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Keep This Night a Secret

Okok, here’s le fanfic. I spent like 2 days? doing this fanfic and I ended up making kook OOC. Lol, idk how kook acts so yeah. bare with me. 

I took this idea from a prompt (link below) so yeah Thank you, shimmerxwonders!! I really appreciate it!! 

Also, I’m actually really happy when people actually expecting my fic X3. It brightened my day up!! Okay, so imma tag those who actually had liked my post yesterday. Read it well and do please leave me a comment or something. (It’s on AO3 too so if you prefer to read there, it’s available. Just search for the title and my username)

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She was pleading at him, not to leave her alone. Jungkook didn’t want to leave her alone but if he did, it’ll raise questions. However, if that night was kept as a secret, will it raise any suspicious feeling?

Prompt : 10. “Please don’t go..” (

Words: 1.540

Ratings: K+ / T

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  • me: camilla is a deep complex character who should not be reduced to mere fanservice
  • also me: CAMILLA IN A BUNNY COSTUME?????????????????????? 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit
Reblog if I can message you and befriend you

I found few amazing people here and I want to meet more, since I am incapable of making friends in real life!

(I’m shy and awkward tho, so our conversations might be weird at the beginning. But I will try my best.)



Mpreg Fic

So in the newest baking video (shook) Phil said something about an “Mpreg Fic” when they were talking about how huge Dan’s dungarees were, and started making baby noises?

Well, you’ve guessed it.

Your favorite piece of trash







RFA As A Friend

So this four am hc was gathering dust in my drafts so Imma post it. IDK  if there’s spoilers read with caution. This is what the RFA would be like as a best friend, told by someone who was half asleep. 


- This kiddo’s gonna try so hard

- Probably yandere as a friend too

- He better be yo BFF in snapchat, make it facebook official, better tag him in your ig bio

- Keeps you awake till the unholy hours of night with games

- Unhealthy influence 3/10 IGN but yknow he tries so hard he can get 8/10


- He’s still gonna be thirsty AF for compliments

- Whines to you about being single all the time pls shut up 

- That one friend who needs to judge all yo potential man/woman

- Lowkey a living student athlete meme



- The one responsible friend ™

- But pure asf pls protect her from the harsh world


- That one girl who could be gorg if she tried but but prefers going to cafes and reading

- Jk shes gorgeous either way im straight, so why do i love her sm



- Funds everything

- Good listener™

- Doesn’t even know how to mute a call so you know he’s actually listening

- Can you shush about your cat with a victorian (Idk if its victorian lmao) name I want to actually discuss something




- Too many memes 

- Sends you outdated ones just to piss you off

- Does outdated trends to piss you off

- Nearly gets you killed with his crazy driving

- Why do you even stick around him



- Probably used as an escapegoat (scapegoat? scapegoat.)

- Comfort levels are insane

- Takes like five hours for him to get his hair dyed 

- Like his blue hair can’t be natural is he an anime charac- OHHHHH

- You can be his service dog woof woof wait no not like that you pervs

- V there’s a wall– *thunk*   … I warned you. You can’t say anything. I warned you.


- Lil moody shiet 

- Hoards candy from those halloween sales

- The kind of guy to buy candy for himself on valentines

- Friend that ignores you 60% of the time

- Not sure if you’re even friends



“Draco!” Harry trailed after his drunkenly prancing boyfriend out of the pub down the pavement toward their flat, feeling rather as if all his laughter was sending mixed messages. Being rather tipsy and giddy himself, he also felt there was not much he could do about that, “Draco, shh you’ll wake the-”

Draco tossed his wave of sleek, blonde hair, “Don’t you shhh me Ha Harold Harrison Ha Ha? What’s your proper name, Potter?”

“It’s just Harry,” Harry tugged at Draco’s arm. “Keep your-”

“Pff! Piffling! Too short! Don’t you shush me, Harratio Jameson Potter III! If I want to sing about your stupid beautiful eyes and any other perfect part of your stupid body, I fucking well will! Wake up the universe!” He turned a cartwheel, nearly crashing into Harry as he rose from it, “Reductor! Harry Potter is beautiful, and I’m going to shag him!” The spell had no effect of course, Draco being wandless, but Harry had to grab the tail of Draco’s coat to stop him staggering out into the road.

“Draco, the CAB, you idiot!”

Draco twirled himself into his coat like a dog tangling itself in a leash and threw his arms round Harry’s neck, kicking his heels up behind him, “What are you shouting about Potter? You’re always making a scene.”

Harry steadied Draco with a hand on his waist, “Just saving your life again. You nearly got flattened, just now. Didn’t you even notice?”

“Saint Potter,” Draco said almost tenderly, leaning in to kiss Harry.

Harry smiled and slipped his hand round to the small of Draco’s back, “You feeling nostalgic, Malfoy?”

Draco seemed to quickly accept that it was time for pavement ballroom dancing and rested one hand on Harry’s shoulder, then caught his free hand, turning them in a little circle as he answered, “We need music for this, don’t we, Harry? Should I sing again?” But instead of singing, he patted Harry’s pockets, til he found his phone and started up some music. “I know you don’t actually like that song, do you?”

Harry laughed, “I like it more now than I used to.”

“Well I’ve written loads of poetry about you, Harry. Loads. We’ll find something better.”

Harry could feel his ears going rather warm, “Is that a joke? I can’t ever tell with you.”

“Are you hinting that you’d like to hear some? Nothing else from second year. It’s all limericks or self-loathing. Have you ever seen a self-loathing limerick? I don’t recommend it, though the form does lend itself rather well to a flip darkness. Fifth year, I discovered sonnets; there’s probably something salvageable in there, if you don’t mind excruciating sincerity.” Draco raised his head from Harry’s shoulder to look into his face, “Do you know about sonnets?”

Harry frowned, thinking, “Sonnets? Errr, Shakespeare?”

“Mm,” Draco lowered his head to Harry’s shoulder again, “Yeah, Shakespeare. Some of our lot are so stupid and narrow-minded; you can hardly talk to them about anything. Shakespeare. Nor dare I question with my jealous thought where you may be, or your affairs suppose. Shakespeare. He was one of us, you know.”

Harry laughed and stroked Draco’s hair where it fell into his collar, “What, you think Shakespeare was a wizard?”

“No!” Draco’s head snapped up so quickly, he nearly caught Harry in the mouth, “Not a wizard, Potter! Gay!”

“Ahhhh,” Harry kissed Draco through his grin, “That makes more sense.”

Teach You - Chapter 2

Pairing: Bucky x fem!Reader
Summary: He was a punk, and she was… what? She was everything society asked for. But he was different, and nobody liked people that were different. So what happens when two different worlds collide? Are they really that different?
Words: ca. 650
Warnings: None

Chapter 1

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Another year, another post of me telling you all how much I love you. To my mutuals I want to say you guys are awesome and even if we don’t talk that much (or at all) I probably secretly love you more than you know. You guys are all amazing and it’s a blessing seeing all of your posts everyday, you’re what really makes this whole place fun for me.♡ To all of my followers I want to say thank you and I love all you guys so much, thanks for putting up with me y'all are the true heroes here and I love you. 



Happy Valetines Day!!!

(tags are in order with the comic. so read the right paragraph!)

@herrmann thank you for being such a great friend to me! And honestly you were the first friend i ever made on tumblr. Your art is and always will be amazing. And i know you’ll improve and gain more followers! Thank you for encouraging me and talking to me. I hope you know how much i care and adore you. I hope you enjoy your day.

@outertaletrash oh my gosh sis. You have been here for me for so long. Your blog popped up and was my favorite Frans blog i ever found. Your art style is so cool and cute. I love how we both love Undertale. And who knew you were gonna be one of my best friends? You are so dear to me, don’t ever forget how much i love you. Thank you for being with this nugget(me) every day. XD I hope you have a joyful day.

@burebu-luxiu hey buddy! Thanks for talking with me and being there when im bored. XD You are a great friend and your art is just amazing. I know you love drawing and your so passionate for it. I know your gonna get better and better, buddy. Hope you know when we have our little chats, i feel better knowing your there and talking to me. Not everyone is willing to chat with me. Hope you know i care about you! Have a wonderful day.

@sanspar you are just a funny bean. You know that? You make some of the best art out there. I may not know you personally, but i know your a wonderful person. And that you always try your hardest. Thank you for posting tons of awesome art and entertaining many of us. You always make our day. If your feeling down or needing of a break, you don’t always need to post. We know you have a life, and want some free time. I hope you know we all love and care for you as a person. And not just a artist. I am hoping you will be happy always, and that you still love Undertale. XD I really hope your day will be well.

@glitteryandpeachy you are so cute and kind! Your art is so cute and well drawn! Oh my gosh I don’t think i’ll ever be that good! XD No seriously though, your so talented and special. You seem so kind to us, your followers, and I’m happy I got to know your blog. We may not really know each other. But can i say I still love you?( not romantically, don’t worry) Your so sweet, and all you drew so far is a masterpiece. I hope you know you make me and others happy to see your art. X3 May your day is filled with joy.

@nekophy YOU. Are by far the most joyful blog i have ever seen. Your always saying something kind about someone else’s work. You really make people’s day. And I gotta say, we all love your little Goth. How did you come up with such a cute little bean? I’m sure you know how amazing you are. And if you don’t. Please know that there are so many who love you and your work. May you have a lovely day.

@sichounlee aka Daystream, wassup bro. You are such a great addition to my life. Thanks for chatting with me for the longest of times. XD I know you go through hard times and all. But please know there are people who love and care for you. I hope you see this, and remember all the good times you ever had. Hope you have a fantastic day bro.

@owosa you are such a great artist. Your cute art style and comics are beyond what i can do. I love all the wonderful art you draw, and hope you know others do as well. You are a great inspiration, and I hope I’ll get to your level of skill one day. And I love that you stream! It’s always fun to watch you and others draw. X3 You make sure you know people love ya, ok? Remember that. May you have a glorious day Senpai.

@imjustalazycat you have also been an amazing friend. When I first started chatting with you, it was fun getting to know you. XD I still do now of course. Also all the artwork you draw is simply amazing! I don’t know how you get all that shading done in black and white. XP The story is really interesting as well. You got so many people hooked into your work. Man, with all the work you did, you deserve so much happiness and love. Hope I don’t bother you while you sleep.(lol the picture above) Also, remember we love you and your work! Stay determined, and make sure to be happy! The chats we had are really fun, and hope we can have more. I wish you a wonderful day buddy!

@cursetale hey there! Your work is just simply splendid! The au’s you made are also really cool! I know we don’t know each other, but i wish you an amazing life. You work so hard, and draw so wonderfully. How do you have the time to do it? Well no matter how you do it, your skills say you are talented. I hope you know that you bring joy and laughter to us, your followers and friends, with your work. By the way, making sure to say this I love all that you do. (also i drew Dre, because i don’t know what your sona is. ;-;) Have a fabulous day!

@alldrawnup wow. You draw amazingly well. I can’t describe how good you are at it. You draw digitally and on paper. It goes beyond anything I could ever do. Just letting you know, your loved and cared for by your friends, family and your followers( cough and me cough) Lol I am one of your followers. Also I’m excited for my key chain! How did you do it!? It looks so well drawn! I’m glad I was introduced to your blog. I hope your day turns out great!

@willowpower123 eyyyyyy, hey wassup friend? You are a great friend to have, Cat. I hope you know that you make me happy talking to you. And giving me info on your life and day and etc…(she my irl friend) Also for giving me info on the best thing I’ve encountered…                                                                          UNDERTALE!!! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to see so many talented artists! Thank you so much for being an awesome friend, and giving me a new reason to live. lol Hope your day is swell, buddy.

@heavenfell-au and @huntertale-au you two are the one of the cutest couples out there~ Both your artwork and stories are amazing. Hunter, I know yours is still coming along, but I love it so far already. <3 And Heavenfell, “Their Wings” MMM!!! Such a great story! All the grammar and story are just simply amazing! Every chapter is very interesting! And man, you two are just two stars from the same sky. I love all the talk you two post of each other. Brings a blush and giggle out of me. Actually you both make me giggle, some of the posts you guys do are just simply hilarious! Make sure you guys remember you are loved and cared for. We wish you two a happy life, and blessed time together. Hope you two are having a wonderful day, and stay DETERMINED!!!

@hiimtryingtounderfell you are one of the first artists i have encountered. Honestly, I first saw your comic on Youtube. And I was so, as you say, surprised. Amazed, you got so much done. And it all looked so well drawn. The story was very interesting, and I wanted to see who made it. Your very talented, and determined to be doing such a long comic. I really hope Undertale stays in your heart. And if not, remember you got someone else’s heart. <3 Lol the pink ones I threw at you. X3( in the picture above) Remember you are very special and that people love you. May you have a very edgy day! >:3 kidding. Have a bright and happy day, Senpai.

@blogthegreatrouge Now…. YOU. Because of you I got tumblr. I was just so into your blog, and it was all very interesting! To know so many fandoms, introduced to many new blogs and your art style. YASS!!! Your art style is very fine indeed! Even the small sketches you do are far better than my shaded in canvas trash. Make sure you know you are loved. And know you were my first tumblr inspiration. Everyone and I love your work and your humor. May you have a great day.

There are many other Senpai’s I really do admire. But i just don’t have the time to draw you all…                                                                                                    IMMA TAG YOU ALL ANYWAYS!!! NYEHEHEHEH!!!!

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Also to all my followers! Thank you for being there for me! Without you, I probably would have given up! Make sure to know I love you all! And that you give me so much to do. Also shout out to @zoulubu who gave me the kindest words I heard from any of my other followers. Thanks to you buddy! May you all have a wonderful and magical day!!!

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So. Mod V. If the lords were maybe possible into roleplay what would they like mc to dress up as? Like the librarian fantasy, nurse outfit... give me a reason to kinkshame the lords pls

“give me a reason to kinkshame” i’M LAUGHAA;SFKDMAS;DF LMFAOOO

alright here’s the second half of lords–pictures included! the rest are under the cut ofc

consider this like. modern au or something. u know for maximum kinkshame capacity

  • Hideyoshi: Think sexy librarian or something. It’s all about the glasses and the pencil skirt–looking all professional and straight-laced, but then he gets to mess it all up. Disheveled shirt and misplaced glasses are choice and he’s a sucker for the black stockings to complete the look. 95% Kinkshame bc he probably actually would do it in a library.

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It's sad to see you go but you should do what makes you happy just know u were one of the reasons I made a simblr Bc I use creep the tags on my personal and always loved your post since Luca solo days but I can't wait to read your writing or whatever future things you do <33

helloo and omg i love this message and i’m so happy you made a simblr ;-; ♡ i was gonna do a mass reply to all the sweet anons but imma just kinda reply to them here; i’m so so grateful for all the support and kindness in my inbox, you make me wish i could give something back like some goodbye-cc or something but i’m only with my tired, old laptop atm ;-; ily and thank you ♡

luca solo daayyyss nuu i miss that time when everything was new and we all used the same 3 pieces of cc that were available. i hope i’ll get back to my little giraffe someday. 

first ts4 sim i ever made and posted, so it’s only fitting she would have the last appearance too ♡


So um yeah ;v; here are my bebs (and some of my friends bebs) in a flipnote hatena-ish style.. I might have gone a little bit away from the aesthetic tbh but yeah im working on a tablet so

Also!! this style is based on the last “phase” of my style back then!! 

If you don’t know who is who i put all the names in the captions so make sure to click on em!!