so important i cant even stand it

honestly like. i think once u reach ur early-mid twenties u really have to take a step back and evaluate your position in fandom, given that so much of it is full of kids, be a lot more critical of the content you produce and who you interact with and the effect your actions are going to have on those around you. like dont get me wrong i could never claim to be #unproblematic but damn if you want to stand out in the open and say that your right to produce porn of minors is more important than the real minors coming to you and saying adults making porn of people their age is gross and you cant even own up and apologize then. maybe u need to log off and re-evaluate ur perspective. go schedule a bridge game or a pottery class or whatever, get off the internet and be around real people your own age for a while. give it a few months and then ask yourself if stacey and jo from the book club would have your back while you argue with actual children on the internet over your right to produce porn of their fictional peers. the results may surprise you

the reason why i love padmé amidala

i was six when i first watch star wars and i cant even remember my reaction to it or what movie i saw first. i only remember loving and watching the movies over and over and over again. i remember watching the prequels just so i could watch my idol padmé amidala.

i know natalie’s carrier was nearly destroyed after the prequels and i understand why some cannot stand them. but guys please keep in mind how important padmé was too young children across the world. she is a true figure for feminism. she is brave, she can hold her own. she’s beautiful, but uses her witts more than her beauty. she’s not afraid to love and be loved, she stands for what is right and will keep fighting. she founded the rebel alliance, long before it even was a thing. 

padmé nabaree amidala isn’t just a side character, she was my idol growing up. i wanted to be her, just like her. become a politician, maybe an aid worker. she shows us the importance of being compassionate to others while still kicking ass. though george can you please confirm the fan theory of her death bc that was just poorly planned out with no explanation 

i was always padmé whilst playing star wars with my friends. i didn’t need the lightsaber like the others, because i had a gun. i didn’t need the force, because i have my brains. 

padmé amidala shows us the importance of personality and the importance of using your brain instead of beauty

@you-are-precious it’s very important that absolutely no one thinks i want to fuck scooby doo even is a joke i wont take that i wont fuckign take that standing down i will Refuse because god if i’ll admit i dont have standards but if wanted to fuck a cartoon dog i’d  go with something a bit fucking classier my minds blanking me right now though im tryna think of examples aand all i can see in my brain is a humanised version of garfield and hes stnading in front of the hot cartoon dogs i cant think about so i dont know any examples shibe im sorry but do youi understand right now how this is so so sosososo serious 


i cant even begin to explain how important and inspiring your band is to me and how much my life, outlook and perspective has changed since finding your music. you’ve helped me understand myself, the world and music so much more than i ever would of done. you make me happy everyday, i love how honest you are not only as an person but as a briliant songwriter and how you always stand for what you believe in, i love how passionate you are about your music and how you always give back to us fans no matter what. we get it and you get us. ive never had such a strong connection to a band like i have with the 1975.its a beautiful that is so close to my heart. thanking you in november was the most special and unforgettable moment of my life, i said ‘i just want to thank you so much for everything’ and i just felt that you knew exactly what i meant by that without me even having to start to explain, you held that understanding and kindness that you always do. i could go on and on but i wanted to wish you a happy birthday and a day filled with happiness, i love you always xxx

when i woke up and heard the news that one of my personal heroes passed away i was pretty upset - i mean i knew it was a possibility and kind of prepared myself after hearing about her severe diagnosis last summer

but seeing so many people share posts about her and spreading her achievements and life story to so many new fans really warms my heart

it just makes me happy to think that so many people remember, celebrate, and honor her and that she was able to have such an impact on the sport and the world

she reminded us that even in the face of adversity it is important to stand up for those who cant - no matter how difficult and no matter the odds

i really wish she could see how many fans - nearly half a century later - she has and how many new fans are learning of her greatness

vera caslavska you will be missed but you will never be forgotten - thank you for everything :’)

you know what i hate?

i really want a gay pairing in wow to be canon, but we cant because the majority of wow’s player base would lose their shit if it happened

like so many of those dude-bros hate Anduin and call him “Gay”, and  GOD I WISH HE WAS, but it’s the same guys who’d lose their shit if blizzard actually decided to make him gay

gdi its their fault we cant have anything queer and i hate it, representation is important and i hate how Blizzard can’t even stand up and actually do something about this?

the #1 thing i cant stand about anti-feminists/meninists/MRAs is that so many of them, when they get into arguments with feminists, say things like “and why do we even still NEED feminism? what’s that? some stupid bullshit about the wage gap, which isn’t real? that’s what i thought! all your reasons for needing feminism are made up or not actually at all important.”

and it’s like . no you didnt actually. let me answer the question. if you would just l i s ten just LISTEN i have ten billion trillion million reasons why feminism is important but you’re so fcking invested in being RIGHT without doing ANY RESEARCH WHATSOEVER