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Joonyoung’s dance rehearsal is my new favorite thing in the whole world : he looks like a robot trying to practise his breathing to pass for a human hahaha!

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das hört sich jetzt etwas egoistisch an, ist aber nicht so gemeint. Zu hören, dass es so viele junge mädchen mit gebrochenen herzen gibt, gibt mir das gefühl nicht alleine zu sein und dass es nicht meine schuld ist. Deswegen liebe ich tumblr, du findest immer menschen, die ähnliche probleme haben und dich verstehen. dann fühle ich mich in dieser verkorksten welt ein bisschen weniger verkorkst. also an alle tumblr user gaaaanz viel liebe und verständnis ❤️

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bonjour ! hello ! buna ! 

I was tagged by @chocoulat !! tysm!

  • Name - Elisa
  • Age - 14 soon 15
  • Height - 5′4 // 164 cm 
  • Ult Bias - i cant choose one so !! jung hoseok n sunny 
  • Nicknames - i have no nicknames bc i despise any of them ahahdshds but my parents call me lizuca/lizucuta/eli/lizzy
  • Zodiac sign - cancer
  • Ethnicity - romaniann
  • Favorite fruit - watermelon!!!! i love anything watermelon related like yes bitch gimme that watermelon soap i LIVE
  • Favorite season - spring!! and winter and fall!! idk a summer
  • Favorite color - royal blue bc im fancy
  • Coffee, Tea, or Hot cocoa - tea bc coffee is too bitter and hot cocoa is often too sweet
  • Favorite animals - doggos!!!
  • Dream trip - texas but only to meet my internet friends hfdhdhfd otherwise London again ! (same reason too but also bc i loved London) 
  • Number of blankets you sleep with - two 
  • Dogs or cats - i love puppies sm u have no idea
  • Side blog - i have 3 and im not linking them fdhdhdfhfd
  • Follower count - 45 ! 
  • When did you start this blog - well initially i started in 2014 or something but then my ass accidentally deleted so i restarted last may or something!

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you don’t have to do this if you dont want to!!

So I found a website that identifies dogs in a picture and threw BTS members in it...