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Can you sing Notice Me Horton, but sing it to Marco?
  • Can you sing Notice Me Horton, but sing it to Marco?

anonymous asked:

would you recommend the 100??? it looks like a good show but i'm not sure!!

OH BOYYYY anon this is a double-edged sword kind of question ngl!!!!!!!!!

on one hand:

IT IS THE MOST AMAZING SHOW like ur like, oh it can’t be that good BUT IT IS, IT REALLY IS and i’m still surprised a show like this came from the cw tbh??? SO MANY LEADING LADIES I’M???? AND SO MANY POC?????? AND SO MANY LADIES AND POC IN LEADERSHIP POSITIONS????? also the depiction of some pretty amazing and complex familial relationships??? as well as representation of all different kinds of platonic and romantic relationships (including lgbt ones)???? and the show features a really in-depth exploration of the devastating effects of war and how it truly changes people and examines the flaws of classist and self-governed societies and has this kind of lord of the flies-esque portrayal of human nature and also INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! CHARACTER!!!!! DEVELOPMENT!!!!! and emphasises ~fifty shades of grey morality~ of course which is one of my fave aspects of the show. also it features this and this and this which may or may not be the most important thing. so idk man, like it’s pretty good but whatever.

on the other hand:

it will fucking ruin your life. i’m serious. you have been warned!!!

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Opening Credits: Plug in Baby / Muse 
Waking Up: Ave Verum Corpus / William Byrd
First Day At School: Loud Pipes / Ratatat
Falling In Love: Toxic / Yael Naim
Fight Song: Ironside / Kill Bill (funky panda remix)
Breaking Up: Clair de Lune / Debussy
Life’s OK: Bitch Don’t Kill my Vibe / Kendrick Lamar
Getting Back Together: I’m Shakin’ / Jack White
Wedding:  Come and Get your Love / Redbone 
Birth of Child: Elegie / Faure 
Final Battle: Beyond the Veil / Lindsay Stirling
Death Scene: Tight Pants/Body Rolls / Leslie Hall (remastered)
Funeral Song: Macchu Picchu / The Strokes
End Credits: Kites / Geographer


Get to know me meme → [1/10] favorite movies: Pan’s Labyrinth

And it is said that the princess returned to her father’s kingdom. That she reigned there with justice and a kind heart for many centuries. That she was loved by her people. And that she left behind small traces of her time on earth, visible only to those who know where to look.



If you are one of my people and support The Trevor Project, reblog this. I’m so proud of y’all for caring about such important causes, you inspire me every day. THANK YOU!


Well, whatever happened with Mako, I’m glad it hasn’t come between us. I’ve never had a girlfriend to hang out with and talk to before.