazing friendship, but…that’s how it’s been for the past few months. 

You were beyond in love with Bucky Barnes, but he just didn’t return your feelings. 

Well, you didn’t think he did. Nat and Wanda told you time after time that he was interested, but you never got any kind of reciprocation from the man, so you figured he just didn’t like you. After all, you were the most innocent person on the team and he was…The Winter Soldier. Ex Hydra assassin. 

But now, your innocence was fading. 

The woman whispered into Bucky’s ear seductively, her hand slowly traveling onto the waistband of his jeans and tugging them. If it weren’t for Bucky’s highly uncomfortable expression, you would’ve assumed he was enjoying it. 

But he clearly wasn’t. 

You downed the rest of your drink in one go before shoving it in Sam’s hand. You had no idea where you got this courage from, but you marched right over to the woman and gave her a forceful shove, sending her flying to the ground. 

Immediately, everyone crowded around the three of you. 

“What the hell?” she spat as she picked herself off the floor. 

“Can’t you see that he’s uncomfortable?” you growl, towering over her. “Keep your damn hands to yourself!”

Before you could think, the woman grabbed the drink from Bucky’s hand and doused you with it. Everyone around you broke erupted with “ooh’s” and whispers. 

You don’t really remember what happened next, but when you came to, you were holding the woman’s blonde extensions in one hand and a piece of her dress in the other as Bucky flung you over his shoulder and pushed his way past the crowd. 

He set you down once you were far enough from the party, much to your dismay. 

“Damn, kid,” he chuckled as he plucked a piece of the woman’s extensions from your hair. “I never knew you had that in you.” 

You scoffed, crossing your arms. “I am very capable of holding my own, Mr. Barnes.” you sassed. He let out a laugh, one that made your insides flutter with joy. 

“Are you now?” he smirked, his eyes traveling to your lips. “Why don’t you show me a private demonstration then?” 

You grinned as Bucky took your hand and began leading you through the hallways towards his room. 

Yeah, you might have been small and innocent, but that was about to change. 

(omg i loved this one haha! I hope you like it hun!)

The conversations near him were too easily picked up on, each one seeming to revolve around the same information. Four people had recently died, or that’s what he had figured out so far. Finally giving in to his curiosity, Reid leaned towards the closest individual to him. “Excuse me – mind telling me what happened here?”

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His birthday is July 14th (I don’t even know how this will fit in the actual story BUT THAT’S HIS BIRTHDAY) he has beautiful, expressive, dark brown eyes and he’s terribly naive. 

He has a large heart and is very very charming. He believes he can seduce his way into and out of anything but he’s still so painfully innocent. 

He tol. And almost good enough to eat.

Sun and Moon

Thanks to @bahare-uzuchiha for hosting SNS week and placing @dez-da-narusasu-addict and me together as writing partners. We had a lot of fun writing this! This is probably late for all the days, but SNS is always relevant. ;)

Summary: When Sasuke finds a mark on his chest, identical to the one Naruto has carried for years, he isn’t overjoyed by the fact that they are soulmates, he is terrified. Terrified that the marks are wrong and Naruto doesn’t want him, not like that.

Rating: T

Sun and Moon

Sasuke had always noticed it. It had been so innocent looking. Naruto’s soul mate mark took the shape of a sun whose rays were similar to flames, but at the center there was a  half-crescent shape, reminding Sasuke of a moon. The mark that was almost unnoticeable on his blond friend’s tan arm stood out starkly against Sasuke’s pale skin. The mark suddenly lost all its innocence in Sasuke’s mind.

Naruto’s mark had always existed, at least for as long as Sasuke had known the boy. Now, at nearly twenty, Sasuke’s own mark had decided to make an appearance on his chest, a little below his collarbone. In his bathroom mirror Sasuke continued to stare at the mark in amazement, reaching his hands up to touch it before quickly retreating as if the flames from the sun had burned him.

The irony was surreal. Sasuke had come to admire his best friend years ago and that had, no matter how reluctantly, slowly but surely developed into romantic feelings for his friend. Sixteen year old Sasuke had longed for something like this to happen. But those were childish fantasies that the years had driven out of his mind. The Sasuke of today was… well it was complicated. While a small amount of happiness had started to bubble at the sight of his mark and what it ultimately meant, it was quickly crushed and replaced with dread.

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Indeed it is! Something so innocent as old cartoons turned into an horror game! I didn't expect that to happen and it immediately picked up my interest! I wanna see where all this goes.~

Likewise!  It should be fun.

Though if you think old cartoons are innocent, heh heh heh… you should really watch a few of the original 1930s Fleischer cartoons.  They are ANYTHING BUT.

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I think Shadow might have some issues regarding the technology of the 21st century . Like, he is from the baby boomers era and he was in stasis for 50 freakin years, and when he wook up, he saw all these people with flip phones or touchable screens, even tv's , and he's just like " How do people work with these?" Give him a smartphone now, he'll have problems to look for the phone app. He is just so innocent for this world

I agree to a certain extent, but tbh the ARK had technology equal or superior to that of today’s, so it might not be that unfamiliar to him? If anything, he seems to catch on more quickly to technology given the ease with which he learns to operate various weapons and vehicles.

That said, I kind of think he’s stumped by the social purpose behind most technologies. xP Can you imagine Rouge trying to explain to him why people indulge in SnapChat filters? 

… also she may or may not slap sparkly shojo eyes on him


Part 5 of I’ll keep believing in you

See: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7

Even though they explained countless times that they weren’t sent by the Order, Allen still insisted on running off; if not for Kanda, Lou Fa was sure he would have gotten away. In the end, Johnny clasped on a wireless cuff on him and tied themselves together, so Allen couldn’t escape. She didn’t think, oh so innocent Johnny would resort to something this drastic, but indeed, one had to take extra measures to outsmart a cunning con-artist like Allen Walker. With Johnny’s genius, they managed to capture Allen.

If only he trusted them too.

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