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Ok, best Sonic platonic ships, go!

#1 PLATONIC SHIP IS SHADOUGE they are my ultimate brotp and are QPPs and platonically married and I love them help me

Other ones I love are:

Sonic and Tails as brotherly best friends, this one’s kind of a given

Knuckles and Shadow united in feeling lost without a past

Wave and Storm as bickering siblings who in the end genuinely care for each other

Rouge and Amy as kind of an older/younger sister power duo (I just want Rouge to take Amy shopping okay?)

Tails and Cream as just tiny cute friends, I bet Cream will happily listen with wide-eyed interest as Tails explains his latest modifications to one of his inventions

Cream and Charmy as tiny cute friends with a bonus of one is polite and well-mannered and the other is loud and brash

Sonic and Chris - I support their friendship, fight me

If I go any further I’m just gonna end up listing every minor Sonic friendship that I like so imma stop here before this gets out of hand lol

It looks like they’re watching a horror movie, but it’s actually food network

I /almost/ missed @milasaraweek!!! Here’s day 1: Domestic/Future

[ In about 15 years with my husband ]
  • *Cypher part 4 plays*

we’ve seen yoongi cry the first time when he announced about wanting to be with armys for 10+ years. then we see him cry the second time when he found the seats of where his parents sat, whereas he bowed, and stayed down for so long to cry. and today, we see him cry again because hard work with his brothers paid off well. 

yoongi may appear stone cold or expressionless at times, but he’s such a dorky goofy turtle ball of life. people tend to forget he’s the down low sunshine of bangtan that we tend to pick him on about quickly whenever he’s being cute with them. he takes such great care of each member without trying to look like it, and flusters in low-key mode whenever he is praised for it.

and to be frank, i’ve never seen him glow so much than he has after his perfectionist self released his hard working mixtape, and received his fluffy wonderful love, min holly. it’s as though he has found love and is falling deeply with it. 

from today onwards, i cant wait to hear more from Genius Min. 

*Throws these two amazing dorks at my followers* I love them

Dre @cursetale

Zunde @blesstale

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lazy morning shawn ft. morning voice and fluffy hair and no shirt and morning breath and "I don't give a shit about morning breath" and wrapping his strong arms around your waist and saying "c'mere" oh boy

a/n: these two kinda go together so imma just combine them.

“M’ trying to sleep.” Shawn stops his kiss-assault on you and instead licks your cheek. “Ew! I was peacefully resting until you had to go and ruin it.” Shawn just smiles at you and leans in again, but you push his head away. “I’ve got bad morning breath.” 

“Don’t care,” he tells you, voice raspy and rough as he grips your jaw and plants one on you. Your tongues tangle briefly, but then you break away to check the clock because it’s light outside and it shouldn’t be; you set your alarm for seven thirty. It’s not supposed to be light at seven thirty. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” you mutter, seeing that it’s already eight fifteen and you’re going to be so, so late. But Shawn’s arms are wrapped so tightly around your waist and he’s making it clear that he doesn’t want you to leave the bed. “We have to go, come on.”

“Why are you lying to me?” Shawn whines in your ear, pulling you in by the hips so your back is flush against his chest. “We don’t have to get up. Stop telling fibs.” 

“You’re literally three years old,” you laugh. “And I’m not lying– we have to be at the place in half an hour. We’ll be late even if we get going now.” 

“Right! So we’ll just skip it, have a stay-at-home, Shawn-Y/n type of day. Sounds good to me,” he suggests happily. His face is burrowed into the crook of your shoulder and your neck, right where he can always smell that green apple shampoo the best. 

He waits for you to protest his ingenious plan, but gets nothing. “Alright, then. I’ll just go call us in sick.” 

lol this one sucks sorry

I made a fatal error in judgement.  I put on my VNV playlist to drive home because you know, good driving music and gives me a happy.  

Instead what I got was punched in the stomach with ffxv feels and spent the entire drive home on the verge of tears.  

Now I have learnt. 

And I am pretty sure if Yoko Shimamura hadn’t been able to do it, they could have just stolen VNV’s discography and used that as the soundtrack and it would in no way have changed the mood of the entire game  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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ok imma stop i think ive died enough times already

- hana is fckn done 

Stay Out Of The Kitchen: Baekhyun (EXO)

A/N: Wait till the point where I get so lazy I stop writing  Imma run out of ideas I s2g

You listened to the jingling of your keys as you tried to find the right one for you apartment. Work had killed you and you wanted nothing more than to see your boyfriend after a day of hell. You fumbled for a bit longer with your keys, the sound of clinking metal starting to annoy you until you finally found the right one. 

You hurriedly walked in, nearly slamming the door behind you, immediately flipping your shoes off and putting your jacket on the coat rack, however, something was off.

Your boyfriend wasn’t anywhere to be found. Usually he would wait for you in the living room, either sleeping on the couch or sitting crossed legged like a little kid waiting for some dinner from mom.


No response.

You took it as maybe he was sleeping in the bedroom because rehearsal was overwhelming that day, and shrugged it off.  

You made your way to the kitchen, throwing your keys onto the counter, you opened the fridge, staring at its contents with a blunt look on your face, you pulled out some leftovers and put them in the microwave for a bit whilst grabbing a glass of milk.

You had yourself propped against the counter, checking messages on your phone.


“What the hell?”

You looked up, genuinely confused, not sure if you heard something or if your mind was playing tricks on you from a long day at work.

You shrugged it off as nothing and continued scrolling through your phone mindlessly, not paying any attention to what was going on around you.

All of a sudden


Baekhyun came running in from the bedroom, doing the aegyo at the top of his lungs, scaring the shit out of you in the process, causing you to drop the glass of milk you were drinking. As well as choking on the sip you had just taken.

He stopped dead in his tracks, you were coughing from choking on the liquid. He looked scared as you looked up from the glass now shattered in hundreds of pieces on the floor, and back up to him, all the way to the concerned look on his face.

Needless to say he look terrified, not knowing what you were going to say, the last thing he wanted was for you to be pissed, last time it happened you made him sleep on the couch by himself.

“Jagi, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

he admitted, putting his hands up, showing he was being sincere walking closer to the mess he caused, he bent down, about to help you clean up the milk and shattered glass.

You shot up, casually shoving him out of the kitchen and back into the living room, standing in front of the doorway protectively, refusing to let him back in.

“You made me choke on milk, get the fuck out of the kitchen.”

You saw his eyes widen in a bit of fear, he backed up a bit. Baekhyun sat on the floor in front of the kitchen, watching you clean up the mess he caused.

“You don’t want any help, babe?” he asked from his spot on the floor, he sounded worried.

“No I got it, thanks.”

That was the most blunt response you could’ve possibly given him, he sulked a bit, feeling bad about what happened.


His head shot up at your voice suddenly changing tone and volume.

“Y/N?” Baekhyun looked closer as he saw the palm of your hand bleeding, going down to your arm.

“Jagi are you okay?!” He nearly freaked out, grabbing the hand that wasn’t bleeding and pulling you through the hallway of your apartment and into the bathroom, forcing you to follow him.

“Baekhyun I’m fine, it’s just a cut.” You tried reassuring but even you knew that wouldn’t work. His stubbornness was hard to overcome when it came to you being hurt.

“You’re obviously not fine, look at your hand, Jagi, it’s bleeding really bad.” he pointed out, holding your injured hand in his own.

He helped you sit on top of the bathroom counter, giving you a face cloth as he dug through the medicine cabinet looking for medicine to clean your wound.

“Oppa this really isn’t necessary, I’m fine.”

You tried protesting, but nothing seemed to work. “Yah stop complaining and let me help you, it’s my fault you got hurt anyways.” He sighed, cleaning your cut with hydrogen peroxide, as he continued to wrap it with a bandage.

Once he was done he was holding your injured hand in his hand, rubbing circles with his thumb, not saying anything.

“Baekhyun…?” you asked, raising an eyebrow. Usually he never stops talking, hearing him this quiet is a first, even for you.

“You know it’s alright…right? I’m not mad…?”

You said, trying to get his attention.

You ended up lifting up his head so he would look at you, noticing his eyes were really watery.

“Yah! Why are you crying??” you freaked, pulling him into a hug.

“Cause you got hurt because of me being an idiot..”

“Well, in that case…”

He looked at you, raising an eyebrows, confused by what he thought you might say.

“You’re my idiot.” you finished, smiling at him, while holding his face between both your hands in an attempt to make him feel better.

He smiled you, took your face in his hands and pulled you in to give you a kiss, which you gladly accepted.

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too, Baekhyun.”

He then got up suddenly and headed out of the bathroom.

“Wait! Where are you going?” you shouted, suddenly confused.

He stuck his head back into the door frame of the bathroom; “To clean up the mess your idiot made.” he smiled and left, going into the kitchen.

A message to the Sherlock fandom:

I opened up Tumblr to this… lovely… barrage of anons. 

I’m sorry you don’t care for what I ship, but: let me ship what I want

Let me repeat it for the people in the back, front, and everywhere: Let me ship what I want.

Sorry that you have to resort to attacking bloggers based on their choice of ship. Sorry to hear that you think I’m homophobic. (I’m not. I just happen to like Molly and Sherlock together and none of that is homophobic, coming from a asexual/biromantic person). Go ahead and block me, it’ll help the negativity surrounding my blog. I don’t send death threats to you, so why would you do that to me? I don’t need people telling me who or what to ship. I’m good on my own.

I don’t need people telling me what I should/shouldn’t ship. I’m perfectly fine on my own.

So this is a message to the Sherlock fans: don’t send hate. If you want to argue a ship, at least do it with respect. Wishing people would die because they don’t share the same opinions as you is, quite frankly, ridiculous, sad, and horrible. 

Anons, if for some reason, you’d like to continue this ‘conversation’, do it off-anon so that at least it will be private. Please stop sending hate, and let me enjoy the show in peace.

Sending love to wherever you are,

13 December 2016.

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Uh, tears for the fic thing?

Oh man, are you psychic? Cause I literally just wrote that!!!!

“Wha– b-but I thought…” Eren trailed off, his eyes full of unshed tears as he looked frantically at Levi and let his words sink in. “Y-you’re my guardian, r-right? That’s your job, isn’t it?”

And there you go :3

Send me a word, if it’s in my wip document I’ll answer your ask with the sentence that it appears in


First off all of you sweetheart ya don’t have to read this all BUT I’M TOO HIGH RIGHT NOW WITH ALL THE EXCITEMENT I CAN’T STOP MYSELF SO IMMA DO THIS ANY WAY!!!

Yesterday was the happiest day ever!! Due to all of your birthday wishes and gift, I EVEN GET THE PRESENT AT THE LAST HOUR OF THE DAY WHICH MEAN 11PM SO NO REGRET!!


Below gonna be alots~~~ Of Birthday presents I got from lovely people and my friends~~ I’ll be mention all of you in this post get angry at me for spamming your notes like this sweet heart BUT I WON’T REGRET CAUSE I LOVE YOUUUUU!!

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