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i just saw all the hate from the Anon. wow! what a jerk. dont listen to them! ive read the whole pete saga (in one sitting mind you) and i LOVED it!! Ive also read your Dean/Baron/Finn stories as well. I must say You're an amazing Writer!! I totally understand why you're taking a break, so i'll wait excitedly until you come back *hugs*

Thank you so much! I’m glad you are willing to stick around for me!!


Here. Have some pictures that I am very, very glad exist…

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Could you draw your favorite character From fnaf sl?

((wELL,, i guess its p obvious that funfoxy is my fav, but theres so much of her on this blog i thought i should draw my second fave who is vERY close to tying with her omg. i love enny so much u dont understand))

jongkey literally makes me so happy like i dont care if they are just standing next to each other or full on hugging for 72 seconds because its pure and beautiful and i love it and people just don’t understand that seeing cute jongkey on my dash makes my fucking day so please don’t stop and spam me with gifs of these two beautiful men if you want to make me happy thank you

Sirius x Ravenclaw relationship would include:

Requested: Sirius x Ravenclaw relationship would include

  • Sneaking into eachothers dormrooms.
  • Sneaking out late at night
  • Sirius being so proud to call you his
  • Making efforts with eachothers friends

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  • His friends loving you
  • Your friends loving him
  • All you going out to the black lake at night for drinks
  • Him always distracting you when you’re trying to study
  • You not minding in the slightest
  • because him being there was great.

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  • You helping him with his homework
  • Trusting eachother with everything
  • Him not wanting you to meet his family cause he didnt want them to upset you
  • You understanding and not pushing him to talk about it

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  • Thats one of the reasons he loves you so much
  • Nothing is forced
  • “Take your time love”
  • “We dont have to talk about it, just know i’m here”

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  • Feeling like he can trust you with his entire life.
  • Cute dates to hogsmeade
  • Him spending the holidays with you
  • Giving eachother cute nicknames

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  • Wearing his shirts
  • Having to sneak eachother out of eachothers dorm rooms in the morning.
  • Cuddling outside on the grass.
  • Not caring what anyone else thinks of your relationship.

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  • Your friends teasing you a lot.
  • Becoming good friends with Lily
  • Going to every dance together
  • Holding hands as you walk the school halls.
  • Lazy sundays

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As if it’s nothing, I want to hold your hand

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I just have no words, i don't understand what are they doing, im trying so hard to comprehend the message they want to send, well thanks to this episode i dont want to see it anymore

kara: you need to put ur love before ur interests
manwel: *puts interests before Everything*
kara: Wow I Think We’re A Great Match !

Can you believe that if Naruto and Sasuke died, they would be so fucking happy because they died with each other, because they understand each other already, because all they have to say is “I love you” and because they will have an eternity to be together again and again.

They have an afterlife to love and to learn to live with each other, without wars and without anything who stand between them. They will be free.

And that’s all I want for them.


I spend a lot of time thinking about character appearances and why they look they way that they look, partly because there’s like zero to no variation when it comes to telling them apart in comics and partly because I love thinking about this stuff, given the chance i will not shut up about this.

I think 90 percent of how you draw a character comes from what you’re thinking about instead of skill level. the end result is just the tip of the iceberg. so if i want to “Draw a character better” i dont review any lessons on drawing and go do lifedrawings.

instead i try to get a clearer understanding of who my version of the character is, in words that i literally write down.  I’m working on it but here’s some of my thoughts as I was doing that

Ok so my Jason..features wise I like him with a big wide mouth because he talks a lot and has attitude so he should have a big mouth. I also like thick grumpy eyebrows, because he’s thick and grumpy, so it should reflect in his eyebrows.

His smile would be pretty off-putting I think. he has vampire fangs, and he looks untrustworthy and kind of wolfish. I was listening to a podcast and apparently that is a trait that comes with high testosterone along with male pattern baldness, so I hope he enjoys that hairline while it lasts. I like his hair to look kind of arrogant, like a rooster , but it’s also changing a lot because he’s unsure of what looks best.

moving into the next point, I think his personal style would be incredibly deliberate and put-on, honestly. you think looking this cool comes naturally, NO WAY.

Jason is the comic book equivalent of a child celebrity who is now trying to move past his disney channel roots and make a name for himself in spite of his personal problems. He is trying so goddamn hard to distance himself from his days of being a dorky little pantyboy because otherwise that’s all people will see him as.

I also think his look would be kind of dated even if he still looks pretty slick. Like his taste for what is cool stopped in the late 80s and then he missed some time. so he’s probably modelling himself after the greasers in the Outsiders, James Dean and that bad boy from the old beverly hills 90210/ OR EVERY OLD HIGHSCHOOL MOVIE EVER  as far as recent stuff goes he probably saw the movie Drive and bought one of those jackets immediately and started standing like Ryan Gosling. he tried to talk less too but could not help himself

He doesn’t realize that smoking is bad now cos he never got those lessons in school [because he was never at school, and also, the times]

on that note he probably uses lame old lingo like  asking Tim if him and his boyfriend are “going steady” and if they’ve gotten to third base yet. also he would still be calling women broads and toots and sweetheart until Barbara tells him to stop



From me and @mayor-rosailia we say sorry to you for the things you and many other ACNL mayors have been facing over QR codes. It’s honestly the most random and unneeded going to dealing with.

To me, and im sure MANY others, it’s something so small that is probably never been an issue, but of course, some people see it as so. EVEN THOUGH the solution is so simple. It’s not often you find a darker toned character anyways so, even if the QR codes weren’t just for you, I’d understand just making them lighter tones. The tone is temporary! Even i dont worry about making my character top match my tone. This shouldn’t be a “but black people pay too” thing. You can always ask to have it changed for you, but be polite ya know?

We love what you and others do, please keep at it. The QR codes take time and the rest of us appreciate that you all take the slightest effort to make them and allow us to spread the cuteness!💜💜

This made me so happy, thank you SO SO SO MUCH, I really appreciate this message ( ;u;) This expresses my whole point just right!

For me they are the most introverted out of the six so i think they could totally get along out of “you dont annoy me as much as your siblings” cause they know how to mind their own business. Dont really see it as romantic, but if they were i dont think it would last long, in my opinion they are not as complementary as Bubbles/Brick.  But i love the idea of them interacting, understanding each other when they are done with their bothers/sisters and talking about cars, of course.

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While i disagree that you should be treated like the token black person and asked these types of questions. However, i really think this person had the positive intent of asking a question to further understand something they do not. Just asking for more specifics from you in order to understand this social-racial dynamic of a white feminist! Informing people about that definition is what can shift people away from becoming them!

its really not my job to help anyone understand the “social-racial dynamic of a white feminist” so i dont really care about anons intent. like.. whos paying me for that labor????????????????????????????????

ya’ll love to come into ppls inbox asking them to dissect their oppression like its some far removed theoretical concept like that shit doesnt affect our day to day, like even having to explain myself doesnt require me to tap into personal trauma or emotional shit im not really trying to deal with.

 I understand this shit might not affect u directly so its very easy to talk about it and turn in on all its sides and then set it down on a table, walk away and not have to think about it again until its time to b an ally but ppl like ME are carrying the weight of all this shit on the daily and the very last thing a lot of us want to do is spend our time explaining things to white ppl

ya’ll ever consider that??????

if you want me to hold ur hand and explain the flawed logics of white feminism youre going to have to throw some coins my way at the very least make my time and labor worth it. 

I know all these political posts may be annoying. I dont usually post a lot of that stuff here but like I wanna make it clear in my own words just how important it is to vote.

Ive reblogged multiple posts about WHY its so important to vote Hillary and I’ll keep posting so hopefully more and more people see it. Unfollow if you like but at least understand that Im not trying to force some political agenda down your throat. Im scared.

Look, most of my loved ones are minorities in some way or another who will be affected if Trump is elected. I am terrified for them, Im terrified for myself and my girlfriend. I hope by now you realize why.

I know this all sucks, we dont have good candidates but please consider that one candidate is fit to be president the other HAS NO CLUE WHAT THE FUCK HE IS DOING!! He got his twitter taken away folks and that just like the tip of the iceberg.

Maybe you hate Hillary, I dont like her either, but after researching the third party candidates I have little to no confidence in their abilities. Not to mention most conservatives will vote Trump. We cant afford to split our vote, not now.

Please consider these words, please please please go vote Hillary, I know you may hate it but please protect my family and friends.

INTJ Capricorn Slytherin - requested by @maricykesquill

“You rarely have time for everything you want in this life, so you need to make choices. And hopefully your choices can come from a deep sense of who you are.”

–Fred Rogers

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What do you think about Lenny and Sofia’s relationship? I feel kinda weird about shipping Lenny, but they are so adorable together. I love how they make each other smile and laugh and how Lenny always winds up doing what she wants him to even though he bitches about everything. He seems so comfortable with her and when he let her sit in his little Popechair I almost died. IDK, I just love them and thought maybe you’d understand, haha.

I LOVE THEM BOTH TO DEATH, ESPECIALLY TOGETHER. They share the same sense of humour and laugh about each others jokes even when no one else in the room does. He completely respects and values her, she doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind around him (which Lenny needs and, I think, even wants), and they both just get along so well from the very beginning - and even more as the show progresses. And even if he has different plans than her at first, in the end he not only asks for her advice but also takes it. He appreciates her so much, that he lets her sit on his seat and doesn’t want her to kiss his ring anymore. They want to spend time together, even when Lenny kind of destroyed her hopes by saying he didn’t want but needed to see her, he still takes her with him pretty much everywhere he goes and I’m not even sure if he would have to do that if he didn’t want to. And she deeply cared about him since the day they met and obviously saw something in him that no one else (apart from Gutierrez) saw. She saw him being nervous about making his first address and cared.

And not only did she almost cry when she saw him suffer during his speech in Venice, she also immediately took his hand when he was lying down and kissed it to provide him comfort.

Sofia is such a wonderful (strong, female) character and I’m so glad that Lenny finally found people, who love him and are there for him. Even when I don’t ship him with anyone (but happiness) because a) he’s the pope and b) probably needs to focus on himself and get in a better emotional state first - but I’m sure that she and Gutierrez will help him feel better and that their relationships will grow even stronger in season two, which just can’t arrive soon enough.

me: *takes a deep breath*
me: i lo-
anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love Funtime Freddy, we know, you love Funtime Freddy so much, they’re the light of your life, you love them so much, you just love Funtime Freddy, we KNOW , you love Funtime Freddy you fucking love Funtime Freddy ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE FUNTIME FREDDY. WE GET IT.

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so my two best friends are guys and they are both in love with me they said it to me a couple of times and its just so easy to tell and a couple of months back i got a boyfriend and they both flipped out i didn't understand no more i just wanted my friend so about a month later i broke it off and only one of them was talking to me. now im back with my two best friends but i dont know what to do even if i wanted a boyfriend i couldn't stand loosing my friends i need them

Well darling, it’s your life. You can date whoever you want to. They just have to accept it. They should be happy if you are happy. Maybe you should make it clear that non of the will be your boyfriend.