so inactive lately

Sorry for being so inactive lately, I’ve been incredibly busy! But I recently did something really naughty and I want to talk to someone about it so bad but probably not post it soooo send me a message or something if u wanna hear a little story… i have a feeling some of you might know what (or who…) it relates to 🙈

((Hi guys! Sorry for being so inactive lately! Like I said, I do have other work to do in the day that may not make this blog exactly ‘daily’. However, I do have time after my schoolwork, so I will try to use that time more efficiently to become more daily. As another note, I would like to thank you guys for the flipping 160+ followers! I really never would’ve thought I would get THAT much in such a short time. I have made this blog less than a month ago, and also the hiatuses I take make me question a bit if I am suited to make this… I’m glad that I am able to have this blog and have a wide audience for showcasing my art. Thank you guys, gals, and non-binary peeps~))


When it’s two in the morning and the startup screen is so beautiful that you take a zillion pictures.

I know that, in theory, love is supposed to be soft.
I have felt soft love, before, but—
for the last two months, love has been
sledgehammer to my nervous system.
It keeps taking me out at the knees.
For the thousandth time, I remind myself
that want and need are two different things.
I remind myself,
to be needed is not love.
I kiss like a seed trying desperately
to put down roots in wet soil.
I keep trying to turn wild animal.
He keeps trying to make a home from my skeleton.
Neither of us is doing this the right way.
In spite of that, we keep crashing our bodies together:
expecting someone to catch us even when we’ve become
falling anvils,
cartoon pianos,
sticks of live dynamite.
I’ve done this song and dance before. I already know
I will let him turn me shelter
even while my roof is leaking.
I’ll put my mouth everywhere that hurts.
I’m good at it: unearthing my foundations
and giving them to other people.
It’s no wonder I have trouble standing on my own two feet.
It’s no wonder I’m so prone to slide downhill.
Even then, I still believe in a love that will meet me
at my own altar.
A love that patches the holes in the ceiling.
A love who comes, heart in hand,
and means it.
—  UNTIL THEN by Ashe Vernon

Sam Drake laugh/chuckle compilation

Side Note: Sorry I’ve been so inactive lately. I’ve been busy with college apps and school so I haven’t had any time to make content, let alone have enough free time to play video games :(