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Was rewatching the first few eps of S3 and hearing Elliot share his snowman story made me think of something. Building that snowman and playing in the snow was one of Elliot's (I assume) few happy memories so I'm guessing he still loves the snow now. Where does it snow a lot? Sweden. Ideal ending for the show Tyrell and Elliot run off to Sweden together with Tyrell's son and they just have a happy life building snowmen and cuddling.

Anon I generally thought you were telling me a theory about Elliot’s childhood.

Wow! I was not prepared.

I can just imagine Tyrell and Elliot laughing and running around, as they try to throw snowballs at each other. Then they help Tyrell’s son to build a snowman, but flipper keeps trying to destroy it. Before finally going inside to snuggle up by the fire and get warm.

It would just be so beautiful.

Can someone get esmail on the phone, tell him we have the perfect ending for the show.


Word Count: 1.1k

Summary: He’s so gorgeous, and you’re aware of the fact. But some things just aren’t meant to be.

Warnings: Drinking, swearing, party, unhappy endings and my craptastic writing as per usual

Note: lmao okay so this was requested and I am 100% sure this is not what the anon expected when they requested this but this is where my mind went with this one so oops. This is angsty as hell and literally not satisfying in any way, shape or form but feel free to send me ur hate about this fic :)

If you were to admit it to yourself, this was the exact last place you wanted to be. However, between the various amount of shots and the dancing with your friends, you were having quite a fun time. The only reason you found yourself wanting to gravitate towards the door was the simple fact that Tom was here.

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Stozier where they make out in dressing rooms while shopping 🤷

! ((also slight nsfw mentions??))

- Stan likes to drag Richie with him to the mall when he wants to buy new clothes, because he needs his boyfriend’s opinion. (He doesn’t- he just likes to see Richie try to understand fashion)

- “Hey Richie, do you think black skinny jeans look good on me?” “Yes, please buy a thousand pairs.”

- Mostly it’s just goofing around and quick pecks between outfits, but Stan always drags Richie into Victoria’s Secret to pick out some lingerie. That’s where things get a little less innocent.

- It’s torture for Richie to follow Stan around the store while he picks out panties and thigh highs and bralettes and all that. But the dressing rooms are even worse. Stan’s sure to open his little stall door every time he puts on a new outfit for Richie to see. 

- After the fifth or sixth, Richie eventually loses it and shoves Stan backwards before he can shut the door again and pins him to the mirror. “You need something, babe?” Stan asks with an infuriating smirk.

- Richie growls and kisses him, more to make him shut up than anything. He moves down to Stan’s neck fairly quickly because it’s so sensitive. Plus, it’s satisfying to see the purple hickeys on his skin afterward.

- Before long Stan starts pulling Richie’s hair and they both have to leave before they get too loud and the staff kicks them out (again)

- That should be the end of the teasing but then they have ice cream afterwards and Richie realizes he kind of maybe hates Stan a little.

- No he doesn’t

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Completely agree with louehvolution’s tags. Just imagine if all of Louis’s fans had grown tired and stopped engaging by now, stopped getting themselves actively informed about his work. What would even Louis be able to achieve then with this crappy team? He would not have been on anyone’s radar atm. Noone would care about the stunts and who made him go through them. There would even be no need to end babygate cause noone would kerp track of what is going on. 1)

2) I keep thinking this is what they want for him - a tightly controlled public image while he is still relevant so he would not be able to get in the way of anything, with the image designed to diminish his relevance until wven if he was free he wouldn’t be able to get back at them. They needed him to disprove Larry in 2016 and via his music promo, he did his part and now he might as well disappear if it was up to them.

Hey anon. Yes I agree 100% with Alex’s brilliant tags and with your ask actually. Looking at the way Louis ‘team’ handled his solo rollout its actually very clear that during BTY promo from their POV the song was pretty much irrelevant. BTY was simply their vehicle for the reinforcing and validating of their own position as regards Louis stunts/punishments and Larry. They used it essentially to cover their own backsides regarding Louis punitive closet by having him publicly validate it, and to try to defenestrate Larry fandom while also handily losing Louis, his passionate Larry fans. BTY promo from his team had next to nothing to do with promoting the song though Louis himself did all he could once he’d jumped through his teams hoops. As a song it was pretty clearly not meant to succeed or help Louis career or rep and when it still showed signs of doing so despite their less than subtle sabotage, they just destroyed it on radio. The purpose of BTY promo in a nutshell was to use Louis to protect themselves while also using it to try to undermine his support among his fans.

We are all Louis has as you say.. I know I say that ad nauseam but its true.Without us he would sink without a trace and we are a massive and unwanted complication for Sony. They dont want us to win him awards - and when we do they use their influence to try to make sure no one notices. They want us to turn on Louis or to just give up from the exhaustion of trying to keep his career afloat. At this point I can’t believe anyone is still denying that his ‘team’  is actively working against him. Sony want him humiliated and diminished. No we don’t know exactly why, but it seems bizarre to refuse to accept the overwhelming evidence that Louis is being sabotaged by Sony because we dont know exactly what the motive is.

For me, the latest Dan W effort is still more proof that none of the guys are free and are still operating slavishly under their 1D images as sold to us over the years through Dans amazing scoops. Liams latest just so happens to concede exactly with Dans explanation of why Belfast happened and helps with the St Cheryl story. How staggeringly coincidental is that? Dan is always ‘proved’ right isnt he?

 Sony HQ now own Syco. Syco hold the 1D contract. I would imagine that means Sony HQ own 1D. I tend to think that Simon is a very useful bogeyman for Sony HQ the way Modest used to be, and I’d guess he loves the role, given it makes him still look relevant. Its fascinating to see that so much of the really obvious pandering the guys have to do helps the aspects of Syco of which Cowell is the public face. But in the end, Simon isn’t in charge of Syco, is he? I look to the top. Tempting as it is to howl at the repellent Cowell sideshow, people like Mike Navarro and Stringer are the powerful ones here and its important to remember Columbia were pulling 1Ds strings for years.

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Something I always struggle with is proper grammar before and after dialogue. Do you have any advice on that? Like when to end dialogue with a comma instead of a period, when to capitalize a sentence after dialogue or when you shouldn't? It's something that always bothers me when I'm editing my own work and I'm never sure about all the rules!

I’m so glad you asked, Anon! Grammar has always come naturally to me, so I’ll do my best to help lay it out there for you.

The basics:

Dialogue is made up of a couple of components: The symbols used to signify dialogue, the sentences being spoken by the character, and the optional dialogue tags that sometimes accompany the dialogue.

Dialogue Symbols:

I say “symbols” here, because different countries use different requirements. If you’re not in the US, this post won’t be quite as helpful. We use double quotation marks to encapsulate our sentences of dialogue: “I can’t believe it!”

Other places may use single quotes (’’), double or single chevrons (<<>>), hooked brackets in various directions ( 「」), or any number of other indicators. Wikipedia actually has a really nice list that, while not entirely comprehensive, is a good first glance. For this discussion, we’ll be using American standards.

Dialogue Itself:

The dialogue sentences themselves should appear within these signifiers, and the sentences should reflect the way your character speaks. They may be complete or fragments.

Dialogue Tags:

Dialogue tags are the bits that attribute a piece of dialogue to a character. It’s the he said, she said of our narratives. Dialogue tags can either start off your dialogue:

Glancing over her shoulder, she muttered, “They’re not following us yet.”

Or they can close off your dialogue:

“Get over here!” they said.

They might be combined with other actions such as that first example, but they don’t have to be. A dialogue tag is not a sentence on its own. They are always purposeful fragments. They always set up dialogue or close it off. For more on dialogue tags and how they function in the story, check out:

Let’s Talk About: Dialogue, Part Eight: More Than Tags
Let’s Talk About: Dialogue, Part Twelve: The Tag Talk
Dialogue Tags & Redundancy

When do we use commas?

The reason I brought up dialogue tags is because they are how we decide where we use commas in conjunction with dialogue. Because dialogue tags are never a complete sentence on their own, they must always be attached to something (in this case, dialogue).

Tag Introduces Dialogue:

When you begin your dialogue with a tag such as the first example, the dialogue tag receives the comma before the dialogue begins. You should not have another tag at the end of the dialogue (because you already told the audience who’s speaking using the first tag), so you will end that dialogue with whatever punctuation befits the sentence:

I run a glass beneath the tap, asking as calmly as I can, “What makes you think Shanna’s missing?”

Don’t forget that in order to be a tag, it must have a verb that indicates talking.

Tag Ends Dialogue:

If you put your tag at the end of your dialogue, the tag still needs to be attached to something in order to be complete. The dialogue will receive the comma and the tag will receive the period to round out the sentence:

“Ridiculous,” she mutters, her fists on her knees.

The exception to this rule is when the dialogue ends in something other than a period. Question marks and exclamation marks take precedence over the commas and replace them. Sentences within dialogue that end in these punctuation marks must keep those special marks, but the dialogue tag still has to be connected to something. It is not a complete sentence and should not be capitalized. However, you also need to indicate that the entire sentence is finished, so you must put a period at the end of the tag as well:

“What about Marc?” she screams.

When do we use em-dashes?

Em dashes are the extra-long hyphens that indicate an interruption in dialogue or unfinished dialogue (among other things). They, like question marks and exclamation marks, supersede and take the place of commas at the end of dialogue:

“I don’t know! I just thought—”

Dialogue that ends in an em dash does not get a comma. If you add a tag to the end of a piece of dialogue like this, it follows the above rule: It’s not a complete sentence and it must be attached to something, so it is not capitalized:

“I don’t know! I just thought—” they stammered.

Check out this other ask to learn more about the difference between hyphens, en dashes, em dashes, and other dashes:
The proper use of en and em dashes

When do we capitalize?

Dialogue itself should always be capitalized, regardless of where the tag appears.

Dialogue tags only get capitalized if they appear at the beginning of the dialogue:

The other officer interrupts, saying, “Hey, pass me your flashlight a second. This lantern’s too dim.”

Dialogue tags at the end of a line of dialogue are never capitalized unless the first word of the tag is a name or the I pronoun:

“Don’t make me break this door down. I will!” someone shouts, pounding on the door.

“You won’t,” I yell back, flinging it open to face three policemen on my doorstep.

What happens when it’s not a tag? What about when it’s just a typical sentence?

Sentences surrounding dialogue that are not tags should be treated just like a normal sentence that has nothing to do with the dialogue, no matter whether it comes before or after the dialogue. There are plenty of times you’ll just want a line of dialogue to begin and the paragraph around it gives enough context that you don’t need a tag. That’s fine. Those sentences will be complete all on their own and they should be treated as such. The only time the rules change is when it’s a dialogue tag, and that’s due to the nature of tags as incomplete fragments.

She shakes her head. “Just you, Miss Dana.”

“She shakes her head” is not a tag. While the reader can easily intuit that “she” is the one speaking the following line, “she shakes her head” is simply a sentence on its own and does not actually do the job a tag does of attributing the dialogue to “she.” Therefore, it gets treated like any other line of narration.

“Hey, Shanna,” I start. My voice sounds like gravel in my ears. “I bet you’re still sleeping it off.”

“I start” is a tag. It’s a fragment that gives a speaking verb to a character in conjunction with the dialogue. Because it comes at the end of the dialogue and the dialogue would have gotten a period normally, it follows the earlier rules and gets the comma so that the tag can have something to hold on to that makes it complete. The next sentence is just descriptor and is not a tag. It could have occurred at any point in the narrative description. It just happens to be sandwiched between dialogue. Therefore, it’s treated as any other line of narration, with its own punctuation. The last line of dialogue doesn’t have a tag–doesn’t have anything it needs to help be complete–and therefore gets to keep its period.

I’m sorry that got so long, but I hope it helps somewhat. Below the cut is a larger excerpt that puts all these things together for you. Let me know if you need anything clarified or better explained! Good luck! -Pear

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headcanons || making out with jonathan

requested by: anon

  • okay, firstly, making out doesn’t happen as often as you’d think
    • you only do it in private
    • joyce and will have to both be gone
    • unless you guys take the risk
    • which usually ends up with you getting caught
      • will is usually like “oh lol”
      • but joyce is all like “jonathan!!!”
      • she doesn’t punish him though
      • just a talking-to
    • so unless your house is empty
    • you will have to wait
  • but when the house is empty, it’s just amazing
    • kisses are slow and gentle
    • yet passionate
    • his hands are always in your hair
    • or your back
    • he’s too sweet to break boundaries
  • he usually plays joy division or the smiths softly is the background
  • when you take breaks between kisses, he smiles so much it takes him a minute to get back into the kiss
    • he just loves you so much!!
  • every kiss just lingers
    • like he just wants to take time to appreciate everything about you
    • and boy, does he appreciate a lot

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It's hairbrush fucking anon (what is my life WTF am I saying). If it helps anyone remember the "camp" was some kind of military base and they stayed there with a large group of (ex?) soldiers and I think were sent by the FBI for psych reasons. They see therapsists there. Scully is self destructing throughout. I think she might go missing? At one point there is a huge paintball (or laser tag maybe) tournament that ends in disaster somehow!

This is getting better and better, I’ve never wanted to read a fic so bad in my life. SIGNAL BOOST.


“We know each other as we always were. We know each other’s hearts.”

The Rodriguez Triplets ( Los Trillizos ) Appreciation Post

some facts: 

1) 10/10 will cut you if you get too close

2) will do anything for the other in the end.

3) ran from home together for good reasons. they have only each other now.

4) oldest to youngest: alma, amir, antonia

5) fight on the regular. it can get messy. and you’re sure as hell not getting involved.  

Bonus Kara and Alma bc I’m an hcore fan of these two: 

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Can I get headcanons for Bakugou, Todoroki, and Midoriya with an s/o that's touch starved and from an emotionally abusive home? If you're alright with that.

You okay Anon? Hit me up if you need to talk about anything…. Also, the Izuku gifs weren’t loading for me so RIP, Credit for photo: @cosmolitans

Originally posted by kijoomi

~ He’s pissed once he finds out about all the emotional abuse going on at home, so don’t be surprised if he ends up losing his shit about it and paying a few certain people a visit

~ But about you being touched starved, he’ll try his best to make you feel better and surround you with the physical affection that you’ve been needing these past couples of weeks

~ He’s not the best with this (mostly because it’s hard to relate with you) but he really does try his best to comfort and relate to you. He’ll also just be open to letting you talk about whatever you need, but he understands if you just want to be quite 

~ There’s no way he’s letting you return to your home after he finds out what’s going on, he’ll let (or make) you stay at is home for as long as you need too or at least until somebody does something about the abuse that’s been going on

Originally posted by midoriyacchiii

~ He can relate a lot sadly, so he knows how to comfort you and make sure you feel loved around him

~ Since you two both need each other, it’s almost a sort of mutual comforting when you both decide to open up on what’s going on in each other’s private life

~ He doesn’t want to make this about him though, he lets you vent and practically do whatever you need to make yourself feel more at home around him

~ Similiar to Katsuki, he’ll find some way to keep you away from your home until the entire ordeal gets sorted out

~ You might also want to be prepared for him to throw a few fists

~ He’s shocked, to say the least when he finds out about all the emotional abuse that’s happening. He’s definitely noticed a difference in you the past couple of weeks but never expected it to be something so serious

~ Doesn’t really know how to act around you at first, but he does know that you need some serious comfort

~ After he manages to convince his mother to let you spend the night at his house, he spends the entire afternoon catering to your needs and letting you just have some sort of physical affection with him no matter what

~ He most likely confront whoever is hurting you, but probably won’t resort to violence unless he needs to

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big shout out to namjoon ending fan wars in just 1 second. when the interviewer talked to them about 1D and he said that they were the best boyband in the world. can this human being get a prize or something, he's such a good leader i'm proud of him.

He actually said they are and then person who interviewed them said ‘were’ . That’s our leader, always so humble who always knows what to say. Bless his soul, he did amazing job during every interview 🙏🙏

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hey, can i plz vent a little? i've been told off 3 times today, all of them for something i actually hadn't done. all these people believed me in the end and said they were sorry, but having to explain myself 3 times in a row was so stressful, i'm totally burned out now. could you please tell me i really haven't done anything wrong, that it's their fault not mine? and thanks a lot for the blog

“”(told off anon) example, one of them was a teacher, she said i wasn’t listening during the entire class, so i just told her i did listen and showed her my notes. guess who’s right. somehow, i could cry because of this now…””

Oh gosh this is the worst when this happens! Even when you know you didn’t do anything, getting told off can hurt so much and is so emotionally draining. You didn’t do anything wrong!! Give yourself some love tonight and self care and relaxation and remember that it isn’t your fault at all 💕

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Maybe you should think about closing Anon ask because I am sure some people just try to misinterpret everything you write. They want you to get angry and so you will reply and they will again judge every word... You always try to be fair and of course you are not free of bias,but again this is your blog and you do this for fun and because people like me rely on your help. Thank you so much for this blog and don't let trolls bring you down! I hope you will find the fun again! Best wishes to you!

Thank you! I’ve thought about closing anon ask a couple of times but always decided against it in the end. The reason being that I see quite a few new fans out there who are understandably apprehensive about asking questions which they are afraid might come off as silly. No question is foolish, by the way, girls and guys. Skating is a complicated sport and even the most basic element can sometimes spark a serious debate. When you are unsure about something and Google doesn’t help it’s perfectly okay to ask. I’m happy every time I meet a new fan who is interested in understanding this sport better, and I’m very sorry I have not always been timely enough in answering all of your questions (mandatory confession that my inbox is in a dreadful, dreadful state).

As you pointed out and as I freely admit, I cannot claim to be unbiased, if for nothing else other than the fact that it’s virtually impossible to keep being enthusiastic about a sport if you don’t have clear likes and dislikes. I don’t think I have ever let my bias influence me into knowingly writing anything that is objectively untrue, or anything that is outright rude to any skater. Let’s just say that I am 100% confident I can let my mom, my best friend, and my boss read everything I have ever written on this blog without any fear of leaving them with an unfavorable impression, either of my mentality or my capability to be logical and rational. So there.

If the point of these not very rosy anon asks I’ve been receiving is to make me angry then sadly (or not), I don’t think they achieve their purpose, because I really am not angry at any of them. To answer another anon question about whether I publish all the messages I’ve got, no, I don’t, I’ve opted to ignore quite a few of them, notably the ones drilling over and over again on points I’ve explained many times, and the ones that are frighteningly hateful about Janny. The latter category does not anger but frighten me. I’m scared out of my wits that someone could be so vehement in their hatred about a 18-year-old girl whose only crime is trying her best in a very difficult sport.

Sorry for using your message as an excuse to rant, you know how I am :) Thanks again for your good wishes and don’t worry about trolls making me unhappy. This season, the state of this damned sport by itself has promptly drained the entirety of my emotional reservoir. Compared to that, troll noise is really just that, noise, in the background.

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About Jeonghan: But... it could be caused by simple exhaustion. He's juggling with college AND comeback promotion (and diet too), season greetings preparation, end of the year awards and festivals, etc so maybe he just doesnt have time to properly rest and snack.. Aren't we all a lil bit snappy too in that condition? (I'm another anon, btw)

that could be it, too! I mean, in the end, we’re all just speculating anyway :/ (jeonghan I hope you feel better soon~)

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I heard from a friend that Bioware officially announced the protagonist for DA4 was going to be a tevinter human and that inquisitor/vhenan/inquisition will only be mentioned when dealing with Solas but I can’t find anything online if it’s true or not. Have you seen anything?

Nah the game’s not even confirmed officially yet so your friend was either misinterpreting something or straight up making it up. People have made theories about it being based in Tevinter because of the ending in Trespasser (what with the map being stabbed right on the region and such). But no one has said anything about a Tevinter human protagonist. 


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Feels on Scalia? Cuz that end pairing just did not make any sense to me.

Sure, but was there a couple on the show who deserved each other more than Scott and Malia? 

Remember all that stuff about how they were going to do something different for Season 6 and Scott wasn’t going to have a girlfriend? Okay then, Teen Wolf, okay… 

I think it’s obvious they only put them together to pair the spares, and to try and whip up some interest of some sort. But I don’t know if the three people still watching the show at that point really cared? 

I dislike both characters (and both of them suffered from a total lack of character development courtesy of the writing on the show, and yet both of them were for some reason the darlings of the promo team) so basically I don’t care. 

I mean, look on the bright side, anon: it’s a happy ending for both Stiles and Kira, right? I like to imagine they hang out together in the future and drink a bottle of wine and talk about the lucky escapes they both had. 

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(not the original vibrator anon)omg bill coaxing u through an orgasm, on your sixth one and the vibrator is too much, tears streaming down ur face. squirming around on his lap, whimpering and saying how you can’t do it. he’s shushing you, one of his arms holding you against his chest and he murmurs that your his good girl and that you can do it and that you look so pretty... that’s my shittttttt

and that last orgasm ends up being the best orgasm you’ve ever had and you’re rendered absolutely speechless and the moment you’re done he turns off the vibrator and holds you until you’re able to calm down, and then he leaves kisses all over your face and tells you that you did such a good job and that he’s proud of you

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Hii! Can I have a wanna one reaction to their s/o having acne issues? Hope you have a nice day!!! -Hwihwi Anon


- poor dan is probably clueless and just stares at you with his head titled while you go on and on about the acne problem
- but he would immediately search it up and give you a few advice the next time he sees you
- but when you reveal that none of those work, he would once again be flustered and clueless
- daniel’s skin is relatively good so he’s never got to take good care and such
- so he’ll ask jihoon or daehwi or sungwoon, but end up recording whatever they say to you since he actually, legitimately, cannot understand what they’re talking about
- what dha? what’s that?? what’s tea tree oil??
- but you thank this baby anyways because at least he’s more than concerned and is willing to help you
- but he’ll also advise you to exercise instead, although he doesn’t know how it helps, but he does it often so it may be of help


- jihoon would know a few things or two about skincare
- he’ll actually be serious about it and talk to you about it, and actually make a list of do’s and don’t’s
- will be all “why didn’t you do as i said??” if you didn’t follow the instructions written on the post-it
- tells you to exercise at least thrice a week, eat fruits, drink lots of water, and gives you some of his facial products
- but he tells you that you should discover you own products instead, and secretly buys some for you to try
- but he’ll kiss the places where you have acne and go “i’ll kiss it better!!”


- boy’s got a diploma when it comes to skincare
- he doesn’t have any skin problems, but it’s just him to be very informed of skincare tips and such
- “don’t put tooth paste or baking soda paste!!”
- will just tell you a whole guide to good skin right there and then when you ask
- he’ll be waving his hands around and saying “firstly, secondly,” stuff like that
- will make you use his products since it’s mainly unisex
- and he’ll rub it on your face like he does to jinyoung
- “maybe you’re too harsh on your skin!!”
- and it’s so soft when he applies the cleansing foam on your face
- he’ll rub it evenly and softly, giggling as he does so


- jaehwan will be laughing when you tell him about your problems
- and you get frustrated because that boy cannot relate even though he doesn’t wash his face, it’s so unfair
- and he’s laughing at you
- but jaehwan will consult minhyun, who’ll give him tips and tell him to transfer some information to you as well
- and well, while you thank jaehwan, he offers to apply it for you
- he really ends up smearing it everywhere on your face
- and he pouts when you scold him for it
- “fine, just don’t complain when I put the face lotion on your electronic keyboard.”


- he’ll literally have no idea what to do
- like whenever you have a problem, he’ll automatically help, it’s almost like his responsibility
- so when you bring up about your acne, he has this bashful face whenever he boasts about something but fails to do it
- so he just goes all “it’s okay honey, i’ll love you no matter how serious your acne is.”
- one does get pretty sad about acne and skin problems, so he doesn’t want you going around saying you’re ugly when clearly you’re not, so he helps boost your confidence as much as he can
- but if you’re really concerned about it, he’ll suggest you go to the dermatologist or a skin centre for advice


- woojin is honestly probably going to be like “just wash your face with cold water, it’ll be good.”
- like what’s the point of masks and serums and lotions they’re all the same to him
- but it’s not like he’s not going to do anything
- he texts his sister for some acne tips and passes them on to you
- it comes at very random times
- you might be just eating lunch when he drops a text to you
- “lemon juice helps, and don’t put too much chemicals on your face. natural stuff is the best.”
- watches in wonder as you apply the things on your face meticulously
- sometimes he jokes around and puts some on his face as well
- “good, it’s good for you skin too.”


- gets so concerned when you start worrying about your skin
- literally asks the other members and takes notes right on the spot
- gives it all to you at the end of day and you can’t help but to be touched
- the amount of care this baby gives you is real
- “you’re beautiful anyways.”
- tells you not to worry but he can’t relate since his skin is clear
- even goes to stores like innisfree and the face shop to ask about products
- and who can deny him?? so he gets you all the products that’s recommended for your skin type
- such a darling, claims that your skin is getting better
- “i can see the acne disappearing!! really!!”


- definitely knows quite a lot about skincare
- “trust me, i have to know these things to keep my face youthful.”
- reminds you to practice things that help your acne
- for example, if you’re working late, he’ll force you to go sleep
- he would literally hug you tightly so that you can’t escape anywhere else
- “sleep, sweetie. don’t you want to make your acne better?”
- laughs it off when you start rambling about how ugly you are with the acne
- but it’s all serious afterwards when he realises you’re serious about it
- “no, you’re not ugly. you’ll never be ugly.”
- devoted to your feelings and wellbeing


- “try products that are for men!!” nah i’m joking
- he’ll be telling you about how to look out for stuff that might make your acne worse
- i imagine him telling you all these sitting on his bed cross-legged with you sitting opposite him
- checks in on you sometimes
- “did you apply that?”
- also the type to help you put on your mask
- “you should put less makeup too, it helps. besides, you’re so pretty without makeup.”
- would sometimes also run his fingers over your acne spots
- “i swear my fingers are clean.”
- he really just thinks you’re beautiful with or without acne


- boy would be all confused too, but tries to make sense of it
- “jinyoung, i think this isn’t helping.”
- “then, uh, don’t apply it??”
- would give up understanding the concept of how to take care of one’s skin
- “honestly, you don’t have to do this. you’re fine just the way you are, in fact the acne’s pretty cute on you.”
- jinyoung’s really honest when it comes to these things
- sometimes he actually says things that are useful
- he didn’t tell you that he actually steals them from daehwi


- if daehwi’s got a diploma on skincare, sungwoon is a professor
- he’ll most likely tell you that you’ll have a bout of acne even before it happens
- but when it does, he’ll give you a “see i told you so” kind of expression
- but sungwoon would actually buy all the products beforehand, and would then give it all to you when your acne breaks out
- would also help you apply while telling you how to stop the acne
- “you have to wash your face first, scrub it with this, but do it softly because you won’t want to scar your pretty skin-“
- gets satisfied when you tell him your acne is getting better
- “treat me to meat!!”

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Could I get something for how Josuke would react if his S/O mentioned something about his hair? Maybe they accidentally say something bad about it or praise it?

Ask and you shall receive

-In highschool, Josuke was quite popular with the ladies, so receiving compliments about his hair was just a daily thing for him. But they never meant anything, they were just simple flirts and flatters to try to get to be the one clinging onto his arm.
-However, when his s/o sees him always tending to his hair, they find it amusing. They comment to the side how cute it is whenever he fusses over it. Normally, an aside like that wouldn’t falter him, but the fact that it was coming from his s/o made a deep blush spread across his cheeks. He’ll try to flirt back with them as well, stammering out something like “W-Well you always look cute, babe,” but he’s just a little bit too flustered from the small comment
-Sometimes if they’re lucky enough, Josuke will even let his s/o play with his hair (usually near the end of the day when its already falling out of its style anyway). But maybe it was a mistake because s/o will constantly shower him with compliments about how soft his hair is and how cute he looks.
-S/o might make one mistake in this process. In the midst of their compliments they mumble out a comment like “You look so handsome with your hair down, I don’t know why you go through the trouble of putting it in that silly hair-do every day”
-Now suddenly realizing what they’ve said, s/o will murmur out an apology. No one can escape the wrath of Josuke after someone insults his hair. However, towards someone like his s/o, his “blind rage” is a little more mindful. He would never hurt his s/o, but their comment could not be dismissed. Josuke’s confrontation to his s/o though, could not be more different than how he deals with anyone else who insults his pompadour
-Josuke will slowly reach for his s/o’s hands which are still rifling through his locks and bring them down, gazing into their eyes with a steely look upon his face. “I’m sure we can put that mouth of yours to a better use than insulting my hair, babe” The sweet Josuke that s/o saw everyday had faded away to reveal a colder boy. It was not an unpleasant change, though.
-Josuke will lean in, bringing his lips down to his s/o’s, and capturing them in an almost ravenous kiss. He parts, only to whisper in their ear, “let’s take this somewhere a bit more private, hmm?”

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Carol how are you feeling? I hope you are healthy and stay strong! ♡

hi lovely!! thank u so much for checking up on me - i’m feeling v chilled out lately (almost suspiciously chilled out?? it’s nearly the end of the semester i feel like i should be more stressed or something). i hope ur feeling good + everything is going well for u!! 🌟