so imma let this one slide

jacehvrondale replied to your post: i just made the best icon ever and i wanna use it…

OMG DANI WHY 😂😂 okay okay imma let this one slide BUT ONLY because CAT EYES OMG THEY KILLED ME.

YAAS!!! it’s abi approved, HERE COMES THE CAT EYES ICON!!!

magnusisbisexual replied to your posti just made the best icon ever and i wanna use it…

THIS IS LITERALLY ME RN DANI like i want magnus’ cat eyes as my icon so badly

i know bby, i know!!! i’m not able to resist and you shouldn’t either!! fully embrace the love for magnus bane

idk if it’s just me or if anyone else is feeling this way too but lately i’ve been scrolling scrolling scrolling through my tracked pll tags and within the last week or so i’ve lost track of how many posts i’ve seen that made me wanna scream


what’s with all the negativity? what’s with attacking other people over characters or ESPECIALLY ships? i just don’t get it.

i’ve had to refrain from writing back something angry the one or two times i felt most annoyed (and usually i typed out a whole frickin response but then was like nah you know what imma let it slide and not deal with this today) but holy crap is that getting difficult

so i just wanted to tell all my followers out there that i don’t really care who you ship, who you like, who you dislike, or any of that trivial stuff and i’m not going to attack you and i will try to keep this blog as positive as possible and you can always message me if you’re feeling down :)

and to those people who keep spewing their negativity (bc i know some of you follow me, i see you in my notifications a lot): please stop. just focus on the positive. stop being so negative. focus on the beauty of things, the silver lining tucked into each dark rain cloud, and i guarantee you that everything will be better. your angry words don’t mean a damn thing. how dare you try to slice anyone down because you think your opinion is better than theirs for the most asinine of reasons. hell, i find myself getting annoyed when your comment isn’t even directed at me. just lift your head up, go look at pics of puppies/kittens/penguins, listen to some nice music, watch a jenna marbles video or twelve, and spread love, not bitterness.

i haven’t done one of these in ages, and i was like “why not make it my 50k post?” so, here it is. a follow forever for my 50,000th post!


abby - abby omg ur so smol and cute and i was so happy that i got 2 meet you like ur really fucking short and i love u so much and just kno that ur obsession w/ cartoons is not normal but imma let it slide ;-)
aline - alineenie the genie ur my darling bae and i love u a lot even tho mia hates u so ya. just hmu when u want me 2 toss ur salad bby girl (-;
amanda - amanda !!! ur my cheese enemy and such a hoe but i love u a lot and u don’t talk much in the group chat bc ur an old lady and work but yea i love u soooo much
andrea - so u like leave the group chat 24/7 byt we always add u back and i love u a lot and ur the bomb digity if thats how u spell it
beth #1 -  ur so problematic :// anyway b4 i found at that ur only 5 years old i was in ~luv w/ u. just remmeber beth YO5O !!!!
beth #2 - babe !!! ur so cute and even tho ur like a ~ghost in the group chat i still love u the most !! also congrats on getting into cambridge for medication !! that is soooo big
bianca - bianca i love u so much omg and even tho ur MIA in the group chat ur still the best one int ehre ok bye
charlie - charlie omgwjgld ur so smol litterally the smolest person ever and i love u so much u are so cute and iaofdnlks that show you make me feel i still yhave 2 find ur toaster and u still smell like ham. remember 2 control ur butthole after midnight !!!
evan - evan omg ur so tall and i finally have a tall buddy but ur voice is lovely and i love it so mch ur my memecan and thats all i have 2 say
hannah - hannah ur so cute and idk what 2 say bc im rushing this but ur so smol and i love ur hair its so red and tyeah love u bih !!
jin - jin u never talk bc u wake up like when i go 2 sleep but im gonnamarry u one day ok ok
keith - keith ? who is that !! more like kevin !! ha anyway ur so smol and i love u a lot ok kevin and ur my husband so remember that
lalys - lalys ur my hoe and ur voice is so smol i love it so much ur my fav and i want 2 cuddle u 24/7 but then again i wanna fight u 25/8 so yea thats that
- this is it
monica - u changed into a k-pop tumblr but thats all cool they’re cool anyway u left the group chat AGAIN but we’ll prolly add u back anyway i love ur typos so much monica its my fav thing ever and i love u so much also
rachel - rachel…big papa….i love u so much….ur my literal favorite in the group chat and u make me laugh all the time….dont forget the secret project
rebecca - rebecca !! u dont talk much but i love u anyway and ur so cute and i just wanna pinch ur cheeks ok goodbye
susan - susan….my lil scottish butterfly….ur so cute…..i love u so much….pls marry me and ill love u forever….gudbi
tj - tj !!! my wife….my actual wife…ur so pretty and i lvove u so much ok and we are already married so i don’t have 2 say im gonna marry u later in life

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