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Name: Chloe
Age: 21 (22 in April)
Country: England

Hi! I’m from England but I also lived in Sydney, Australia for 6 years. I’ve recently graduated uni (English Language and Linguistics) and am trying to figure life out. I’m a huge Superwholock fan and also love Hannibal and The Walking Dead.

I love finding new films and music and love getting suggestions from people. I love all types of music including indie, pop and classic rock - I’m steadily building up an eclectic vinyl collection. Some of my favourite bands/artists are Warpaint, Imagine Dragons, The Runaways, Gin Wigmore, Bob Marley and so many more.

I also enjoy photography, art, philosophy and am a big crafter. I adore old books and have been collecting them for years - some of my favourites are H G Wells, W H Hudson, Plato and Greek mythology. I have a major case of wanderlust too and want to explore everywhere!

Preferences: Girls and guys of all ages welcome! I love learning about different cultures and ways of life so would like to meet people from all over the world who are open minded and fun people who share some common interests. I’d like to talk through snail mail, I think it’s a wonderful but dying art.

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Well you all, it’s about that time. We (the Meet Cute staff) have procrastinated long enough. Welcome to our virtual launch party! We’re so excited to start this journey and thrilled to share the pieces we’ve produced so far. Join us on Twitter @MeetCuteMag where we’re marathoning movies about young love, starting w/ Moonrise Kingdom tonight.

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what i live for:

• dan acting like he doesn’t wanna be near phil and the next thing you see is him literally laying down in the same bed with phil and playing w/ his hair

• when they literally had a fight over the master bedroom, but honestly why would 6′3 dan give it up that easily when it meant he would have to sleep in a tiny ass bunk

• i love how they had this sign for the master bedroom while they filmed dan waking up with straight hair,,,

• how dan was laying down in the same bed with phil, playing with his hair and phil opening his eyes and not even asking what is he doing, because it’s so normal and he’s so comfortable with it, puckering his lips and leaning in for dans touch.

• and you can just clearly see that it’s that exact same double bed and it’s absolutely adorable and domestic. 

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☮ - friendship headcanon/ leo and puper


☮ friendship headcanon:

LEO AND PIPER PULLING PRANKS ON PPL TOGETHER. Leo makes all types of traps and mechanisms to prank people and Piper uses her charmspeak/gorgeous looks. If they get caught Piper can charmspeak them out of it (or maybe let just Leo get in trouble ha)

They will happily just sit together for ages. They don’t even need to talk. Leo might just sit on the floor messing with some thingymajig and Piper can just sit sipping tea but it’s always nice because they’re so comfortable around each other

when Leo’s feeling down Piper makes him hot chocolate and messes with his hair and doesn’t try to get him to talk about it because she knows he doesn’t like that. She just tries to cheer him up and make him feel better. Tells him jokes and embarassing things that Jason has done so they can laugh at him together

For them their sexualities were always such a non-issue and they’d always been open with each other about it. They talk about cute boys and girls (and cute non-binary peeps for Piper). They don’t go deep just ‘oh yeah they’re cute’ ‘I love boys w/ long hair’ etc etc

sometimes they have bff nights just the two of them and watch films. But stuff like comedies. Nicolas Cage film marathons. Play Mario Kart. Eat mountains of Doritos and skittles and nerds

(Piper will sometimes sneak Leo coffee bc she knows he loves it and no one else would let him have it)

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Yessss Jensen's surprise when people sincerely compliment him hits me in the feels every time. That in combination with how uncomfortable he gets everytime someone calls attention to how attractive he is makes me believe that he just assumes people just keep him around for something to look at. He just seems so used to being objectfied and then ignored that someone saying he's talented is startling for him.

Ugh, thanks anon, this really hurt….& totally agree. I was hoping to get away with the mini post but now it seems I can’t help myself…full post time…

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