so imma post this late so no one sees it

yamicharm  asked:

How did your obsession of Haikyuu!! began?

I saw a shitton of posts on it here on tumblr but avoided it because after watching Free! I was like “nah sports animes are boring”

but it was just so consistent and then I saw a gifset of KENMA KOZUME (when he first meets Hinata) and Kenma was so beautiful PLUS I could easily tell he was relatable to me haha 

and it was late at night and I was bored so I was like “imma watch this show so I can see this beautiful boy” AND THATS WHY I WATCHED IT lmao

ALSO that one post about Tanaka’s and Noya’s friendship makes me laugh every time so I knew there was some humor in there at least. 

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  hello darlings !! i’d like to start off by wishing all of you a merry christmas and an ( almost there ) happy new year !! this year’s been hectic, worldwide, but i hope that everyone’s ok, and that everyone remembers that they’re special and wonderful and beautiful this holiday season. take some time for yourself to remember that, okay?

  and so, in the spirit of giving, i’d like to propose a giveaway for all you wonderful people out there who have made my entrance into the mcu fandom such a joy, one that i haven’t yet regretted !! i’ll be listing prizes and rules for this extremely belated giveaway first, before continuing onto my follow forever under the cut, just for length’s sake !! so, here we goooo –

➳ ❝ RULES.

  number one. the giveaway will end at MIDNIGHT ON NEW YEAR’S DAY AEST or GMT +10:00. i live in ‘stralia, so this giveaway will likely end before new year’s for everyone else, but better early than never… ish?

  number two. must be following me for this giveaway! it’s mainly for the 120+ followers that i have slowly been falling in love with these last weeks, but you’re welcome to follow for the giveaway at any time!

  number three. one like and as many reblogs per person! just remember not to spam your the smol human beans on your dash mmk?

  number four. i will be contacting the winners after the time limit ends. hopefully, the winners will reply within 72 hours, y’know? but, also !! winners are allowed to transfer their prize to someone else if they want to, or request to swap the prize for something of equal value. ( theme = 1000 icons if available, etc. )

  number five. roleplay blogs only, unless i know your personal !! which, uh, i probably don’t? ( squints at smudged writing on hand and coughs awkwardly )


 third place. hundred icons. promo.

  second place. five hundred icons. promo.

   first place. theme. promo.



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