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In ACOK Theon mentions how Jon had more respect in Winterfell then he did, why think this? Yes Jon is a bastard but he is the son of the Lord of Winterfell and has Stark blood and part of the family. Jon has more connections to the Starks than Theon ever will so why would Theon think he deserved a higher position in Winterfell even among Jon's family than Jon?

You’ve answered your own question, anon. Jon’s a bastard. Just a bastard. Sure his dad’s the Lord of Winterfell, but who knows who his mother was? She might have even been - gasp - common. Even if she wasn’t, Jon was born of lust and deceit, etc etc etc, doesn’t deserve to be treated as well as legitimate children so on so forth…

…and Theon is, above all, jealous that Jon’s family loves him.


Out of all of my obsessions, Aaliyah is the only one that I’ve had and stuck with since day 1. I’ve been obsessed with MB, Diggy, Frank Ocean, etc, but my obsessions with them faded away. I’m even obsessed with ASAP Rocky, but knowing how the other obsessions has faded away, I’ll probably grow tired of him in the future.

But I could never get tired of Aaliyah. I’ve loved her since I was 4 years old! Her attitude was so positive, she always put family first, and even though she sold her first hit album at the age of 16, she never grew cocky, arrogant, etc. She always remained content.

She was doing so much at the age of 22, and based on how well her progress, performances, and vocals were, she was robbed of becoming a huge star. And even though she’s not alive anymore, her vocals surpass half of these vocalists who sound good on their songs but can’t sing for shit in person during live performances, or some of these other female artists who can’t sing but get away with it because they’re “pretty”, “sexy”, or “bad”.

RIP to queen Aaliyah!