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So I’ve been thinking about Sonja…

I feel like I need to take a minute to apologize to Sonja for hating on her so much… It’s obvious now she really loves Even. They were together for four years, and while Even’s never felt the way he feels about Isak before, Sonja was probably his first relationship, and clearly a big part of his support system. She may have even been with him through his diagnosis process. That’s a strong connection. And while Even fell in love with someone else, Sonja didn’t. So maybe she wanted to blame Even’s illness for his feelings to Isak because she didn’t want to lose him or maybe she knew she was losing him and was trying to stop it. She may have been horrible to Isak and maybe manipulative of Even, but she realices that she was wrong, she calls Isak to apologize, and proves once again that she just loves Even by assuring Isak that Even’s illness is not his fault, telling him it’s good for Even to be with him, and giving Isak the best advice you can give one with a loved one with a mental illness. Day by day. Hour by Hour. Minute by Minute. Sonja loves Even, and now that she knows she’s lost him, she wants to make sure that if it’s not her, someone else is there for him. 

Finished the last guardian today

vejiicakes replied to your post: every tony hater who is like ‘too much tony!!!!!!’…

Lol if Tony DIDNT show up in SMH then suddenly it’s be “oh he just shows up and throws tech at the kid in CACW and then when he doesn’t need him to fight his battles, completely abandons him when he needs help? What a neglectful deadbeat abusive–”

RIGHT? That’s why its actually better not to bother, I suppose. Either way, Tony is Literally Hitler.

Even stranger - it’s not like Tony being in this movie was a mystery. We’ve known basically since Spidey showed up in the CACW trailer that he was going to be there. Obviously he was going to be big in the marketing, he’s Iron Man! And for once he is more established than Spider-Man is.

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helloo!! do you have any headcanons about miyuki when he's in a relationship and just in general?

Omg so sorry for being absent for like, 10 years but like, I’m gonna try my best on catching things up (super cute ask btw :)))

-Admin Akami

Miyuki in Relationship

  • Most of his time are dedicated to baseball so whenever he gets a chance to see you, he just runs and pulls you into a huge, HUGE hug.
  • The first time you came to see him practice he tries so hard to impress you, and, let’s just say, ended up leaving you on the ground laughing.
  • 101% of the time he’s just staring into your eyes.
  • You’ve definitely caught him doing that a few times.
  • He loves to hide your gloves so he has an excuse to hold your hand.
  • He’d ramble on and on about you, and his teammates would groan when they know he’s going to do it.
  • But they can see how his eyes softens and how happy he looks when he does it so they’re happy for him.
  • But will get annoyed when he brags about ‘having a lover’ and stuff since a lot of his teammates are sad singles :’(
  • Your dates are very memorable since you don’t go on dates often so Miyuki does his best to make it better than last time.
  • He gets super protective and jealous sometimes, and the only thing that could cure it is cuddles and hot cocoa.
  • He won’t listen to anyone else other than you
  • that’s why when his teammates worry about him overworking the only way to stop it is to call you.

This Imaginary Tale is a classic. Lana Lang discovers proof that Superman is Clark Kent. Rather than use the information against him, she asks him to use super-hypnotism to make she forget the secret. Superman is so impressed with Lana’s selflessness and realizes he truely loves her.

They are soon married and Superman surprises Lana with an elixir that will give her Superpowers just like his. Soon they are a crime fighting duo. BUT because Lana is not from Krypton, Green Kryptonite does not affect her. Time after time Lana has to come to the rescue whenever Superman is way laid by Green K.

Lana comes to the conclusion that Superman will lose self confidence if his wife always has to save him, so she leave Earth! WTF?!?

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Can I use Mark Badescu Glycolic toner and then Paulas choice 2% bha liquid? I have dry skin, redness on cheeks, acne scars, and i get hormonal cystic acne. Also what cleanser should I use? Thank you for your time.

I wouldn’t suggest using them back to back, that might be too strong! Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid has Salicylic Acid which would be better for acne so i’d use that toner for when you’re breaking out and Mario Badescu toner for a daily exfoliation. 

For cleansers I really don’t think anyone has to spend over $20 for a good one. As long as you’re using toners, exfoliating, possibly using serums, etc you just need a basic, gentle cleanser. Any ingredients in cleansers are on your face for so little time that they won’t have much of an impact so paying more for impressive ingredients is better off when buying a serum or moisturizer. Glossier Milky Jelly makes your skin feel SO soft and calm, like a hug for the face. I also love Vichy cleansers, they’re french drugstore so they’re relatively affordable and you can find them at Target. The Vichy Purete Thermale Foaming Cream is the perfect combination of hydrating/not stripping yet deep cleanses the skin because the cream turns into a foam but they also make a great Fresh Cleansing Gel cleanser. The CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser is so simple and basic in the most perfect of ways. Something you can use without having to think about it. 


Amazing things were happening yesterday on the @radixdance stage!! So so impressed with everyone! Can’t wait to watch all the groups today! 😍😍😍#dance
🎶Whip It! By LunchMoney Lewis 🎶🎶
Dancers: @dancing_kenzie @hapadancer21 @taylor.nunez @aleena_aoun @dancin_selena @officialjoellebetter @kennedypaigedance @anyainger @juliettelaufer @katiebugcouch @elizakrogh @abbeyjoy01 @gavinmorales1 @madi_dance_bunny

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I got a lot a questions, cause ya I'm that person. However I'll try to hold back. So I got two, 1. What inspired vito? The little robot who can't eat candy. 2. What games do ya play? Portal? Rpgs?

When i first created him, he was conceived because of a joke i made about me taking over the world with an army of robots. Vito was gonna be the commander thus, he was very much inspired by Commander Peepers from Wander Over Yonder. Over time i projected my anxiety onto the character and he became the bandanna-wearing friend we have, today.
As for games. I like anything i guess? I seem to have an attraction to good indie games though. Some of my favorites are Nuclear Throne, LISA, Undertale, Transistor, and Bastion. I also tend to take a liking to things that are especially visually impressive, so really stylistic graphics and art styles are usually sure to grab my attention.
Thanks for asking, yo! :)

I know absolutely nothing about Louis Tomlinson other than that he was in One Direction, but he’s, understandably, been all over my dash the last couple of days. I’ve just gotta say that I am incredibly touched by his bravery and professionalism through all of this. I know first hand how hard it is to lose someone that means so much to you and how difficult in can be to even get out of bed in the morning. The fact that he was able to get on that stage tonight and give a performance full of energy despite everything he’s currently going through is so impressive. You’ve gained yourself a new fan tonight, Louis Tomlinson, and I’m sure you made your mother very proud.

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So I have this situation where characters A and B will meet character C at different times, and obviously they both have their own opinion of him, the thing is this… I don’t know if the readers could get confused by the strong contrast of opinions

There are two things you could possibly do. Either illustrate that C’s behavior is different toward A than it is toward B. Or, since people perceive things differently based on their own experiences, biases, and personalities, make sure to illustrate those things with each character so that their impression of C makes sense. For example, of people know that A is an introvert and B is a social butterfly, it will make sense that A sees C as talkative and annoying, whereas B sees C as fun and interesting.

Ask box will re-open soon. In the mean time, please check the master list or the main site for help. :)  

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heyhey! so, there's this virgo guy i work with who i'm really into, and i think he's into me as well, BUT he's very shy about telling me. I feel like we both know but we're both to shy to say it. He NEVER talks about things i've said i don't like, he slightly fabricates his views on things so that he seems to like all the same things i do, he always shows up where i am, he cleans up any mess i make and tries so hard to impress me but WHY DOESNT HE SAY ANYTHING?! is this normal for virgos????

That is very normal! Virgos tend to be very shy, depending on their other signs. He must have a Virgo Venus! Be patient and over time, he’ll get more comfortable and will get the courage to make a move! Just give him time :-)