so im using pc

130218 17TV

Q (to woozi): While watching 17TV, I see that Mingyu gives you a lot of piggyback rides. Are you too lazy to walk or…?

A: (laughs aloud) “yes, that is correct i guess”

Q (to mingyu): Is there any difficulties when woozi is on your back?

A: “nothing much. he is pretty light, so…”

trans by Kpop t.f. | video 

You’re a veerrrryyyy cute one 💕 💕 💕



So I really loved Cornerstone and I really loved HatFilms and the Hand of Truth so forgive me; I went a bit mad with it. I wanted to try keep all their colour schemes relatively similar to their minecraft skins even if they dont look anything like them ahhahaha i tried. 

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Did you read the latest OP, fueling the Zosopp ship???

i did! and i flipped out like a lot …. like in retrospect i should be embarrassed. i have a few zosopp requests and stuff sitting in my inbox that im gonna get to soon !!!! but ive been busy having to focus on other shit so i havent drawn anything good yet i am so sry here have this super fast sopp doodle to chill on until i draw a whole bunch of rly gay stuff