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{Cheer Danshi 1x08 (9/10)
Another scene where we can see Haru-sweetie-waifu and Kazu-honey-daddy taking care their son. And Sho-aniki (yes, it’s him, he was the only one with these shoes) watching his little brother. A cute scene, right? (^ν^)

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Hei, it's me again... Can you do one of Ayato texting his brothers he did it with Yui??? Thanks :* ( sorry for bad english)

my dude don’t you worry your pretty little head about bad english, it’s so impressive that you can speak more than one language, and i mean that!!!

anyway, yes, yes i can do that.

I think social media is amazing. I think it really connects you with the fan base. And I think that that’s something not a lot of models in the past had. I’ll sit down with Cindy and we’ll talk about it sometimes. It’s just so impressive to me that models like Cindy and Linda, and Christy and Naomi, they didn’t have what I have today to connect with fans, but they still had that connection just through photo. I think that’s so impressive and that’s something that I guess I’ll never know.
—  Kendall on social media & modeling (x)
tippy talks to anon asks, part the infinity

Dear prompter! Hallo!

Your prompt will go in my queue! My queue currently has 12 prompts in it however, and many of them are literally months old.

That doesn’t count the ILU prompts, of which I still have 4 to fill. They’re my priority because I specifically solicited them. Luckily, they’re all outlined or half-written. After that, I will go back to trying to answer old prompts, while I simultaneously work on longfic.

I save all my prompts as image files and tend to answer them in random order, depending on what sparks an idea. It is still my intention to fill them ALL. I do not know how long that will take me.

And from time to time I will probably solicit new prompts like I did for the ILU meme because sometimes these lists speak to me and I believe in going with your gut where writing is concerned.

So… in response to “I don’t know if you’re taking prompts,” the answer is yes, but I hope you’re prepared to wait until Christmastime to get a fic out of me. :) 

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Yandere tracer maybe?

you know, Tracer’s probably most prone to being a yandere personally XD

  • She’s mid to high-key yandere, she loves to be around you and does her best to impress you so you can praise her for her efforts~

  • She carries out her methods in a sickly sweet manner, always has a smile on her face when she eliminates a rival. ”Bomb’s away~!”

  • Always has a smile, no matter what, even when she snaps and even if you get taken away from her. Her smile never falters.

  • If you do get taken away from her, she’ll kill your significant other, no questions asked. Her kill will be quick, and her way of disposing bodies is dumping them into the ocean. She’ll make sure that the body will sink too.

  • She abuses the abilities of her chronal accelerator to get kills done and everything she needs to do to ensure your love is for her only.

  • When she sees someone that’s getting to close to you for comfort, she’ll zip up to them when they’re alone and she’ll have one of her guns up to their chin. “I’ve got 40 bullets in this bad boy, and they come out fast! Wonder what you’ll look like with all of them in your noggin~!”

  • “Looks like you’ll be needing a time out!” She’ll cheerfully pip when she’s confronting her rival, and then proceeds to shoot them with her guns~

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pirates! an Enemy is taking over the ship! Captain Matsu and his crew are outnumbered and are being weakened fast. He's doomed at this rate. suddenly, hostage!crush steps in and has a sword (he hasn't even trained them yet) and helps him defeat the enemy. Crush is shockingly amazing at Sword Fighting, and they win! Crush pulls him close, kisses him on the cheek, and whispers, "Don't underestimate me, captain." They take his Hat and put it on for teasing, walk off. How's he doing?

Now that’s my kind of crush!

Osomatsu:  He wouldn’t even be upset, he’d be so impressed and proud of you.  He’d realize how much he loved the sight of you in his hat and would let you parade in it for a while.  He’d certainly give you more privileges and would even let you spar against some of his best men.  Once everyone was situated after the attack he’d treat you to drink and question you on how you learned to fight and who taught you.   He’d shamelessly flirt with you even more after the event and would offer to give you some private lessons if you were up for it.

Karamatsu:  He’s a little red and tries to ignore the smirking faces of his crew, he’d clear his throat and order them to clean up after the mess.  He’d visit wherever you’re currently being kept hostage and would ask if you were alright and if you got any injuries, he’d want to treat them quickly before they get infected.  While patching up any cuts you may have sustained he’d ask where you learned to fight as well as where you got the sword.  He’d be thankful you only got a couple cuts, while he wouldn’t want you fighting on the front lines if it could be avoided he’d start training you himself to prep you in case something like that ever happened again.

Choromatsu:  He’s bright red and doesn’t even have his hat to hide his blush from the rest of his crew, whom are all smirking and wiggling their eyebrows to embarrass their captain further.  He’d chase after them to get his hat back right away and would ask them to take a seat in his cabin and have you explain where you learned to fight, how you escaped your confines during the fight, and where you got the sword.  He wouldn’t be upset at your actions, he’d be a tad upset at the crew member that released you and would swamp them with grunt work.

Ichimatsu:  Immediately he’s snatch his hat back as well as the sword you stole and shoot his crew a look not to say a single word.  He’d have a three crew members escort you back to your cabin and would order then to keep a closer eye on you.  He’d yell at the rest of the crew asking them why a seemingly weak hostage such as yourself was able to fight better than them in the heat of battle.  After getting that out his system he’d walk into your cabin scowling and asking you how you did that.   He wouldn’t give you sword privileges right away because he’s salty, and he wouldn’t tell you this to you face but he really his thankful that you stepped in and aided him despite being his hostage.

Jyushimatsu:  He’d be so surprised and happy you stepped in when they did, he knew he needed the help and wouldn’t be too proud to admit that he needed the help.  He’d be a little bashful from the kiss and would follow you around like a lost puppy on the ship asking you could fight so well with a sword.  He’d think it was cute of you to take his hat and would have you start sparring against him men once all the crew members are healed, he doesn’t want them getting more scratched up especially after fighting that enemy ship.

Todomatsu:  His cheeks would get dusted a light pink and he’d quickly grab his hat back and scrunch his nose, doesn’t like being one upped, especially by a hostage.  He’d have you and the crew clean up and get the ship back in order as he returns to his cabin to go over everything that happened.  He’d think of ways to avoid another enemy ship and ways to conscript new crew members so he won’t be outnumbered again.  Once he has a plan down and his head is cleared he’d check up on you, and start some friendly conversation to get you spill where you learned to spar.  After he was done talking he’d thank you for your help.

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can I get headcanons for what the Paladins + Coran and allura do when they walk in one Pidge practicing Aerial Silks, which she got into on a dare. (long story short it went, 'bet you couldn't do it' and tiny Pidge is just so offended that she takes it up and eventually masters it cause it is surprisingly fun) and she is hanging upside down, in the splits, 25 feet off the ground. And there is no net.

Omg yes, I could definitely see this happening!


  • He’s so impressed, like how can she do that? It’s so cool! (It was probably him that dared her to do it in the first place, let’s be honest).
  • It takes him at least 5 minutes of staring to realize there’s no net and what it would mean if she fell. Then he starts yelling at her to get a net and think of safety.
  • He loves watching her do it, but he’s internally screaming because she could die.


  • The poor guy would be trying to relax for once in his life and then ends up having a heart attack because when the heck did Pidge get on the ceiling!?
  • He’s quickly gets used to it but he makes her use a safety net when he’s near by because 1.) she could get hurt, and 2.) She would probably fall on him.
  • He’s gets so used to her just swinging around while he’s training that it just becomes normal for her to be in there.


  • 100% please don’t die Pidge. He freaks out. He will yell at her until she gets down, he doesn’t care if there’s a safety net there or not.
  • He will make her use a net, he’s willing to drag one over there for her, anything to keep her safe.
  • Once she’s on solid ground, then he’s going to express how cool he thinks it is. He will go yell at Lance for his stupid idea/dare.


  • PIDGE GET DOWN NOW! Dad mode activated. He will literally go up there and take her down himself.
  • He will not let her practice without a safety net and at least someone has to be in the room when she practices in case of emergency. This is strongly enforced.
  • He thinks that it’s super cool, but it gives him a heart attack every time. She almost slipped once and he made her stop and stay on the ground for the rest of the week.


  • She’s so impressed, she could just watch her do it for hours.
  • She would suggest using at least some safety, but she trusts Pidge’s abilities and let her choose, the healing pods will always be there if she need them.
  • She’s going to show her old Altean tricks that she used to see when people would put on shows for her and her father. It’s really helpful for Pidge and she uses them a lot.


  • He immediately asks what she’s doing up there. After an explanation he just shrugs, suggests a net, and walks away.
  • He’ll mention what she was doing later and it freaks everyone else out. Cue Pidge protection squad stepping in.
  • He will tell her in detail all of the shows that he would watch with Allura and King Alfor so that maybe she can replicate them. When she does it reminds him of home.

Anybody ever noticed that those “how to eat on only $4 a day” articles are actually “how to impress your friends and Instagram followers with how fancily you are eating for only $4 a day”?

Most of us don’t want that. If you’re looking up articles on eating on a budget, you want the CHEAPEST plan, not the cheapest-while-still-impressive plan.

So I’ll tell you the REAL secret to eating on a tight budget

Are you ready?

Here goes.

It’s called “the college diet.” You can average less than $3 a day on this diet. “But what does that diet consist of?” You ask. Well, person who has apparently never lived in a dorm, I’ll tell you. The College Diet consists of 3 things:

– Ramen cups/packets (10-50 cents each)
– Banquet TV dinners ($0.90-$1.30 each)
– Sandwiches (approx $10-$15 per week)

Want breakfast too? 20 packets of Quaker oatmeal for less than $5.

I’ve been on The College Diet for the past 5 and a half years, first out of necessity, than out of appreciation. Not counting my occasional fast food splurges (bc Baconators make me weak in the knees), I average $2.70 a day on food.

And I have a large appetite.

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Don't you love the fact that larries are so talented that every manip looks so real that i almost convince myself it is the original pic ? wow. And it hurts because louisandharry are a beautiful couple sbbdns

That’s one of the reasons I usually reblog manips to my sideblog. They’re so real-looking, and I am such a terrible tagger, that I don’t want to confuse anyone, so I include them with the art. There are some very, very talented artists in this fandom, working with so many different media. I’m always so impressed.

So my nine-month-old baby nephew started doing this thing where he grins and hides his face as though he’s shy or embarrassed whenever someone he likes says hello to him - even with his dad - I guess because he figured out it gets him attention and people think he’s cute. 

Now that’s great, that’s fine, but the other thing he likes, apart from certain people, is this one 3D cartoon monster truck show where all the trucks have personalities and can talk (like the movie Cars, basically, but everything’s a monster truck, even the birds). And his favourite monster truck is the main red Cool Guy one who has the spotlight. And every time this stupid truck came on the screen, my dork of a nephew would pretend to be all shy and stuff so the monster truck would like him back. 

I just wanted to say...

I am so very impressed how friendly and polite this little group of fundie stalkers is on tumblr. I know we all sometimes disagree and we might have completely different opinions on how we view our favourite families out there. But I have never gotten any hate on my account even though I have had the anonymous turned on from the start. There have been disagreements but with discussions there was either some common ground found or we would agree to disagree, which is totally (Hi Jill, jk!) ok.

So huge thank you to anyone who interacts with me on this blog or just plain follows it! 

Thanks for the positivity, I can really appreciate all of you!

Day 2 of Medical School is in the books!!

We had our first Anatomy lab, which was a whopping 6 hours long. I was so impressed by my classmates and how well we all worked together. Everyone was super invested in the material and interested in collaborating and helping each other out.

I smiled to myself at one point when the eight of us clustered on one side of the table to get a better look at a brachial plexus specimen because we strikingly resembled the students in Rembrandt’s ‘The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp’. I love how life imitates art and art imitates life.

At 5pm when we finally wrapped up, my eyes were bleary and I felt pretty sleepy, but I stuck around for a Family Medicine interest event after. The panel was interesting and the doctors were quite compelling, which made me excited about the possibility of Family Med although I am FAR away from making any sort of decision. The free pizza was appreciated too! I finished off this loooong day with a swim and took a break from studying tonight because I have a free day tomorrow.

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do you know what hogwarts house would you be? im really curious!

I’m totes slytherin.
But I’m also a fully grown adult not a 11yo child and I’m saying this bc kids aren’t fully developed people, kids are still unaware of how complex stuff can be and they’re very impressible on so many levels so rn when I’m old I find the sorting thing ridiculous beyond discussion. My 11 y o self isn’t even close to my 17 y o self and my 17yo self isn’t even close to my current self because that’s how human development works so summing a kid up at the age of 11 is very off and I think I became aware of how off it is just now, when I’m old & I realized that sorting kids into categories might and probably will heavily influence their individual development (not really in a good way) thru enforcing stereotypes.

Life Lately XVI

Hello, loves! Yep, I’m still alive and kickin’, in case anyone’s wondering. School has caught me in a busy trap, activities here and there, and I’m grateful that I came out of it alive.

I have abandoned my blog for quite some time not just because of the busy sched I had but (I’m saying this again and again and again) also because I don’t really know what to blog, except of updating my dear readers of how my life is going which I don’t think anybody is even interested. (I hope you’ll understand me for being like a broken record ranting about this dilemma in blogging I’m currently into.) But anyway, I made this blog for the sake of keeping memories and to express myself, not to impress anyone, so whether you/they are interested to read my entries or not, I will continue blogging. (Walang makakapigil sa'kin. Loljk) I realized how much I’m always meaning to blog about something everytime I’m out of the blogosphere, that no matter how much I runaway from it, my heart would always come back to blogging.

Ooopppss. Enough with my neverending (and annoying) #bloggingproblems rants and let’s head on to my life’s happenings for the past weeks that I was away with the blogging world.

i. Exam Week. This got me pretty drained but I didn’t study that much. As always, my study breaks are much longer than my actual study time.

ii. Kana’s 20th. As much as possible, I’ve always wanted to be present on Kana’s birthday, so even though I’ve got some responsibilities to tackle in school, I still tried my best to catch up. I went to their house and when I arrived, Hazel and Berji were there and we had a little chitchat. The time I spent with them was a little too short, yet the important thing is, I was there.

iii. We had a seminar handled by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas regarding our current bills and coins and their circulation.

iv. Christian Emphasis Week. Quite honestly, I’ve been so much confused on what religious practices should I follow (I’m a Roman Catholic studying in a Baptist school, fyi), but our CEW made me realize that religious practices are nothing if I don’t have faith in God. I shouldn’t stress myself out about it because the important thing is, I have faith in the Man above. Here are my two favorites among those said by the guest speakers: 1) You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change; and 2) The only things that hinder along the way are the things that taste good. By the way, this semester’s theme is “Jesus, the best choice.”

v. Accountancy Week. This really got us busy and tired but everything was worth it because our university was declared the overall champion. We clinched the first spot in eight events out of 11 and our candidates took home the crown as Ambassador and Ambassadress of Goodwill 2016, also the 1st runner up (in pair) also came from our school. I joined the Comprehensive Accounting Quiz Bowl, and yeah, our team did it! We also had a seminar under Sir Ireneo and I’ve gained a lot.

vi. Comprehensive Accounting Quiz Bowl. As mentioned earlier, my team championed this year’s Comprehensive Accounting Quiz Bowl (in commection with our Accountancy Week celebration) in our province. I was greatly blissful that we were able to bring back the championship for our school after our downfall last academic year (our school didn’t make it on the top three, breaking the record, and I was also one of the contestants that time.) I’m so grateful for the friendship that has been built between me and my team, the two other teams representing our school, and our mentors. Thank you God for this wonderful chance and achievement.

vii. Interdepartmental Debate. Quite honestly, I never really imagined being a part of a debating team and I’m so grateful for this huge opportunity that have been opened for me. I’ve been a part of the team since last academic year and I actually thought about backing out, but thanks God, the universe didn’t allow me to. If it did, I would have not been given the chance to enjoy a good company and bond with my teammates. Debate got me and the whole team pretty busy and drained but everything was all worth it. Though we didn’t make it to the final round, still we’ve gained something precious and those are learnings and experience. I was also able to have an overnight at Tiny’s house together with the whole team plus Joylene. I’m really grateful for the wonderful chance. Thanks, G!

viii. Math Olympiad. I was grateful that God gave me wisdom and understanding that I defo aced and bagged the first place in Math Olympiad during the elimination round and was able to represent our department again for the third time during the inter-departmental Math Olympiad in our school. Quite unfortunately, I didn’t made it to the top three, but still I am thankful that God didn’t left me. He gave me the fourth spot. I have already forgotten some of the concepts that came out during the competition because we have no Math subjects anymore (I’m telling you again, Math is certainly not the focus of Accountancy) and perhaps it wasn’t for me this time. Maybe I have already achieved enough in this field. I have championed during my first try (that was way back 2nd yr college) and got the 2nd spot last school (3rd yr college), and now 4th. I couldn’t ask for more. God has been too good to me. I bring back all the glory and thanksgiving to Him. Thanks be to God.

ix. Speech Choir. After years, I again joined speech choir (my last before this was way back 1st yr high school) and at first, it got me pretty stressed. I wasn’t enjoying. I have thought about backing up a lot of times and every morning, I have to really drag myself out of bed just to get ready for our practice. I was just doing everything just for the sake of having extra points (yea, you know, right?)  But when the competition was coming very near, I have realized that I have to do my part. I have to give my best, even not for me but for our trainor, Sir Jehiel, who have been too patient with us; to the proffesors-in-charge, Ma'am Lanie and Sir Mark; and for the entire  group. We are blessed that God guided us all throughout, from the very beginning of our practice until the competition. It even rained hard when we started our performance and stopped when we finished. Like yeah, it was God’s blessing. Although, we were not able to be on the very top because of point deductions (our performance was under-time), still we know in ourselves that we were the best because we did our best. To God be the glory!

x. Busy days always make me eat mooore and of course, spend moooooore too. I’ve been randomly craving for random foods (usually sweets) and since my allowance is not enough to satisfy my random cravings, we’ve splurged too much from our friendship fund (lol I just invented the name). Me and my gals ate and ate and spent and spent the past weeks. (Am I making any sense? My words are too random but anyway).

xi. Again, as mentioned, I’ve been eating more since many have noticed that I’m getting skinnier. Huhu. My goal this month is to gain weight, though I failed to check what my weight is last time. I hope I’m gaining.

xii. Spontaneous going out with mom and her friends who also became my friends (aka nang Sharon and nang Jackie). Foods here and there! Yaaay! Splurging here and there too. Nyay! :(

xiii. I’m kinda frustrated of myself for not taking my acads seriously. I’m still the old lazy and procrastinator Mariz. I always make being busy in other things as an excuse. Uuuuuggggghhhh!!! Why can’t I discipline myself? Huhuhuhuhu!

Anyway… That’s all for now. I did this post to catch up with all my backlogs. I guess, I still have too much to tell you about how my days wen’t the past days (or week), but let’s just leave it with this.

How about you? What keeps you busy?