so in response i make her art

The return of collab belles, this time with @ardail! Told him to just make it cute so he drew a puppy essentially, I’d say it worked out.

I think I mighta bobdude-ed too hard with her eyes but otherwise this is a very ardail swoot haha, all the way down to the proportions. Ardail was actually the catalyst for me becoming a vendor and what not, he introduced me to a ton of the art fam and is basically responsible for me being on your dashboard to begin with, so I’m glad I finally got to make this swoot happen. Thanks ardail babe, tell your brother he’s pretty cool I guess.

Anyways, enjoy a collab Sweetie with thanks to ardail!

OCTOBER 13: Zolita’s “Immaculate Conception” EP is released (2015)

Today is the second anniversary of Zolita’s Immaculate Conception EP, which dropped on this day in 2015. It was the lesbian pop singer and aesthete’s very first music project and featured the hit song “HOLY." 

The cover art for Zolita’s Immaculate Conception EP (x).

Zolita first exploded onto the scene with the music video for the song "Holy,” and rightfully so, for the video shows two girls falling in love amidst their otherworldly religious all-girls academy. The label’s describes Zolita’s high concept music video as, “A young girl explores a lesbian relationship in a patriarchal schoolhouse and starts a secret feminist girl cult.” The Immaculate Conception EP was dropped on October 13, 2015, but after the release of the “Holy” music video in June of 2016, Zolita’s fan base of young wlw grew. 

Just this month, she began releasing new music and setting the stage for the release of her new EP. The first single from the EP, “Fight Like a Girl,” is a politically charged synth pop fantasia and a response to "the spirit” Zolita felt at the 2017 Women’s March on Washington. In a recent interview with Out Magazine, she spoke on her position as a queer artist by saying,

“There are so many artists in pop music who claim queerness (which is great), but they are so afraid to make art that is actually queer. They run away from using pronouns in lyrics or same-sex partners in music videos because they want to be palatable to the general public. I want to make pop music that queer and marginalized people feel like is made especially for them. Queer people have been connecting to and projecting their experiences onto heteronormative music their whole lives. Is it really so heard for me to ask straight people to do the same with my music?" 


You Steal the Air out of My Lungs (You Make Me Feel It)

*click through to read on ao3

written by: Emily | @prosciuttoe

prompt: ‘I know that you think I hate you but I swear to God I didn’t mean to hit you with my car.‘

word count: 2815

The funny thing is, under entirely different circumstances, Clarke’s pretty sure that she and Bellamy Blake could have been friends.

The first time she meets him, Kane is introducing them and he’s supposed to be showing her the ropes, since it’s her first day at the bookstore. He has a well-worn copy of Howl’s Moving Castle sticking out of his bag, freckles, and dark, messy curls that Clarke really wants to run her fingers through. (She’s… pretty intrigued, if she’s being entirely honest.)

But then he opens his big, stupid mouth, and suddenly all of her feelings of goodwill go up in smoke, because Bellamy Blake is, undoubtedly, a massive asshole.

He won’t stop calling her Princess, for one, and makes a face every time she so much as asks a question about the cash register. The constant jibes about her having gotten the job due to nepotism (so their boss may also be her mom’s fiancé, sue her) certainly don’t help either, and he actually laughs when a book display falls on her foot.

Suffice to say, he is definitely not her favorite person. On particularly bad days, she entertains a fantasy or two of shoving him down a flight of stairs. On worse ones, she dreams of pushing him down a manhole.

Still, murderous tendencies aside, Clarke doesn’t mean to actually run him over with her car.

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She really smooched that frog! First Part

Part 2 to my Princess and the Frog comic! Here we are introduced to the new wonderful Knight Whim! She’s a lizard/minigiant/human lady and I love her. I am also glad I finally finished this and I am so happy to show you all! Thank you to the people that have joined me in the stream :>

Also I’m just going to post this now instead of later because IM SO EXCITED!!!

I really want to make more of this comic so if this gets a good response then I think I’ll continue! Thank you! 

I’m Mahdi right now

I can’t stop smiling…

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Blog recs?

i havent done this in a while and i could use some positivity so heres the exact opposite of a shit list (in no order or like,,, most recent to least recent follow bc im just getting these from my following list so i dont forget anyone lol)

  • @nikiiforovs i only followed and started talking to her recently but shes super nice and really talented at making graphics??? google how do i be like liz enter
  • @mysanitynotfound is The Kindest!!! what a darling!!!!! she let me rant about one of my favorite characters in a show she doesnt even watch like when will ur fav ever??
  • the mods of @askoppositeotayuri are super sweet and the art is ADORABLE
  • @dicktor-thicciforov has the best url ever??? i havent talked to them much yet but theyre still cool aND I WANT TO TALK ABOUT LIFE IS STRANGE WITH THEM :(((
  • @yourplisetsky / @otabottom sub beka is the best ALSO THEYRE SUPER NICE AND I WANT TO TALK TO THEM BUT KJHFKJHF
  • @meimagino a loser
    no im kidding shes extremely kind and has the best responses to everything ever also a fantastic writer and she lets me call her ‘mei’ 
  • @yuratchka-speaks super sweet!! has the best headcanons and her voice for yuri makes me weak at the knees
  • @kanekkis an aMAZING writer idk how she manages to churn out fics so quickly also REALLY FUN TO TALK TO ILY ELLE
  • @justanxietythings im too shy to talk to them much but their fics??? i cant deal??? FUCk?? also my co-captain in the “mila and yuri are platonic soulmates” boat
  • @katsu-nikii adorable art and seems really nice but im shy!! also a fellow filipino so i really want to talk to them and maybe like eat at jollibee with them 
  • @aphhun too talented for words i cant dEAL with her!! also endlessly kind?? wtf?? sami leave some for the rest of us
  • @daddybek KIM UR AMAZING literally the kindest and sweetest person on this earth also rly pretty HOW DO I DEAL!!!
  • @novocaine-sea fellow “oh my god sometimes the yoi fandom is just Too Problematic” person love u aja
  • @viktuuri-pork my bes!!! somehow amazing at music and art at the same time like leave some talent for the rest of us >:(( ALSO I’LL MEET HER IRL SOMEDAY THIS I VOW
  • @dandybek the dandiest… but also the sweetest!! and the strongest!!! what a blessing 
  • @otabaeplisetsky best older sis figure!!! also the kindest and the prettiest how do i deal
  • @kawaiilo-ren intimidates the fuck out of me but theyre really sweet?? and talented??? notice me senpai
  • @draco-rys intimidating at first tbh but really talented?? and kind!! and les mis trash which i appreciate
  • @tecochet NADIA!! SO PURE SO KIND BYE!! and has the softest art ever did u know ur art is still my ipad homescreen heheh
  • @sarah-yyy every time she notices me my heart stops tbh they have THE BEST fics ever??? also if ur into les mis specifically e/r ur in luck
  • @otayuriism the chillest of them all, that cool kid next door u kinda want to talk to but at the same time ur hella intimidated by id like to marry her someday
  • @boxwineconfession the man. the myth. the legend. the creator of fawl. drunk 25/8
  • @fuku-shuu my go to source for the Hip New Happenings and amazing art in the fandom, also very kind and approachable!!
  • @nikiforohv i wouldnt be surprised if shes starting to get creeped out by my admiration for her but. here i am. doin it again
  • @seeyounextlevel MOTHER!!! super talented and pretty and the queen of snapchat *viktor voice* wow amazing
  • @nooowestayandgetcaught salt friend!! riverdale friend!!! i dont talk to them much but when i do its always a great time :’)
  • @felicitatem meta on point?? beautiful?? cute art?? incredibly kind?? when will ur fave!!!
  • @otayuri-queen i miss u wifey!!! but has super cute art and is incredibly kind, but we all know she a bitch inside :^) im kidding ily
  • @kingotabek honestly idk much about them just that every time i see a fic from them i die

plus a lot more but this is long enough as it is so COUGHJSDK

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I just saw your recent Momo fanart and thought would like to request that you do a HitsuHina piece where Momo makes a flower-crown for Hitsugaya!! =D I don't mind which flowers you use.

A VERY late response to this ask once again I apologize. Hinamori is so pretty with her longer hair style!! ✨ And my art style is slightly different


Originally posted by lourdesjdkdm


  • Him acting up all awkward to set up the mood because he’s already nervous. “What is it with candles? Why do people like candles so much” he’d frown “ What if my place burn down while we’re making out?! THEN WHO’S GONNA TAKE RESPONSIBILITY?!” he ruffle his hair “ No candles for sure. I’m too broke to afford a new place”
  • Him studying the art of dirty talking cause’ he’s not sure if you’re into vanilla sex or something more thrilling. “ Can’t I just tell her that I lover her instead? Won’t that make the moment more amazing?” he’d ponder “ But what if she overthinks about it and then she’s turned off..” He ruffles his hair “Girls are WAY TOO COMPLICATED FOR MY BRAIN”
  • Him taking a shower while figuring out what kind of shampoo and soap to use, cause’ he wants you to remember how memorable that moment would be. “ What would she like? that’s the real question”
  • You showing up at his place and him freaking out because the only thing he has in mind is what’s supposed to happen afterwards. “ H-Hey Y/N” he’d stutter as you’d simply ruffle his hair at how cute he’s being
  • Him trying to make you understand what he wants by occasionnally pulling your waist closer and snuggling his face in your neck. “Y/N, can’t we do something else instead?” he’d breathe on your neck before sneakily touching your leg with his warm fingers“ That movie is boring”
  • You giggling because his fluffy hair is tickling your neck and him questionning you and being slightly offended, because he thinks you make fun of him. “ I beg you, stop breaking the mood Y/N” he’d pout 
  • Him apologizing and making sure that everything he does is accepted by you cause’ he’s afraid of making a bad move. “Can I really touch you there and get away with it?Like you won’t kill me after this? “
  • Him trying to give you a hickey but ends up bitting your skin too hard so you yelp and he freaks out. “F*ck F*ck, ARE YOU BLEEDING ARE YOU OKAY?! I never thought my teeth were that sharp! F*ck SORRY!!!”
  • Him kissing you and grazing his teeth over your bottom lip because he likes testing your limits. “ Please tell me I was an amazing f*ck. PLEASE”
  • You giving payback by grazing your teeth over his earlobe and him freaking out because his ears are probably the most sensitive part of that manly built body. “N-Not THE EAAARRRSS!!” he’d choke on his breath “ PLEASE LET ME LAST FOR MORE THEN TEN MINUTES!!”
  • His slim fingers that enjoys running along your perfect thighs to bring your body closer to him , because space is not something he can bare with in those moments. “ I want you close” he’d whisper in your ears
  • Him running his fingers sensually on your strands of hair while staring into your eyes as if you’re the most precious being on this earth. “You’re mine, you know what?”
  • Him kissing you everywhere because he wants to cherish every part of you.”I love you”
  • Him Calling you beautiful  while blushing and hiding his eyes because your body still impresses him and he’s shy about looking at you since it’s all new to him. “Why are you so damn gorgeous. I-I just can’t look at you without feeling all weird”
  • Him leaving them hickeys in the most awkward places ever ,like your arm or your back, because he supposedly had to practice on your arm before doing it on your neck “ DON’T JUDGE” he’d give you a stare “ I WANT TO WISELY MARK YOUR SKIN Y/N” he’d reply “ You’re marking my entire body Jeon. It’s not like you’re acting wisely right now” you say before he’d put his index over your lips “ Let the pro do his work.”
  • Him wanting to take off his shirt in a very sexy way like the guys do it in the movies, but the white shirt get stuck and does not want to get off “ why am I living my life this way * cries a river*”
  • Him raising his brows at you while tapping his chest like tarzan because he’s weird like that and he enjoys making the moment weirdly unique. “ I’M THE MANNNNNNN!!!!” he’d shout
  • Him suddenly telling you about his ‘abs’ worry and asking you if you’re disapointed. “ I tried working some more on it , but my company told me to stop.”he’d sigh “ Please tell me you can’t see the difference.I go to the gym everyday. ”
  • Him trapping your wrists between one of his masculine hands, because he’s savage like that. “You’re now at my mercy” he’d whisper in your ears
  • Him using his cop outfit from Dope Era to roleplay because he loves playing the police officer and you love pleasing him. “ How about I teach you a lesson for being so damn illegal”, he’d smirk at your tempting figure
  • Using fake handcuffs on you but he loses the key because he’s such a nervous flufff. “Y-Y/N? I think I lost them” he’d gulp at you
  • Him throwing random questions as he’s mentally planning out his next move . “ Are more into sweet love making or do you like it rough?” he’d blush before mentally scolding himself “ Screw it. I’ll just figure something in between”
  • Him gaining confidence everytime a sound comes out of your sinful lips, because it’s a pointer that tells him if he’s doing good or not.
  • Him taking off every layer off you with a blush on his cheeks and a cheeky grin. “This is so fun. It’s like a game” he chuckles “A very racy game though” he’d blush
  • Him getting shocked once he gets to see your underwear  for the first time because he’s so fascinated by it “ Wow. This is what a bra looks in real life?” he’d nod in fascination “ Can I touch the lacy fabric ,please?” he’d ask you and you’d chuckle in response “DON’T LAUGH. IT’S MY FIRST TIME SEING A BRA ON A GIRL”
  • Him blowing on his long bangs because they get in the way by hiding his vision everytime he tries kissing you somewhere . “ I SWEAR.NEXT TIME WE GET LAID I’M GETTING A MOTHERFRICKIN HAIRCUT”
  • Him tying his hair onto apple hair because he can’t work on pleasing you with his fluffy hair in the way and you laughing your existence cause’ you can’t take him seriously. “ COME ON.AT LEAST LET ME FINISH YOU.PLEASE! PLEASE TELL ME THAT YOU STILL WANT IT!STOP LAUGHING AT ME * sobs* ”
  • Him giggling randomly and breaking the mood because your cold fingers on his toned muscular arms are making him feel all sorts of way and he’s ticklish.
  • Him momentarily forgotting about how sex actually works for a second, because he’s too nervous. “ F*CK. I FORGOT.REMIND ME HOW THIS SHIT WORKS AGAIN.”
  • Him secretly having a senpai kink and being oblivious about it till you suddenly pull out the senpai card and he freaks out. “ S-Senpaiii? *gulps* Can you say that one more time?”
  • Him discovering his kitten kink ,when you suddenly moan out a ‘nya’ and his eyes round in shock. He doesn’t know why, but that sound just turned him on ten times more and his testosterone is flying up to a peak never explained in the past. “D-Do you have kitten ears Y/N? It’d be fun to try out something new…ya know, something wild. ” he’d smirk at you
  • Him using his tongue and his sinful thighs however he wants just to wreck you and make you beg.
  • Him being fascinated by the softeness of your skin because he never got to touch you that much in the past, but this time he can feel you up no matter how much he wants “Whoahh…How come your is your skin so soft?! We need to go to the spa sometimes together. TELL ME YOUR SECRETS” his eyes would round and he’d cough right after you supress an impatient moan “Right, *cough* sorry. I got distracted ” he’d reply apologetically
  • Him failing at using a condom for the first time because he’s too nervous “ f*ck!!! IT BROKEEEEE!!!” , he’d turn around and pout at you while pointing at the condom cluelessly like he normally does “ What are we going to do now?” he’d blink at you
  • Him wanting to be extra romantic for that moment but ends up being a little dork instead. “I wish i could stop time just so that we can stay like this  forever” he’d smilE at you before realizing that you’re actually getting laid and that what he said would sound wrong “ N-No!! THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT. NOT IN THIS KIND OF CONTEXT!!! I MEANT TO STAY LIKE THIS AS IN STAYING TOGETHER FOREVER , NOT TO BE GETTING LAID FOREVER… even though it sounds like a good plan
  • You tugging on his hair whenver you love something and him reciprocating it with a sexy growl in your ears,because he’s quite wild in bed.
  • Him passionately kissing you while apologizing in between to make your pain go away. “ I’m SO SORRY. WE CAN STOP NOW IF YOU WANT!!! I DON’T WANT YOU TO DIE” he’d panic  while you’d laugh “Jeon Jungkook, I’m a human who’s programmed to give birth. I think that handling you is something I can do”
  • Him pressing his face on your shoulder while giving you little kisses because he’s embarrassed about being connected with you in such a way. “ I’m feeling all shy shy shy now.”
  • Laying on your back while staring at the ceiling and jungkook feeling all self conscious after you both reached your climax. He’d suddenly grab your arm :  “Tell me I was an amazing f*ck. PLEASE”
  • Him giving you the meme face and you laughing your ass off cause’ you can’t believe you’re dating a man that does this right after you shared such an intimate moment.
  • Him hugging you tightly in his arms while playing with your hair and biting your shoulder with his teeth . “ Y/N, can we go grab some ice cream? I’m getting hungry for some food now…”

So here’s the first post to start off jungkook’s Birthday Project <3333 I hope you enjoyed this fluffy yet sexy post lol.Tell me your thoughts in the comments/message box >.<


Mun: Missin’ your mum, huh? She’ll be back, don’t worry! I bet she’s out there getting you something reaaally cool. 

Mun: How about in the meantime we build this SUPER BIG pillow fort like a castle, and we make YOU the king! So when she comes back, you can show her the entire KINGDOM you own. 

(( Continuation of this. [[ @starlumen ]] ))

Title: If These Pages Could Tell A Story
Pairing: Klaine
Rating: G
Word Count: ~7300
A/N: Written for the Klaine Prompt Reverse Bang over at @todaydreambelieversfic for this prompt and this art. I didn’t follow the prompt exactly but the gist of it is still there. Thank you so much to @quizasvivamos for all of the gorgeous art!! You went above and beyond and I can’t thank you enough. ♥ To both @quizasvivamos & @savvymavvy, thank you for listening to me ramble about this for months and helping me kick it into shape! 
Summary: Isabelle Wright has written another book and is about to go on tour with it. Kurt’s job, as her assistant, is to make sure every location is up to speed with Isabelle’s requests. When Kurt e-mails Anderson’s Bookshop, he certainly doesn’t expect their correspondence to go past the first couple perfunctory responses… 

Read on AO3!

“Mnemosyne” Fiction|Smut

Moodboard by @48gmoodboards

Characters: Matsui Jurina (Mnemosyne), Matsui Rena (Lethe); Kojima Haruna (Persephone); Oshima Yuko (Hades)

Summary: Time moves forward. The mind forgets but the heart remembers. 

Author’s note: This is my take on the Lethe x Mnemosyne prompt suggested by @rukakikuchi. She made Part 1 and I made Part 2 with some tweaks from her. I’m not a hardcore wmatsui shipper like before but they are still very precious. I hope you guys enjoy this. It was an “emotionally draining but totally worth it writing experience”. 

P.S. An anon asked me for a smut so so so long ago, but it is only now that I succumbed to it. You guys, this is my first smut so do forgive me if it falls short. 



Hours pass

The weeks turn into months

And I’m still alone

Wondering when I’ll see you

Still I watch the hourglass

The symbol of our love

When we were so sure

Our love would be everlasting

(The S.O.S. Band - “Sands of Time”)


They cannot kill me even if they wish it with all their heart. They cannot destroy me even if I am the last of the ancient immortals.

I am nostalgia; I am melancholy; I am yearning; I am desire.

I am the forbidden knowledge of the world.

I am Mnemosyne.





Time flows like an endless river reaching the large expanse of the open sea. Without end or beginning. It trickles without pause; without caution—with selfish inevitability. Time heeds no one’s bidding. It grants no one’s request. It only moves forward despite the unquenchable thirst in our hearts to remain as we are or as we once were.

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Nuuk Chapter 3

Today is my b-day and somehow I’m the one giving the gift? Haha, Just Kidding. You guys really have made my week with all of your love for this story. I get so giddy and overwhelmed, and I can’t tell you what it means to receive so many positive vibes for this story. As a writer, it’s really a strange and daunting thing to put your work out there. It’s like revealing a piece of your soul in a way, and I’ve always been weary about my writing, and the response you’ve given me has done wonders for my self-confidence so thank you!

Summary: When a chance encounter with a blue-eyed mystery man on an ill-fated flight turns Emma Nolan’s life upside down, she has a choice to make: Continue with her arranged marriage to Senator Gold’s son to save her parent’s company, or turn her back on everything she’s ever worked towards for a chance at happiness.

Also on AO3

Rating: E (there’s smut!!)

Content warnings: Smut, Alcohol Abuse, Violence, Language

Beta’d by: @best-left-hook-jones To my favorite shipmate: I’d be lost without you!

Art: Today I also get to share a new piece of art with you, on top of the banner created by @shady-swan-jones​. It’s by the lovely @pompeiiablaze​. Both of these artists (as well as artwork coming from @jemmingart​ later on) were busy working on art for other stories and were kind enough to step in and help out when both of my artist had to leave the CSBB. Please make sure to show them all some love on tumblr. The art often goes overlooked and they thrive off of comments and reblogs just as much as authors do!

A/N: You may have noticed a ratings increase. Confused? Me too, thus the increase just to be safe. Yes, there is smut, (no, not in this chapter, sorry), but the smut is pretty tame in my opinion. Although I’ve seen some raunchy stuff over the years so I’m not really sure where the bar is right now. LOL. I was on the fence between M and E and I’d rather you be over-warned.

Line Break = Change in POV

Chapter 3/24

He winced at hearing his full name being spoken. Throughout his time milling around Heathrow, sitting on the plane, and collecting his luggage he had managed to go undetected, but thanks to his small scene with Emma, people had started to look up and notice him. His glasses were usually enough to give people pause on if he was indeed the Killian Jones, but very seldom did it fool teenage girls.

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This Just In  -  local woman completely exasperated after finding her friends making out when she needed them to be at her meeting half an hour ago

I keep all the art and #anything people make for me and with a new found thing in sai, I decided to color like 
one of the biggest moments of my 2012 weeb self’s life. 

I’m so glad to still have her in my life. She’s such a wonderful person. 

This was drawn by her in 2012 as a response to one of my things. 

Black Feather (1/??)

Notes: @bakathief and I have been talking about this Fantastic Beasts AU for weeks and I’ve finally written the first chapter!! She’s drawn art for it as well, so be sure to check her profile if you haven’t already!

Summary: Kuroba Kaito has a plan. Find the people responsible for his father’s death, branded within the magic community as a traitor, and make them pay. There’s just some things he needs to do first. (Set in the HP-verse.) Slowburn KaiShin.

The interrogation room is bland.

For a room filled with magic users, Kaito is almost insulted with how utterly mundane it is. There’s a table, three chairs and four walls that have been painted grey. It feels almost like he’s stepped into an old detective movie because everything is monochrome. One of the walls, he knows is charmed so that people can listen in to higher profile cases, but Kaito’s doubtful it’ll be used for him.

“You understand why you’re here, right?” It’s a younger man asking the questions – someone Kaito knows the name of, but can’t quite recall. They’ve met somewhere, then, but it’s practically impossible to drag the memory back quite so suddenly.

Two aurors – the magical equivalent of a detectives – sit opposite him on the desk, staring him down. They both wear white shirts and coloured ties. The younger has a red tie, a lower rank within the force, whereas the older man wears a blue tie. His superior then.

“Actually,” Kaito says, leaning back in his chair, “I don’t have the faintest clue.”

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the only appropriate response when Shianni asks you this tbqh.


Kara’s head is spinning, and she’s feeling a million new things at once, and she doesn’t want it to stop but then there’s fingers… deft and curious… and her buttons are giving way and she murmurs a name, but the response is not what she expected. “I always knew”. And Kara is feeling something else - not what she anticipated feeling when she’d thought about being outed to a Luthor. This wasn’t fear, or worry. This was relief. Relief that the woman she loved finally knew her biggest secret.

inspired by x

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what are tacita's feelings on pineapple on pizza?

“Who puts fruit on pizza?”

I can’t imagine Tacita has a taste for something like that, she isn’t very creative with her food

(sorry i cant do digital just yet, responses so far will just have to be traditional!)