so im uploading when no one is really on

Finally uploading this ol’ watercolour i did last summer. Mabels doing what I usually do every Monday night- and gawking at hot, greased-up centaur men.
Gravity falls has been one of my fave shows to come out in a really long time. And It really couldn’t have ended in a better way.  Ill miss it…but Im thankful its so good I can revisit it and its still as fantastic as when i first saw it.

The End Of The World(?)

Pairing: Kunikidazai

Rating: G

Summary: When Kunikida calls in sick to work, his coworkers are understandably concerned for his well-being, but was sending Dazai to check up on him really the best idea?

Author’s Notes: Alternate Title: “Keelin laments that there is only one sickfic in the Kunikizai tag so Rose decides to write them another one”

THIS IS AN EARLY BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR @mr-reblogbutton AND IM SORRY I HAVE TO UPLOAD IT TWO DAYS EARLY BUT I WON’T BE HERE TOMORROW OR ON YOUR BIRTHDAY AND I’D RATHER GIVE IT TO YOU EARLY THAN LATE!!! You have no idea how hard it was to keep this a secret from you omf I wanted it to be a 100% surprise so I couldn’t even say that I was working on a new kunikizai fic let alone post previews of it anywhere. I had to ask around the sou///koku discord for a beta reader bc I didn’t want to ask on tumblr or the dazaiscans chat in case you wanted to volunteer :’D It’s hilarious because the day you were complaining about the lack of sick fics was the day that I was trying to figure out what to write you so you inadvertently gave me the best idea LMFAO I really hope you like this, hope it’s soft and fluffy for you and not too cliche i’m yellign

Happy birthday Keelin I love you!! <3 <3 <3

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do you rate ocs? or like, offer advice about them if one asks? cause i have a couple and i really want someones opinion on them -aether

I do rate ocs, yes!! and give advice too!! but when you submit then I procrastinate on uploading them out of fear of spaming everyones dash sdhgjfk
so if you want some personal talk about it, my IM-system is now always open!!!

For The Nights I Can't Remember (SHORT COVER)
  • For The Nights I Can't Remember (SHORT COVER)
  • Ganguli // johnnyseod

i was in the bathroom and singing and i realized i loved how echo-y it is in there and anyway, i realized i haven’t uploaded in a while;; and i missed posting half covers jfjaiowenawif

if you haven’t ever heard of Hedley you should definitely check them out ;; they’re a really great band (one of my favs) ;; but ayy– this is what happens when i catch feelings for people lmao- but yeah– hope you guys like it ;;; 

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sad that I can't vote for more than one :C (you're just a rly good writer ♡♡♡)

!!!!!!! :0 woah thats really nice of you!!!! omg that is so kind of u 2 say im cryin???? omg omg anon bless your kind soul im heckn hhhhh i lov u??? :0 !!! also im working on that cliche story rn but then ill upload pink 1 bc they got the most votes !! :0 <3

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Hi Goldie!! On one of your townie makeovers you asked if anyone would be interested... well here I am muhahaha >:3 jk jk, anyways love love love your simblr!

haha thank you!!!!!! tbh anyone is free to request a sim! ill most likely not put up any scott heirs or spouses, but im thinking about uploading the gen spares when i get up to that point! (first baby is current a toddler so it’ll be a while!)

or any other sim i makeover really! i don’t mind :)

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Hi, leanne! Have you considered making a speed edit and posting it to youtube? (like a speed paint, but showing your model editing process) I'd really like to see that!

so i was gna be like “i think u have the wrong person” since i’m not used to people who randomly hit me up with my real name im like WHO who is that????????? but its me i am leanne hehe

ANYWAY HI i have considered doing speed edits!!! in fact when my internet connection comes back that’s probably one of the things i’ll do (since uploading yt videos sucks out all my bandwidth zzzz) i just gotta like fight my internet providers for a bit hehe


Hmmmn I should be sleeping but I had to edit these and upload em AHaaaaa

Apple Meet Apple. Png and Vanille extract.png

I love the thought of the two apples meeting ahaaa

Papple and Vanille belong to @underfart-snas | @the-humerus-skeleton | @siviosanei 


On this day in History: Three years ago, Troye made a decision that would change his life forever. Between the shooting of the first two spud movies, when Troye had a little too much free time on his hands, he uploaded his first vlog. It’s awkward and purposefully vague and turned his channel into one full of covers into one full of challenges and vlogs and whatever he wanted it to be.

Because of this video and the transition that it represents, Troye set himself onto a path that would bring him to his passions, his friends, his fans, and everything that 17 year old Troye couldn’t have even imagined.

i just met trixie violet pearl and katya and im fucking dead


they all killed me and gave me life again

i feel so bad i was buzzed when i met them and i couldnt stop saying how much i love and admired them but their reactions are gonna stick with me forever

pearl fucking complimented me so much and she WRAPPED herself around me oh my god she is so TINY and we talked about my lipstick and how much i love her she is so sweet

smh katya fucking started rubbing her boobs when i complimented her i love her so much

trixie was the only one who really looked so touched when i told her how much i appreciated her work and how much i adore her (not complaining about the other queens, they all were tired and i dont expect anything from them ofc)

violet laughed when i told her i had an aneurysm during her performance 

ill upload pictures and videos later but oh god im still in shock