so in love with this video get away from me

Things I would do as your girlfriend:
•Make you laugh when sad
•Make you food
•Nap with you whenever you want
•Be there for you when you’re going through hard times
•When you’re anxious, I’ll hold your hand and trace your hand with my thumb
•Let you steal my sweatshirt
•Tell you I love you every second of everyday
•Watch any movie with you (even if I’ve seen it because I’m most likely staring at you the whole time)
•Take you on cute dates
•Surprise you with your favorite candy, ice cream, flowers, etc. anything you like basically.
•Be the big spoon
•Or the little spoon whichever you want me to be
•Play video games with you but let you win (when you get mad bc I beat you 😉)
•Take pictures of you while you’re sleeping bc you’re just so cute
•Fall asleep on video chat with you every night that were away from each other.
•Make you cum many many times (sorry not sorry)
Anyways…The most important one…
Love you unconditionally and always support you in everything you do and never hurt you.
—  Just please do the same for me.

Okay so I just got home from seeing Little Mix and I just have to say


like I’m so blown away by their vocals and their energy and their beauty

the crowd LOVED them and if they get that response from lame ass Ohio here, there is no way anyone can convince me they can’t sell tickets in this country!

I’m just blown. I don’t know another way to put it. B L O W N

I meant for this to be a nice Bunnymen video to share (music is “Zimbo (All My Colours)” from Live in Liverpool, if anyone cares) but seems all my Pete de Freitas feels have gotten the best of me.
Seeing Pete in this…..on one hand, I love this video cos it’s my Bunnymen and he was the best drummer ever, I say. But on the other, I get so sad seeing him in this, playing, smiling, living, knowing that we’ll never get him back. The world makes no sense….dictators, murderers, vile, evil people live to old age and die peacefully in their sleep….yet Peter Louis Vincent de Freitas was ripped away from this existence too young, too soon and the unfairness of that is almost beyond words.

I’ve pretty much stopped watching any video that isn’t from Chris or Josh’s channel. Like I’ve strayed away from Simon.
Don’t get me wrong I love that boy. But I’ve fallen in deep with watching Josh’s videos.
So I’m struggling to write anything to doesn’t pertain to them…


Mark...You helped make my childhood dream come true

I have a story for you Mark and it would mean a lot if you could read it. It probably won’t make it to you, and I get that. But if it somehow, miraculously, gets to you, and you decide to use your time to read this too long of a story, my heart will swell because I would be able to properly thank you. I need to get this out wether anyone reads this or not. So here goes.

I have played soccer my entire life, ever since I knew how to tie my shoes, and I love the sport too much. I am the happiest I have ever been when I am either 1. Watching Mark’s videos or 2. On the field playing the beautiful game. Imagine Mark’s (your) love for space, but just replaced with soccer and that’s me. I am a senior in high school, which means I am getting ready to start my adult life somewhere away from home. While I was in the midst of looking at my choices of schools, I was having a very rough time with my decision. I wasn’t even thinking about playing soccer in college. In my mind, it was never going to be a possibility. That’s where I was wrong. My mom, the most supportive women in the realms of space, was showing me dates of ID camps at some of the colleges I applied to, which is a one day dealio where you go and play for the coaches so you can be introduced to them and maybe get the chance of being recruited. I had no confidence, as I’m this non-extravagent girl from a very small town, and I thought there was no way I would match up to the other players there. There was a camp going on at my #1 choice school. My mom really pushed me to go to it, which, unfortunately, didn’t go so well. I came in with no confidence, which makes you play terribly, and the coaches didn’t acknowledge me the entire camp. I felt terrible after that day; really defeated and set in my place as not a college athlete. A few weeks later, my angel of a mother showed me another ID camp at different school I had applied to. Though I didn’t tell her, I was NOT willing to go AT ALL. I didn’t want to embarrass myself again. But of course, you stepped in just at the right time, per usual. In one of your videos, which I can’t find for the life of me, you told me not to give up. You said I have to believe in myself. You told me that things aren’t going to be easy and things aren’t going to be given to you. Whatever it was you said exactly REALLY stuck with me. It fired me up inside and made me realize that soccer is who I am and I’m not ready to give it up. So I went to the camp at Whittier College, put my boots on with confidence and played my heart out. The camp couldn’t have gone better. The coach really like me, and she told me should would let me know within the next couple of days wether I would have spot on the team or not. The days of waiting crawled by, but when my phone finally rang, I answered. The coach had decided to give me a spot on their team! I was going to be a college athlete! I have worked for this for a long long time. As soon as I hung up the phone, I truly realized how bad I wanted it and needed it. I love the sport, and I couldn’t just give it up because the road to get there was bumpy and unpredictable. 

If it wasn’t for you, I would not be this excited about my future. If it wasn’t for your daily inspiration, my childhood dream wouldn’t have come true. So thank you. Thank you so much. I can’t fully repay you nor truly express to you how much this means to me, but either way, thank you for pushing me to never give up and to always be my best self. 


Just another grateful configuration of being whom Markiplier inspired


Rules: Tag some people you’d like to get to know better 

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Name/Nickname: Jessica 

Relationship status: Single 

Favorite Color: Red and Black 

Last Song I Listened To: Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande 

Favorite TV shows: RAW, Ghost Adventures, A Haunting, Chicago Fire, Criminal Minds, Spongebob Squarepants 

Hobbies: Video Games, Singing, Writing, Watching TV, Using the computer 

Books I’m Currently Reading: None 

Worst Thing I’ve Eaten: My aunt made me try Sauerkraut one time and it was disgusting 

Favorite Places: My bed, My Granddad’s house so I can get away from my mother nagging me 24/7

I tag: @justtookawaii @m-a-t-91 @wwesavedme @ii-love-roman-reigns @roman-reigns-princess @virginiawolfwolf @xxcutecutxx


I’m home from #Matsuricon!!

I’m blown away by the response to my Toriel cosplay. A lot of things went wrong, i couldn’t get my emblem on, my necklace broke, ect. But everyone was so nice to me. ;; So nice. Thinking about it still makes me wanna cry. I couldn’t go a few steps without being called to or asked for a photo. 

I met so many beautiful, kind people. This con made all the hard work pay off for SURE. <3 I love you all so much! 

Husband Reacts to 1D: One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)

This video is a favorite of mine because it’s self-filmed, shows the boys goofing off and being themselves, and it was filmed for charity! It’s pretty hard not to love this video, right? Husband didn’t see it that way.

(mocking British accent) “We went to a poor area, but we locked our doors! Look at these poor people! We’re getting away from here as fast as possible!”

“Who are those random men holding him?! They look like they’re bored as shit.”

“Other Guy is not enjoying the antics of his bandmates.”

(mocking British/Irish accent) “I’m in a poor area and people here hate me ‘cause I’m rich! Wheeee!”

“This is so freaky, why do all those people have masks on?!” (he seemed a little scared until I reminded him that they were in China where the air quality sucks.)

“Has White Tips’ hair not changed at all?? Everybody else in the band switches it up, but his is always white tips.”

“Oh wow. Acting like thugs in front of the Prime Minister’s residence in the nice part of London. Such street cred.”

“Those people all better dancers than One Direction. They’re probably also thinking, ‘ugh, white people!’”

“They got David Cameron in the video? That’s nice. The country can’t even get him to stick around after the Brexit disaster, but he’ll be in a 1D video.”

“I feel like there’s a good chance that woman is actually a man.” (I’m so sorry, I really don’t know where he thinks up this stuff…)

“And Zayn is just loving on that tree. Makes sense.”

(mimicking children’s voices) “Do we get fed now? Can we eat yet?”

Any final reactions?

“That was a dumb video. Also, it wasn’t even their song.”

I feel like maybe he actually liked it? He didn’t hate it, at least. I call that personal growth.

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Picture this

Jacksepticeye uploads a video. The video is pretty normal except for one thing. The subtitles seem to be going a little crazy saying things that jack never said. Finally we get to the end of the video and the outro plays. But the viewers who typically stay for the end are met with a surprise. Jack is facing away from the camera, taking off a black hoodie and throwing it on the ground. He stretches and rolls his neck around as a disembodied voice says “N͕̗͖̣̲̯̪̿͂ͣͯ͐͢ô̢̨̢̯͋ͪ͛̂ͨ̊́w̡̨͔͕ͫ̌̍̽̃ ̴̜̘͈͖̬͂̃̐i̩̘͔̱̯̬͈̽̍̊ͮ͐ͪ̑̀̚͞tͫ̈́͑͏̗͉̪̝͕͔͓̀s̢̞͙̺̱̮͙̀͐̈͑ ͬ͑̀ͯ͗̅̍͏̜̱͕͕͔̱͙͕͜t̶̠͙̭̼̗̱͑̇̑i̡̨̫͙̗̽̑ͦ̒ͧ̄̂̈m̯̪͍̼̰̰ͮͫ̀͡ẽ̘̳̐̿ͦ͒͐ͬ̚͡ͅ ̙̦̐̌ͨ̉̌̏̄f̥̩̝͍͍̃o̱̞͔̪̐̄͛̋ͫͤ͛r̸͎̪̠̍̈́̎͗ͩ̀̕ͅ ̥̺̰̰̪̑͂ͯͤ̋ͬ͒̚͞͠t̞͎̪̔̅̄ͪͬ͌̍̌͠͡h̷̫̲͖̘̑͢ē͕̞̱͉ͩͨ̅͂̆̓ ͍͎̞͈͍ͦͬ͛ͯ̒ͣ̚̚͘ṛ̰̤͉̼ͭ͆ͥ͛̉ͩ́ḛ̵͇͖̜̔͂̐̔̄ȃ̷̹̲͖̖̤̮̋̑̄ͬ͂̚͞l̴̸͙͙̼ͦ͆̊͋̅̽ͅ ̡̞̳̘̫͔͖̝ͣͥ̏́̚͝f̛͖̖̹̓̋ͫͬ̓͝u͈̖̭̙̼̐̌͋̓n͒ͥ̇ͭ̉͘͏̠̝̠͈ ̲͂̽̓̋̀͢͞t̡͓͇̅̓̔͟o̜͓̙ͬ͛ͣ̿͑ͣ ̷͇̟̬̜̗͖̼͔̃̿͒ͬ̔ͫ̀b̨̦̺̺͎̖̼̮̻ͯ̈́̒͋ͧ͟͢e̵̞̖̲̊͗g͎͇͙̩̗̺̖͛ͥͧͥ̅ͤ̽̄̕i̧̧͈̟̒̎̿̽͞n͔̻̗̝͐ͩͨͥ̀͞”

9 Tales’ Amnesia Giveaway!

Konnichiwa, friends. Taye here.

So, to (belatedly) celebrate the localization of the game, I’m giving away free copies of Otomate’s Amnesia: Memories.

Because the localization of any otome game, let alone one of this caliber, is something to celebrate. With every purchase of Amnsia, we are getting one step closer to have more otome games localized, and that’s a step in the right direction.



Send me an ask and tell me what your favourite video game is and why.

It can be as detailed or simple as you like, any game for any reason, from “I love Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) because of its cultural diversity and innovation” to “I like Dragon Age 2 because Hawke’s a fuckup”. Seriously, anything you want. Just be sure to mention that you are entering the giveaway.

(Also, if you want to write a 7000 word essay on why your favourite game is the best, fucking send that shit in 267 asks. I don’t care. I’ll still read it. Go crazy guys).


  • Competition starts on the 5th of September at 8am my time (Sept 4th @ 6pm EDT)  and ends on 19th September at 11:59pm (someone else convert that to EDT for me please)
  • YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW US OR BE AN EXISTING FOLLOWER. I’m doing this to raise awareness of the game, nothing more. (However, if you want to follow us because I’m super cool, I can understand that. We may giveaways in the future *wink*)
  • Please reblog this post and spread the love. Why? Because I’m doing scaling prizes. That means the more people who enter = the more copies I will be giving away (up to 5)
  • Likes, reblogs and responses don’t count as entries
  • Send me an ask via the AMA! link on the 9 Tales blog.
  • Don’t ask anonymously. For obvious reasons.
  • Prizes will be given away via Steam, so make sure you have an account. I won’t be giving away any copies outside this platform this time, sorry ):
  • I reserve the right to decide how many prizes I give away.
  • Any questions/issues, please don’t hesitate to contact me (:

That’s all friends (: Have fun, and best of luck!

Trying Something New...

Dialogue Prompt Requests

Hey guys, video-game-imagines here with a new idea! I found all of these cool dialogue writing prompts on Pinterest and I loved them so I decided to list them below( a lot of them are really random). I thought if you guys wanted you could pick a dialogue prompt number, video game, and no more than 2-3 characters and I could write short drabbles for you guys. If you want one written up for you just message me or leave me an ask! Thanks!

1.       “With this smile, I can get away with everything.”

2.       “You’re Insane!” “I know! Isn’t it great?”

3.       “You’re one insult away from starting a war.”

4.       “Small fire! I said set a small fire! This is not small!”

5.       “So what’s your plan?” “My plan was to follow your plan!”

6.       “Sometimes memories are the worst form of torture.”

7.       “This is a terrible, horrible, and incredibly foolish idea. Let’s do it and see what happens!”

8.       “Well the best of the best weren’t available… so we got the best of the mediocre.”

9.       “You didn’t seriously…?” “Yep.” “You Just…?” “Yep.” “Does that mean…?” “Quite probably.”

10.   “I’d rather be dead.” “Then I have some good news for you.”

11.   “Well that’s the closest I’ve ever come to a heart attack. Let’s not do that again.”

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The unbearable sadness of Transistor

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Transistor, the spiritual successor to Supergiant Games’ indie hit, Bastion. So it may be somewhat surprising that some months after playing it, I still haven’t been able to properly articulate my thoughts. 

I didn’t know what it was at first. I loved the characters, the world, the music, the environments. But it was lacking in some of Bastion’s charm for me. Whereas I could listen to the music from Bastion all day long, I shied away from Transistor’s gorgeous- and oftentimes superior- soundtrack.

Then one day, it finally hit me. While Bastion is set in a post-apocalyptic world, and the game explores weighty themes like racism and an arms race, there was always something light and bright to it. It was a fantasy game, and hope was woven through it.

Transistor is not like Bastion at all, in that respect. And the more I think about it, the more that’s why I had nothing to say despite the fact that it was such an incredible game. The very things that make it better are the reasons why it’s simply a less intoxicating experience. To put it simply: Transistor is SAD. Depressing even. This is not a bright mission for survival, there are no warm guitar tones, no encouraging voice telling you your sins will be forgiven, that everything will work out in the end. This is a game that you don’t truly win. You don’t save the world. You don’t save the man you love. Ultimately- you don’t even save yourself.

This does not make Transistor a bad game- in fact, it makes it a far more ambitious piece, altogether. It follows in Bastion’s footsteps by opening in media res, and leaving much of the story vague and unclear. You play as Red, a singer famous in the city of Cloudbank, who has evidently survived an inexplicable assassination attempt by a group of schemers known as the Camerata. But her survival comes at a terrible cost- she has lost her voice, and worse, someone took the hit for her, and now he is inhabiting the transistor, the mysterious sword-like weapon that killed him.

Red sets out on a mission of revenge and quickly learns that the Camerata have done more than simply kill the man in the transistor. They have unleashed an unstoppable force known as the process, which are slowly consuming all of Cloudbank. Only Red, wielding the power of the transistor, can stop them.

The characters are rendered in a lovely painterly style, though truly, you interact directly with very few of them. The game is mostly Red, a lady without a voice, and the man in the transistor, a gent without a body. 

Logan Cunningham, known to Bastion fans as the voice of Rucks, reprises his voice work here as the man in the transistor, and lends a touching tenderness to the role. His voice is soft and encouraging, and his banter carries the heart of the game. Long before the true nature of his relationship to Red is explicitly stated, it’s implied. He worries for Red and her well being far much more than for himself or even the fate of the world. His one-sided dialogue with Red is easily one of the most endearing parts of the game, and provides a counterpoint to the chaos of the game itself.

The game is powered by a gorgeous mix of aesthetics and inspirations. The game plays up Red’s abilities as a (former) singer, and her voice often drifts ethereally through tense fight scenes, like some kind of ghost. The music has a mix of genres, jazz, electronica, and blues, featuring prominently, giving the game an almost noir quality that mixes quite well with the art nouveau look of Cloudbank, an apparently digital world that looks like the inside of the computer. This, combined with the profuse use of programming language to refer to sundry elements of the game, and the fight style of executing “turns”, where you plan commands in advance to execute in the midst of battle, hint at the fact that Cloudbank may be a sort of elaborate computer program. This is supported by the fact that dying is referred to as “going to the Country” and may imply that what happens in the game is something akin to a virus. However, if this is the case, even the characters themselves seem unaware of it, and it does little to lessen the tragedy of watching Cloudbank torn apart, nor the emotional weight of Red’s desire to return to the man in the transistor.

Altogether, this game is a lovely, if tragic experience, but its true nature is sometimes obscured by its own intentional vagueness. This lends it a replay value as an experience as you attempt to unravel the Camerata’s plan and Cloudbank’s nature. While it makes an attempt to end on a hopeful note and plays with themes of love and self sacrifice, Transistor ultimately is an almost Shakespearian tale of loss, and that renders it a powerful emotional experience, that is, at times, like the plot of the game itself, indescribable.

Met Jack at Pax East 2016 yesterday!

I was honestly so excited, and by the time i got in the front of the line i was honestly having a panic attack. I explained my story to him, that was in college hours away from my family and friends, and i barely got to see them. I’m completely alone and im always too busy to even socialize. I went through serious depression(that im getting help for) and i honestly wanted to commit suicide. Interacting with his Community and watching Jack’s videos helped me realize that I’m not really alone. I just really love him and his community and I’ll forever be thankful for it.


Heyoooo. My name’s Leanna and i’m crazy. I am in love with my guitar and music (even though i kinda suck) Movies are my secret life, i also love animals and reading! oh and sneak in a bit of video games. oh and eating. i’d love to get know some new people, so please don’t shy away from coming to say hello! hit me up bitcheeeesssss *flicks hair and struts out*


Help Casey Mongillo get her channel back!

Casey Mongillo, the voice of Gamecrazed and SOFDTI from TOME, has a channel called “Casey Likes Games” where she plays games and interacts with her fans! Sounds like a neat way to interact with your fans, right?

Well, after a mistake on Bethesda’s Part, Casey got a copyright strike for something that was public, mistaking it as fallout 4 footage! Because of this, she is unable to stream games or make long videos on her channel until May of 2016.

I’ve personally been to her streams many times, and have always enjoyed watching her play and have fun with her fans. I know I’ve seen a few TOME fans in there too. But what gets me the most is seeing Casey doing something she loves being taken away from her- all because of a misunderstood copyright claim.

Harry Parkin has made a Petition to help her out. it only needs a 100 signatures, and already has close to 20.

So during this TOME appreciation week, why not extend that appreciation to Casey? Signing it only takes two seconds, and if theres enough signatures, Perhaps Youtube will listen and fix the error so Casey can get back to playing and interacting with her fans again!

its worth a shot, and if you can, spread this around. Lets help her out!

i think that michael’s the type to love having you kiss his neck, like, you two would just be hanging out on the couch one day with him playing video games and you watching him, but it’d get to the point where you wanted attention so you’d swing your leg over to his other side and straddle him all the while flinging the controller to the other side of the room. you’d start out by lightly brushing your lips against his neck barely making any contact. then it would turn into to soft pecks and kisses leaving michael to let out little gasps, but that would soon escalate into wet, open-mouthed kisses and harsh sucking and nibbling that’d make him moan and throw his head back. and it would only be a matter of time before he’d get tired of your teasing and flip you over to finally have his way with you.

After watching the Out Of the Woods music video I now have a whole new prospective on this song. I also get why she said it embodies everything about 1989. She went through so much with the media and everyone was always scrutinizing every move she made. Out Of The Woods is not a song about a girl, fighting for a boy she loves. No, it’s about a girl who found herself through everything she was put through and that was everything.

Ps: I get chills every time I watch this video. Some people may not understand it, but us swifties see the real message and the full circle taylor has come. We love you tay!


Rumple finally seeing Belle after 30 years was one of the best moments on OUAT for me. He was so confused at first but then so relieved and full of joy. And poor Belle. She was even more confused. She had no memories and had been locked up in an asylum with no sunlight for 30 years (Seriously Regina!!! It was cruel. I will never forgive Regina for that). The first thing Belle says after she gets her memories back is his name and that she loves him. He just lights up when he hears her say ‘I love you!’ It was so refreshing to hear them declare their love for each other. I loved that part. I noticed that after the purple smoke starts coming out of the well, the camera zooms out and we can see Belle and Rumple’s figures from behind. I paused the video at 4:40 and it looks like Rumple’s front side is pressed against Belle’s back side (I’m not too sure because they are too far away for me to see). It’s like he was giving her a hug from behind. They were so happy to see each other. It’s like fitting two puzzle pieces back together.