so in love bye

What am I gonna do without fangirling over Evak and being so happy when Sana smiles and screaming thinking about Eva dating Noora, Vilde or Jonas. And crying inside when Sana cries. Or falling in love with the way Sana and Yousef looked at each other. Or the way Even and Isak love each other. Or Jonas being the best friend ever. Or my Guru dad Eskild. Or my beautiful Linn. Or Vilde oh Vilde. OR CHRIS OMG MY GIRL CHRIS MY ROLE MODEL. Or Emma. Or Sonja. Or Elias. Or Adam. Or Mutta. Or Mikael. Or my boys Magnus and Mahdi. Or Jamilla. Or EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER THAT HAS BEEN ON THIS SHOW AND MADE ME FEEL SOMETHING AND ALIVE.  I don’t know what I’m gonna do without feeling the way I did with every single clip or episode we watched.

Thank you Julie and the whole team behind the show.

Thank you Skam.

And a huge thank you to all of you who have made me laugh and cry with your edits, your hcs, your gisets, your fanvideos, your metas, ugh, I don’t regret anything on this fandom. I really love you all SO SO SO FUCKING MUCH. Really thank you. You all are so worth it and I hope your lives go upwards from now on. You can have downs but the ups will be amazing and will make you feel amazing and beautiful in more than a physical way.  Live your life, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute and be kind, always because life is now and you won’t another chance, just one opportunity to do everything you wanna do. You have someone here (me) if you ever need someone. I’m not really good at talking but I think I’m pretty good at listening so, yeah, you know where to find me :) 

Thank you the entire cast of this amazing show, 

for helping me see the light when I was at my darkest time. You all were like that hand that always appears  on films out of the blue rescuing someone that is about to fall and die off a high high cliff. 

This is not a goodbye because nothing will ever end as long as you never forget it.

Morgoth arriving to Valinor with Ungoliant like: 

                                                                        Surprise bitches! 
                                                          Bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.



Sasha Velour’s drag race look book


We’re always trying to outdo ourselves, trying to do better, trying to write better songs. I think we want to inspire other people as well, so that’s what we’ll try to do through future songs. Joshua William Dun