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Kara’s head is spinning, and she’s feeling a million new things at once, and she doesn’t want it to stop but then there’s fingers… deft and curious… and her buttons are giving way and she murmurs a name, but the response is not what she expected. “I always knew”. And Kara is feeling something else - not what she anticipated feeling when she’d thought about being outed to a Luthor. This wasn’t fear, or worry. This was relief. Relief that the woman she loved finally knew her biggest secret.

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gettin-schwifty  asked:

If you are still up for the pose meme drawing, could you make Dipper A2 and Mabel D6 (the twins acting flirty in front of their unseen crushes) please?

maybe mabel’s flirting is a bit embarrassing usually, but once dip has someone to woo, her expertise comes in handy!

Pose meme!

Unfinished scribbling of dark link


the only appropriate response when Shianni asks you this tbqh.


SO as someone who works in a costume shop, and likes to ignore her other responsibilities by analyzing art, I HAVE A LOT OF THINGS TO SAY ABOUT HAMILTON COSTUMING. Specifically, color symbolization.

(Disclaimer: I have had the insane misfortune of being unable to ever see this musical because I’m still at university, and I make my living in a costume shop (read: poor), so I’m basing my analysis off of pictures and gifs I’ve seen floating around Tumblr/Google Images.)

First, why is Hamilton in green so much? Is this because green is often a color of greed and ambition? Or is it because it’s associated with money, and he’s the Secretary of the Treasury? I feel that it may have to do more with the first one. Hamilton is GREEDY. He wants power and status and purpose in life, and nothing will stand in his way, not even himself (e.g. The Reynolds Pamphlet). His ambition is also what drives him into these higher stations, and the fact that he writes “like he’s running out of time” is the way in which he’s able to manifest these fantasies into reality.

Hamilton is in blue when he meets/marries Eliza. Why? Is it because blue is the color of reliability and responsibility (”Eliza, swear to god, you’ll never feel so helpless”)? Or is it because it’s the color of wisdom and intellectuality? Yes to both. Hamilton is smart, and he says to Burr in “A Winter’s Ball”, “Is it a question of ‘if’, or which one?” in reference to the Schuyler Sisters. So, before he even walks into this party, he knows he’s walking out with a wealthy woman on his arm. The blue color projects the reliability and responsibility outwards to Eliza in order to get her to fall in love, and it projects the wisdom and intelligence inward to show the methodical planning and aptitude that it takes to be Hamilton. The blue ALSO reinforces the idea of Hamilton being an unreliable narrator to the audience (I am ready to defend Hamilton as the main narrator for the whole musical, just say the word), in that we see the color of reliability and wisdom reflected on a character who is self-driven, and sees the world through the lens of “elevating his station”. We are less likely to trust this narrator when we believe that he is not working for the good of the rest of the cast of characters as a whole; just himself.

Jefferson is in purple a lot, but especially in the Cabinet Battle (not sure which one, the pictures I found did not specify, but the exact battle is not important). This could be due to purple being a symbol of wealth or extravagance, but I don’t think this is why Jefferson is clothed in it here. I feel that since Hamilton is our over-arching narrator, we only get the version of Jefferson (and all the other characters) that Hamilton knows/how he chooses to perceive them. Thomas Jefferson may have actually been a pompous asshole all the damn time, or he may have just had some really good points, and Hamilton hated him for it. Which is why I think Jefferson is in purple because it is also a color of pride. The audience/Hamilton’s version is prideful, and the deep, rich purple we get for Jefferson helps to play him as a character of deep pride (”such a blunder sometimes it makes me wonder why I even bring the thunder”).

MEANWHILE, Burr is brown and neutral tones a lot. EMPHASIS ON THE NEUTRAL. He can’t even commit to his own name in the beginning (”depends, who’s asking?”), let alone commit to a crazy color scheme. The only time we see him in a ‘committed color’ is when he’s dressed as a soldier, and in blue. But, even this clothing choice is non-committal, in that he is dressed like all his other friends. In this way, he does not have to make the choice to stand out or make a statement about anything. He’s just blending into his surroundings.

Let’s chat about the Schuyler Sisters, shall we? In the song named after their trio, we have all three of them in lighter, kind of pastel colors. I feel this is due to their direct involvement in politics and political shenanigans. While the rest of the main cast runs around in heavier colors, the sisters have lighter colored costumes, because their role in the revolution is a touch smaller. Angelica’s color is darker than Eliza and Peggy’s, though, because she does get more involved than those two (”and when I meet Thomas Jefferson/Imma compel him to include women in the sequel”), and Eliza’s is darker than Peggy’s for the same reason.

Eliza, however, is interesting. She spends the song “The Schuyler Sisters” in a pastel blue/mint green (it’s hard to tell which with the internet pics I’m getting ): ). This color scheme, to me, implies something along the lines of ‘Virgin Mary’ in that she’s much more naïve than Angelica (Angelica can see right through Hamilton in the beginning, knowing that he only wants her because she’s a Sister. Eliza cannot.). However, in “Burn”, her costume is a white dress, symbolizing her innocence and the fact that she’s merely a victim in the Reynolds scenario, and the small blue ribbon around her waist as a belt symbolizes her naivety, and how it’s shrunk way down and she is starting to see through Hamilton’s BS.


I could continue, but I have so much other work I should be getting done right now… Anyway, what do you guys think? Anything to add? @linmanuel did I get anything right, or everything wrong? Haha.

so this was inspired by an amazing artist who does BBS stuff, and i was scrolling through my dash and I came across one of her requests were people ask her to draw certain things and a person asked something along the lines of “hey can u draw delirious as the Cashier cat, but more raccoon?” and I saw her response and I thought it was so BA and original, so then I decided to make my own fan art of it, but i hope u guys like it!

if u guys wish to check out the artist who inspired me she is right here @chloesimaginationthings 

i have also made a speed paint video so show my process

© me

i was gonna make a post complaining about how rinkah’s birthday passed by silently and i saw no birthday art of her, but i did just see some and they whitewashed the shit out of her so clearly people can’t handle the responsibility in the first place

So I am putting together a benefit art show for T.S. Claire to show off her extensive collection of drawings, paintings and more.

I am looking at multiple locations, and a few very kind people have offered spaces thus far - but I want to make sure to explore all options.

Also friends - I am asking artists who are willing to donate art to contact me via and signal boost this! If you have contacted me and not received a response I promise it’s due to multi tasking - I will get back to you asap.

Thank you,


Pencils and Palominos//Closed with @dimenovelhero

Piper laughed at the thought, dressed up in rags like the peasants in the period pieces she used to watch and living out of box cars and sleeping with raccoons. She smiled up at the teenager. There were definitely worse people to be stuck with. “I can definitely think of worse ways to use my sleeping bag.”

Laughter crinkled the corner of her blue eyes. “30 teenage boys? How does that man have any hair left?” She joked, nudging the other artist teasingly. “And I’m sure you’re only responsible for the the grey at his temples. Don’t act so offended…” She teased, a grin spread across her face.

The redhead shrugged, the joy fading from her eyes to make way for a serious expression. “I don’t know really. Probably a borough of New York. San Francisco maybe. Somewhere where art and being different is okay. I need more diversity in my life. Everyone I’ve ever really know has been white and straight. I want to be able see things from other points of view…” She explained, fussing with a stray piece of hair that kept falling in her face.

Piper gave a half heated smile, sparring with an unseen opponent in front of her. “5'1 and 106 pounds of unstoppable fury.”

“I mean sure. If you wanna?” Piper replied, her voice tinged with confusion. No one ever wanted to see her art because they wanted to look at it. They asked because they were curious what she was doing all the time. The redhead dug through her bag, producing several loose sheets of paper of varying sizes and her large, spiral bound sketch book. She pushed them towards Jack, pointing to the smallest loose sheet. “That’s a nude, fair warning…” She advised, before continuing to paw through her bag.

The menu had all but been abandoned as the artist looked for any other notable sketch. “I’ll take any mother I can at this point…” She admitted with a harsh laugh, dropping another sheet of paper on the table, this one a sheet full of thumbnail sketches of different facial expressions. “Emotions create art. What better way to create emotions than deny yourself one of the necessities of life.” dimenovelhero



G U Y S.

Okay, so a while back, I posted a little blurb saying I would pay for art of my Layton x Ridelle ship, the HMS Hershelle. I didn’t expect any reaction, but SOMEHOW I was approached by the amazingly talented Zillabean, who said it sounded fun and how much would I be willing to pay?

To which my immediate response was “take my money and make something beautiful with it, you amazing human being”.

I had some say in the basic posing and emotions, but everything else was in her very capable hands, and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Anyway, this makes me very happy.

(I already reblobbed it from Zilla, but I wanted to post it myself too)

A while back, an OC post was being passed around saying “you know your oc if…” and for every one of them, I knew an immediate in-character response. The worst one, though, was knowing what would break Ickle:

- Witnessing the destruction of art (such as the burnings and destruction by Nazi troops in WW2)
- The death of any of her loved ones
- impending disaster coming too soon to a place for her or anyone to save anyone
- Receiving a call from the Harmony Academy counselor’s office saying Mudpie died during an accident at the internship, or worse.

It just hurts so much to think of the sorts of things that would hurt my cinnamon roll… and it makes me happy that I’m not the sort of writer that would put her through that. 

But We’ll Still Have the Summer After All (fic by @boldmistakes)

After his engagement ends with Kurt, Blaine ends up seeking sanctuary in L.A. with his brother (which may have been a mistake – to be fair, he never thinks straight when heartbroken.) Cooper, tired of his moping, decides to take a reluctant Blaine on a cross-country road trip in an RV, planning on hitting every state. Along the way, they pick up Rachel (in hiding after her pilot bombed) and Sebastian (celebrating his last summer of freedom before ivy league responsibilities kick in). It makes an odd trip even odder, but Blaine is surprised to realize that it may be exactly what he needs.

Art created for the @blaineandersonbigbang. This is one of two pieces I made for this fic. I had so much fun making these and working with Rose. You guys should definitely check out her fic. Her alternate take on season 6 feels very organic, plus who doesn’t love a good road trip story?

I posted some of my art on Facebook in a craft group and was so blown away by the responses I got. I think out of everything people said, this comment was one of my absolute favorites. “Thank you for bringing her lyrics to life. It made me feel some kind of joy and happiness…” Other people commented that they were almost brought to tears and that they got chills going through my work. I am so incredibly humbled by comments like those and I just hope one day more people will be able see my art and that it can be available for people to buy. I love making it but what I love more is that people actually enjoy it and see a story being told in it, just like how Taylor tells the story through her songs. Thank you for always being an inspiration @taylorswift.

NovaForever’s Interview

We have a fantastic treat for you today with NovaForever’s Interview!  She even made animations to include in each response because she is just that awesome :)  Be sure to check out all of her 60 second fic animations if you haven’t done so already!  Thanks for answering, and animating, these questions Alice and thanks especially createdforogc who submitted these!

What originally got you started making graphics for Brittana?

…when Glee first started I had just moved to a new city for graduate school and everything about it was kinda stressful. I was studying basically constantly just to keep up in my new program and the only break I really allowed myself was to watch glee once (or thrice) times a week. It was definitely an outlet for me. And my stress relief therapy somehow evolved into an outlet of creating ridiculous animations. And even when I finished my degree I just never really stopped.

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