so important i cant even stand it

honestly like. i think once u reach ur early-mid twenties u really have to take a step back and evaluate your position in fandom, given that so much of it is full of kids, be a lot more critical of the content you produce and who you interact with and the effect your actions are going to have on those around you. like dont get me wrong i could never claim to be #unproblematic but damn if you want to stand out in the open and say that your right to produce porn of minors is more important than the real minors coming to you and saying adults making porn of people their age is gross and you cant even own up and apologize then. maybe u need to log off and re-evaluate ur perspective. go schedule a bridge game or a pottery class or whatever, get off the internet and be around real people your own age for a while. give it a few months and then ask yourself if stacey and jo from the book club would have your back while you argue with actual children on the internet over your right to produce porn of their fictional peers. the results may surprise you

things i love about the signs
  • aries: their energy radiates. conversations with them just flow, and they always say unexpected comments that make you laugh until you have tears falling down your face. lowkey shy but lots of friends, outgoing. one of the brightest people. they are always smiling, even if they are upset, and their positivy is like a domino effect
  • taurus: such dynamic characters. you'll never be bored because they always have something new to say or do. their smiles are literally contagious. great singers. honestly i can cuddle with them all day and not complain even once.
  • gemini: ride or die. tooons of friends but only a rare few they trust with their entire self, and when you one of those rare few, you feel on top of the world. they have so many interests and debated with them are epic and one of the best people to just rant to or have deep conversations with. they are so fucking caring and will always stand up for you, even if it costs them. cant live without em
  • cancer: such a huge motherly figure. always patting heads and comforting and when they say "it's going to be okay" is the only time i believe those words. the nicest people i know. so selfless. will literally sacrifice anything for the ones they love. family and friends are the most important part of their life
  • leo: extremely exuberant. just bein around them makes me feel so giddy. their eyes are literally always glowing. always knows how to cheer someone up when theyre upset. if you have a leo in your life you are truly blessed. those guys will stick with you thick and thin, no matter what.
  • virgo: hard workers. strongest people ever. virgos are fucking survivors, man. you mess with them, they come back twice as strong and they dont even try to get back at you, they let karma do their dirty work cos they too busy doin more important things than to be messin w you. virgos always got your back, they never let you down even if they have to spread themselves too thin
  • libra: the type to drag you out of hell and do whatever it takes to put you back together again. their love for everyone around them absolutely amazes me sometimes. kindest hearts. best person to just chill with. you can be doin nothin with them and you'd still be havin fun
  • scorpio: will probs destroy you with the blink of an eye. cant be messed with. they are the kindest people ever...until you hurt them, and then you're so fucking done and the games never over. they know how to make people pay. theyre loyal af and if you mess with their family or friends, they will fuck you up. not afraid to get their hands dirty. so intelligent. they probs have tons of dirt on you. confident and know they cant be messed with.
  • sagittarius: lovable smoll child. such good vibes from these guys. great listeners and they're fashion sense is on point. a bit carefree and laidback. dont need to be surrounded by other people to have a good time. they feel comfortable in their own skin and honestly couldnt give a rats ass what strangers think of them. a sag is a close friend for life
  • capricorn: most likely already has a step by step plan on how to become a billionare by the time theyre 25. caps are strong ass hoes who will fucking start a fire if you get in their way. protective over their friends. their mind is constantly working in gear mode.
  • aquarius: if you ever get into a fight with them, forget it, its over, might as well back down now while your limbs are still attached. straight up blunt. best person to call when you in a tough spot. will probs save your ass 20 times a week. if you got an aquarius on your side, youve already won the war
  • pisces: the way they see the world is so incredible to me. can find beauty in everything, even the darkest places. will just hold you and kiss your forehead until you are ready to get back to life. usually little spoon. will do anythin to make you happy if they love you.

I feel extremely sorry towards Junhyeok, towards day6 and towards his fans. This journey just ended too soon. 

I cant accept the fact that he had to give up his dreams because of some immature fans. 

I am so angry right now! It wasnt even confirmed that he was dating! And what if he was? Its none of our business! He is a human as well! He has all the rights to do whatever he wants! I dont understand people sometimes. I know that fans dream about dating their idol, and now someones dream came true. Why cant you accept it? Why do you have to be salty about it? Dont you want your idol be happy? Well, now Junhyeok is everything but happy. 

Isnt a fans task to support their idols, to stand by them? How would you feel if your friends suddenly turned their backs towards you because you did something that they dont like? How would you feel if you received death threats or other horrible things?

Im so sorry that we werent able to show him how important he was and without him day6 is not even day6. I feel ashamed of those were cruel to him.

And if he was kicked out, thats even sadder. If you face a problem you should try solving it, not shrugging it off! I am really disappointed.

I will support Junhyeok and day6 all the way, no matter what! I just want them to be happy and live their dreams. Fighting!

Mystic Messenger Imagine With Zen -when papparazis find out Zen has a girlfriend-

Zen comes to house with a stressfull face after the meeting with the company he works for. Yesterday, you and Zen were all of the magazines’ most important new. Since fans learned that Zen has a girlfriend, they’ve gotten kinda angry, kinda sad and kinda happy too because they want Zen to be happy.
“Honey how was the meeting?” you ask, when he sits next to you.
He closes his eyes and say “More serious than i thought it would be.”
He puts his head on your lap and you kiss him forehead.
“They didnt like it, and they want me to tell it’s a lie that i have a girlfriend. They want me to introduce you as my cousin or just friend.” he says, complaining.
You feel sad for it because you dont want you two be a secret anymore but you stay quiet because it was an important situation about his career so you dont want to ruin everything because of a selfish thought.
If Jae didnt call you before Zen came, you wouldnt have stay quiet, though.
“It’s too bad for Zen’s career as you see he is on the top for his career. I think you should think of it because Zen is so successfull and he loves his job.” said Jaehee before Zen came.
You kiss Zen again and whispear “everything’s gonna be allright.”
Zen falls asleep as he always does on your lap. You stand up, and put a pillow under his head and take your diary to write what you lived today.
it makes me sad that Zen has to introduce me as his friend or a relative. I want people to know that we are a couple, I cant stand hiding it from people anymore. Maybe im too jealous but it started getting harder to share Zen with his fans since he started getting better on his career. So i should be quiet because he loves his job, as Jaehee said.”
The other day the company Zen works for calls Zen. He’s gonna be in a live show where he’ll introduce you as his friend.
You fell asleep while you were writing your diary so you couldnt put diary to its place but it was not important because in this situation he wouldnt even see.
You open the Tv, and wait for the show.
When you see Zen on TV, a tear falls from your eye. You feel so lonely and left out from Zen’s life. You have to stay strong but you feel as if you cant.
“So… Zen, how about that girl? Is she really your girlfriend?”
Zen laughs as if it is a joke. You feel your heart is broken into pieces.
“That girl, huh? Haha for sure she’s not my girlfriend, please.” Zen says while laughing.
Tears fall from your eyes faster. You keep telling yourself that its his job but it breaks your heart anyway.
“She’s not my girlfriend. She’s the reason why I breathe, why I am happy and why I can be successfull at my job. She is not ‘just’ a girlfriend. For sure I love my fans, but her place is so different. I love her and I hope my fans understand it and I’m sure you’ll be happy because I found true love.”
You are so shocked that you cant realize that your mouth is open. How did he say all those things after all?
You feel so happy that you take your diary to write what has just happened. Then you see Zen’s handwriting there.
“So my babe is jealous? I think I dont deserve to make you feel sad, and this relationship doesnt deserve to stay as a secret. We should tell the world our love, huh? Oh by the way, wait for me at night, I might have a surprise for you babe~”

the reason why i love padmé amidala

i was six when i first watch star wars and i cant even remember my reaction to it or what movie i saw first. i only remember loving and watching the movies over and over and over again. i remember watching the prequels just so i could watch my idol padmé amidala.

i know natalie’s carrier was nearly destroyed after the prequels and i understand why some cannot stand them. but guys please keep in mind how important padmé was too young children across the world. she is a true figure for feminism. she is brave, she can hold her own. she’s beautiful, but uses her witts more than her beauty. she’s not afraid to love and be loved, she stands for what is right and will keep fighting. she founded the rebel alliance, long before it even was a thing. 

padmé nabaree amidala isn’t just a side character, she was my idol growing up. i wanted to be her, just like her. become a politician, maybe an aid worker. she shows us the importance of being compassionate to others while still kicking ass. though george can you please confirm the fan theory of her death bc that was just poorly planned out with no explanation 

i was always padmé whilst playing star wars with my friends. i didn’t need the lightsaber like the others, because i had a gun. i didn’t need the force, because i have my brains. 

padmé amidala shows us the importance of personality and the importance of using your brain instead of beauty

when i woke up and heard the news that one of my personal heroes passed away i was pretty upset - i mean i knew it was a possibility and kind of prepared myself after hearing about her severe diagnosis last summer

but seeing so many people share posts about her and spreading her achievements and life story to so many new fans really warms my heart

it just makes me happy to think that so many people remember, celebrate, and honor her and that she was able to have such an impact on the sport and the world

she reminded us that even in the face of adversity it is important to stand up for those who cant - no matter how difficult and no matter the odds

i really wish she could see how many fans - nearly half a century later - she has and how many new fans are learning of her greatness

vera caslavska you will be missed but you will never be forgotten - thank you for everything :’)

32 days of sanji - PASSION

can i have this opportunity to talk about why sanji is my favourite character 

like i wouldnt have even looked at this characters way if his only thing was to look cool and kick things in a suit and have nosebleeds over boobs
but what oda did with him was have COOKING and NURTURING HIS CREW his PASSION, the most important thing in his life, finding an ocean that isnt probably even real his dream 
what i LOVE about sanji is that he cant STAND see food go to waste, he would rather die than let someone starve and he would do anything not to damage the tools he makes food with 
this kind of thing would probably be irrelevant in some other comic but in the strawhat crew its so important that they have a person supplying them with food and its not seen as weak or irrelevant at all 
sanjis characters has so many issues that i wish would be solved but i am so happy about the good parts of his character so idk thank you oda sanji is not the only character in one piece that could be really tropey and boring but ISNT and im so glad 
ok im done thanks


Jackson as a boyfriend 🍫🍭💕

• Always holding hands or arm draped over ur shoulders or around ur waist
• hugs or cuddling 54/7
• hooking arms when walking places or resting his chin on ur shoulder

• Lots of compliments all the time; ones that don’t even make sense or really cute ones where he points out something about you that he admires

• Always encouraging you with everything, like how you’ve improved at things and he has confidence in you

• teaching you random phrases in 
chinese and korean and then laughing when you ask what they mean ((usually it’s a compliment for him))

• teasing you on your pronunciation or commenting on how cute it is

• making fun of your height and then pouting when you mention his
• always texting u cute things even if u right beside him

• him getting whiny and jealous if you’re too close with one of the other members
• back hugs with shoulder and cheek and neck kisses

• “im your bias right”

• probably gets real excited when u meet his parents cuz he loves them so much
• overly dramatic if u get hurt like he’s probably running around and worrying about u

• pecks on the cheek, nose, lips whenever he sees u probably

• lots and lots of selcas/selfies with him like LOTS and usually he makes you wear something with his name on it or something of his for it (one is probably his background on his phone)

• singing loudly to or for you

• trying to use cheesy pickup lines on u and ur like jackson we’re already dating pls stop

• probably facetime/skypes u when he’s on tour and calls at crazy hours cuz he forgets the time zone difference but he misses u so lol
• idk why but he gets u lots of candy (for the cheesy pick up lines lol)
• loves to carry u whether it’s bridal style or piggyback rides
• his ig is full of pictures of the both of you together and captions that are super cute awww
• hella dramatic if he gets hurt even if it’s a paper cut just to get u to cuddle and kiss him
• takes candid pictures of u and uses them for his phone and may or may not send them to the other members to brag about how cute his gf is

• always rests his head in ur lap so u can play with his hair while he talks to u

• aegyo. Lots of aegyo. And the wang puppy thing why lol and especially the hearts oml make him stop
• does flips and stuff to impress u constantly
• always flexing
• always “accidentally” leaves sweatshirts and sweaters with u so ull wear them
• basically loves when u wear his stuff and gives u his shirts all the time bc he thinks u look cuter in them than he does and ur his and also he’ll compliment ur fashion taste when u do
• always asks u to buy him things
• “you think im wild and sexy right” “just wild” and pouting ensues
• snaps from the other members on tour where he’s clinging to them and them begging for u to help (it’s cuz jackson misses u aww)
• when it’s cold out he likes to hold ur hand and put it in his pocket
• loves when u feed him and gushes about how cute it is
• makes u wear snapbacks with his name on it bc ur so cute + everyone knows ur his
• probably was rlly upset the first tour away from u cuz it’s the longest he’s been without u and so the other members have to take extra care of him
• always gives u his jacket when it’s cold
• kisses u all over ur face a lot bc he thinks ur super cute
• mark and bam telling u he’s always talking about u
• forehead kisses and cheek kisses and neck kisses (mostly to embarrass u but whatever lol he just likes to kiss u)
• raps for u a lot
• always open to tell u everything (unless it’s a surprise for u of course)
• likes to just lay down in ur lap and tell u about his day and stuff that made him happy or upset or anything
• and likes to have u in his arms and listen to u talk about ur day
• always listens intently to what u have to say
• ur one of the most important ppl in his life and he makes sure u know just how much he loves and appreciates u
• always saying he loves you and how much he loves you
• always looks for you at the airport when he gets back and picks u up and spins u around and lots of kisses
• i uh cant stand jackson but ngl he’d be such a sweetheart honestly even tho he’s a dorky baby awww


i cant even begin to explain how important and inspiring your band is to me and how much my life, outlook and perspective has changed since finding your music. you’ve helped me understand myself, the world and music so much more than i ever would of done. you make me happy everyday, i love how honest you are not only as an person but as a briliant songwriter and how you always stand for what you believe in, i love how passionate you are about your music and how you always give back to us fans no matter what. we get it and you get us. ive never had such a strong connection to a band like i have with the 1975.its a beautiful that is so close to my heart. thanking you in november was the most special and unforgettable moment of my life, i said ‘i just want to thank you so much for everything’ and i just felt that you knew exactly what i meant by that without me even having to start to explain, you held that understanding and kindness that you always do. i could go on and on but i wanted to wish you a happy birthday and a day filled with happiness, i love you always xxx

strawberryolivias  asked:

can we talk about shizuona height difference pls






VORONA!!!!!!!!!!! HAS TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STAND ON HER TIPPY TOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR KISSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the #1 thing i cant stand about anti-feminists/meninists/MRAs is that so many of them, when they get into arguments with feminists, say things like “and why do we even still NEED feminism? what’s that? some stupid bullshit about the wage gap, which isn’t real? that’s what i thought! all your reasons for needing feminism are made up or not actually at all important.”

and it’s like . no you didnt actually. let me answer the question. if you would just l i s ten just LISTEN i have ten billion trillion million reasons why feminism is important but you’re so fcking invested in being RIGHT without doing ANY RESEARCH WHATSOEVER

you know what i hate?

i really want a gay pairing in wow to be canon, but we cant because the majority of wow’s player base would lose their shit if it happened

like so many of those dude-bros hate Anduin and call him “Gay”, and  GOD I WISH HE WAS, but it’s the same guys who’d lose their shit if blizzard actually decided to make him gay

gdi its their fault we cant have anything queer and i hate it, representation is important and i hate how Blizzard can’t even stand up and actually do something about this?


i cannot even begin to describe how i feel about the amount of things that have happened in the last 72 hours. the lives of innocent black people were taken one by one and now at a protest in dallas, several people were injured and killed. my prayers go out to everyone who is still there and if you do live in the dallas area please stay safe. no one deserves to have their life taken away so easily. just imagine walking out your door and not even knowing that it would be the last time. i cant even imagine what it feels like to be in the shoes of these people. i stand with all of you.